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However, from this point of view, his personal ambition is estimated to be there. I guess he probably won’t be obedient

Besides, it’s impossible for Yuan Shu this fellow to leave himself with such a strong army.
Maybe … I made the worst plan. Yuan Shu and Sun Jian would refuse the imperial order and then resolutely rebel, triggering a joint crusade by the imperial court and various forces and then being quickly wiped out.
Anyway, I won’t suffer any damage. I’m sure I have nothing to do with it
Han Song, who was rewarded, also came to my office to express his gratitude to me. Of course, I, an upright person, did not publicize this process. In general, he seems to have achieved satisfactory results in his visit to Los Angeles.
Of course, I also showed corresponding kindness to his kindness. I arranged several tables of banquets, accompanied by Jia Xu and Ma Dai Xu Huang, and invited him to eat and drink. I specially asked The Story Of Diu Sim to come out and play a decadent music to help the wine.
Han Song did not refuse to praise me for my youth. I was tired of listening to it, and then I stared at The Story Of Diu Sim with flashing eyes and praised him for his beauty and artistry. I politely told him that it was impossible
So the host and guest enjoyed themselves and dispersed.
Jia Xu, Ma Dai, Xu Huang, I made a comment on him together, such as nonkind
I suddenly remembered, Mr. Wenhe, can I go to court at ordinary times?
The bus Sima Ling is also a 600stone official in the DPRK, of course. Jia Xu is slightly different in color.
Every day? I asked stupidly
Jia Xu smoothed her beard. No, there are many things now. We should meet for five days. On the first day of every tenday period, we will meet on the sixth day.
and you, sir? I asked again
Me? He smiled wryly, I’m just 200 Shi Xiaocheng, if I can attend the meeting.
Well, can’t you sneak in? I got to the bottom of it. Let’s sit in a corner. No one should find out, right?
Jia Xu maybe … but if it is pointed out in court that Xu Ke has committed a felony …
I wipe my sweat. Then forget it … I’m not going to let my uncle Jia Xu’s head fall to the ground.
And Xu Huang Daigong can sit next to him, he added. All the palace guards need you two to arrange.
Xu Huang Ma Dai nodded.
What, I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t know anything?
So I gloomily picked up a glass of old wine and drank it in one breath, which was fierce and spicy.
Not strong enough, I poured myself another cup and gulped it down again.
Don’t drink too much alcohol to hurt your health. Xiao Zhao is very considerate to wake me up.
It’s just two glasses of wine. I smiled indifferently. Can it hurt to be strong and healthy?
Xiao Zhao heard that … She hesitated and said, Drinking too much is likely to get married.
I shook my head. What is this feudal superstition? Teenagers in our new era can never believe this kind of talk.
Unfair Jia Xu denied my progressive thought. This statement is not a discussion.
eh? Holding a glass, my right hand froze in half, but I still don’t believe isn’t this nonsense? Is there any scientific theory to support this?
Alcohol can hurt the waist and kidneys, and young people should be moderately restricted. Jia Xu warned me very solemnly that Cai Yong is a contemporary wine magnate who can drink a stone, but only Cai Yan and his daughter may not drink alcohol in their late sixties.
He cited this example, but I have never heard of Cai Yong has a daughter?
Jia Xu nodded.
Er, I know that the infant mortality rate is very high in this era. Er, do all the other children die early …
The Story Of Diu Sim, who sat at the edge of the piano in the corner, testified that The Story Of Diu Sim also heard of Cai’s adult when he was in Wangfu, and things really didn’t have children; Speaking of which, Wang Daren likes drinking, too. He doesn’t have a woman.
I turned a little pale and put my glass back on the case table. Xiao Zhao, you must supervise me every time I drink too much, you must persuade me to stop.
Xiao Zhao sipped his mouth and nodded to see if it seemed quite happy.
Since there are vivid cases in front of us, this kind of important event, which is almost inherited from one generation to another, can’t be taken lightly. Although the old and young heroes are brave, I think it’s been a year or two, so it is necessary to put their top priority at a strategic height.
桑拿网Here we are discussing the problem of alcoholbased human life, but we hear someone telling us outside the door.
Master Cai Yong, Lord Cai asks for an audience.
Chapter 10 Salesman Cai Yong
All the people in the hall remained speechless.
Jia Xu couldn’t help but touch himself and laughed. I didn’t expect to say that Cai Yong and Cai Yong are here.
It seems to me that the idiom Speak of the devil has not yet formed …
Lao Zhao, you tidy up and I’ll meet a guest.
I put on cloth boots and walked out of the main hall.
The top leaders all set off to greet the guests. Xiao Dai, Jia Xu, Xu Huang and Zhao Cheng, of course, also got up and followed me out to entertain guests.
Out of the courtyard, with good eyesight, I can see someone standing awkwardly at the gate.
I have always respected the old man, so I don’t make Cai Yong’s multiconsciousness speed up and run to him
Ma Dai, Xu Huang and Zhao Cheng are three young people who are strong and can barely follow; In his forties, Mr. Jia Xu took a few steps and completely gave up the idea of following, walking slowly dozens of steps away.
Cai’s adult I stopped at the door suddenly. Lao Cai’s adult waited for the younger generation to be rude.
Cai Yong blinked and his face changed slightly. Ma Daren?
The younger generation is here. I respectfully raised my double sleeves.
Is the old lady dazzled? Cai Yong quivered with a white beard. Just now, the old man saw four people coming out of the house …
Well, I smiled proudly. The younger generation has been practicing martial arts since childhood, so the pace is faster than ordinary people.
He simply shook his head and looked envious. It’s so nice for young people. When I was young, the old man also ran like a fly.
I’m a martial arts wizard, and I will never believe this kind of nonsense that the old man talks about when he is young all day.
Of course, I politely invited him into the hall to talk.
It is inconvenient for a 60yearold man to walk. Cai Yong drove to the house by his own car.
The young trio dodged the carriage on both sides, but the distance from the starting point was more than ten feet. Jia Xu simply stopped moving forward and turned directly to the rear again.
The carriage stopped slowly, and the Cai Yong car sat in the seat after I helped me climb the stone steps into the hall.
Is the public married now? Cai Yong first sentence is such a question.
I almost sprayed him with a few glasses of old wine just now.
The younger generation has not yet married a wife, Cai Daren?
Cai Yong ignored my question and continued to ask, I wonder if your father is engaged?

Hidden dangers are also serious. Yeah, I also pointed to the guild headquarters to hold on and not be killed by you [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao], didn’t I? That’s great. If you really kill me, who can I talk to? And even without you [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] and [competition for favor], wouldn’t this already occupy the town? Maybe in the end, we’ll both have to be killed and maimed by that hero like a naked monkey. I’m also worried!

