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Qin Xiong came out and took the warm coat handed by Sammy Lee, sat on the bench and drank two mouthfuls of water, then watched the game quietly.

Arsenal still have the idea of not giving up at home.
In the 67th minute of the game, Henry cut into the penalty area to meet Fabregas’ wonderful direct plug, but unexpectedly he didn’t choose to shoot, which gave Nasri a chance to make meritorious deeds at the back of the goal.
The French teenager scored a goal and Arsenal pulled it back.
Koman looked bad and continued to dispatch troops.
This time he changed Torres and Lucas.
Strengthen defense
Since then, the game has come to a deadlock. Liverpool’s attack has lost two big killers, and Arsenal has faced Liverpool’s strong defense.
In 75 minutes, Wenger resigned himself and made a substitution, reserving his strength to fight for a chance in the Champions League.
As time goes by, the game scene has become calm.
The last game of the 26th round of the Premier League ended. Arsenal played at the Emirates Stadium at home against the league leader Liverpool.
After 9 minutes of fighting, Liverpool beat Arsenal 42 with Qin Xiongmei’s second goals from Torres and Steven Gerrard. Although Henry and Nasri once narrowed the score gap, Arsenal finally showed their superiority to suppress Liverpool, which was the main reason for the gunners’ defeat.
All right, the Premier League game is over. Because Manchester United scored 1 point, Chelsea and Arsenal both lost.
Liverpool, the leader, has expanded its lead again.
Now the Red Army leads Red Devils Manchester United by 11 points, Blues Chelsea by 19 points and Arsenal by 19 points! To be continued.
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn and has become a front. I didn’t know until I fought for 196! ]
Liverpool left Coleman with three points from the Emirates Stadium. After the game, he still didn’t assert that Liverpool would win the Premier League. He was seriously testing the coming.
Whether the pressure of the Champions League knockout will make Liverpool France bear it is now a matter of law.
However, Liverpool’s accumulated advantages in the League are enough to relieve the Red Army of a great psychological burden when it is distracted from the Champions League.
On the same day, in La Liga, Real Madrid beat Sares 30 away to continue the second place in the league and follow the defending champion Barcelona.
Two days later Melwood Training Base Restaurant
Qin Xiong is sitting by the window drinking a drink. He is resting with his teammates. The live news is being broadcast in the ceiling of the restaurant.
Real Madrid, the Spanish football super giant, led by coach pellegrini, came to Liverpool for the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal. Real Madrid’s bigname Yunkaka Ronaldo will make an appearance at Anfield in the evening.
桑拿Qin Xiong slightly tilted his head and stared at the video.
Cool Ronaldo has experienced some vicissitudes, Kaka and rising star Zema.
Had a stretch Qin Xiong got up and Steven Gerrard saw that he was leaving and shouted to him, Speak with momentum! Don’t let outsiders look down on us!
Torres Kuyt and other teammates burst into laughter.
Qin Xiong looked back at the crowd and smiled.
He went to the press conference of Melwood training base, and the head coach Coleman attended the press conference before the Champions League.
Coleman is excited about the game.
Liverpool have met Real Madrid in the Champions League knockout for three years in a row. I don’t think it will make the fans feel aesthetic fatigue. On the contrary, every time the two teams meet, it is an expectation. For me, I am very happy that the team can play Real Madrid. It will be a great game!
Speaking of rival superstars
Koeman said, Ronaldo Kaka Ze Maroul Real Madrid has too many stars who can decide the game on their own, but I believe Liverpool will work as a whole to curb the superstar effect of Real Madrid.
The reporter was puzzled and asked, Liverpool also has superstars such as Qin Xiong Torres Gerrard. Isn’t there a superstar effect in Liverpool?
Liverpool is a team, and on this basis, we can win nearly 1% of the games, but it is difficult to achieve this if we rely on superstars. It is a pity that when you see Ronaldo’s extraordinary performance in Real Madrid, you are often careless, and Liverpool wants the team to win, and every player is happy, so you will understand the difference.
Coleman doesn’t mind naming Ronaldo at this time. After all, Liverpool fans don’t like Ronaldo, but they always have to take a sharper stance in the position of manager of the Red Army.
Now Liverpool is different from the past. Now Liverpool is aiming to rule Europe!
What does it matter if the media platform causes some topics? !
When it was Qin Xiong’s turn to be asked, Qin Xiong’s expression finally brought a gentle smile.
When the lottery results came out two months ago, you said that it was a good result to draw Real Madrid because you were familiar with the Bernabeu venue.
However, there is no denying that the first leg will be played at Anfield. If Real Madrid wins a big victory away from home, the second leg at the Bernabeu may lose its meaning and your advantage will be lost.
Qin Xiong bowed his head and smiled. After raising the bar, he replied, Ahem, I was joking two months ago, but I still think it’s good to draw Real Madrid, because I always expect strong teams to play against each other. There are many strong teams in England, while outside England, like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid, this is what I want to meet most. I will say that it is a good draw.
Real Madrid want to win at Anfield?
I don’t deny that Real Madrid is very strong, but they need to pay more if they want to leave Anfield. On the contrary, if Real Madrid suffered a fiasco at Anfield, wouldn’t their return to the Bernabeu make the game meaningless?
To this day, there are still voices that Ronaldo Kaka’s move to Real Madrid forced you away from the Bernabeu. What do you think?
Qin Xiong smiled and said rudely, Nonsense! The simple fact is that when I was at Real Madrid, I could choose my own position in the frontcourt. If I wanted to play, no one could squeeze me on the bench. In the past, even if I moved to Ronaldo and Kaka, they didn’t have the strength. How could they have forced me away? I left because I wanted to.
Taiwan reporters looked at each other and they felt that Qin Xiong suddenly had a wild temperament now.
He has given enough humility, and now he wants to tell the world openly that I am better than others!
On this day, it is estimated that Ronaldo will be furious after the press conference before Liverpool’s Champions League is broadcast.
The atmosphere at Anfield exploded at 45 minutes later the next day!
A spectacular red Red Army flag fluttered around in the stands against countless scarves!
When the players of Real Madrid and Liverpool were preparing to play in the players’ lane, Qin Xiong was the last one to come because he went to the toilet. Before he walked from the back of the team, Ramos first hugged him.
Long time no see
Ramos hugged Qin Xiong and whispered in his ear, What you said in front of the media yesterday made us very angry.
Qin Xiong answered in Ramos’ ear, What words have I said from the day I left the Bernabeu that don’t make Real Madrid people angry?
Ramos thought it over carefully and then said naively, Yeah, but you really don’t care about the past?
Sergio, one of the things I learned in Santiago Bernabeu is not to talk about feelings in Real Madrid, Alger Wesley and me. Who loves them and who loves me?
Ramos naively pushed Qin Xiong, and Qin Xiong walked on after they patted each other’s arms.
Real Madrid left. Besides nodding to Pepe, he also hugged casillas at the front.


