She did not know, two days of typhoon swept through the country, thunderstorms wreak havoc, and the vast majority of flights were delayed high-speed rail.Even Lu Jing Yan identity dignitaries such people, there is no way to buy tickets at heavily on short flights.He was worried about her, can only choose to believe in the performance of their own plane.

  In the morning, when she was filming the helicopter crashed into a cliff almost did, and was captain of Lu Jing words and calm enough composure, only to be forced to land on this space.
  Lu Jing infection may have been made by the working atmosphere, mysteriously, late cherry also removed from the back seat of a financial magazine, popular science books to see when the whole.
  Time to steal passed away, gradually into the night, the rain still did not come to stop the trend, wet ground product from the water to the brim.The helicopter is already an artificial harbor.
  Lu Jing Yan looked up from the file when twilight had Courtyard, his brow wrinkled deep: “We may need to stay overnight.”
  Ying Chi Min Chun sip, eyes clear, “I’m okay, just trouble you.”
  Lu Jing Y苏州桑拿网an looked at her watch and looked at some of his regret, because fluctuations in their own emotions, her fasting for so long.
  Lu Jing Yan Diya with voice and asked her: “hungry yet?”
  Since late cherry filming was little appetite to control.But there is no dinner meal meal, she does not feel what hunger is intended, tell the truth, said: “Fortunately,.”
  Her voice hardly ever, but see Lu Jing Yan stood up without delay, into the rear of the seat between a small kitchen.
  Chi Ying curious to look at the past and found the kitchen in the room with a steamer and oven in the morning before traveling Lu Jing Yan also prepared frozen food.Because the body stops on the ground, did not pay attention when the high-flying, a lot like cooking methods.
  She asked: “Can I help you?”
  Lu Jing Chen Sheng Yan refused, “No”
  His tall stature, looked focused, calm temperament, forehead ligh杭州桑拿tly Organization with habitually.Pretty slender hand dexterity unexpectedly, after a moment, air is filled with the aroma of cooked food.
  So sweet cherry drill into the nasal cavity of late, leading to stomach abdomen.Have just said “hungry”, she clearly heard his stomach groan loudly.Yin cry, face slightly red.
  Lu Jing Yan cold face put dinner on the board late cherry small table, did not speak with her.Chi Ying slowly to taste it, taste buds accidentally got great satisfaction.For a time totally did not feel sad wilderness living, but they think it is a good field entitlement travel.
  However, Lu Jing and her speech was diametrically opposed.He was silent, free to eat a few bites of the cushion pad the stomach, seems to have a limit, there is not much appetite.
  Air go back to the quiet, Lu Jing Yan to pick up the materials at hand, brow furrowed head carefully watching.
  Wait until late cherry run out of food, and Jing Lu Yan has been leaning on the machine window fell asleep.His whole family eyelids tight grip, do not know the reason before the hot air conditioning, pale lips chapped.Pen in hand rolled on the carpet, not even with a dull thud.
  Sakura hesitated for a few seconds late, trying to adjust his seat was flat number.I did not expect a seat here can really hit the one hundred eighty degrees, the whole chair parallel to the ground, as if into a single bed.
  Chi Yan Jing Lu Ying hand to help him up the body, trying to get him also lying down.I did not expect that moment to touch his clothes, but it is unusual scalding her fingertips felt.
  She froze for a while, with the back of a wipe test of his forehead, the same searing temperatures.She eventually confirmed down, Lu Jing Yan is a fever.

  To the inside the park, we came to the lake when there really has been a lot of people.Wearing skates slide to slide, with the fly like that too smooth, Wu see smoke around the corner.