Hidden dangers are also serious. Yeah, I also pointed to the guild headquarters to hold on and not be killed by you [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao], didn’t I? That’s great. If you really kill me, who can I talk to? And even without you [Bann Kwan Khiang Dao] and [competition for favor], wouldn’t this already occupy the town? Maybe in the end, we’ll both have to be killed and maimed by that hero like a naked monkey. I’m also worried!
Flying in the sky and staring at the stars immediately revealed a face of fear. I haven’t read much about brain thieves. Don’t scare me. If I were really calculated by that kind of stuff, even if I hadn’t been killed and maimed by him, I wouldn’t dare to stay in the guild for a minute and draw my sword and commit suicide for you. I’m not thinskinned like some people. This time, it should be the second time that I’ve got that kind of stuff. Can I still be strong and live without it?
The hidden murder immediately blew his eyes. How do you speak? How to speak? Don’t you mean cursing at mulberry trees? As the saying goes,’ a man loses his hip when he misses his horse’, who can be a naked monkey without some negligence? Don’t sit in the right place. Master Nianpao said it wasn’t you, but … I said, don’t be silly when this happened to a naked monkey. At least give us a statement, right?
The two old foxes are colored and say rubbish, but Wu turned a deaf ear here. After a little thinking, a pair of misers said, You’re in love with me. Ask her what’s going on. If it is really robbed by 【 Day for Favorite 】, let her come back with the guild residence order first and I’ll give her the money back.
The most important thing now is to find out what the situation is. If the fallen petal really comes back with the guild residence order, that is the first possibility, which means that the gold fishing plan will be declared bankrupt.
However, if the fallen petal can’t bring back the guild residence order or the root is not connected, then it is the second possibility that it doesn’t matter how to sell the guild residence order.
However, it will not be so smooth and it will be very troublesome when the guild comes, because there will be a lifetime of fierce men who will definitely come to join in the competition, and after the twentieth level, the talent system game will be launched, and the regular professions will be greatly promoted, and the group spells will also be won. It is absolutely impossible for them to want to be like when the undead army invaded.
Well, I’ll contact her. The situation is so serious that the miser dare not neglect and hurriedly hit the friend bar …
At this time, Yamen was suddenly pushed by a man and came in.
Wu looked up and saw the bearer. It was ten minutes ago that he left with the first guild residence order.
This ….. this girl came back is really the first possibility? I have found a hidden hero? Is the gold fishing plan going bankrupt? Wu in the mind a cool to be continued.
桑拿Chapter two hundred and fortythree No tacit understanding
Seeing falling love, hidden dangers and flying stars also instantly closed my mouth and face, and at the same time revealed a heavy worry.
This accident is not complicated. Wu can think of two possibilities, and the two of them can think of it in minutes after a little thinking, and what it means for them to return on their own is not so difficult to guess.
According to the normal logic, if the fallen petal is really competing for favor and people hide their identity and buy the Wu guild residence order in such a disgraceful way, they will definitely not come back. Will it be linked or not? After all, after the guild residence order is consumed, everything will be gone. How can they come back to Wu to find fault?
And she came back so aboveboard, there is a possibility that she came back with the guild resident order to discuss with the seller Wu!
That is to say, it is very likely that 【 Heaven competes for favor 】 has found the guild residence order, and Wu’s guild residence order is not the only one.
This is the last thing I want to see, hidden dangers and flying stars!
The two of them would rather move some guild funds to buy it from Wu and let this bastard make a fortune. They definitely don’t want to be the first of the three major guilds to find a guild resident.
EmpathyWhat would they do if they found the guild headquarters first?
There is no doubt that they will occupy the best remaining towns first, and then in the shortest time, whether by establishing a leather bag guild or by buying some weak guilds into their affiliated guilds, they must also occupy the last three towns, and never give the other two most powerful guilds the chance to compete against themselves.
This is definitely a onceandforall event. There is no better opportunity than this.
And 【 days for favor 】 I lean although ability is not so good, but it is not stupid can’t see such an obvious opportunity …
In fact, the two of them were already worried when they saw the notice that shouldn’t have appeared just now, but like Wu, they also had doubts about those coincidences. In addition, they were puzzled about the identity of Falling Flowers Valley and Falling Flowers, which was natural and in line with their hopes. They regarded the accident as a small means of being fierce and disgusting for a lifetime, and they didn’t take it to heart.
The fact that Yu won the second town in [competition for favor] was a little unexpected, but it didn’t bring them too much pressure. They showed that they were always watching in the dark, and they were confident that they would be able to take the third and fourth towns as usual. If the gap is so small, their ability can’t lift any big waves, and it is even less likely to affect their guild status.
But now, falling in love unexpectedly appears, which means that they may not even take up a town, and the gap will be widened as soon as it is …
Hidden dangers and flying stars immediately became a little restless, and my heart was colder than Wu’s.
Soothed by bankruptcy, the masked black cloth Wu revealed an ugly smile than crying and went to greet the fallen petal. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen. It’s not right to call the miser to unite you, so you just came back by yourself …
The words haven’t finished yet. The flying stars have jumped up and interrupted him. Bareass monkeys are special at this time. You still have leisure to say these scenes. I really want to strangle you. Stop talking nonsense and give you money. 25 gold coins, one point, many points. Now! Horse! Give me the guild residence order!
The voice just fell Kucha! A pile of gold coins hit Wu.
Wu leng waited until he turned around and saw the picture of flying stars, which was already anxious, and his face was as red as he was, and he immediately understood what they were worried about, but it was also thick, and he would have to worry as well.
Don’t worry about this for a while? The girl who has fallen out of love has come back, or let’s make things clear first … Wu reached out from his backpack and pulled out a guild residence order and wanted to say something …
Make it clear that your sister is not in a hurry, I am in a hurry and bring it to you! The flying stars snatched the guild resident order without giving him a chance to speak, and then turned around without hesitation for a second, as if someone had stepped on his tail! Step! I ran to the door in a panic and shouted back, Bareass monkey, those gold coins are not over. If I don’t grab the guild residence, you have to return them to me!
The first time I saw the flying stars, I was in a hurry. Wu suddenly wanted to smile and twist his face. He glanced at the flying stars sitting next to the chair and leaned against a staff to wake up quickly and kindly. Hey, Master Niang, you forgot your staff!
No, I’ll give it to you. The flying stars didn’t even return to their heads.
Hidden dangers are not idle here, and it seems more anxious than flying stars. I stretched my neck and looked at the back of flying stars and urged, Hey, Master Niang Gun, dare you run slower and wait here? If you delay the old, I will never stop with you!
But when this sentence came out, the stars had turned the corner and disappeared, and I don’t know if I heard it.
Then … A few people left just silently staring at the corner and started to stay.
Wu was the first to return to absolute being. First, he quietly put the gold coins of flying stars into the package, and then he coughed heavily and broke the silence.
Several people looked back at Wu one after another, only to find that there was something wrong with his eyes, and he kept stirring them up like he was lost in something.

In just four days, adults have recovered from the exhaustion of real yuan by 70%, which is simply shocking! Someone outside leisurely said

hasn’t Mr. chung left yet? I asked with a smile.
Already left outsiders answered a sound but far away.
By the way, I haven’t asked you. I turned to Zhang Ben. Is it necessary to deliver real yuan to treat that coldheat syndrome?
This is not necessary, he shook his head. It is the most effective and quickest way to transport the real yuan.
So … what else can we do?
He didn’t want to answer, My father usually put a bath bucket to boil warm water to keep the patient warm, but it rarely takes three days to work.
So … your dad just exhausted me? I rolled my eyes.
Cough, he lowered his voice. My father also wants adults to be kind to Lu Cishi, and please forgive me.
I can’t help zheng your father … is really a good heart!
More than 49 dozen less
I was woken up by Pang Gan in the middle of my sleep.
品茶Enemy attack? I sat up warily and grabbed the pillow. If something had happened to Yue, Pang Gan would never have woken me up or he would have been kicked off.
No Pang Gan shook his head and denied that battalion commander Xu will report to the general when he returns from his camp exploration
Oh, I threw a knife and pulled my legs out of the blanket. Invite him in.
Pang Gan lifted the curtain of the tent, and Xu Huang stepped into the tent with the night wind see your honor
I waved. Do you have any hot water?
Pang Gan shrugged naively. It won’t burn at half past midnight, will it?
Xu Huang hurriedly said, You don’t need to belong to the heart. Adults are supposed to spy on Zhang Yan’s third battalion. The northwest battalion has the largest number of troops, while the south battalion is the most virtual.
What do you mean that Nanying is the most virtual? I wonder at his word.
Zhang Yan came from Jizhou, and it is reasonable to say that his retreat is in the south, so he belongs to the original, and he will camp heavily in the south, he explained.
I nodded. Well …
It is estimated that there are about five or six thousand troops in the North Camp, about four thousand in the South Camp and not ten thousand in the Northwest Camp … There are about four thousand cavalry in the Northwest Camp. He reported the specific strength of each camp.
If you know?
He went on to explain that there are contiguous stables outside the northwest camp, and there are only a few other two battalions, which are probably generals and soldiers.
You did a good job. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this report, so I asked, Which camp attack point do you think is the best?
He answered Nanying without hesitation.
Oh? I smiled. Are you going to cut off their southern alliance?
Xu Huang nodded. What do you think?
It’s a decision. I clapped my hands and stood up. You’ve worked hard. Go to sleep in the middle of the night. The fourth battalion is the main force, okay?
Don’t worry, my Lord! He responded positively to my bow and quit.
I yawned in the night wind and rolled back into bed.

