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"Help me with my car" Jiang Junyue is still lazy. I don’t know when he has turned out a bunch of keys. Lan Jingyi helped him into the villa. The original villa appearance is beautiful enough, but when she went in, she found that the living room is more beautiful and luxurious. The layout is brown and white. It looks elegant but the atmosphere is not dark. The dining table is a big table for twelve people and their family of four. That’s too rough. Seeing Lan Jingyi staring at the dining table, Jiang Junyue smiled. "You have to work hard to have more children, otherwise it’s a pity."

Lan Jingyi punched him on the shoulder. "You are a pig."
"Well, I am a pig and you are a sow" but I don’t want him to admit that he is a pig.
Lan Jingyi is so sweaty. "Don’t pull me if you want to be a pig."
"Then who do you want me to pull?" He smiled a lot.
桑拿会所"…" LanJingYi instant language can’t say let him pull Yin Qing soft. No, she doesn’t want him to pull anyone but herself.
"How about a wedding room here?" She held him upstairs and he bit her ear and asked in a low voice.
"Not so good"
"Ha ha, so you don’t want to marry?"
Lan Jingyi bit her lip and said nothing.
"Well, if you don’t talk, it means the default. Then I will publish a newspaper to elect a mistress of this villa by universal suffrage. Otherwise, isn’t it too waves for such a good seaside villa to stay?"
"Jiang, don’t you dare"
"You don’t want me to dare?"
"You …"
He looked at her JiaoChen small appearance a bow my thin lips printed on her cheek "just a few days ago to decorate yesterday just passed the acceptance, there is no formaldehyde what exceeds the standard, but I think the child is still a month, and then we can’t detect anything. Let’s move to the residence. The wedding date will be decided …"
Lan Jing Yi Zheng listened carefully and suddenly he stopped. "What are you doing?"
"Give me a kiss, wife, or I won’t be able to go. I have no motivation."
"I’m exhausted. I have no strength." Lan Jingyi gasped. He was so heavy that he pressed most of his body against her. He was so heartless that even if he was injured, he wouldn’t be like this.
"Is it so strong?" Jiang Junyue straightened up and then straightened up. The dribbling Lan Jingyi’s little face looked at her and her face was flushed.
Lan Jingyi thought that he was hurt. She quietly stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. "Come on."
"Ha-ha, it turns out that someone is already so forced to marry me. It’s really nice." Jiang Junyue gently provoked Lan Jingyi’s jaw with a curved eyebrow and slender fingers, but looked at her shy little appearance. "Children are born and even shy."
"You Lai" She can’t stand his new look. This man looks cold and cool before, but when she is alone, he seems to be a completely different person.
"How about early next month?"
Lan Jingyi forgot that he was still injured and his head gently leaned against his chest. At the beginning of next month, there was really one month left. She didn’t promise him or veto him. "We’ll talk about it then."
"Then I’ll take it as a yes, my wife. Let’s go to the front bridal chamber." Suddenly, as soon as he bent over, he tasikmalaya picked up Lan Jingyi’s long legs and stepped steadily one step after another. Where is the injury?
"Jiang Junyue, you lied to me again?" Lan Jingyi pursed her lips, but she was so worried about her just now.
"Bang" suddenly the man let go of Lan Jingyi, and the whole person sat on the carpet. Although it was not particularly painful, it was uncomfortable to be stuck like this. "It hurts …"
"Do you think you hurt me like this?" As Jiang Junyue said, he showed his arm a few centimeters long with a sleeve, and it was still red and fresh at the moment. "And here, please help me look at it. I can’t see it clearly." When I pulled my collar, I exposed his large chest muscles, and the bronzed skin made Lan Jingyi look dizzy. Is this still the stairs? Is this a performer’s meat?
But even so, she held the railing up and her eyes fell straight on his chest. There was a small bruise there. "Who did you fight with?" She was distressed by the last sentence of "hug me with bravado after being hurt like this", and her voice became smaller and smaller.
"I think the bridal chamber forgets when I am in a hurry."
Uh, are you so explicit about your physical needs?
He’s a real pig. He’s no worse.
"Jiang Junyue, can’t you be serious?"
"If you are serious with your wife every day, how can you have children? Our dining table should be full, so from now on, I have to work hard every day to give me a hug. "
"No, I’ll help you." She pushed his hand away and insisted on helping him. It’s childish to be brave when he was injured like that, but it happened that her heart was more of a sweet happiness.
Hold him in the corridor on the second floor. "Which one?"
"East side, left side."
There’s a door on the left. How big a bedroom is that? Compared with the three rooms opposite, Lan Jingyi feels like a wave before she goes in.