  Shen Qing Yue really afraid that she would clash with  Informed employees complete micro-Bo put the phone aside, the air in the room Mama yelling for a moment, he can wait for Ma Wan re北京风月会所gret it, quickly landing microblogging piece of content to be deleted.
  Can the Internet age, the large number of micro-blog marketing media, he issued this microblogging will come not a moment to be shot network media, the moment has it as a critical point to reports out.
  The first consultation five: former restaurant of Wang Heshi Group changed hands, a mysterious new boss in the end who has been a hot topic recently friends, horses, horse of, Liu Qiang, Wang, Li Yan and other industry heavyweights are in their guess list inside, but in just a informed friends broke the news, Ho will be the new boss was questioned last public donation fraud Xu Zhi Yu.
  [Micro-blog content screenshot.JPG]
  Top business entrepreneurs popularity is not small, users guess candidates are familiar to everyone, can not the same as Xu Zhi Yu.
  Hsu Chih-Yu only two things on the Internet which is the superheat of last year and 700 million mansion hoax donated door, these are last year’s, the Internet age has countless new thing happens every day, Internet users have long put these two insignificant things forgotten to back of the head, so that everyone on this name is completely unknown.
  The face of unfamiliar names, users are first time Internet search information on the Internet can Chih-Yu Hsu very little information, only she bought a mansion worth 700 million and donated a one hundred million reported last year for poor mountain.
  The value of seven hundred million can buy a mansion, a one hundred million donation to the poor areas, explained Xu Zhi Yu’s economic strength is not weak, but they did not find Xu Yu Chih more information.
  The report of a woman young and beautiful, graceful posture, color values do not lose any female star, where women entrepreneurs look, but rather.
  ”Kidding, how could this woman named Xu Zhi Yu.”
  ”Just go out on Google search, Hsu Chih-Yu, Hsu Chih-Yu say you can come up with several hundred million, I believe, but this is billions Ho, where’s she a woman so much money.”
  ”Ho Group changed hands so quickly, obviously manipulated behind the big brother’s handwriting, Hsu Chih-Yu have it in you?Imperial seven hundred million poor people spend so much she bought a house, superficial to such a degree, you expect her to become boss Ho?”
  ”Annual reports most do not fly.”
  ”If the Hsu Chih-Yu Ho Group is the boss, I live to eat Xiang!”
  ”Although I do not believe Yu Hsu Chih can have this ability, whether it is money or the mind, but every time sand sculpture users are very confident to live to eat Xiang did not know was how much fun it hit the face?”
  This time, almost no one believes many users will be the new boss Yu Chih Ho, but also because of it they began to look forward to more new boss Ho exactly the sort of person.
  With such a public users expect, and finally ushered Wednesday.
  Ho’s correspondent conference held Wednesday afternoon at two major broadcast live video APP.

  Fundus surprise pouring out, Jiangxia hands holding Lu Shaoyang face, “I’m not dreaming?Shaoyang, you do not have to work today?”