In order to take care of Xu Huang, I deliberately delayed my departure for two minutes.
However, Xu Huang had already come to report that he had eaten enough and slept enough, but he was late.
I rubbed my fist and grimaced, isn’t battalion commander Qin going to take part in this battle?
He immediately perked up Bullshit! Without my main force, you can be annihilated!
Tuoba Ye punched him in the waist. You fart!
Two, please pay attention to the image of our army. Du Ji bash elbows and glared at them, and the two battalion commanders immediately became silent.
Wang Dan and the patriarch have ordered the Ministry to prepare for the battle, while the military forces of Limo 4,000 County are still stationed on the southwest boundary line, waiting for the military order to be completed on time under the leadership of Nan Lou.
I had a simple prewar meeting with the leaders of the Quartet and suggested that the main attack on the South Battalion was unanimously approved.
The army immediately went to war, while Li Mo sent someone to attack his department with a military symbol.
Wang Dan’s 2,000 soldiers are all soldiers, and 2,000 of the clan’s 5,000 people are soldiers. Even the people on horseback, Wuhuan people, have no mounts, which leads to our cavalry brigade being able to walk slowly.
Thirty miles … We finally walked before noon.
You Yandi is still strong and hardworking, and his spirit is a little stronger than that of Silinan Han people.
While I was hesitating whether to make camp and cook on the spot, Nan Lou had commanded his own army to form a formation to see if the horse was going to attack the enemy camp.
I rushed over to flatter him and stopped his brain. What are you doing?
Don’t you want to attack? He has a look of course.
The shilling soldiers will attack in unison after two minutes’ rest. I gave him a look, Wait for the order.
He readily promised to listen to the general
Before I returned to our army with satisfaction, I commanded all battalions to disperse and cooperate with friendly forces to surround the enemy camp, especially in the south, and completely blocked their intention to flee to Jizhou.
Our 20,000 troops surrounded a mere 4,000 enemy troops, which is more than enoughto tell the truth, I have never fought such a disparity battle.
Report! Qin Zhen saluted me in a rare way Caught a handful of enemy troops!
Huh? I am very puzzled, How did you catch the enemy before I asked you to attack?
He patted his sabre proudly and made a clank crisp sound. It’s still my eyes that I can find a handful of enemy troops sneaking from the camp to the north. I immediately rushed to lead the military and horses to intercept them!
I almost turned my nose. Let it go!
Are you out of your mind? He said in astonishment, I’m catching the enemy!

Gu Chenxi nodded because she just thought Bai Qiao’s mouth was Ling Xiaoyao. Then what did he do with Shuiyun Hibiscus?