The ancient Parker thought of huge slime that sly smile suddenly turned white.
It turns out that the huge slime is really laughing at them. It’s not dead, but a fake doppelganger attracts them to chase after it, and then the real body has long since escaped!
A group of ruins after a false busy all don’t know! Let’s go after it together and never let it run again!
White after the ancient Parker mercilessly scolded the people around you, and then take the lead to the southwest after the past.
And after Ogupak took people away, a figure quietly appeared in the place where they besieged the huge slime.
It’s really cunning not to see this guy for a while!
Chen Mo looked at the huge explosive crater in slime and said something.
He came in early and met the Ogupak people chasing the huge slime, so he followed him secretly. As soon as he saw the huge slime, he recognized it as a big fat suspect.
I haven’t seen Big Fat for a while, but he has changed a little. His body is bigger when he shares it with him. His body is also black and reddish, which is a bit like redhot black iron, but Chen Mo recognized it at a glance.
Seeing that Big Fat was besieged, Chen Mo thought about how to save Big Fat. After all, he has a person who is very powerful, but the np level here is also over 50. It is very difficult for him to deal with it alone.
However, if Big Fat can’t resist it, even if it is dangerous, he will create opportunities for Big Fat to escape.
After all, it is almost impossible for him to escape after he died once and got fat.
But when I saw Big Fat fighting Ogupak, I almost didn’t make Chen Mo feel suspicious.
When Big Fat left, he learned a lot of skills for Big Fat. Now Big Fat has changed a lot, and I want to understand more powerful skills, but it is a skill that is not purely based on the huge body to fight the Ogupak people. Chen Mo naturally has a guess in his heart
As a result, the silence can’t help but have a little language when I see Big Fat blowing himself up.
The big fat doppelganger can only be started when the blood volume drops to 5%. Now this starting condition has obviously changed. It seems that if you want to be a doppelganger, you can be a doppelganger. Otherwise, the Ogupak people have been chasing it and killing it in half, so you won’t find that Big fat has released the doppelganger.
Compared with the past, Big Fat is obviously cunning. Many people know that Li busy has played Ogu Parker and his party around, but Chen Mo estimates that if the flower demon fighting spirit is still in the majority, it will still be the flower demon fighting spirit point.
Body movement Chen Mo chase to the ancient park again.
If he can secretly kill Ogu Pak Fat here, there will be no more danger.
However, there are many guards around Ogu Park. Ogu Park has been surrounded by the crowd, and Chen Mo has no chance to chase it all the way.
Ogupak is not a player. If there are more people around, Chen Mo can kill it in the first two or three seconds, and np blood volume is generally a lot. No matter how powerful Chen Mo is, it is also a method to kill Ogupak.
Ogupak caught Big Fat, but they chased after the flowers all the way along the trail left by Big Fat, and the trail disappeared. They all failed to find Big Fat again.
Seeing this, Ogu Pak was annoyed and lost his temper to the people around him before going home.
Chen Mo followed behind all the way and never had a chance to shoot. After Ogupek returned to the manor, Chen Mo observed it for a while and gave up his plan to assassinate Ogupek at the manor.
This manor is specially designed for aristocrats living in Fanhuahai. It’s hard to get in, but it’s even harder to get out after killing someone. Unless he can kill Ogupak in there unnoticed, he won’t get out alive after going in.
Desperate to kill Ogupak. Of course Chen Mo wouldn’t do that
He wanted to think about it, and went out of the bustling sea to sit in the big fat place, and Dark Phoenix looked for traces of big fat in the sky.
If you are fat, it is estimated that a person will secretly hide after doing something bad, but it still has the flower demon fighting spirit. If it is not dangerous, the little guy will not be safe.
Sure enough, Chen Mo finally found the big fat after searching back and forth for nearly three hours in the day
In a tall banyan tree, before fighting with a little black bear boss, it was divided and had no skills after fighting with the Ogupak people. Chen Mo couldn’t see how powerful it was. Now it’s going to be true that it’s fighting with the black bear boss. Chen Mo is not in a hurry. Just watch.
See big fat after playing with the little black bear boss for a while, I feel that this black bear boss is just so impatient, and I shouted a red body and a dark red flame came out.
Close to the big fat black bear boss, his body was suddenly burned and he lost blood. He felt big and fat, and he hurried back to think that he would be so fat when this skill was over.
But the big fat skill has become more fierce. As soon as its body shakes, it drops a large group of fireballlike flames. slime, these flames, slime, bounced and ran into the little black bear boss.
Boom! !
Then these flames slime exploded one by one around the black bear boss, and the blood volume of the black bear boss went crazy.
Big fat is in power and tide wait for no man. It has a big mouth and spews a big stream of lux magma in its mouth.
The magma temperature was amazing, and it fell to the ground and melted directly. The black bear boss got stuck in the ground magma and the blood volume went crazy again.
The battle is still going on. The black bear boss has been beaten by the big fat. When the black bear boss’s blood drops almost and wants to escape, a pair of flame wings appear on his back.
Flaming wings waving big fat burning huge body like a meteor meteorite blasted down from the sky and fell hard to the black bear boss position.
One hundred thousand injuries appeared in a huge pit, and the black bear boss floated from his head and fell to the ground and died.
After killing the black bear boss, he regained his normal form and took a breath and walked to the black bear boss’s lair.
This is a small boss spot. Usually, no one dares to live here without worrying about being disturbed by other monsters.
Otherwise, it’s a slime, a monster. If you see it, you’ll want to bully it.
Although a big fat club will be happy to let them know that slime is amazing, there is a limit to everything. It is also tired of the place it is looking for. When hiding, it always directly finds out where the boss is to kill, so that it can get a safe place to live, and it can gain a lot of experience without killing the boss.
After the level is getting higher and higher, the experience of upgrading Big Fat has become very scary. It is too little for it to kill ordinary monsters and give experience. It is not interested in killing them.
On the contrary, the experience given by the boss monster is still very impressive.
Big Fat wanted to go into the cave of the banyan black bear to rest, but then a big black shadow fell from the sky.
Big Fat and Flower Demon Zen Spirit are vigilant and ready to attack the black shadow.
However, when seeing the shadows and figures clearly, Big Fat was slightly stunned, and his big black eyes looked at the bearer and he didn’t quite believe his eyes.
The first is to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Join hands to steal away
Why don’t you recognize me?
Looking at the big fat doubt dare not look before Chen Mo smiled slightly.
When I heard Chen Mo say so, I knew that he didn’t mistake me for someone else. I was very happy to jump up immediately.
However, the fighting spirit of the big fatheaded flower demon emerged, and the small hand kept patting the big fat head to wake it up, so it should be careful of human adventurers.
But Big Fat ignored the flower demon fighting spirit and didn’t stop beating by it. I was so angry that the flower demon fighting spirit shrank back and left Big Fat alone.
Big fat jumped to Chen Mo’s side, and his head was very intimate and he went to the silence.
Chen Mo stretched out his hand and touched the big fat, hard and smooth head and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, You didn’t expect to become so much.
Compared with when I was away from school, Big Fat’s strength has probably made great progress.
At the beginning, Big Fat was fierce, but it was definitely impossible for him to fight against the black bear boss. But now Big Fat has killed the black bear boss almost unharmed, which is worse than at the beginning. I don’t know what it has experienced in these two or three months.
However, Chen Mo, who has such strength, is also happy for Big Fat.
The stronger you are, the longer you can live in the wild.
Although I met Big Fat, Chen Mo didn’t intend to catch Big Fat as a pet again.
He has already released Fat once. According to the rules of the game, Fat can’t be his pet again. Maybe there are some special props in the game that can make Fat become his pet again, but Chen Mo won’t consider it again unless Fat can continue to upgrade and evolve after becoming his pet.
品茶论坛At the beginning, Big Fat followed him, although he became stronger, but his strength was far from him. In two months, he made great progress and changes, and he could not continue to become stronger. At most, when he was two or three months old, Big Fat could hardly help him any more. When he called Big Fat, he would be less and less.
By the way, this is for you. Chen Mo took out a fruit of life from his backpack and handed it to Big Fat.