  Lu Shaoyang grow with stubble on the chin rub the rub Jiangxia hands, eyes open can see the original love is so happy feelings.
  ”Today Mika counters opened, I took a half-day false, give you work, good or bad?”
  Jiangxia direct hugged Lu Shaoyang pro-up, “Mr. Lu, I seemed to take up your valuable time.However, you can stay with me, I am really so happy so happy!”
  They Erbinsimo in bed for ages, Jiangxia raising his hand looked at the time, have to get up, when opened in Kyrgyzstan may otherwise miss embarrassing.
  Lu Shaoyang clothes rarely wear uniforms outside, but Jiangxia prepared to give him a cabinet uniforms.His tall, uniformed just good to see people scream.Therefore, the first thing is to get up after Jiangxia Lu Shaoyang pick today dress.
  White shirt, dark blue trousers, with a tie with stripes of color.
  Clothes handed Lu Shaoyang, Jiangxia start to his match clothes.Couple models white shirt, blue skirt suit bags hidden, she moves deftly Huanhaoyifu.
  Suddenly, soft waist Jiangxia is living large master Lu Shaoyang hot.
  ”Sciascia, help me tie.”
  Jiangxia in Lu Shaoyang arms turned around, because he is too high, Jiangxia was Gouzhao his neck and pulled him down, and then slightly upward, to help him make things right tie.During this period, Lu Shaoyang minty breath spray in the nose and between Jiangxia, the first thing she fasten tie, the tie is pulled Lu Shaoyang gave a kiss.
  Eat breakfast, Jiangxia suddenly found her husband tie is actually a sentimental thing, it is conducive to improve marital relations.
  In the main room, Florence Chan and Lu Youde also a new dress, today they are in the past to help Jiangxia.
  Standing together looking very good fit son and daughter, Chen Shufen suddenly germination of an idea, she wants to learn photography, the family changes recorded.Photography is not difficult深圳蒲友论坛, the family has a camera, but she had learned to use the camera under the guidance of Jiangxia.But at this moment, she suddenly realized that photography and photography are two completely different concepts.
  Eight in the morning, Xiao Zhao drove home landing four people came to the mall.
  In front of Mika counter, he has been waiting in a queue.Jiangxia opened obviously have not done any publicity, by virtue of everyone’s word of mouth, actually attracted more than a hundred customers to line up.This illustrates the extent of popular skin care products now Mika.
  Mainland China currently only has a sales counters in Guangzhou, Beijing is the second counter.
  Two sales people came to see Jiangxia, this feeling to find a backbone.Their body saddled with enormous pressure, fearing this opening ceremony to screw up.
  Took the microphone in the hands of employees, Jiangxi杭州桑拿洗浴a came Mika counters the gate, she was confident and beautiful, a play attracted the attention of all our customers.As the founder Mika skin care products, Jiangxia know Mika are on track in the direction of her plan development.
  ”Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the opening ceremony Mika Beijing counter, I was Jiangxia.Our business is about to begin counter Mika Beijing, before that, I have a small gift for you to come to the hard line.Mika, is committed to making every woman can have a confident appearance.”
  In the illustrative Jiangxia, Zhao will draw a sealed tank took out.
  ”There’s a volume discount, there are vouchers, the use of only the day today, far, queued before two hundred customer can extract from your lucky prize draw box.I declare open the official start.Draw here, buy goods over there, then please take your ticket payment with small-selected skin care products in the sales staff at.”
  Not far away, Cheng Yingying clothing standing in front of admirers watching Lu Shaoyang.She first saw the look he wore casual, handsome!

  Thanks to the award helped her people.

  After the award will help steady her, and handed her the trophy, Mu took the trophy with both hands exuberant, 90-degree bow.
  I do not know why, tears in his eyes punched a turn, fell down directly.
  Presented by the hands and handed her the microphone.
  Mu flourishing know, this is to say acceptance speech.
  She prepared a long acceptance speech –
  Mu exuberant on stage, one hand holding a trophy, a hand holding a microphone, watching the audience, thanks in a circle crew director other actors, etc..
  So thanks finished, the mood was admitted, slowly opening –
  ”Today I can stand on the podium, receive this award, I would also like to thank a person.Without her, there would be no I am today, I can not come to this step today.”
  ”Here, I want to say to her, thank you, please look at me, I will bring our names together towards a higher place.”
  ”Thank you.”
  Mu flourishing finish, the audience quiet.
  It does not seem to understand the meaning of what she said was.
  Presented is a look ignorant forced to look at the side of the Mu flourishing, just wanted to pick her acceptance speech, then.
  Analysis of the brain for a long time, it did not analyze the meaning of these w杭州桑拿ords in the end is what.
  No way can only took over the microphone, skipping the middle of it, just say: “Thank Mu flourishing.”
  Mu exuberant holding a trophy back to his place on.
  Just sit down, keep thin arms outstretched, to embrace the girl to his side and whispered: “I understood.”
  Meanwhile, he handed her a paper towel.
  He may be the only person present to understand Mu exuberant acceptance speech.

  In the rare joy of a few dates with Bo, the Bo Huan determined to ask, but do not want to mention Mu Bai Yan’s thing.