She was thinking that Shuiyunjin had got the carriage and Joe waved the reins and the carriage left.
Shuiyunjin can still smell Lingxiaoyao’s elegant pear fragrance in the carriage. The decoration has not changed, even the position has not changed. She looked around and lifted the curtain of the car. The carriage was not out of the city but walked towards the east of the city. She couldn’t help but ask, "You didn’t live in the palace, so you found another place to live."
"My temple is quiet, although it is not as crowded as the palace, and the noisy temple often comes to Chang permanently and for a long time, so I bought a house in the city," Joe replied.
Shuiyunjin seems to have thought of something. It’s one thing to pick your eyebrows and be quiet. An unfathomable person like Ling Xiaoyao acts differently and asks, "Is your temple looking for me or is it from Chenchen looking for me?"
Joe blinked before saying, "It’s King Chen who wants to see you. He says he has something very important to tell you."
As soon as Shuiyunjin heard that the eyes of the King Chen were getting darker, she also thought that there was something from Chen Chen, but she didn’t know what it was.
"Why don’t you come and see him these days?"
"No, if the temple orders are all about doing it, the king of Chenchen has lived with peace of mind these days, but he doesn’t eat much." Qiao Yin also brought some strange things to their temple cooking kitchens, all of which were first-class and left Chenchen, saying that it was terrible and didn’t even taste.
Shuiyunjin also smiled naively. She had long known that Chen had severe anorexia. I really don’t know how he grew up, and is there any choice for him now?
"Then he’s so hungry these days."
"If you are really hungry, just eat some snacks. If you don’t eat anything, even our temple can’t help it." Joe’s heart is that their temple is a god, and even their temple can’t help it. That’s bigger than the sky.
Although Shuiyunjin didn’t see Joe’s face, he also knew that his expression now estimated that LingXiaoYao was also difficult.
For half an hour, the carriage stopped at a nondescript house.
Shuiyunjin looked up at the carriage and walked in, only to find that there was a hole in the sky. The scenery outside was simply different. The pavilions, pavilions, pools, waterside pavilions, beautiful trees, lush rockeries, strange rocks, flower beds, bonsai vines, Luo Cuizhu and decorations were very beautiful.
Shuiyunjin walked forward while enjoying the scenery. Ling Xiaoyao was sitting there playing chess in a four-corner pavilion.
ShuiYunXi went straight past LingXiaoYao seems to have seen ShuiYunXi eyebrow smile moist.
"There you are."
"Does a chess player say that he can’t find his opponent?" Shui Yunjin asked with a smile.
Ling Xiaoyao’s eyebrows and eyes are full of deceit and frost, and her face is as innocent as snow, and the sunshine of pear blossoms shines brightly.
"It can be said that I can’t find anyone to accompany me."
Shuiyunjin smiled and didn’t say anything. There are a lot of people who are willing to play chess with Ling Xiaoyao in this world. His eyes may not be as good as the chess in his hand.
"He’s waiting for you in the yard." Lingxiaoyao’s voice is moist and light.
Shuiyunjin nodded. "He has troubled you these days. If you hadn’t helped him, he might not have been able to hide."
"He’s the one you value, so I should help him." LingXiaoYao looked at Shuiyunjin with deep eyes.
桑拿论坛  title=Shuiyunjin’s hand curled slightly at her side. At that time, Huangfuda, the general’s office, held her hand and said that he would protect anyone she valued. Now she said it from Lingxiaoyao’s mouth. Instead, she felt that something was pressing on her and she was a little breathless for a moment. She said, "I’ll go and see him first and then I won’t bother you."
"Do you want to take him away?" Ling Xiaoyao showed her eyebrows slightly.
Shuiyunjin nodded. "He can’t stay with you all the time. Now that he’s back in Beijing, I know how to arrange him."
LingXiaoYao eyes flash flash for a moment he nodded.
Shuiyunjin didn’t look at his face. She lifted her feet and went to the side yard.
People haven’t arrived at the side yard yet, and they have already started looking for her all over the yard. He knew that she would come and turned around several times. Now when he saw her, he strode over and smiled.
"It came very quickly."
Shuiyunjin looked at him carefully for a moment "as if he had lost some weight"
From Chen, he suddenly felt wronged. He stretched out his hand and hugged Shuiyunjin’s arm. "I haven’t eaten for days. Finally, when you come, you should go and make something delicious."
"You said you wanted me to cook for you." Shuiyunjin frowned and stopped walking.
Li Chen looked up at Shuiyunjin eagerly. "If you are cooking for me, are you going to turn around and leave?"
Shuiyunjin nodded heavily, stretched out his hand and pulled away from Chen’s paw to turn around.
I’m depressed and holding Shuiyunjin’s arm tighter. "What a heartless woman! I let people find a big secret and please come here quickly."
Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows are raised, her face is not red, and she doesn’t jump. She doesn’t care at all if she has no conscience in her eyes and drags him forward to "go in and say"
Two people sit in the courtyard drawing room.
"Tell me what is it?" Shuiyunjin asked.
Li Chen left the pie mouth. "It was the dark guard who saw it with his own eyes. Let him tell you personally that I am too hungry."
Shuiyunjin rolled her eyes and was too hungry to eat. It can be said that she was not hungry enough.
For a moment, a dark guard appeared
"If you follow the royal king and go to a small village five miles outside the city, there should be millions of arrows and feathers in the warehouse. If you send a team to attack a city with it, it will not be a problem."
Shui Yunjin’s face is tight. Millions of arrows attack a city. She vaguely feels something, but she is not sure. "You mean Tianhong Changyong has a place to make weapons."
"Not the royal king’s place is owned by Liu Tongguan in the DPRK, and it is unclear where he will ship out every batch he has made." The dark guard also felt that it was strange that Changyong officials secretly made their own arrows, but it was obviously a plot:
Chapter 1 Master
"Maybe I know where he sent them, and who he gave them to." Shuiyunjin’s beautiful eyes slightly narrowed and the coolness overflowed from her eyes, which instantly pressed the heat in the air to the side of the world.
"You know," Li Chen frowned slightly, and he has been thinking about it since he heard the news. "Those arrows have all gone to Beijin."
Shuiyunjin looked at him for a long time and nodded his head. Tianhong and Liu Tongguan are closely related. They have ulterior secrets. It’s strange that he cast the arrow drawings in Changyong and gave them to Tianhong privately. Not to mention what he can get from it, it’s enough to cut him to pieces.
It turns out that he is a crafty old scoundrel by hook or by crook. Who would have thought that he was such a traitor?
"If several countries get on well with each other in today’s war, what does Tianhong need so many weapons and equipment for?" Li Chen said thoughtfully to himself.
"Prepare for a rainy day", the water cloud is very quiet. "You know him best, can’t you see his ambition?"
From Chen’s eyes, his face was full of anger and violent waves. "What does Hong Wang egg really want to do? It doesn’t count that he wants to reach out to the horizon and easily start a war. Is it what he wants to see?"
Shuiyunjin takes back her deep thoughts and slowly turns her eyes away from Chen’s body. People are ambitious, but if this person is ambitious, he does not distinguish between good and evil, does not distinguish between right and wrong and thinks about his own desires. Once such a person is strong, he will put the people in hot water.
Whether it is the people of Tian or the people of Northern Jin, people hope to live in peace and prosperity, eat and wear, and live in peace and security.
Tianhong tried to deal with himself several times and turned Changyong upside down. If he is allowed to go wild again, I don’t know what earth-shattering things he will do. If that’s the case.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes are as deep as a deep pool, which fills the air with confusion, complexity and variety, and a sense of penetrating arrogance arises from it. She stares at it for a long time before saying, "You are the first prince of the Northern Jin Dynasty."
The look in the eyes of Shuiyunjin was lost for a while. God always felt that there were magnificent waves in it. His heart suddenly gave birth to a surging feeling, and he nodded unconsciously. "I am the father and mother. I am the report of Beijinchen."
"What do you want to do besides killing him?" Shuiyun Park’s eyes gradually became clear as water after experiencing thousands of waters in Qian Shan.
"He confused my father and hurt my brother. I must avenge this. I must kill him myself." A flame rose from Chen’s eyes.
Shuiyunjin raised his eyebrows slightly. He said that it was not to regain his position and potential, not to return to the throne of one person and ten thousand people, but to give up his family, which made her admire.
"Good you Do not forget your initiative mind don’t own this Tianhong is far less than you. I believe you will be stronger than him, but don’t act rashly after that. If you kill him, it will hurt you. It’s really not worth it. Does he deserve your white?"
Li Chen’s face was a little heavy, and the veins stood out on the table and bare hands and feet made people see that he was angry at the moment. "I know it was reckless this time, but I really want to kill him. He just stuck the thorn in my heart and it didn’t hurt at all."
Shuiyunjin looked at him and didn’t open his mouth to make Li Chen say this. How much hatred has accumulated? Maybe there is something she doesn’t know.
I looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes again, and the hatred suddenly faded into a touch of sincerity. "I know that you helped me this time, and I can sit here safely because of you. I still think about the scene when I first saw you. It seems that I took advantage of you and your cooking was so delicious that I don’t want to rely on you."
ShuiYunJin looked at some gloating and grumpily turned a supercilious look. He said frankly, but she had no words to fight back and slowly got up.

I bit my lip angle and said, "Anyway, I don’t think it’s suitable for us to have any intimate actions now … Why don’t we keep our distance before you make a decision …"

I’m going to break him.
I didn’t know that he held me tighter, and that strength almost hurt me.
But I didn’t flinch, but I was more determined to make it clear to him.
Besides Gu Changyu’s reasons, I’m also a little worried.
I don’t mind him killing me, but he deliberately lied to me and seduced me, which made me a little unbearable
I can see that he treats me not only as a tool but also as a fool …
How can he really talk like this?
Ye Xiangyuan transfixed at me and lifted me, saying, "I’m sorry about Grandpa … this fact is that I planned it early in the morning, probably when I found you … but I’m more and more reluctant to let you get blood on your hands. This plan has long been suspended." He seems to see that my thoughts are light. "Those emotions before are not lying to you. I am really uncomfortable. I can’t help my grandfather but hate him …"
I listened silently and bit my lip.
For a long time, I said, "Ye Xiangyuan, do you know that you are too shrewd? I can’t tell which of your words is true and which is false. Every word of yours is so sincere. I also believe you … but my intuition tells me that you lied to me …"
He stared at me quietly.
I said, "So I have to think about it. Now I want you to be near me, I will think of Xiaoyuer. You taught her at school … She wants to take an exam, and you are desperate to come back and make up lessons for her … You see that you have her in your heart."
Chapter 231 fox reincarnation
Ye Xiangyuan silent didn’t speak.
I smiled slightly. "But you are my employer. I have never chosen profit. If you don’t promise me, I can talk."
Of course I said that on purpose. I want to bet on his heart.
Subconsciously, he is a very good person and should not force me to get close to him.
There was a flash of pain and anxiety in his eyes.
I am zheng.
But before I realized the difference, he had let me go and stepped back and said, "Okay, I promise you I won’t touch you until you agree."
I was relieved and a little disappointed.
He said, "But our marriage will continue. At least I won’t consider divorcing you for several years."
Looking at his handsome face, my heart ached and nodded, "I am white."
He stopped talking.
I thought for a moment, "I will still work for you later … If you have any orders, you can tell me directly that even killing people is what I should do …"
He lowered his eyes and sighed, "Is it time that I was such a despicable person in your eyes?"
I am speechless.
He held out his hand and gently touched my face, which seemed to be the last thing I wanted to do. "I won’t touch you at this time, but you don’t have to feel that your identity is not enough. To outsiders, you are still my wife Ye Xiangyuan and my grandfather and sister-in-law. I hope you can hide them for the time being. Of course, if you want to make it clear, I have no problem."
I don’t know, I suddenly got a little sad.
He is still so gentle and considerate.
What bothers me the most is that I’m really not sure whether he is acting or sincere.
He gave me a deep look and said, "Go out. Xiaowen and I have something to talk about."
Instead, I stared at him for a while before turning and opening the door.
I couldn’t help looking back when the door was closed.
His eyes still fell on me so deep and so hot.
It make me feel like that woman he loves deeply.
I can’t help but feel nervous.
But I soon shook my head and came to my senses.
Maybe he has a crush on me, maybe I warmed him up around him.
But there is still Gu Changyu in his heart.
After the talk, I deliberately kept my distance from him, and he kept his promise. He would never hold my hand or kiss me again.
I should have been happy, but I don’t know that my heart is not good and I am a little lost.
Maybe I’m used to his intimacy and suddenly become a familiar stranger, which makes me uncomfortable
In order not to keep myself depressed, I took the initiative to go out to help the shipping company
Ye Wen was told by Ye Xiangyuan that instead of refusing, he patiently explained the progress to me.
I just found out that this lawsuit will start in a month.
It happened that there was no progress now.
When I think of Chen Shu, I can’t help but ask, "Is he still the imperial city?"
Ye Wen nodded, "But we have been unable to block him."
I frown in the mind some doubt that the imperial city and leaves home can’t find a person?
Ye Wen probably saw my idea and explained, "I knew his whereabouts several times, but he refused to meet him. Second, say nothing and don’t be strong for the time being."
喝茶约茶  title=I see
But the lawsuit is imminent, so we have to talk to him.
I thought about it and said, "You can order extreme measure if you can’t make another date."

