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The football spun around the ground from the side of central defender Yabo and flew to the middle!

Yabo turned 27 degrees in the retreat and found that Qin Xiong’s ball was for Henry!
When there are more, the more confusing Qin Xiong’s ball curvature is, the stronger it will be!
Henry directly went offside and successfully got rid of Everton’s back line and went into the penalty area alone, directly kicking the ball to the left corner of the goal!
The goal! 26 seconds! Arsenal scored a flash goal! Henry scored his third league goal of the season! Qin Xiong assists again! Are they both brushing data?
Moyers was dumbfounded on the sidelines!
This this this
That’s a fucking goal! ?
He was unwilling to continue ordering Everton to attack furiously.
Arsenal actually want to play this game with a stable attitude.
After all, there are only five games left in the league.
They don’t want to break the rhythm themselves!
After the game, it is the stability of the main players, so that teammates can enter the rhythm of the game and then break out in stages to suppress their opponents.
However, I didn’t expect Everton to come to send warm today. Not only did he rush out boldly, but he also dared to rob the back line on the spot. It was a little far from the restricted area and gave Arsenal players an offside sprint!
Just after Everton’s midfield organization was successfully intercepted by Silva in the backcourt, Arsenal attacked again
Qin Xiong ran to the left of the frontcourt, looked at the situation in front of him, and then rubbed a curveball with his right foot again.
The football flew obliquely into the penalty area from the left side of the frontcourt, bypassing Everton’s two central defenders with a strong external rotation. Ljungberg cut the ball forward from the right side of the penalty area and then formed a single knife. Should he volley directly or should the football in the left corner of the goal enter the net?
3 minutes! Everton is two goals behind!
Moyers petrochemical on the sidelines.
What the hell is the game about? !
Arsenal can’t beat one by one!
Qin Xiong looked at Everton players inexplicably as he walked slowly back.
It’s not that Arsenal play too well, but Everton’s attitude today is doomed to make Arsenal’s attack success rate higher!
If every opponent dares to rush out and fight hard with Arsenal, the back line will be far away from the goal and give Arsenal an offside front line, then Arsenal will be afraid of their opponents! ! Including Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A Milan and other top European teams.
Because Arsenal’s penetrating attack needs to break out at the sprint speed, they are super overall.
Moyers is a little confused.
Everton players also feel that the end of the game is out of their control. Their pregame tactics not only failed to work, but also scored two goals in a row by Arsenal. This is a fucking nightmare!
Their vacillating team is divided in thought.
In their panic, Arsenal played step by step and they were good at attacking.
Qin Xiong Pires Vieira made a triangle pass in the frontcourt, then Qin Xiong ran to the right, then Ljungberg finished two and one and then entered the penalty area. Henry outflanked him in front of the goal and sent the ball directly to the goal.
Moyers has collapsed on the sidelines!
5 minutes and 17 seconds, Arsenal 30 ahead of Everton! Henry scored twice and Qin Xiong set a magical record of 317 seconds to complete the assist hat trick! He is not the king of assists, he is not the king of assists, he is simply the devil of assists! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a record of 39 sword finger assists]
The 34th Premier League match in Highbury surprised all the audience. Novel /ong >
Don’t say Everton fans don’t know what kind of mood to face the game in the stands.
I came to London from Merseyside and enthusiastically supported the team to challenge Arsenal. I talked about it before the game and analyzed with great ambition that Everton had a chance to take away the victory at Highbury. As a result, the game lasted for more than five minutes, and it seemed that the game was over in the early five minutes!
I’ve been looking forward to preparing so many cheering slogans for a week to bring my family or friends to Highbury. Everton, led by moyers, my beloved Everton, let the fans watch the game for five fucking minutes!
Stay here? Will it be a torment?
Get up and leave? Isn’t this fiveminute game too expensive?
In fact, even Arsenal fans are a little dizzy.
Some fans rub their eyes, pat their heads and pinch their companions’ arms to see if they are dreaming.
Do you think about it every day and dream every night, looking forward to the Arsenal League every day, and then have a dream that you don’t know?
Did you score the fourth or third goal in the league in five minutes?
品茶Three eggs?
Is there such a good thing in the world?
Moyers is completely messy.
What is this situation?
Wenger’s reaction also seemed to be a long time before the team kept clapping and cheering.
He really didn’t expect the game to enter Arsenal’s winning track so easily.