  Bo said Huan worry like other people in the plant Mu Mu Huang Sheng Yan Bai opportunity to compete for the right of inheritance, but she was not much help, she now even Mu visibility on one side of the plant are not.
  Mu plant at the time of entertainment, she could not deal with him, and now in business, it is not possible.
  And since the plant after Mu back into business circles, like a changed person, over the past few dissolute style, intelligent, wise, abstinence like a gentleman, I could not find any black spots.
  Leno annexation of business processes like blitzkrieg-like lightning speed, means people marvel at the Emperor Sheng.
  But a北京夜网lso become another classic case of business even after the financial professional textbook Imperial.
  This is not the first time, Xiao letter after less than six months into the company began to develop their own projects, her main areas of research and development to expand the business, the team brought the biggest mobility.
  And Xiao letter main force responsible for commercial projects, research and development of products, people with a strong personal brand, including her men, who transferred from subsidiaries rose up her hands, a significant achievement and a recruiter high prices have dug decisively rejected.
  To outsiders, both internally and externally aggressive Xiao letter itself is not much much feeling, conquest battlefield things are done, and in small business development in the area, competent staff within the company culture, establish own team, which is also what it is not.
  In the end, when substitute Mu Bai Yan, president of Shang Huang Sheng, Mu Father also did not think a thing.
  He expects to plant Mu really is not so high.
  Mu Father had thought that one day Mu Bai Yan Huang Sheng will be a real power in, and he will have peace of mind endowment.But I never thought that his early retirement came, and that he came from behind to become the Mu-sik, think of the original experience but kept the thought to let him into the emperor Sheng, is it really unintentional positive outcomes.
  The reason is simple, as Xiao Shang Huang Sheng, president of the letter in terms of not a more difficult thing, even.Of course.
  Xiao letter how that is when the positions of many years, do not like working for other people, prefer their own masters.
  And during all Mu Father have to say a word, she could immediately close hand stop, nor can not reinvent the wheel, after all, she still has a bit of respect for the original body of the mother and grandfather.
  This is consistent with the wishes of the directors, even Xiao letter wants to go, they did not want her to get it.
  She left, I am afraid Huang Sheng’s shares could drop more than a dozen percentage points, maybe there are a large number of the company’s brain drain.
  As for what decentralized branches, split the group or something, it is the biggest loss for the emperor Sheng.
  淡水桑拿Mu Bai Yan nothing wrong, he just.Mu nothing better to plant.

  Mu nodded flourishing.

  Shufei fragments are put out by the third.
  Respectively, the election is prettily timid in the face of imperial concubine of the emperor, imperial concubine to suppress Yinhen when 北京夜网the other concubines, finally, there is plain white imperial concubine in the limbo, touched countless people crying.
  These three sections are highly representative.
  The Shufei three sides of life, the show is very clear.
  Since the [big] after they finish past Chu Mu flourishing been a long time did not look at the play of.
  Now look at the facts, I would feel exuberant Mu, which is something that her role was, from beginning to end, the greatest change in the.
  After that, he broadcast two other finalists actress TV footage.
  Finalists, are very good actress.
  Mu exuberant look all the way down, do not think they have any clear advantage.
  After the broadcast finished, the stage will award the microphone to his lips and slowly.
  At that moment, Mu exuberant heart would mention throats.
  It is a thin deposit holds you杭州桑拿r hand and palm of thin sweat more obvious.
  Presented opening: “for best supporting actress actor – Mu flourishing.”
  At that moment, the audience applauded.
  Mu flourishing in the chair and sat three seconds before standing up.
  Around a thin deposit holding the girl’s face and gently kissed her forehead and said softly: “to accept the award it.”
  Mu nodded flourishing.
  Carrying a skirt, quickly rushed to the podium.
  To the stage when, and almost tripped over skirt.

  Huan Language of the vines would like to mention something, but she just thought to want to, feel this on many occasions to get help ning, the kindness of those who have not yet paid off, it is not to talk to him to vines, I do not want mention.