On Qin Xiong’s way back to China by plane.

June 1st Ritz Hotel Madrid
There are more than 200 journalists from more than ten countries here.
When the familiar figure appeared, the scene was boiling.
Three years later, in the summer, florentino announced his reelection as President of Real Madrid.
This time, no conspiracy, no means.
Although Real Madrid made great achievements in the Calderon era, a season of gloomy Calderon black gold scandal made the fans of Real Madrid feel cold.
Real Madrid desperately need a chairman who can turn the tide and rally to lead them back to the top.
There is no doubt that this person can be florentino Perez.
Before florentino announced his accession to the throne!
Once the galactic battleship era came back to the Bernabeu! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a white miracle]
This is the first time that Qin Xiong returned to China football circle with his son. Naturally, he didn’t pay much attention, but the entertainment circle of super popular sports stars was also very interested in Qin Xionger.
He accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV before the national team joined up, mainly talking about what happened in Real Madrid last season. Naturally, the locker room was full of secrets, but he made some personal opinions on team building and future development.
After being asked about florentino’s return to Real Madrid, I felt that Qin Xiong responded in a formulaic way.
品茶论坛He can see that in the eyes of many China fans and the media, the return of florentino is very shocking and good news.
Because it will definitely make Real Madrid shine more, Qin Xiong will be in a superstar cloud team and will undoubtedly become the focus of world football for a long time.
Qin Xiong didn’t think too much for the time being. He knew that he was waiting for the situation to surface soon.
On the day florentino announced his accession to the throne, Real Madrid completed the coaching change. Bosco voluntarily resigned and left with dignity, and then announced that he was the meritorious coach of the Spanish national team, Aragons.
Coach Villarreal has achieved good results in the past few years and pellegrini has become the new coach of Real Madrid.
Qin Xiong devoted himself to the national team to prepare for the United Arab Emirates game. At the same time, there will be a game between North Korea and South Korea. If all goes well, after this game, China may be locked in the second group and successfully advance to the World Cup in South Africa.
On the day before the match between China and UAE, Real Madrid officially broke out in the transfer market!
Kaka joins Real Madrid!
After China beat the United Arab Emirates 30, another earthquakelevel transfer news sensationalized the ball the day after.
Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for £ 10,000!
Less than half a month after florentino’s return to China, the fans of Real Madrid in the whole European football have gone crazy!
Sitting on a passenger plane to South Korea, Qin Xiong sat alone in the first class window seat, Freddie, and he sat on the other side of the office across an aisle.
Recently, Qin Xiong’s personal and business affairs are numerous, which requires frequent communication between Freddie and Qin Xiong. The China national team chartered Freddie to accompany the team as Qin Xiongte.
Qin Xiong looked up and closed his eyes to rest, thinking over and over about what happened in Real Madrid in the past two weeks.
At the same time, I am thinking about florentino.
Freddie told him a lot about florentino, including his judgment on the future career prospects of Real Madrid.
If you want to make money, staying at Real Madrid is the smartest choice.
If you are pursuing competitive achievements, you should combine Qin Xiong’s personal judgment.
Can’t help Qin Xiong mumbling chanting the name of florentino.
You can admire him and hate him, but you can’t help admiring him.
Florentino, this is a name that always makes the impossible possible.
Two summers ago, florentino, a junior in the football circle, became famous at one fell swoop, and dug Figo from Camp Nou to the Bernabeu. Considering the hostility of Barcelona and Real Madrid and the captain status of Figo Barcelona, it was not so conspicuous that he set the world’s first price record of 60,000 euros at that time.
Florentino’s biggest impact on the football world is the way he manages enterprises and clubs. He believes that good can bring more and more.
During florentino’s administration, Real Madrid was a football market trust. If he wanted to see a star, he would definitely become a member of Real Madrid.
In the summer of 21 years, only a napkin said, Would you like to play for Real Madrid? The words florentino captured the Frenchman Zida and his value reached 7.35 million euros, setting a new world record.
Talking about this deal, florentino still boasts that others say that I bought it expensive, but in my opinion, he is the cheapest player I have ever bought.
Calderon chased Kaka for two and a half years, but in return, Galliani said, I won’t sell Kaka to him even if I cut off my arm.
And florentino?

He was about 35 yards from the goal in the frontcourt to the right. Makelele ensured that Essien could keep an eye on Pires and then moved sideways to wait for Qin Xiong to visit the ball. He would seize the opportunity to intercept it.