Oh? His sister raised an eyebrow.

Your fist is much stronger than before when you are with Gongge. My head hurts a little. Wood twisted with a snort.
I can’t watch it anymore. Don’t pretend to be in front of me when you are young. You have been practicing with me for so long, and you have recently learned kung fu. Your sister’s gestures can’t hurt you!
Cut! He patted the ground disdainfully. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Cheng’s set of merits!
If you look down on the Jiuyang Sutra, you can choose not to practice it yourself. I’m too lazy to pay attention to his skill. How can it be effective in two or three months? ! I respect your choice
I didn’t say I didn’t practice … He looked sad. It’s been practicing for some time, and it has no effect at all.
I sighed, Try hitting me in the chest with 50% strength.
Fifty percent? Are you sure? He raised half his fist.
Er … that’s 30% strength? I’m really a little worried in my heart. This little Wan punched my chest without mercy. I’m really suicidal.
How much is thirty percent …? He mused.
Do you play or not? !” I loudly drink a way
da da da! He hurriedly posed, crouched down and lunged, and his left arm flailed and his right fist came out from the bottom of the sleeve and hit me straight in the chest.
I have already had luck in my chest. At the moment when his fist wind struck, I felt that the true qi suddenly produced a strong fluctuation as if it had started on its own.
Jia Mu fell backwards because he didn’t try his best to resist the shock when he attacked, and the force was not too strong, which just knocked him to the ground and fell to the ground.
Jia Yu screamed and bent down to help his brother up. Wood … Are you hurt? She turned to me and said angrily, What are you really competing with him?
I shrugged my shoulders. How do you feel about wood? This smelly little strength just now … Absolutely more than thirty percent! I have a dull pain in my chest.
夜生活Dad! He got up from the ground and cried in astonishment
I laughed and scolded, I’m not your father!
Dad, bully domineering! He has a stutter.
You didn’t fall stupid, did you, wood? Jia Yu worried and touched the back of his brother’s head.
Jia Mu broke free from her sister. No, no, what’s your name? What’s the matter?
After the fourth practice, it will become more vigorous. If there is a strong external force to attack your true qi, it will emerge as the times require and shake the enemy back. I taught him my experience.
The fourth weight? He was very surprised. Are you practicing too fast? I just finished practicing the first weight.
I’m gifted, and there’s nothing I can do. I smiled modestly. But I’ve already practiced to the fifth level.
He stared angrily and smacked his mouth bitterly.
This shit … are you still practicing? I squinted at him.
Practice, practice! Jia Mu nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
49 Keep out the enemy’s country.
According to the survey, most of the land in the north is still suitable for farming. Cheng Yu, a surname who is a farmer, is really conscientious. It seems that he has made some efforts recently. He frowned. Yes …
It’s just the lack of people to farm. Of course, I know this problem. The soil in Hetao is still abundant. Whether it’s farming or grazing, there will be too little harvestbut there is also a large desert area here
Yes, he nodded. It is estimated that there should be no problem to accommodate 300,000 people on the existing land in Shuofang. If the nearby desert is reclaimed, it can be doubled.
six hundred thousand? I smiled. That sounds great, but … it’s too unrealistic …
Of course, I also know that the historical trend is that the population and economic center of gravity will gradually shift from the Yellow River basin to the Yangtze River basin, and the south will develop, and this place … will not develop much even in another 3,000 years.
As far as I know, when Shuofang was first established, there were 134,000 people, right? I have also read the photo literature.
Yes, the filial piety of Emperor Wudi once reached 200,000, said Cheng Yu. However, it is very easy for the Xiongnu Xianbei and other people to settle down in urban and rural areas frequently, and it is difficult for them to take root.
Well, Mr. Zhong, I held my hand, we don’t intend to stay in Shuofang for too long. We don’t have to think too hard about these centuryold plans. It is enough to ensure that the soldiers and civilians have enough to eat and drink.
He sighed, Yesterday was actually a lie about one thing.
eh? I wondered, What? Yesterday … He didn’t seem to talk about any major financial events, did he?
Before, I said that the wall of Jilusai collapsed to station troops … He said slowly, Actually, when Emperor Wudi built a city, he was quite anxious. Today, most of the city bodies are still intact.
Oh … I asked in a moment. Where is it?
Jilusai is located in the shortcut of the northern grassland. If it is defended according to risks, it can be called a fortress in the north and south. It is very convenient to take water from the great lakes in the east. If you really want to fight against the conference semifinals, you should be able to hold on for a month. He speculated.
A month? That’s enough. Prairie people won’t spend with us for a long time. I thought about it and asked again. But … I thought you said there was another jam?
Yes, this is where I am puzzled. He spread out a piece of drawing. This is Jilusai, which is located 100 miles north of Sanfeng, 150 miles west of Woye, and Gaoque is more than 200 miles away from Woye in Dahebei. It is said that it is far away, and it is said that it is near. We are sure that the enemy will attack from which pass …
It’s hard? Why don’t you send people to guard both places? I pie my mouth. This map is really rough. The Yellow River is marked. I can’t see any lakes and mountains.
You said divide the troops to guard? He shook his head. We have 5 thousand troops to fight the enemy. Isn’t that so?
I leaned back and stretched myself. I remember that you started from guarding the city. Since chickens, deer and Gao Que are both steep fortresses, is it necessary to guard them separately?
I think it’s necessary to say again. He didn’t agree. There are not only Shicheng in the east and northwest, but also a acropolis that echoes from afar. There are beacon towers every two miles … This line of defense is complete. And Gaoque is located in the northcentral part of the Great Wall, which is just a city facing the river to the south of the western wall of Shandong.
I immediately showed a strong interest in the chicken deer defense. There is also the Acropolis beacon tower? Can you imagine such thoughtfulness when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty?
Yes, Cheng Yu simply marked the approximate location of the Acropolis on the map and looked up and asked, Now that I’ve heard the genus say … do adults have any ideas?
I have no idea. I tried to hold the bar. Xu Huang led 1000 people to guard Gaoque and I went to Jilusai!
Freeze holding the pen right hand stopped in half.