The tip of the right middle finger touched the football!

Because of this small angle change, the football finally hit the goalpost and bounced out, but the rebound force was already very small. Before the football rolled out of the small restricted area, it was shot into the goal by a figure’s foot.
Cech, who has always been calm and calm, kneels at the goal line at this moment and slaps the turf with his fists!
Chelsea’s goal fell twice!
Arsenal goalscorers are almost forgotten by everyone. Pires! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a fatal blow to Feng 51? ]
The fifth watch is over!
MidAutumn Festival broke out at the end of the month!
Highbury seems to be completely immersed in a state of civil riots!
The fans roared and waved their fists wildly in the stands. Many fans reached out and stroked their hearts or just jumped from holding their heads. They were as excited as riding a roller coaster!
夜生活  title=Qin Xiong scorpion tail attack! Cech plays a worldclass save! Pires! Pires! Pires shoots again! Arsenal lead Chelsea 21! Oh, my god, Arsenal’s attack is really ups and downs and gorgeous! In the frontcourt, near the edge of the restricted area, Qin Xiong skillfully broke through Delnaud. He gave the ball back to the back row to follow up with Fabregas. As a result, Fabregas did not make a long shot, but he gave the ball to Qin Xiong again. At this time, Qin Xiongxian was in the running position. In our opinion, Qin Xionggen did not have a good catch. If he stopped the ball, it was likely to be frozen by Makelele and Delnaud, but Qin Xiong improvised and turned his heel directly to knock the ball to the left corner of the goal.
The football penetrated the Chelsea defender’s line, and no one touched the ball. Cech played a shocking save. The ball speed was not particularly fast. The ball was changed by his fingertips. The ball hit the post and bounced in the small penalty area. Pires cut directly into the penalty area before Fabregas scored the ball, but found a good opportunity to make up the shot in front of the door. He sent the ball to the goal!
Cech didn’t lose to Qin Xiong in this wonderful offensive and defensive confrontation, but Arsenal finally won!
2:1 Arsenal lead again!
It’s no accident that Chelsea unconsciously lowered their guard against Pires when Arsenal stormed the right. Perhaps Delnaud’s defensive flaw is so obvious that most Chelsea defenders don’t believe that he must move to his side to fill his loophole/
But no one can help his teammates to fill in what they have to do well in the top matchup.
Just like a team, even if it loses more goals, it will not weaken the attack, because it is of little significance to fill the hole like that, but to pursue one more goal than the opponent, which may bring the dawn of victory
Arsenal teammates gathered around madly to celebrate the goal. Qin Xiong came to Pires’ side and put his arm around his shoulder and head against his side face. Pires laughed. You’re out of luck or I’ll be fine.
Qin Xiong shook his head and smiled instead. No, I just took a chance. This result is great!
After the two men hugged, they held their heads high and walked towards the backcourt with confidence.
Mourinho has always been the focus of attention on the sidelines, but many of his sideline shows are aimed at stimulating the morale of the army or the team’s struggle for benefits, not just personal performances.
At the critical moment, he is always a cold and calm attitude.
At this time, although he wanted to roar and curse Delnaud or Gallas, the former was ability and the latter was attitude, which led to the overall strength of Chelsea this season, but some obvious flaws occurred
He sent Joe Cole to replace Duff.
At the same time, clap your hands to the players, hoping to stimulate the team’s fighting spirit and strive to perform better in the remaining time.
Christmas carols were heard in the Highbury stands, and Arsenal fans changed some lyrics to celebrate the song and dance.
Although it is too early to be happy to be suspected of losing, it is not necessarily a way to put psychological pressure on Chelsea.
Arsenal’s offensive and defensive system is getting better and better. Before Chelsea’s method produces better results, Arsenal’s defense can resist Chelsea’s offensive without new changes.
We have always said that Mourinho taught Chelsea that the most powerful thing was the defensive counterattack winger tactics, which frightened European football, but there is also a saying that Mourinho’s team lacked creativity in attack. They did not have a classic organization. Lampard’s comprehensive strength is very strong, but in terms of creativity alone, he has a significant gap with Qin Xiong, the core of Arsenal’s midfield. Chelsea’s advantage is that it is brave and bloody, and its will is as strong as steel. It can play a key role in attacking mature defenders that need to tear apart opponents. Sometimes they obviously lack offensive creativity, the attack is not hidden enough, and the probability of success is higher. When the game goes on for 7 minutes, Arsenal and Chelsea have entered a state where both sides know each other like the back of their hands, but Chelsea’s score is behind. They need to work harder to make Arsenal unprepared.
