It should be Qingfengzhai vs. Liao Ying。”

Duan Junjian exclaimed:“Qingfengzhai actually produced two innate masters,I’m afraid that in the future from Qinghe to Qingmu County, Qingfeng Village has the final say!” At this moment。 The whole camp is awake。 Wan Ruyi also woke up。 but,She’s calm,This time,She still has a book in her hand,Get off the carriage slowly。 “It’s for the beauty,No

What’s more, the water is first tied by the blood knife, two months.,After that, in the snow valley for two months,Even without flower iron dry,Rummage is not less。

However, after the Chu Deiren expressed the flower iron,Final is not the worst situation。 Especially when I see the ribs to the Chu Deirers.…… Chu Deirers don’t think too much,However, there is this relationship,Behind your gossip,I have to worry about Chu.! Extinction faces water,Also self-knowledge,Again,Pulling face and a little girl say soft words…… Just in


night,Candidacy love at the top floor,The surrounding crow is invisible,Last last night,Quietly,No noisy, no trouble, very honest。 “How do you say big sister??” The sound of the earset。 “Did not find a right opportunity,But she has already driven back.,Rest assured,Big sister’s beauty meter never lost,The guy is no exception。” “receive。” Three people are clear,The best

Xia Jianyi returned to the group,He called Dragon Ball and Lin Wei in person,Told them some things to pay attention to in the near future。And let Dragon Ball pick out six people from the security team,Form a special team。

Of course Dragon Ball is puzzled,Because this is the group after all,She didn’t think Xia Jian did it right。But she didn’t dare to ask face to face,Xiao Xiao saw her hesitation。 Xiao Xiao told Dragon Ball what happened recently.,After listening to Dragon Ball,A little apologetic glance at Xia Jian,Just walk away。 “I already called Xi

“I’m Xia Jian, the general manager of Hongjian Group,Everyone heard me say something。Since it’s all here,Then we can solve the problem rationally。You send a representative,Ask all the questions you want to ask,All the leaders are here today,I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer”

Xia Jian stood up,He waved his hands and said,These people immediately calmed down。 The old man who scolded Secretary Wang just now asked with a smile:“You are Xia Jian?I have also heard,You were the boss of a startup group。Logically,Things like today shouldn’t happen。Because we all know,The entrepreneurial group back then did good deeds for the

Three wins in five sets!

I have figured out your boy’s chess path,You will know how good I am!” Huang Lao set the plate with an unconvinced blowing beard and staring,Chen Xiu smiled,He often played chess with these old men when he was in the country,I’ve long been used to them, old guys like them are not convinced and killed


Zhaoshan Huangquan stands in the same place,Southern Liao Wenjie’s back,Heart tide is lost。 “Doodle!Beep———” Mobile phone sounds,The ringtone wakes her from the loss,After connecting to unfamiliar calls,The eyes are gradually bright。 “Mosimoxi,Is Huangquan??” “what!what?Um。” “This is my number,Different from the Nakyaki Kasaki,General case,As long as I am still in this world,This number can be played。”

Contrary to the wind,A total,If you can let the little girl“Out of the devil”,Will not read his big work,Return him back to the door?

But refreshment,Little sister this nature,If you are against her,Waiting for Master“go”NS,I am afraid that I am buried in Taohua Island.,She can dig out……I don’t dare to act rashly.。 “If it is really a teacher、Returne,The brother is dead.。”Landing wind special emphasis,Be“Lion Master”。 After the land, you will look at the german.,Test:“I don’t know Chu Xiong, I