  She saw her sister shook his head, Huan Rui first anxious, but he can not say, can only sit and watch the last to leave ning.
  When the siblings were, Huan Rui upset and asked: “Sister, why do not you just put things with His Royal Highness the vines?”
  Huan whispered: “His Royal Highness ning this would have for me Well, you also said that the vines is pure Royal Highness favorite things, I again ask him how?”
  Huan Rui know the truth, but still could not help muttering: “a vines only, and not one, ning Highness so fond of you, he certainly.”I realized I say what, Huan Rui hastily covered his mouth.
  Unfortunately, his word is out, Huan heard the words: “You just said what?His Royal Highness Prince Ning.”
  Huan Rui long face and said: “Sister, I’m sorry.It’s something I already knew, I did not mean to hide your.”Sister wanted to withhold this matter, and he wanted my sister thought he did not know, who knows today, he actually spilled the beans.
  After Huan words to hear his words, his mind went blank, completely unable to continue to think, Rui Huan can only ask: “Have you ever said this matter with other people?”
  ”Never never,” Huan Rui ensure that day: “I had rather go to the palace to help you will know when my mantle, I was very scared, I know this can not tell his father, stepmother nor make known, wanted and grandmother say, but then I thought, this is my sister’s a private matter, I should not arbitrarily tell people, they have not been brought to my grandmother..”
  Huan language heard him continue told: “That was just fine, the matter in future no longer be free to tell people, you know?”
  Related to her family’s reputation, whether ning is not really like her, she did not let other people know, Huan language very fortunate, even if a child reluctantly separated the two with his brother, his brother and myself of one mind, but also to listen to their own words.
  Rumors put the idea, to know if this thing is for those who ill of her, and now she does not know what the outside world to pass.
  The return of the carriage, the mood Huan language can not be calm, she forced himself to calm down and think about my brother can be a sentence – ning Highness That Into You. me?Huan language uncontrolled remember when I first met Ning himself, when he is not ning, but the three princes, his mother died just very reticent indifference, his own talk greeting thanks, he also pay any attention own.
  But then, he seems to have found surrounded by assassins ambush, specifically told to stay in their own good tent, Huan language most 杭州桑拿impressed night he covered with the blood of the assassin’s sword pierced the assassin with the hidden weapon robe.
  Ning today to see her wearing the robe was with that one, did not he wear that robe is specially to see their?
  The memory of those two get along, at first thought they got out of hand, this day, Qin Xuan When you first view with their solemn face, cold bloody blade, sending the guard and he had just filled it full of smiles Huan language of the mind, which had appeared to be smoothly whom things, and now it looks is another considerate.

Chapter 37
  Bid farewell speech Huan Huan Rui will be bobbing and children to live in their back yard, at the moment happens to be at noon, the sun was too strong today, Qin Xuan then let them back into the yard to rest in the afternoon sun is not so strong again children out to work.
  Rui Huan look so happy, others thought his family to bring him what new stuff, the results of a look, or a box of delicious.
  Although the box than ever before that too big, containing in addition there are other delicious snacks, but also nothing new Yeah, why is so elated Rui Huan?
  Huan Rui was a child Mind you this, that he met happy thing, he is very eager to want to share with friends: “I let my sister.The amount, the family requests ning Highness allow me to stay here.”
  ”You want to stay here?”Liu Mingan not understand, why they left these days in order to compensate for the losses ning, seeing it soon will be able to go home, then why Rui Huan volunteered to stay?

  But such a thing, a person exuberant Mu said not too, only to see how the judges evaluate group.

  Mu flourishing for good clothes, after the opening of the afternoon, Wen Luqing with her thin and kept telling them where to take pictures, sign which.
  Mu and the exuberant way to deposit thin venue before leaving.
  Awards ceremony start on time.
  Sta北京体验网rt issued, they are some short video award, documentary award this concern is not high.
  Then, it is the award for best screenplay, best director award.
  Mu flourishing in the heart, like Wan Yue such a good director should be able to obtain the best director award.
  However, when the results announced, not the Wan Yue.
  Mu sitting in the third row exuberant, she turned around to see Wan Yue did not find the location, only to see the award-winning director stood up, along with the people around after the hug, just on stage.
  People do not know their own award-winning, Mu exuberant heart suddenly is not too happy.
  However, she knows that it is alsooften.
  No matter how many individual finalists, only one person will award.
  It is bound to be a few happy tears.
  After Best Director, Best Supporting Actress award is.
 都市体验网  Moderator came to power, said: “There are shortlisted for best supporting actress.”
  Supporting Actress finalists start playing on a large screen TV segment.
  At this time, thin deposit of large palm outstretched from the sidelines, holding Mu exuberant slightly sweaty palms, side head slightly and whispered: “Take it easy.”
  And he can not control.
  It is impossible to know.
  Only thing to do is to help Mu flourishing share his nerves.