After 75 minutes of the game, the physical consumption of both sides has reached a critical point, but Arsenal’s overall array is thin in the season, even though Wenger makes reasonable planning and strictly controls the physical consumption, it is still slightly inferior to Ma Zhuang, Chelsea and Arsenal
It’s time for the game to reach the watershed stage, and it’s time to stay ahead of Arsenal in the final closing stage. There is no way to strengthen the dialogue, and the overall strategic basis is basically the same, especially when the other side has a lead and a draw, there are many changes.
However, Arsenal will try again before the overall contraction defense is finally carried out to ensure victory.
It’s not the last fight, but the routine choice before the contraction in the final stage. After all, at this point, Chelsea may be the most vulnerable stage of the overall will, and there may be a situation of disunity in the overall thinking.
Henry took the initiative to retreat. Fabregas took the ball to the left in midfield. After Pires made a response, he handed the ball to Qin Xiong. Qin Xiong obliquely retreated to Henry on the left side of the front waistline.
Henry caught Essien’s eye with a crosspass, and then tilted the ball to the right, Ljungberg.
At this moment, Pires cut the restricted area along the left to form an offensive line, and the first sharp knife was inserted into the hinterland of Chelsea restricted area for defensive tearing and containment.
Ljungberg once again faced Delnaud, knowing the significance of this attack, he would not undertake a breakthrough because Pires had already pinned down the opposing forces in the restricted area on the other side.
He made sure he had Delnora pinned down and crossed the ball immediately after crossing the penalty area.
Henry ran sideways past Essien. Essien actually paid most attention to Qin Xiong.
But he misjudged.
Arsenal’s attack was not organized by Qin Xiong in the process of advancing.
Henry controlled the ball and pushed forward. After coming to Carvalho, Henry saw Qin Xiong’s position and then the rhythm of controlling the ball stopped. Then he dialed the ball horizontally to the right, so that Terry had to defend the door with Carvalho. Just before the two iron gates closed, Henry pointed the ball directly behind Terry!
Qin Xiong is about to form a single knife! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been unsheathed and has become the strongest blue midfield combination in the front 52]
Although in the eyes of all the audience, Qin Xiong is about to form a single knife, but Qin Xiong knows that he is facing strong pressure
Going to defend Ljungberg and cutting Makelele didn’t stop.
When Qin Xiong rushed into the restricted area, Makelele tackles and intercepts it from the side!
Makelele is a bold artist. He already knows that Qin Xiong’s impact speed is the limit through his understanding of Qin Xiong!
Therefore, he is not worried about Qin Xiong’s sudden acceleration to create a preemptive touch or shot or being fouled by his own tackle and being awarded a penalty.
Qin Xiong didn’t go to snatch the shot in the last step. He knew it was late, maybe it was a second late, but it was too late. Makelele took the lead in poking the ball away with his toes. Qin Xiong chose to jump up in the last step and just turned over from Makelele’s body.
After crossing the instantaneous Qin Xiong closed his eyes for a second and showed a trace of regret.
The good opportunity for this attack is gone!
Perhaps the most perfect configuration for this attack is to let Ljungberg Cepires coordinate.
However, the football field will never have the established complex attack routine in sports warfare. 99% of the time, it is improvisation to produce a team chemical reaction, rather than copying a tactical position or cooperating with the design.
Highbury sounded a huge sigh.
The song in the stands came to an abrupt end. Most Arsenal fans held their heads and Qin Xiong felt it was a pity that this was a great opportunity!
Just as Qin Xiong rolled from the ground, Cech had already turned the ball to the right, Lurella moved forward to catch the football and immediately launched a Chelsea counterattack.
Peter Pan’s fast speed of passing the ball allowed Chelsea’s attack to advance to Arsenal’s half.
This has caused a fault in the overall formation of Arsenal.
Qin Xiong Henry Pires Ljungberg Dufa supported the backcourt defense at this time.
However, Arsenal’s defence is still calm.
Joe Cole Drogba Luo Lampard
Fabregas has gained some experience in defending Lampard. He calmly observed Lampard’s movement and predicted in his heart which area Lampard would accelerate forward and insert forward.
Chelsea’s offensive still needs new attack points to really shake Arsenal’s tacit defense.
When Ronaldinho forced Flamini not to enter the line directly along the sidewalk in the frontcourt and turned into the line before the two met, Silva was pinned down, and a new attack point appeared in Chelsea!
Mourinho has always been calm and serious, until this moment, he can’t help but clench his fist and hold his eyes up slightly, showing sharp color.