Henry is waiting for an opportunity behind Makelele, ready to be offside and Carvalho will stick to Henry.
品茶论坛Qin Xiong can’t see Cech!
Henry Carvalho Makelele’s threeman staggered blocking parallel vision just blocked Qin Xiong’s football from Cech’s vision.
Qin Xiong heart andao is now!
Qin Xiong kicked the football out with his right foot!
Cech has always maintained a high spirit. The most threatening point for Arsenal in the front line is that Henry has to finetune his position in front of the door.
This time, he was slightly to the right of the goal. He was afraid that Qin Xiong would send a straight ball to let Henry form an attack, so he could abandon the door and block it faster.
But at this time, he suddenly couldn’t see the ball further ahead, and Qin Xiong couldn’t see the football.
His vision was bloc by Henry Carvalho Makelele.
This feeling makes his heart very uneasy. He doesn’t know what will happen!
Suddenly, he seemed to see the picture stand still. Henry Carvalho Makelele, all three of them have a tendency to turn around. Terry is contracting in the middle, and he looks nervous. It’s all because of his consciousness that Terry is moving sideways and then jumping sideways to intercept the block!
What the hell happened? !
Cech’s uneasiness reached the peak of the explosion in an instant!
When he saw the football, he seemed to see a meteor that cut through the sky!
He quickly predicted the direction of Terry’s movement and then moved to the left of the goal.
Qin Xiong’s longrange shot is a oneandahalffoot high ball. Terry’s reaction is very fast. He directly intends to stop Qin Xiong’s longrange shot. Unfortunately, after he jumped, the football wiped his scalp and suddenly ran through!
Cech can consciously follow the direction of the football and then do his best to pounce!
There are not many roots left for him to react!
But in the moment of flying out, Cech opened his eyes wide and was shocked!
Play the earth!
Cech’s palm has been stretched out, and he has made sure that the distance between the fly and the body center of gravity is off, and his palm can stop the football in a threedimensional straight line!
It happened that the football fell after entering the restricted area, that is, the semihigh ball bounced up again in the small restricted area, and just flew over less than 2 cm from the palm of Cech’s hand!
It almost grazed the left goalpost side of the goal.
Cech fell to the goal line. He didn’t look back. He knew the goal had been declared lost!
Stamford bridge is dead in an instant! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. The price is heavy! ]
Stamford Bridge Stadium is like death crossing the border in silence.
Blues fans couldn’t believe to see Chelsea’s gate fall.
The gunners’ fans didn’t react, but the game was always quiet, but in an instant, there was a turning point!
After the reaction, the gunners fans suddenly boiled in the visiting fans’ stands!
They cheered, roared and sang war songs!
But in English fan culture, they sing not songs, not songs, but hymns with the meaning of war songs and hymns.
I couldn’t help the fans singing their timehonored battle song This is Arsenal! Yelling We are by far the greatest club in the world over and over again, even though this song is often plagiarized by fans of other clubs, you can praise your team by changing the name of the team. Arsenal fans protested, but finally accepted this reality.
They are praising the team and slightly changing other lyrics of the song. Qin Xiong’s name keeps coming out in the stands!
World wave! World wave! Qin Xiong scored the first goal of the game! This is a world wave about 35 yards from the goal! The ball was fast and sharp. Terry couldn’t stop the ball. Cech did everything he could. Let’s watch it again. Oh, my God. Cech’s sight was blocked. After Qin Xiong had shot, Cech showed that he didn’t move until he saw the football. He moved like a fly, but he almost turned Qin Xiong’s goal away!
After scoring Arsenal’s first goal of the season in the Premier League opener, Qin Xiong created another four world wave goals in this powerful dialogue! Arsenal are now in the lead at Stamford Bridge! What should Chelsea do?
After Qin Xiong saw the ball flying into Chelsea’s goal, he ran to the visiting fans’ stands with his arms open. When he was ten meters away from the sideline, he slipped on his knees and went. After slipping out of the sideline, he got up and roared with his hands clenched!
Excited teammates around rushed over and soon surrounded Qin Xiong and waved their fists to the fans in the stands!
Wenger applauded with joy and then kept waving his fists.
Mourinho looked somber and gestured on the sidelines. At this time, he was forced to attack.

Silly woman

She’s going to abuse him again.
There are a lot of people, okay?
Section 64
He has never knelt before, not even for his master.
Lan Jingyi, get into the situation quickly.
But I don’t want Lan Jingyi to say "Yes, all of them" at all.
Well, it’s hard for him to respond to the situation, because he really can’t stand the eyes of those men and women behind him. Maybe he is too envious. The bar girl can’t wait to see through him. The man can’t wait to see through his woman. He reached out and picked a rose in his dovetail pocket. The orange rose was originally intended to match her orange evening gift, but now it is definitely an emergency. It’s just an orange rose. He specially invited the gardener to prepare it.
The orange rose handed to her man and knelt down to "Lan Jingyi marry me."
He really played such a romantic game, and only boys and girls played childish madness. Although it was really not like him, he did it, and his expression was absolutely serious and his eyes were absolutely sincere.
"Wow …" I don’t know which girl in the crowd actually blew a loud whistle and immediately shouted "Marry him, marry him …" It’s stupid for such a handsome and so understanding romantic man not to marry, and it’s stupid for everyone to propose in public.
Lan Jingyi never thought that Jiang Junyue would really take out roses and propose to her. Although there is one, it has a better meaning. I will devote myself to it all my life.
She gently nodded and took Jiang Junyue up "leaning …" Her lips trembled. She didn’t wake up in her dream. If she didn’t want to wake up, she always dreamed.
"Fool" Jiang Junyue reached out and pinched her little nose "Give it to me"
Lan Jingyi touched her neck and took out the ring that had been hidden in her chest from her pocket. It was because she wanted her heart to be closer to him, but it turned out that she had always been in his heart.
Jiang Junyue casually pulled it and took it in his hand.
"Marry him, marry him …" Girls in the crowd screamed with excitement, and Lan Jingyi was involuntarily taken by Jiang Junyue and walked towards the MC.
But she couldn’t walk fast, and her legs didn’t seem to be her own. The slow speed made Jiang Junyue almost crazy. She simply picked up Lan Jingyi with a natural and unrestrained sideways and then took a few steps to jump in front of the stage. Then she put Lan Jingyi and took her side by side in front of everyone.
The MC has already taken Mike and announced again that "I declare the engagement ceremony between Mr. Jiang Junyue and Miss Lan Jingyi officially started".
Lan Jingyi’s heart began to beat faster when her hand was warm. He would protect her after she really got engaged to him, wouldn’t he?
Her daughter won’t be lonely anymore, will she?
Suddenly, it occurred to her that when the master of ceremonies fluently told the auspicious words, Lan Jingyi suddenly said, "I lost my son. Will you help me find it back?"
The word "good" is firm and powerful. At this moment, Lan Jingyi feels that she is the happiest woman in the world. She loves this man, and she will love this man even if it makes her go wrong.
It is also this word that makes her seem to see the son and forget to ask Jiang Junyue and Lomevier, even forgetting that he once cheated.
Her brain can’t think around him, and her IQ is about to go.
But this IQ is the happiest IQ.
She could hardly hear what the MC was saying. It was mechanical. With Jiang Junyue doing one move after another, it turned out that getting married was no worse than getting married, and there were quite a lot of red tape. If it weren’t for him, she would be afraid that she wouldn’t make it.
"Please exchange engagement rings with the unmarried couples in person" The MC then ordered two people to stand opposite each other. Jiang Junyue took Lan Jingyi’s hand and Dai impressively was the ring he just pulled from her neck. That is, before their engagement ring, two people knew that now he would tell everyone that she was his woman’s and all men could not covet her.
Her fingers are slender and white, which makes him feel more impulsive at the moment than he does at the moment. He has been dissatisfied for several days. Well, he must taste her tonight.
The ring slowly fastened Lan Jingyi’s finger as if it had fastened her.
It’s her turn. Lan Jing Yi Wei took out the tin foil ring, which was worthless. He kept it until now, or as she said at the beginning, it was a price
The golden tin foil ring was quilted with Jiang Junyue’s fingers clasped, and the two men turned to the crowd again to ask the master of ceremonies to announce the ceremony, and the engagement ceremony was over. However, at this moment, a female "wait" He Ling finally spoke.
"What can I do for Ling to go home?" But I don’t want the master to hand back the little girl in his hand to Jiang Han. Suddenly, this sentence made He Ling bear with too many people. Lome Wei’s business has made her son very embarrassed. Men don’t like to wear green hats. Let Lan Jingyi save the scene first. First, the master doesn’t object. Second, this is an engagement, not a marriage, and a divorce, not to mention an engagement.
Everything will wait until the banquet is over, and I will always carry everything tonight. Anyway, Lan Jingyi can’t be Jiang’s daughter-in-law, and she won’t agree to it first.
Jiang Junyue naturally ignores He Ling’s engagement party. He has already made careful arrangements and nodded at the emcee. He will not be disturbed. "I officially announce that Mr. Jiang Junyue and Miss Lan Jingyi are now unmarried couples."
So Jiang Junyue took Lan Jingyi to the master of ceremonies, and two people held champagne together and went to all the guests. It was enough for Jiang Junyue Lan Jingyi to keep smiling. She didn’t seem to wake up. Like innocent girl, the orange rose beside Jiang Junyue had long been reinserted into the dovetail pocket by Jiang Junyue. All the two people walked together in a very harmonious and perfect match.
"Miss Lan is really beautiful." A wife sincerely praised "Don’t hide this fiancee after LaCrosse. It’s unfair to women." Lan Jingyi is the kind of girl who makes people like it at first sight. It’s very pleasing to look at.
"That’s natural." Jiang Junyue’s evil smile turned the woman’s vision upside down. Although he didn’t mean to, he was able to attract a lot of women’s attention with every gesture, but this man belongs to her Lan Jingyi now. When her fiance came, she was just a female companion of Liu Wentao, but now she has become Jiang Junyue’s fiancee Lan Jingyi. Forgive her in a state of high spirits. She really has the nerve to go from hell to heaven and feel that everything is so beautiful.
Although there are several mysteries in her heart, it is obviously inappropriate to ask Jiang Junyue at this moment. When the banquet is over, she will let him explain to her why Lome Wei’s engagement party will become her and him.
And why would Lome Wei leave willingly without making noise?
I can’t think of how strong Lome Wei Lan Jingyi was when I was slapped by Lome Wei.
At this moment, she suddenly looked forward to the end of the party. Will this man give her a solution and tell her all the answers in her heart?
Chapter 116 Red-hot
I want to know. I really want to know
There are so many people. Lan Jing Egan can’t remember what Jiang Junyue introduced everyone to and what their names are. Others don’t mind that they want to associate with Jiang Junyue. He just needs to do well.
"Jingyi ….." The light and clear man greeted Liu Wentao’s "Congratulations" with a hard and dry voice, or he was doomed to have a relationship with Lan Jingyi from the moment of divorce. If he missed it, he would never go back.
"Thanks" responded that Lu Wentao was not Lan Jingyi. She really didn’t know what to say. All this was too dramatic. The drama made her still not digest everything that just happened, but Jiang Junyue was different. His engagement party was like a duck to water. "Thank you, Manager Lu, for taking care of Yiyi for me. Well, I will remember. Are you interested in the ssp Entertainment City project?" Jiang Junyue really stopped to talk to Liu Wentao. Although Lan Jingyi registered with Liu Wentao twice and divorced again, he knew why. Besides, Lan Jingyi gave it to himself for the first time instead of Liu Wentao. This is one thing that makes Jiang Junyue very proud. Hum, even if he married Lan Jingyi, isn’t Liu Wentao miserable and never successful? Such an opponent really doesn’t care.
"General Manager Jiang is also interested?" Lu Wentao, that is, Lu Wentao has been in the business community for so many years, and he knows the rules of the game.
"If manager Lu is interested, then I’m not interested." My mother-in-law owes Liu Wentao money for surgery. These Jiang Junyue have found out the money. He wants to return it to Liu Wentao for Lan Jingyi, but he prefers not to touch others’ pockets. It’s just a small head.
品茶论坛"Oh, I’m really interested. My mother likes that case." He’s been following that case for a long time. If it’s really robbed by Jiang Junyue, he’ll be devastated by a big fall in Liu Wentao City.