I’ll do it, and I’ll immediately assign a leader to Xu Huang to stick to Gao Que!
Guarding the city will first be calm and not impatient. Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye are sure to be big; Xiao Dai is calm but capable, so I can rest assured. Yu Li Dian is still a little younger than Xu Huang. Why don’t you all go to the chicken deer plug with me?
After Xu Huang was appointed to be independent, he also attached great importance to this time, but he did not immediately light up the military forces and went north, but personally went to Gaoque to inspect the terrain.
I also sent Zulie Sun Wen to Jilusai, two brigades with 500 people to clean first, and then sent Chao Potao to supervise the transportation of foodsaying that this more than 100mile road can reach the destination in one day … What’s the good supervision?
After that, I announced this plan to all my beloved concubines.
Xianbei people? Shuang’er’s eyes widened. Is it great?
I haven’t seen it before. I’m surrounded by her around my waist and holding her little buttock in one hand. I heard that Xianbei savages still eat animals and sometimes eat the living raw when they are so hungry …
She hugged me quickly. You scared Shuang’er again!
I patted her ass. It’s not impossible that these poor and fierce savages have nothing to eat in the grassland.
Don’t they have cattle and sheep? Shuang’er still doesn’t believe it. I know that there are herds of cattle and sheep in the grassland. Don’t you have a poem? See cattle and sheep what wind blows grass …
Uh … I explained cattle and sheep at the moment …
Shuang’er, you don’t know something. Jia Yu, a learned man, helped me out. Although there are many cattle and sheep, grassland tribes chase water plants and live. Once there is a natural disaster, one family is likely to die, so it is not so easy to live.
Yes, yes, I nodded. If there is a blizzard in winter, they will die.
Xiao Zhao wants to wait on the public … Xiao Zhao whispered.
I refused her kindness. No … I will live with the soldiers in this war. I can’t let you wait on me any longer. Just stay in Linrong. Although I like her company, I can accept the most basic military camp life.
She gave me a look and stopped insisting.
Well, then I’ll wipe your armor. The Story Of Diu Sim assigned work to himself

Western Liaoning? Changli? I’m a little overwhelmed.

What’s wrong? Young people still need to stabilize their minds. Lu Zhi earnestly encouraged me that the big fellow soil should be recovered bit by bit, and we should not be eager for success.
Yes, yes, I nodded like a chicken pecking rice, but I cried out for a mistake. But after half a day of fighting, I forgot the administrative divisions of Youzhou, and it was Liaodong directly after the soil nebula …
With outstanding Erli, I vaguely heard Cheng Yu’s hey hey sneer behind methis uncle is estimated to be used to it, right?
My good nephew has a wide range of restrictions on holding a festival to beg for rebellion. Lu Zhi earnestly warned that Gongsun Du has four counties and one country, Liaodong, Liaodong Dependent State, Liaoxi, Le Lang and Xuantu, and the north is far away from Gyeonggi Mountain. The information is difficult to communicate. After my good nephew retired from the thief, he should choose a temporary garrison post to appease the military and civilians.
My heart was bright and I quickly agreed that Lu Shu taught my little nephew to keep in mind that the frontier people can also feel the kindness. Lu Zhi’s words were just implying that I … If the mountain is high and the emperor is far away, you can order officials yourself!
How can I not rejoice?
By the time I tasted the dishes, there was not much heat on the table.
But my chest is hot, and I don’t find it hard to swallow. Instead, every mouthful of rice and wine is full of smoke and warmth.

Early the next morning, I sent Lu Zhi’s army back to Younan in Gongsun Zan.
Bo Jue has a plan? I watched the large troops crossing the Baoqiu water in batches. Although Lu Zhi was strict in running the army, he was not rude. He specially made room for vehicles to pack horses and transport nearly 10,000 bodies back to the south, which was naturally unpleasant.
It’s the scorching sun in July, and I’m worried that these bodies will deteriorate and rot quickly.
Gongsun Zan’s strange way: Didn’t the banquet say yesterday that we should take a break in the vast expanse and wait for the troops to arrive before Qi Li recovers western Liaoning?
桑拿会所I invited Pang Gan, Is there any news of Li Dian’s departure?
Pang Gan shook his head decisively. If there is news, it will be reported immediately.
I frowned and murmured, It takes four days to walk from Jixian to Tuyin, right?
Gongsun Zan nodded, It’s barely possible to March at a speed of almost 400 miles.
Arriving at Tuyin is bound to give way, and the army will rest, which gives Gongsun Kang a chance to rally. I am increasingly entangled that on the one hand, my strength is slightly insufficient, and on the other hand, it is really difficult to give the enemy a break.
It may not be convenient for Gongsun Du to die in western Liaoning, but he is also a newly lost official. Cheng Yu came slowly from not far away. Does the general hold a festival to beg for rebellion and take advantage of justice and morality?
I haven’t answered that Gongsun Zan has clapped his hands and applauded. It’s a shame that I waited for Beowulf because Mr. Still thinks deeply.
Don’t confuse me with you, Bojue!
How many counties are there in western Liaoning? I agreed with the suggestion and then discussed the details.
Although there are five counties, four of them are in the fortress, and there are one or two hundred miles away from Tuyin, there is a cure place in Yangle City, but it is about nine hundred miles away from Tuyin. Gongsun Zan explained the distribution of counties.
I swear in my heart, nearly a thousand miles away? This administrative division is too unscientific. It’s not conducive to defending foreign enemies to put the administrative office outside the Great Wall and thousands of miles away from other cities, is it? !
Good I quickly made a decision. Our army will go to Tuyin to rest and then send people to the west of Liaoning!
65 Ba Liaoxi
Halfway through, we met soldiers who withdrew 3,000 states from Tuyin City.
Through a brief conversation, I learned about the enemy’s situation. Despite the pursuit of Yan Rou during the retreat, the approximate number of the remaining enemy troops is still not 30,000, and at present, there are only three thousand troops stationed in Tuyin City.
The other side didn’t storm the isolated city of Tuyin with a huge strength gap. Obviously, it was affected by the death of the coach. The morale of the army was low and the war was able to retreat in a hurry
I’m relieved that around 30,000 enemy troops are still stepping down. My 16,700 cavalry brigade has been able to cope with the only problem that needs to be worried about is Wu Huan’s position.
Gongsun Zan and I went hand in hand. Don’t the Bojue family have friendship with the Wuhuan tribe in Youbei?
To be honest, if you want to achieve great things in Youzhou, you can’t bypass Wuhuan. Gongsun Zan openly admitted that even a few thousand people in these Qingqi are Wuhuan people.
I couldn’t help whistling. Can I ask a question?
My Lord, please speak.
Who is stronger than the Hu people such as the Han Wu Huan here?
Gongsun Zan thoughtfully for a long time to reveal a wry smile. This … Han people are resourceful and resourceful. If they can work hard, even if they double their efforts, how can they compare?
If I can’t hear the meaning of his words, Are the Youbei Han people … still weak?
Gongsun Zan can nod. In terms of bravery and blood alone, I Han Chinese are still slightly inferior …
I can shake my head. I Han people don’t compete with others. Brave and bloody sea tactics are king!