In the 35th minute of the game, Qin Xiong received Ramos’ direct ball in midfield. At this time, he was holding the ball with his back, and he had already seen Kuyt running towards himself. He pulled back and removed the blockade. Qin Xiong might give the ball route, and Gerrard also strode towards himself. Alonso was like a poisonous snake ready to hand at any time.

Qin Xiong looked at Guti, who was not far from him. He winked at Guti before meeting him. Although Guti’s physical condition is not as good as before, he also tends to slip, but the tacit understanding of competition experience and consciousness will not disappear.
He immediately got the message when he saw Qin Xiong’s expression of eyes.
When Qin Xiong touched the ball, he made a move that surprised Liverpool’s midfield encirclement and suppression.
Return the tape!
夜生活  title=He dribbled two steps to the left in front of Real Madrid halftime, just as Gerrard passed by.
Dirk Kuyt forced it down!
Gerald rushed back over his head!
Alonso consciously followed two steps forward to continue to camp out.
Just as Alonso ran two steps forward to chase Qin Xiong’s back, someone passed Alonso and Alonso suddenly woke up.
Qin Xiong actually changed Guti’s position at this moment, including the role change.
Qin Xiong turned the ball sideways and sent a straight ball to the ground without dragging his feet.
The football rolled past Alonso and Guti ran forward along the righthand line in the middle of the frontcourt, and rolled behind him. The football was skillfully controlled by him.
Liverpool midfielder crazy encirclement and suppression defensive line is cracked!
After Guti had just controlled the ball, Mascherano rushed and Guti calmly observed the situation behind Mascherano in front of the penalty area.
He tilted the ball slightly to the left.
Steiche’s middle road obliquely killed in front of the restricted area and caught Guti’s ball perfectly!
Real Madrid can finally push the attack to Liverpool’s restricted area in the positional warfare attack!
Raul pulled Agger to the left in front of Agger, and immediately went with Raul Carragher to grab Sderot Arbeloa, and Agger entered the restricted area to defend the door to block Raul.
Raul consciously moved after his teammates created opportunities. After he attracted Agger, Aurelio didn’t get into the line in the same defensive half. At this time, they became the perfect corridor for Peter Pan Roche’s restricted area!
Ronaldo was like a sharp knife in the heart of Liverpool’s restricted area, and Stoudemire sent a straight ball to the ground before Carragher got close.
Agger looked back at this time, and it was already powerful.
Fast and agile, Luo has formed a singlehandedness in the restricted area.
Reina abandoned the door at this time and Ronaldo hardly watched the goalkeeper’s position. His own golden left foot confidently rubbed the far corner of the goal.
Reina didn’t make a save, and Ronaldo shot too cleverly and easily
Football goes straight to the far corner of the goal! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been unsheathed and has become a front 951 method to solve the problem]
Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu felt relieved after Ronaldo sent the ball into the goal, but also ignited a longlost passion!
It seems that all worries have vanished.
Last year, playing Liverpool seemed to fall behind first and by two goals.
It is a good sign to equalize the score quickly now.
Deafening cheers echoed in the Bernabeu Stadium, and Luo Huai laughed and made a slide to celebrate.
A wonderful team from Real Madrid equalized the score! Qin Xiong Gutierrez teamed up to break through the Liverpool defence. Even though Raul didn’t touch the ball, he also contributed to the tearing in the front line. He made an important cover!

This time, she didn’t talk to Ye Xiangyuan as before, and she didn’t comfort me.