She still looked at him calmly, but she knew about it …

"Lin Ya" he suddenly interrupted and gently hugged her forward. "I think I will be more than one year …"
"Knock, knock" one after another
The heartbeat fluctuates so strongly that she wants to ignore it, but she can’t avoid the sudden throb.
"Don’t be so nice to me."
She suddenly pushed him away from his burning eyes.
He asked her gently, "What can’t be good for you? I like being nice to you. "
He’s not. She doesn’t understand her hesitation and that little bit of vacillation …
Lin Ya suddenly stood up and looked at him and said, "I said I can’t. I don’t want it. I don’t need it!"
He suddenly grabbed her shoulder and forced him to look at himself, forbidding her to escape "what can’t and what doesn’t need?"
"I just don’t need it!" She suddenly pushed him away and picked up his coat and went out.
The man was dazed and then saw that she went to the room, and finally decided not to follow her.
He wants her to calm down when she needs it and think about what the future is like and his future …
Linya’s mind is upset. She seems to be disturbed by this man more and more recently.
It’s not like her. She didn’t do this before. What’s the problem?
桑拿论坛  title=A sleepless night
The next morning, as usual, he left in his own car while she still took the bus.
She got up earlier than him because she had to catch the bus.
They will stagger to the company for about fifteen minutes, but somehow she accidentally met him when she arrived at the company gate today.
This is about the more you don’t want to meet, but you always bump into it.
Of course she doesn’t know how many times the driver has been urged by Muchuan!
Why didn’t he know that she wanted to hide from him and escape, and he just didn’t want to give her a chance to escape?
Ladder man grabbed her wrist and dragged people to his vip channel.
By the time she struggled, it was too late.
The explanation given by the man is "what should be crowded with people when there is a clean place"
When the ladder door has been slowly raised, she can clearly see the outside looking at them in amazement through the glass door.
You don’t have to think about it to know how much reverse this will cause.
Lin Ya closed her eyes and asked, "What do you want?"
There was a silence on the ladder and a door opened.
Can’t wait for his answer, she just doesn’t wait for a leg lift to cross out!
Who knows, but the man grabbed his wrist and wanted to get angry, but he said lightly, "We are justified and have nothing to hide! I want to tell them that you are my wife and the legitimate hostess of this company. "
Lin Ya gave him an unreasonable look. "You are crazy!"
The man looked at her calmly and said, "I’m not crazy, I’m not awake. It’s you. I don’t seem to have promised you that we were secretly married."
Lin Ya was dazed and tried to recall the temporary decision to get married.
But MuChuan has let go of her and strode away!
Lin Ya took a deep breath on his forehead and went out.
At that time, when Chyi Yu arrived at the company early in the morning, he was secretly told that General Manager Liu of the Wang Yang delegation refused to join us.
The original Zhang Yang and Liu always talked about it. Although he didn’t write a face-to-face contract, they all agreed to close it.
There must be a reason for such a temporary change of mouth.
For this reason, Chyi Yu pondered for a while and came to a conclusion!
Oh, the hand is hard enough to directly pinch him and contact him for a long time before connecting with a person!
But he was also surprised that Muchuan left him a Zhang Yang. Should he thank him for his kindness? !
It suddenly occurred to him that he was still in the hospital and longed for the old lady. He felt that she still had to visit as soon as possible.
At that time, Master Mu was busy going to the hospital early in the morning. Allen begged Master to take him with him.
The master was worried about putting him at home alone, so he took him with him.
Chyi Yu arrived in the ward at about ten o’clock in the morning, when Ellen was reading a story to a serious woman at the bedside.
It is obviously an accident for everyone to sit by and read the newspaper for his unexpected visit.
Allen stared at him for a while and then let go and trotted over and threw himself into his arms. "Uncle Qi Allen misses you so much!"
Chyi Yu picked up the little one in front of him and walked towards the bed man. "I’m Mr. Mu’s friend Chyi Yu."
The master and the old lady have not been concerned about shopping malls in recent years, and it is also unclear to Chyi Yu about these things.
On the contrary, the master seemed to think of something and said, "Did you help Mr. Allen Qi that time?"
Finally, someone remembered him. Chyi Yu said to Allen, "Yes, sir, you have a good memory."
When he said this, the old lady naturally remembered that she was busy warmly greeting people to sit down. "Please sit down."
Chyi Yu is naturally engaged, and soon he warmed up with the old lady.
He wanted to wait for Muchuan to come over and beg for mercy, but he didn’t see the figure until almost eleven o’clock.
Chyi Yu was in a hurry.
When Changchun went out to buy vegetables, he bought some fruits by the way. When he came back, he cut some and handed them out before he left.
Chyi Yu still has one build what did not build, chatting with the old lady. Allen took a piece of watermelon and handed it to him "Uncle eats fruit".
Children clever appearance let Chyi Yu could not bear to refuse him to reach out to pick it up.