After arriving in Tuyin, Cheng Yu had already written a draft and immediately wrote a campaign.
I will print it in quintuplicate after a rough reviewit is really impossible for me to find anything wrong with Cheng Yu’s writing skills for more than 50 years.
When sending personnel to choose their identity, they don’t need to be too high, but they must have a certain mind and be able to walk out after the two sides turn against each other … I chose Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun
Wen Yuan, you go first to make a fat like two cities; The dragon walks in Haiyang and faces Chongqing; Then you two will go out together to have fun together. I will give them a speech separately and then kindly tell them, If the other person’s words are not good or you are up to no good, you two should immediately seek to get out and not get into deep danger.
Adult peace of mind here, the whole military family will certainly live up to their mission. Zhang Liao seems to be allinone for this.
Well, I pinched my knuckles. How many men do you need to bring?
Cloud single one can zhaoyun quite conceited.
Hey, I couldn’t help laughing. Dragon, there are not many of us, but there are more than 10,000. You represent me in all counties, and I also represent the imperial court in collecting Liao. Don’t you think it’s too shabby to be a personal envoy?
Zhaoyun zheng … general lesson is lost in frivolous
By the way, how many followers should the angel have when he goes on patrol? I asked for a reference.
Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun shook their heads uniformly I don’t know.
Also, they are junior officers, and they can’t have the opportunity to accept this treatment.
Still have to ask Cheng Yu.
In fact, it’s not customary. Cheng Yu shrugged. Guo Li’s envoy to Dongzhou County for help when he was in power was just a bullock cart with more than ten followers.
I licked my lips. All right, let’s each bring a team. Let’s all go to the trench to get the food and equipment.
Zhang Liao hesitated a little or fuels for instructions belong to want to get eleven horses.
I smiled and said, Help yourself.
I am ready to leave at once. Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun are both very responsible and left the Chamber after asking for my consent.
Mr. Zhong, you made this plan. I wonder how sure you are? Only then can I have time to talk with the advisers.
What do you think? Cheng Yu came to ask me
I rolled my eyes. According to what Mr. Wang said before, how can it be 50%? I’m still a question.
Sai Si County may be able to successfully attach to it, but Yangle … will never accept it. His tone is very positive
I’m puzzled. You said … the most important city of Yangle still needs to be forced by force?
Cheng Yu nodded heavily Murphy adults forget? Gongsun Du appointed the western Liaoning satrap as his second time in Gongsun Gong. Will he be obedient?

"Help me with my car" Jiang Junyue is still lazy. I don’t know when he has turned out a bunch of keys. Lan Jingyi helped him into the villa. The original villa appearance is beautiful enough, but when she went in, she found that the living room is more beautiful and luxurious. The layout is brown and white. It looks elegant but the atmosphere is not dark. The dining table is a big table for twelve people and their family of four. That’s too rough. Seeing Lan Jingyi staring at the dining table, Jiang Junyue smiled. "You have to work hard to have more children, otherwise it’s a pity."

Lan Jingyi punched him on the shoulder. "You are a pig."
"Well, I am a pig and you are a sow" but I don’t want him to admit that he is a pig.
Lan Jingyi is so sweaty. "Don’t pull me if you want to be a pig."
"Then who do you want me to pull?" He smiled a lot.
桑拿会所"…" LanJingYi instant language can’t say let him pull Yin Qing soft. No, she doesn’t want him to pull anyone but herself.
"How about a wedding room here?" She held him upstairs and he bit her ear and asked in a low voice.
"Not so good"
"Ha ha, so you don’t want to marry?"
Lan Jingyi bit her lip and said nothing.
"Well, if you don’t talk, it means the default. Then I will publish a newspaper to elect a mistress of this villa by universal suffrage. Otherwise, isn’t it too waves for such a good seaside villa to stay?"
"Jiang, don’t you dare"
"You don’t want me to dare?"
"You …"
He looked at her JiaoChen small appearance a bow my thin lips printed on her cheek "just a few days ago to decorate yesterday just passed the acceptance, there is no formaldehyde what exceeds the standard, but I think the child is still a month, and then we can’t detect anything. Let’s move to the residence. The wedding date will be decided …"
Lan Jing Yi Zheng listened carefully and suddenly he stopped. "What are you doing?"
"Give me a kiss, wife, or I won’t be able to go. I have no motivation."
"I’m exhausted. I have no strength." Lan Jingyi gasped. He was so heavy that he pressed most of his body against her. He was so heartless that even if he was injured, he wouldn’t be like this.
"Is it so strong?" Jiang Junyue straightened up and then straightened up. The dribbling Lan Jingyi’s little face looked at her and her face was flushed.
Lan Jingyi thought that he was hurt. She quietly stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. "Come on."
"Ha-ha, it turns out that someone is already so forced to marry me. It’s really nice." Jiang Junyue gently provoked Lan Jingyi’s jaw with a curved eyebrow and slender fingers, but looked at her shy little appearance. "Children are born and even shy."
"You Lai" She can’t stand his new look. This man looks cold and cool before, but when she is alone, he seems to be a completely different person.
"How about early next month?"
Lan Jingyi forgot that he was still injured and his head gently leaned against his chest. At the beginning of next month, there was really one month left. She didn’t promise him or veto him. "We’ll talk about it then."
"Then I’ll take it as a yes, my wife. Let’s go to the front bridal chamber." Suddenly, as soon as he bent over, he tasikmalaya picked up Lan Jingyi’s long legs and stepped steadily one step after another. Where is the injury?
"Jiang Junyue, you lied to me again?" Lan Jingyi pursed her lips, but she was so worried about her just now.
"Bang" suddenly the man let go of Lan Jingyi, and the whole person sat on the carpet. Although it was not particularly painful, it was uncomfortable to be stuck like this. "It hurts …"
"Do you think you hurt me like this?" As Jiang Junyue said, he showed his arm a few centimeters long with a sleeve, and it was still red and fresh at the moment. "And here, please help me look at it. I can’t see it clearly." When I pulled my collar, I exposed his large chest muscles, and the bronzed skin made Lan Jingyi look dizzy. Is this still the stairs? Is this a performer’s meat?
But even so, she held the railing up and her eyes fell straight on his chest. There was a small bruise there. "Who did you fight with?" She was distressed by the last sentence of "hug me with bravado after being hurt like this", and her voice became smaller and smaller.
"I think the bridal chamber forgets when I am in a hurry."
Uh, are you so explicit about your physical needs?
He’s a real pig. He’s no worse.
"Jiang Junyue, can’t you be serious?"
"If you are serious with your wife every day, how can you have children? Our dining table should be full, so from now on, I have to work hard every day to give me a hug. "
"No, I’ll help you." She pushed his hand away and insisted on helping him. It’s childish to be brave when he was injured like that, but it happened that her heart was more of a sweet happiness.
Hold him in the corridor on the second floor. "Which one?"
"East side, left side."
There’s a door on the left. How big a bedroom is that? Compared with the three rooms opposite, Lan Jingyi feels like a wave before she goes in.

In a day or so, I have reached the lake sand. From the outside, this water is said to be a city, rather than a huge fountain, which spews thick water columns from the highest nozzle, and the city is full of criss-crossing waterways. The water flows downstream along the waterways and flows into the sea over a thousand meters of cities.