Looking ahead is more like an encouragement.
Are you encouraging me to leave?
I can’t help secretly guessing.
But then I denied the idea that the eldest sister-in-law was always Ye’s parents’ daughter-in-law. No matter what Ye Xiangyuan did, she would definitely be Ye Xiangyuan over there …
Thought of here, I can’t help but feel heavy.
Both sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are Ye Xiangyuan’s relatives. If I leave one day, I will definitely break up with them …
Is low xiaojin ran into the room.
He fluttered and ran to the bed, kicked off his shoes quickly, climbed into bed, put his arms around my neck and pouted unjustly. "My aunt and mother lied to me. She just said that Uncle Dong wanted to see me and I went out to see Uncle Dong."
I was amused by him and hugged him in my arms.
Sister-in-law also laughed, "Mom misheard me."
Xiaojin wrinkled her nose and whispered to my ear, "I know my mother wants to hold me off and talk to my aunt ~"
I leng leng.
What a clever child.
I looked at his tender face and my heart gave birth to a little disappointment and sadness in vain.
Maybe I won’t be able to meet him or watch him grow up …
Xiaojin rubbed my face and said with a smile, "Aunt, you have to remember and take me to travel."
It was a trip to a small French town, and he and Ye Xiangyuan planned to go to play after the trip.
He always remembers.
Now that he wakes up, I must have felt my emotions and I know what happened at home these days.
He has a delicate mind and may have guessed my choice vaguely.
I touched his head gently, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, but I didn’t want to cheat him. Finally, I could avoid the important part and say, "My aunt will definitely take you there if I have the chance."
Xiaojin didn’t dwell on this topic, but told me that his horse was going to start school, saying that he missed his little friends a little, but his little classmates were a little naive. He wanted to skip a grade, but his uncle wouldn’t let him …
Listening to his rambling, my mood is getting better.
He’s comforting me in disguise, and I know it
Look at one side of the eldest sister-in-law, and she gazes at Xiaojin with tenderness in her eyes.
The mother and I are very kind, and I will never forget that they have given me warmth wherever I go in the future.
In the next few days, in addition to my parents and South-South Xiaojin, I have been with me.
Section 261
I am really happy to have such a little baby active in the atmosphere.
But I still feel uncomfortable in the dead of night.
I was embarrassed, too. After my husband got the news of his woman, he rushed over without even an explanation.
I am even more depressed when I think of the breakup after talking to him that day.
This new year passed like this.
It’s almost a week since I came to my senses.
Ye Xiangyuan never appeared again during this period.
Of course, I can still hear their news from time to time.
约茶For example, Gu Changyu’s health is getting worse and worse, but she doesn’t want to go back to the imperial city where Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun are there with her.
This is also the reason why Ye Xiangyuan has never appeared.

Then get up. Do you want me to kneel?

Li Dian looked at Xu Huang two people led by seven thousand people bang bang.
I noticed that Qin Zhen jumped up easily.
I’m afraid everyone is as fed up as I am with the poor day in Shuofang. Now it’s good to be rich in Zhao. Eating rations without money is about to become history! I raised my hand to the right corner. Stop gossiping and pay!
Taiwan immediately aroused great excitement.
Du Ji personally hit the first car of coins to count the amount.
I came from Tutai and Li Dian trotted over.
My Lord, how did you finish so soon? He asked little.
I think it is enough to achieve the effect? I don’t like long speeches about leaders.
The problem is … He secretly pointed to Yu Cheng, just around the corner. A surname Cheng hasn’t set up yet.
Don’t care about Mancheng, Cheng Yu smiled at this place I won’t settle accounts with you
Li Dian probably didn’t expect that the 50yearold uncle could still hear it from a distance of ten zhangs. He couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and touching his nose.
Master Qin Zhen leaned forward with a look of expectation. When will I tell you the game?
You are married when you are young. Are you still so impatient that you don’t know you need foreplay? I laughed, If you want to play less football, you have to decorate the venue and make hundreds of balls!
Hundreds of balls? He said, Too much?
桑拿论坛Zhao Guoke has a population of 200,000 and a schoolage population of 30,000 to 50,000. It must be much more lively than Shuofang. I thought a little about patting my thighI couldn’tand asked, Are you okay?
What can happen? Qin Zhen tan shou
Then how about pulling your people to the counties to make a circular performance? I patted him on the shoulder.
don’t understand
I explained to him in a simple way, It’s very simple. There are five counties in Zhao. You send people to each county to play two games. This competition is a prematch announcement! By the way, let Xiao Dai also go.
Cough Xu Huang couldn’t help but wake me up. Adult soldiers still have to train?
Playing football … can’t be physical training? I discussed it with him
Xu Huang was lost in thought and murmured, probably measuring the effect of these two trainings.
Yes he finally nodded in agreement and then expressed his determination I hope to defend the championship this time
Cut! Qin Zhen and I scoffed.
Qin Zhen shook his head and secretly asked me, What do you mean by defending?