  Gathering called upper class people, in fact, it is a luxury dinner.

  Dinner became a self-arranged, the number of guests attending far beyond the imagination of late cherry.
  Champagne guests each hand, to talk quite.
  Compared to the round-table dinner, buffet style is more open and free.This means more opportunities, but also to avoid the embarrassment of her presence no acquaintances.
  Zhuo Yue saw Song Qingfeng with a beautiful young woman come in eye-catching, almost the moment he went around to the late cherry.
  His praise does not cover, “Welcome, Miss really stunning late.”
  Late cherry corner to corner, “Yue less flattering, as you young people in general rumors.”
  Song Qingfeng and he did not polite, straight rebuke, “Little Yue ah, polite.”
  How to say, Chi Ying Zhuo Yue is also a senior sister apprentice, even in age than his small length.
  Zhuo Yue rare not rebellious, nod, Xinxin Ran go with them to seat.
  Not taken two steps, a man reclining on a Roman column eyes to fight over, sloppily opening, “yo, this is where the beauty ah.”
  Frivolous discourse, domineering.
  One ruffian, reddish eyes stick some publicity lust.
  Chi Ying just feel this man of somewhat familiar, but in the end did not remember who it.
  Zhuo Yue do know, dare insulted in this case, in addition to Taizi Ye Cheng-wan, Universal Entertainment, goes.
  He was in the circle is notoriously debauchery, night life, rude and overbearing, self-willed rude.
  Zhuo Yue although it has also advertised in temper, but very happy Cheng-wan, who innate Henli gas.
  He had no wish to befriend and procedures atlas.
  But he invited a lot of media and entertainment industry han北京会所体验网dle bars, if invited Cheng-wan, is tantamount to outright confrontation with him.
  Prejudice owned by prejudice, or to do a face-saving projects.
  Zhuo Yue suppress unhappy heart, he said: “Song guide students late cherry, a little girl at home, you do not bully her.”
  Cheng-wan, the sound volume is not small, and Zhuo Yue hosts broke Turning Song guide guests around have eyebrows.

  Will not let him regret the identity of their广州桑拿 child’s birth.

  More importantly, life is so long, if one day, Mu exuberant regret.
  He also guilty.
  once in a lifetime.
  Because he did not want her own, carrying on with regret.
  ”really?”The man in front of Mu exuberant skeptical look at.
  ”Really.”Thin deposit said, reaching the girl ring in the wall, slightly bent, asked her:” Do not believe it, we are now making a, so you born, look at me like it or not?”
  When speaking to the whole person slowly squat, thin lips pressed soft muscle behind the ear.On the skin, was going slightly hard to suck.
  ”No.”Mu exuberant raising his hand, the man shook,” tomorrow to participate in the TV section, above the neck.No, the neck, the body is not allowed to grow strawberries!”
  Mu exuberant afraid.
  Last shame, is thrown in front of Yu Lin and Zhou sister.
  The lost again.
  That is in front of the National People’s shame.
  Heard the girl’s protests, thin deposit had reluctantly moved away, before that, did not forget to gently lick just to be there at the mouth.
  The first step was to stop the action, but did not intend to deposit thin dynamic place, but a large palm girl covered in waist, hoarse voice asked: “So.To try to make your baby Today it?”
  ”No not.”
  Mu exuberant shook his head and rattle.
  Wen Luqing promised just two years, the event has really said a few days, Wen Luqing fear will be gas fainted.
  What’s more, Mu exuberant clearly.
  Thin deposit rich and powerful, even if her life is not filming, you could live well.