Seeing such a city is definitely more appreciation than surprise. It’s beautiful and spectacular, but appreciation is down to business. I still remember flying into the lake sand from the whale’s back like other gods, but I was immediately pointed at by dozens of gods with weapons. This time, I was careless that the lake sand is different from other cities. The lake sand is a sacred place for gods. It is impossible for gods to enter and leave casually. I will definitely be arrested for going in directly.
桑拿会所It wasn’t long before I was taken to a cell. Although it was a cell, the environment was good, at least there were no cockroaches and mice, and there were no cobwebs and such things.
Looking back, when I was surrounded by dozens of gods just now, I was really a little afraid that if I died here in vain, it might really become brain death.
While I was meditating, Cain flew out of my armor or stayed on my shoulder as usual.
"Master, there’s one more thing I have to tell you," Cain continued, looking at me with bat eyes. "Actually, Miss Chris, she …"
When I heard Chris, I was fascinated. "What happened to Chris?"
"Chris, she … she forget it. I won’t say let her tell you herself."
"What? She came out by herself? Chris came here? Where is she? "
"I just found out about your pet."
In Chris’s pet? What’s going on here?
"Chris, do you really decide to do this? There is no turning back! " Luen? Tokdarcy asked anxiously.
"Well, father, I’ve decided! I will not regret it! " The figure in Chris’s heart is getting more and more blurred. She doesn’t know what will happen, but she has been together almost every day since she met him, but she hasn’t heard from that person for more than ten days, and she doesn’t know how he is doing now. She is getting more and more fidgety and fidgety.
"Since it’s up to you, just let it be. Do you know the details? After your ability will drop very much, maybe … "
"Well, I know! Let’s go. "Chris now has a distant figure in his eyes.
I closed my eyes and silently called Chris, and her figure gradually emerged in front of me. When I opened my eyes, Chris was as real as my eyes.
"I dreamed …"
"Escape ~" Chris said and rushed to hold me and threw me down. This should be a man’s work, but now it has been done by his own woman.
"Is it really you? Chris, why are you here? " I am also very happy to see Chris happy, although it is in the cell.
"I’m your pet now. You won’t want me, will you?" Chris said with a pathetic face
"Pets? How did you become my pet? "
So Chris’s father, Luen? One of the characteristics of Tokdarcy being a top figure is that assigning pets can make creatures become other people’s pets, even cats and mice, but the biological ability will be reduced several times after being a pet, which is the only regret.
"So that’s it, Chris. Why are you still in such good shape after becoming a pet?" I stroked Chris’s smooth back with malicious intent and enjoyed the special feeling.
"Uh-huh ~ Don’t touch this bad thing again!" Chris got up quickly. If I touch it again, I’ll never know what I’ll do. There’s no one else in the cell. There are only a few men and women in the same room (that bat is not a person). Hehe!
I was just about to take further action. At an important moment, that damn bat actually bothered us.
"Master, someone is coming here." The bat specialty has seen that it is particularly sensitive to sound at this moment.
"Chris!" As soon as I said Chris, I knew it. I immediately flashed back to my pet.
Soon I also heard the sound outside the door and knew that the man was outside the door.
"God man?"
"That I want you these hands to eat shit? I don’t know! "
"It belongs to energy!"
I have an impulse to laugh when I listen to the dialogue outside, but are there other demons besides the man of God when they go to the inferno?
"Open the door"
The door opened and I was very surprised by the person who came in, because I have seen this person turned out to be Lan Fengyun, dressed in an ordinary costume of a god, but I am not sure whether he is a god because he has a pair of snow-white wings. Can gamers come here to play?
"What are you from? What is the holy land? " The man didn’t come in at the door because he looked at me and asked me very seriously
"I won’t tell you"
"Xiao Qi threw this guy into the fourth floor of the magic prison." The man said and turned his head and left without saying much.
And the man he called the Seven Gods looked at me like a stranger, then took pity on me, looked at the door again and left.
People in this world don’t even know how to joke, but it’s really unchanging to think that you are a prisoner and still play games by yourself.
Chapter 15 The Magic Prison (1)
Chapter 15 The Magic Prison (1)
"Is Chris treating them well?" I lie on Chris’ thigh and close my eyes.
"They, hehe, they have done a lot of work, and they don’t know why you are so attractive. There are so many people signing up for the guild!" Chris has been laughing to see how she smiles. Did they do something funny?
"Chris big sister little sister quick tell me what happened to them? I’ve been drifting in the sea for more than ten days, so please have pity on me and tell me quickly. "Although I say this, my hands have been creaking her armpits and waist, making Chris even worse. Hehe laughed and surrendered.
It took a while for Chris to turn red like a tomato, and then the red color slowly receded, telling me what they had done in the past ten days like a story.

In fact, her injury is still not healed, even the back of her hand is marked with whips, but she seems to have forgotten the pain that day. At this moment, she even seems to be proud of the invisible wrinkles in her eyebrows.