So Qin Zhen, Ma Dai, Sun Wen, and Zu Liebing carried more than 100 processed cowhide duck down balls in four roads, and went to Zhongqiu, Beren, Xiangguo, Yiyang, Zhao, the first and the second football competition of Tiger and Leopard Riding, respectively, to build momentum and undertake the registration and organization of local folk teams.
Since Zhao Cheng and Pang Gan are not in my hands, there is really no one to hold on to the rest of the butch by Xu Huang and Li Dian. I can let the young Jia Mula play a friendly match with Cheng Wuge in Handan to warm up and adapt to the venue.
Initially, the registration deadline will be April 16, and after three days of warmup, the first round of group matches will be held in five counties at the same time on the 20 th. The specific event arrangement will be determined according to the number of applicants at that time.
I think last year, just tens of thousands of people in Shuofang assembled so many teams, and the whole competition lasted for one month. Now, the population of Zhao is several times that of Shuofang. If we divide the race according to the group, I’m afraid it won’t end in two months.
I am sad.
Do you want to change the initial group stage into elimination stage?
A game will win or lose? Until the top 32, the group match will be held. Will it be the top 16 or the top 32?
I thought about the game schedule over and over again, but I couldn’t make up my mind.
Finally, I finally played chess
Group stage!
Cheng group stage!
When it’s time to play football in Zhao!
I thumped a stone into the soil.
24 I … Daughter
Banana balls!
Defoliation ball!
Ladder ball!
Hang the gold hook upside down
Tiger shot!
Interstellar missile shooting!
I shook my head again and again in the face of rough and angular balls.
No matter which direction I kick, the ball always draws an elusive arc in the middle. Although many balls will get into the goal strangely, these successful methods are copied. More often, the ball still pounces on the onlookers.
The koo audience showed their agility beyond imagination, and they sneaked away from them from all angles. There were two arrogant guys who directly hit the ball back at me, but it was a pity that the ball flew to others in the same strange arc.
You can’t do it! Jia Mu was slightly breathless. It took half a game to score two!
You don’t know shit. I left the goal. Which time do you think I shot into the penalty area?
Who won’t let you in? He is not this says that our defender is an iron wall!
I glanced at him iron wall? I can’t see it!
Jia Mu laughed instead of anger. It was my younger brother who entered the country in the second half of your game, but you said we were guards’ garbage?
Mind your head, wood! I can tell him, it’s hard enough for me to shoot at close range. Now I just want to improve the accuracy of shooting at long range!
Oh, he scratched his head and followed me to the midfield.

At this moment, Song Qingcheng felt his love for himself.