Chapter 23 A sigh

So another woman quickly came to apologize "I’m sorry, Miss Lan"
The manager came. "What happened?"
Lan Jingyi just eliminated a little depressed mood. "Forget it. It’s okay. The two of them have apologized, otherwise I really want you to deduct their two salaries for a month so that they can’t control their mouths."
She said that she really wanted it, but she didn’t want the manager to implement it, but she didn’t want the manager to immediately say, "Well, just follow Miss Lan’s instructions." Once in Lome Wei, when something happened here, the manager met Lan Jingyi, and how precious Jiang Junyue was. He knew this woman, and he naturally knew who to touch and who not to touch, but Lan Jingyi was untouchable and the whole commotion could not offend a big woman, even if Jiang Junyue’s old lover came back, Lan Jingyi could not be offended.
The crowd is busy around Lan Jingyi, and she won’t go back. When Jane leaves the box, she sees that people here are worried about running over. "What happened to Jingyi?"
"Hiccup ….." Lan Jingyi had a hiccup. She really didn’t mean to, but after drinking too much, she couldn’t help staggering at Jane. "No … it’s okay. They have already apologized to me. Hehe, let’s go back to the box. I have to drink without me. I want to drink …"
Jane must leave to hold her unstable body. At this time, Lan Jingyi’s little face is as rosy as a layer of rouge. "Let’s go and help you go back."
"It’s all over, it’s all over." The manager also yelled and glanced at the two people who had offended Lanjing Iraqis. Naturally, they would each deduct a person’s salary for a month, otherwise the commotion could be caused by the door. This joke is absolutely not allowed.
Jane walked forward with Lan Jingyi, but she was not honest at all. She almost bumped into the wall once or twice. "Jingyi, are you drunk? Shall I take you back?"
"Keep your feelings in mind forever …" Suddenly, a rich song floated to the corridor, and the sound made Lan Jingyi tremble. It was Jing He Fu Disheng’s "Intimate Lover". Hehe, the man in the box sang it to his lover. His lover was Yin Qingrou.
"If you have to leave me, you have to sing. Shall we sing?"
桑拿论坛"Jingyi …" Jane Fei-li also heard the song in the opposite box. It was definitely Jiang Junyue. He could have heard it. Lan Jingyi couldn’t have heard it, but she didn’t clamor to go in and sing with Jiang Junyue. She helped her to move on. When another woman came out, Jane Fei-li finally went to see Jiang Junyue. It turned out that Jiang Junyue was singing love songs with another woman.
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A song like that definitely stung Lan Jingyi.
Stumbling back to the box, Lan Jingyi ordered a love song at the top of her voice, but she insisted on singing with her. However, no matter whether the male department or the female department started singing, she sang a little face along with her, but the more she sang, the more she sang, the more excited she made the whole box stop and sit on the sofa to watch her perform alone.
One after another, Jiang Junyue can sing love songs without him, and she can sing them too, so she can sing them to Jane Fei Li.
"boundless love has become boundless and infatuated with the cold wind and scattered all over the world …"
Singing and singing Lan Jingyi liked this song "Acacia in the Storm", so she sang a song over and over again, and she liked this song.
Boundless love becomes boundless and infatuated with the cold wind
Hehe, that’s her. She was infatuated with the cold wind from that man.
Spread out all over the world. Well, they broke up. It seems close at hand but far away.
Singing and crying, she shed tears, and her body couldn’t help shivering. She was really moved and hurt. Seeing that Lan Jingyi was getting more and more wrong, Jane had to hug her and directly said to Mr. Wang, "There are too many Jingyi. I’ll send her home. You can all have fun as long as you want."
"This is not good?" Mr.wong embarrassed way.
"Nothing. Jingyi and I used to be old classmates. I should send her." Holding Lan Jingyi, she went out to the corridor. She also hummed and sang the sentence’ boundless love became boundless and infatuated with the cold wind and scattered all over the world’. She seemed to love this lyric so much that she couldn’t sing enough. She even sang at the top of her voice, and the whole corridor was full of her echoes.
"Who sings?" Jiang Junyue has sung a few songs and seems to be in a better mood. Suddenly, I heard a song outside the door that looked like a woman and seemed to be familiar with it.
"I’ll go and see" Yin Qing soft drank a few sips of wine, but she was very energetic. The girl outside had long recognized Lan Jingyi, and nothing could let Jiang Junyue know that the woman was singing outside. The more she sang, the more she belonged to her tonight.
But when she got up, her body was pulled and she sat down on the sofa again. Jiang Junyue had already got up, and her long legs walked with erratic steps. She quickly came to the door and opened the door. When she poked her head out, she was facing Lan Jingyi. She also hummed the song "Acacia in the Rain".
"boundless love becomes boundless and infatuated and flies all over the world in the cold wind" is this sentence that is repeatedly sung over and over again.
"Uh, who are you?" Seems to be saw him LanJingYi narrowing her eyes to see the song stopped with slightly drunk eyes scanning his face as if to see through him.
"What do you think I do? You go away! "Seeing Jiang Junyue watching her don’t talk, Lan Jingyi held out his hand and shook in front of Jiang Junyue, obviously in a trance.
Look at Jane, who is holding Lan Jingyi’s hand. Jiang Junyue feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Although this is what he expected, he really wants to open their physical contact when he sees them.
She seems to be drunk and he is drunk. "Take your hand off" and reach out to pull Jane. He won’t allow Jane to be so close to Lan Jingyi anyway.
Section 11
"What are you doing?" Seeing Jiang Junyue’s hand trying to pull Jane away from Lan Jingyi’s thinking for a moment, she knew that the man who was holding her and sending her home was very good, very good, and it was better than the man who had made her sad all day and this night. She reached out and pushed Jiang Junyue.
"From the point of view" but never thought of Jiang Junyue but snorted these three words.
"You said I don’t respect? What about you? " Lan Jingyi’s consciousness has always been in a state of chaos, but when he meets Jiang Junyue, he suddenly becomes clear. "Aren’t you also singing love songs with other women here? When the wind blows, it makes you feel warm … "Lan Jingyi suddenly sang the song" Intimate Lover "that Jiang Junyue and Yin Qingrou sang together when they came out from washing their hands.
But listening to Jiang Junyue’s ear, she sings to the man around her. Jane is not away from "get out …" He growls and wants to kill people.
She did leave Jane again.
"Jiang Zongjingyi was a little drunk and I sent her back." Jane didn’t leave to look at Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi. He didn’t know if he was doing this right, but if Jiang Junyue really lost Lan Jingyi, he would protect Lan Jingyi.
"Get out, I’ll let you get out." Jiang Junyue kicked the wall and it hurt, but he didn’t feel waving his arm to make the two people in front disappear quickly. He didn’t want to see them help each other. It would be uncomfortable to see the picture.
"You just roll? Jiang Junyue, I want you to roll." Wearing high heels, Lan Jingyi doesn’t have manners at all. She kicked Jiang Junyue with one foot, but even if Jiang Junyue didn’t move, she couldn’t kick her. Now she even sings Lickitung. She is really drunk.
Jane frowned and hugged her and walked out. I really don’t want to see Lan Jingyi out of control again. She must be very sad that Jiang Junyue was so out of control with that woman, so drunk and singing like this.
"boundless love became infatuated with the cold wind and flew all over the world." Lan Jingyi sang again until he helped her to her seat, and she still hummed and sang.