I can’t help but wonder whether Ye Xiangyuan retaliated against her as I asked after we left that day.
If she was injected with the same dose of poison, she should be lying in the hospital now. Ye Wen is not saying that it can be fatal if it is large …
When I was wandering, Xiaoyan had a gun in her hand.
She pointed a gun at my parents’ heads and smiled disdainfully. "I know you are car-scrapping, but you can’t ignore the lives of these two old guys."
I take back my thoughts and pretend to think.
A moment later, I said, "Then let my parents go. They are too old to stand the toss."
Xiaoyan smiled with satisfaction. "You are smart enough."
I looked at my parents with their hands and feet tied and said, "Don’t be afraid to get well soon."
Xiaoyan aside cold hum "do you still expect Ye Xiangyuan to save you? I might as well tell you that he doesn’t care about you now! "
I ignored her and continued to say to my parents, "I’m sorry for making you suffer."
Although my father is tied up, his face is calm. "Remember that you can’t hurt people just because you are threatened."
He warned me not to frame Ye Xiangyuan because of Xiaoyan’s persecution.
My eyes can’t help getting hot.
By this time, my father is still firm in mind, which is reading human spirit.
Xiao Yan probably understood his words and immediately yelled, "Shut up, old man!"
Where can I endure this to my dad? "If you dare to boss my parents around again, you won’t want me to give you a court card!"! You’ve been netting for so long, and now everyone wants me to defect again, so you can naturally investigate Ye Xiangyuan! "
Xiaoyan stared at me darkly.
I said coldly, "I know you still have what I want. You’d better be nice to my parents!" "
Maybe I didn’t expect to be threatened by me in turn. Xiaoyan’s chest fluctuated violently and narrowed her eyes as if she were going to eat me.
But she quickly suppressed a sneer-"You are not too stupid."
I looked at her coldly. "You are not the only clever person in this world."
She sarcastically said, "I’m clever at you, but you still fall into my hands."
I don’t mind her stimulating me. I have no good intentions if she doesn’t hurt my parents.
She raised her arms and gave orders to me. "If you send a Weibo now, say that you are imprisoned by Ye Xiangyuan."
I frowned slightly.
She hooked her lips and smiled. "Because your conscience found that you could no longer help others, you planned to report him and he caught you red-handed."
Originally, I was thinking of this idea, and the next step must be that I struggled to escape and immediately went to court to hand in evidence.
I said lightly, "I can’t make a move if you tie me up."
See me so cooperate Xiaoyan darkly stared at me for a long time before they let me go.
I took out my mobile phone and logged into my account and sent a Weibo [I want to report someone who was imprisoned by him. I have seen his true face. Please help me and I’m sorry @ Xiao Yan].
If Ye Xiangyuan sees it, he should be able to guess my present situation.
But the problem is that he is not very online.
This makes me a little anxious. I’m not sure what Xiao Yan will do to me.
I am most afraid that she will take me away.
If Ye Xiangyuan sees Weibo at home, he can come to the door, but if he goes to a strange place, I can’t give him a message.
I think of Pan Dong in the guest room … I wonder if he has informed Ye Xiangyuan of what he did …
Xiaoyan has a hand and is equipped with a gun, but Pan Dong has a person, and I don’t want him to be exposed.
Fortunately, the present situation is not too bad. Xiaoyan is not as mad as she was last time.
I showed her the edited information. "Please review it."
Xiaoyan gave me a look that you are familiar with. It seems that I didn’t find anything wrong, so I pressed the send button.
She didn’t see my intention!
I breathed a sigh of relief and secretly prayed that I could be seen by Ye Xiangyuan.
Xiaoyan took out her mobile phone again and forwarded her big V number.
Section 56
During this period, netizens all paid attention to her affairs, and she disappeared after Weibo. Everyone was very worried, and she was worried that she would be controlled by your company.
After a few days, she suddenly bubbled up and didn’t want to know that it would definitely cause another round of public opinion frenzy.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Plus, my’ mistress’ also appeared and sent a meaningful message. Weibo. com is estimated to have a falling out.
That’s all right. The bigger the movement, the higher the chance of seeing it from afar.
I’m afraid Xiao Yan Hui will distract her if she comes to settle accounts with me. "What else do you want me to do?"
品茶论坛  title=Xiaoyan charming smile canthus to smile don’t smile to hook "so don’t worry you have a lot of things to do in the future … but now it’s really a little chat … then play with you …"
I have a bad feeling in my heart.
She turned to Ji Shu. "You like her, right?"
Ji Shu hasn’t been out since he was tied up. At the moment, he was also coldly swept by her and ignored her.
Xiaoyan face flashed a cruel smile and hold me. "I know you like her … let me see if she is really beautiful. No wonder she can seduce a man …"

Grandpa four coldly looking at him not to talk.

Lu Xun and he looked straight at him, "If it is a soldier, I will come to bother Uncle. I have a document in my hand, so I can skip Uncle’s transfer of troops in several southwestern provinces."
I heard the shock, and I didn’t abandon Ye Xiangyuan.
Pay more attention to him than I thought.
I can’t help but think of the old saying that maybe I really feel optimistic about Ye Xiangyuan.
Grandpa four narrowed his eyes and didn’t know what to think.
Lu Xun then said, "I want fourth uncle’s information."
I suddenly realized
Ye Siye’s southwest border has been familiar with the situation here for more than ten years.
Whether it’s officialdom, troops or neighboring countries or drug dealers and black forces here, he must know everything.
No wonder tracing the cause came to see him.
It’s a pity that grandpa four didn’t buy it. He said coldly, "No."
This time it was Lu Xun’s turn to squint.
Ye Siye’s mouth evoked a sneer. "Ayuan is not what I remember. He killed my closest relative. Even if I don’t bother him, do you still expect me to save him?"
Lu Xun said, "They should kill."
Grandpa four’s face was completely cold and he said directly to the guard behind him, "Fujian!"
The guards immediately came to catch people.
Lu Xun looked calm and unhurried. "I advise your fourth uncle to think about it."
He made a sign.
Yuan Xi brought Xiaoyan and the little boy, and of course Ye Xiangze was also taken to Ye Siye.
I just don’t understand why Lu Xun should take them.
Turns out to be putting pressure on grandpa four.
Grandpa four eyes sank and stared at Lu Xun.
Lu Xun smiled slightly. "I can understand that the former fourth uncle saved Miss Xiao with the help of Ye Sanye’s blood, but now that he has watched the video, he should know what kind of person Miss Xiao is. I think you should solve it one by one from her."
Chapter 411 Greeting ceremony
Lu Xun, this is forcing grandpa four to start work, not only for Xiaoyan, but also for the little boy and Ye Xiangze.
Ye Siye naturally knows how to sink. "Are you threatening me?"
约茶Lu Xun said lightly, "I want an intelligence fourth uncle. If you are willing to tell me the so-called threat, it won’t count."
Meaning if grandpa four opens his mouth, he will let Xiaoyan them go.
If grandpa four refuses, grandpa four will have to kill these three people and he will not pursue them again.
Did grandpa four stare at him?
Lu Xun said, "Since the fourth uncle refuses to choose me to make a decision for you."
He raised his hand and shot Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan’s chest was hit by a bullet, and the smell of urine came from her. Her eyes were wide open and her eyes were frightened. Because her mouth was blocked, she couldn’t make a sound, and she could see her twisted face.
Lu Xun handed the pistol to Ye Siye and said, "If you fill one more shot, she will be completely dead. Fourth Uncle can choose for herself."
Grandpa four didn’t answer it, but kicked Xiaoyan away.
Xiaoyan was kicked down a few meters away and hit the wall with a loud noise.
She fainted and the smell of blood filled the room.
Master Ye said, "I won’t choose any of them. Let’s go. I really can’t help you."
I can’t help thinking of Ye Sanye.
They are a mother and brother, but it is obvious that Ye Siye is much more shrewd and mind-set.
If grandpa four hadn’t left home on his own initiative, it is estimated that Ye Li would have focused on cultivating him instead of putting all his energy into grandpa three.
This is what Teng Jun deserves for doing all his bad things.
Lu Xun’s coming to grandpa four must be betting that he knows something.
But now grandpa four is unwilling to help and directly send Fujian, and my heart can’t help secretly worrying.

"Well, I met a beautiful woman when you brought her here. The more I appeared, did it bother you and her?" Yin Qing’s soft voice became sad. "Maybe I shouldn’t have appeared." Seeing Jiang Junyue doesn’t deny that he is going to send a text message to Lan Jingyi. Yin Qing’s soft voice was embarrassed. "I’m sorry, I have something to do. I left first."

The eyes flashing with tears like a rabbit made Jiang Junyue unbearable. He stretched out his hand and caught it. She wanted to leave Yin Qing’s soft little hand. Her little hand was ice and ice, which made him feel distressed when he held it. He held his palm tightly and pulled her back bit by bit. "Who said you shouldn’t have appeared? You should have shown up a long time ago because you knew about me and her, and you didn’t come to see me when you came back? "
Yin Qing’s eyes danced with tears. "They say you and her two children are beautiful."
This doubt is an affirmative answer. For a moment, Jiang Junyue felt his heart ache.
But how much he loved her before?
When he couldn’t find her, he refused to associate with women, and Lan Jingyi may be a special case. That was transferred to Bao Fanchun, so they were crazy all night, so that night he turned Lan Jingyi from a girl into a woman.
And once a man has cracked that physiological desire, he can’t take it away, making him want to occupy that woman again and again
"I’m sorry." He and Harumi always do it first. I’m sorry. Harumi’s thing is that he has more children with other women than with children, but Harumi seems to be single.
It is this question that he dare not ask her, because for the first time at this moment, he doesn’t know how to deal with emotional problems.
"Don’t say that more and more." Little hand Bingbing fell off his lips. She wouldn’t let him say that. "It’s my fault. I’ve been ill recently and I was released."
"Sick of what?" Jiang Junyue a nasty again back to hold her little hand cut asked.
"No … it’s a very bad disease."
"Will the dead sick? No, I told you that you’ve been better recently, which means you’ve recovered. That disease is not that terminal, is it? "
Seeing his eyes cut Yin Qing’s soft face with a soft smile, just like her name, "No, I’m fine now, and nothing has happened."
"What disease made you leave me for so many years?" Five years is really not a short day. Do you know how sad and miserable he was every day at the beginning of these five years? At the beginning of that year, every day was a second, which made him wonder how he got through it. He used to sleep for days and nights without saying a word or eating a bite.
Yin Qingrou gently took a sip of her red lips. "Do you have to say it?" Low voice with a little sadness. Obviously, her illness is really a disease that is difficult to talk about.
"Hungry?" Seeing that her eyes were about to burst into tears again, Jiang Junyue had to reach out and wipe her tears, because he remembered Lan Jingyi and changed the subject.
"Yeah, a little."
"The same?"
Jiang Junyue snapped his fingers and came over. He ordered a medium-rare steak for himself and another Italian beef tenderloin. She always didn’t like steak very much. Every time before coming here, he thought it was really rough to bring her here. But she said that she lost her appetite at the sight of the red fresh meat, but she still couldn’t eat the well-cooked steak.
Once people’s habits are formed, it is difficult to change them.
Steak and beef tenderloin both came together and ate gracefully. When they used to eat together, they were all sad. But at this moment, when Jiang Junyue put a piece of cut steak into his mouth, he accidentally remembered Lan Jingyi eating with Lan Jingyi. She always said what she thought of, and she didn’t take the ancients’ food seriously. She was happy and chattered like a child. That was Yin Qingrou, who was definitely different. It was also at this moment that he discovered their two personalities.
Chapter 192 Red Fruit Fruit Lying
"What are you thinking?" The beef tenderloin was half eaten, so Yin Qing put chopsticks on it. She always ate less and finished eating before she asked in a low voice.
Jiang Junyue is a little embarrassed. It must be that he just thought too much. "Oh, nothing. I’m going to wash my hands." Suddenly I want to smoke a cigarette. Otherwise, he feels that the atmosphere is particularly boring than letting him not know how to sit with Yin Qingrou. It’s strange that he can never imagine the feeling.
"Go" Yin Qing gently nodded and told him to leave.
Jiang Jun got up and walked with long legs to the washing position where smoking is allowed.
I watched the predecessors at the opposite table, but the man was still there. Yin Qing’s soft eyes were fixed on that one for five seconds, and then Jiang Junyue should not come back soon. She quickly picked him up. He just fiddled with it as if to send a text message to Lan Jingyi. I don’t know what he was going to send. Is it to tell Lan Jingyi that he met himself?
It seems that it should not.
She came back late, but she used to have such deep feelings for him that she didn’t believe that she would lose to a woman whom Jiang Junyue had not known for two years.
That’s a short message that hasn’t been sent out, that is, Jiang Junyue wrote it halfway but didn’t send it out.
夜生活Seeing her laughing in a low voice, sure enough, he asked Lan Jingyi to leave by himself in his own class and told her not to wait for him. He didn’t meet him at all, which means he concealed the fact that he came to see her.
Then she and he still have hope. At this moment, Yin Qing smiled with confidence and returned Jiang Junyue to the table.
It’s dark outside the first turn, but the neon lights are always a bit of a wet blanket. Modern lighting makes the bamboo forest no longer quiet. She likes the pure natural beauty instead of the modern beauty.
The man still didn’t come to the company after work.
I packed up an office and then locked the two office doors. Lan Jingyi left the building with a bag in her hand. When she came in the afternoon, the security guard thought and thought. Lan Jingyi still couldn’t help but walk over and ask, "Did Jiang always come back in the afternoon?"
"There is only a car is a … a …"
"A what?"
The security guard recalled, "It seems that he was called away by a short message. Because Jiang always left after reading a short message."
Lan Jingyi really can’t hold her breath any longer. Forgive her. She is really an ordinary little woman. As she walks to the bus, she picks up Jiang LaCrosse’s number. As soon as it is dialed out, her heart beats suddenly. There, you are quickly connected. "Hello, LaCrosse, go to wash your hands. Who are you? I’ll ask him to give you a message later. "Yin Qing’s soft Jiang Junyue’s words rang twice and then picked them up because she saw the number Jiang Junyue and nicknamed her wife.
The word wife is too dazzling. She doesn’t like it very much. Anyway, she is well now. She doesn’t want to let go. Jiang Junyue belongs to her. She always has.
The woman’s voice is charming and beautiful. He didn’t come back, so he went to hang out with women.
At this moment, Lan Jingyi felt that the sky was falling.
Luckily, she still believes that he is still waiting in the office.
She hung up quietly without saying anything. Listening to the blind tone, she was upset.
I don’t want to go back to the small apartment, I don’t want to see my mother, and I don’t want to see my two children. She is afraid that her mood will be discovered, and she is afraid that her mother will worry about herself.
It seems that if she is in a bad mood, she likes to walk so sullenly.
But her stomach protested. When she woke up at noon, she ate something. At that time, she couldn’t eat. At this time, she was hungry and cooed. Then she went to eat something. Whether she had Jiang Junyue or not, she had to eat and live.
After thinking about it, she wants to go to Jiang Junyue and take her to that western restaurant to eat a steak. She likes to listen to the music there. It’s absolutely real. She plays both the sogeum and the piano very well, and things there are not particularly expensive. She wants to listen to music and drink coffee alone. The bamboo forest will calm her down.
With a motorcycle, Lan Jingyi went straight there.
Motorcycle speed is different from that of cars, but it has one advantage: it is flexible and cars can’t take narrow roads. The driver also knows the western restaurant and is particularly familiar with it. It seems that Lan Jingyi has forgotten to take such a path, which will make her uneasy. Anyway, the driver took her to the western restaurant, so the motorcycle soon sent her to the destination and stopped at the periphery of the bamboo forest. No motor vehicles can get in. This is one of the reasons why this bamboo forest can always maintain its beauty and tranquility.
Lan Jingyi paid the fare and walked slowly there. She was not in a hurry because at this moment, she was in a hurry when Jiang Junyue was not around.
I broke a bamboo leaf in my hand and blew it gently on my lips, so I let her blow it into a tune. After a while, I felt that my lips were numb. After all, this leaf is not a musical instrument. She hasn’t blown it for a long time.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!