Love is mixed with affection.
Until lying in bed, her mind was still trapped in Yutingchuan’s gentle eyes.
While sleeping, I dreamt in a daze.
She didn’t experience anything today in her dream. It wasn’t long before she saw herself sitting in the middle of a room. Someone pushed the door and came in. She turned her head and found that the bearer was Mu Guyue. Before she could figure out what was going on, her right hand was suddenly grabbed.
I don’t know when there is a woman sitting next to me.
She couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, but she heard the other person say, "You are so disobedient and you have to rob someone’s husband. I think you can chop it off!"
The woman’s voice fell and she had a sharp fruit knife in her hand
All the scenes were so real that the whole Song Dynasty was confused. Seeing that the blade of the fruit knife touched his wrist side, a face of indifference Mu Guyue sat opposite them. "Chop it quickly. I have to go to the meeting later. I don’t have time to see your mother and daughter."
Song Qingcheng turned to look at the woman next to him and saw the fruit knife falling into the water severely.
I want to withdraw my hand, but I can’t do anything.
The fruit knife cut across her skin, and the pain was severe. The bright red blood gurgled out. She tasted the salty blood like rust, and the blood was flowing more and more. She forgot to hold down the wound, and she could watch the tears slide down the corner of her eyes in pain.
The whole song dynasty was awakened by yutingchuan.
Open your eyes, the lights are dazzling, and when you get used to it, when you see a man in pajamas in front of you, she can feel her eyelids swell, but she doesn’t care if she reaches out and hugs him and buries her face in front of his chest
Yu Tingchuan held her in his left hand and stroked her back. Her clothes were soaked with sweat. His other hand wiped the tears from her eyes. "Did you have a nightmare?"
"Well" Song Qingcheng Line is still nasal.
Yu Tingchuan bowed his head and touched her wet forehead with his thin lips. "What did you dream of crying like this?"
"Dream that you want to divorce me."
Song City’s jumping heart gradually recovered, but it was still concerned. Her right wrist really hurt a little. There was injustice in her tone. "I also dreamed that my right hand was injured and lost a lot of blood. It still hurts now."
Yu Tingchuan said, "It’s strange that you sleep with your right arm pressed."
Hearing this, Song Qingcheng still didn’t completely put that dream in his arms and said, "Did I say anything just now?"
"What are you trying to say?" Yutingchuan try to ask a way
With that, he looked down at her and covered her eyes slightly. "Who did you dream of?"
Song Qingcheng recalled the dream situation, raised my hand and grabbed his pajamas half-truths. "I dreamed of my mother and dreamed that she didn’t agree with me and you."
"Dreams are all anti-"
Song Qingcheng felt the man’s steady heartbeat through his pajamas and couldn’t help saying, "What if she really doesn’t promise me to be with you?"
Yu Tingchuan seemed to smile and said, "Do you also dislike that I am older than you?"
This sentence is very similar to his self-deprecation
The whole Song Dynasty couldn’t help but bend her lip corner and glance at his left finger ring, which made her feel at ease and steadfast, and suddenly said, "I don’t think I told you about my mother."
Yutingchuan’s hand is still on her back to appease.
Song Qingcheng went on to say, "She remarried when I was five years old and married far away. Later, she moved abroad and didn’t come back for these years. At first, she talked and then she gradually lost news."
"Go to sleep," Yu Tingchuan said softly. "Now that some things have passed, there is no need to worry about them."
Then the bedside table phone rang.
Song Qingcheng looked at Yutingchuan and took the mobile phone.
He didn’t answer the words.
A glance shows that the vibration disappears when the volume key is pressed.
"Don’t you answer it?" Song city looked up and asked
Yu Tingchuan put the phone back and hugged her again. "It’s not important."
约茶There is no cell phone buzzing in the room.
After a while, Song Qingcheng spoke, "I’m a little sleepy."
"Scared by the dream just now?"
Song Qingcheng did not deny it.
There is a small lamp with soft light on the bedside.
"Sleep" YuTingChuan hand didn’t leave her back patted.
Song Qingcheng smelled his familiar smell, and he slowly forgot those bad dreams in his arms. I don’t know how long it took him to fall asleep.
Yu Tingchuan accompanied her to sleep until ten o’clock the next day.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t go out and stay at home with her because she was busy with business.
At noon, two people watered the lawn in the courtyard.
Song Qingcheng wore denim overalls and T-shirt long hair tied into a ponytail and walked barefoot on a cobblestone path. He had never done such a thing before holding a leather tube in his hand. Some of them didn’t put their hands behind him and the wooden chair fell to the ground. She turned her head and saw Yu Tingchuan putting the chair on the steps with a cigarette in his hand.
He didn’t wear a formal white shirt outside, a few buttons on his cuffs and light-colored casual pants. trouser legs rolled up to show his calf, which was a bit leisurely.
Ma is going back to China. Are you satisfied with this honeymoon trip? o(nn)o
☆, Chapter 22 Lao Wang, your hair is off!
I noticed that Song Qingcheng’s eyes Yu Tingchuan raised his eyes and stared at her with a smile. "Those grasses will be flooded if you don’t pay attention."
"…" The whole Song Dynasty bowed their heads and looked at the puddles on the lawn.

Long summer didn’t hear what Yu Enze said to her. Gu smiled and said to himself, "We will continue to drink in silence."

"Su Lixia, you can’t be another man or woman. You are my Yu Enze woman. You will always be my Yu Enze woman."
Disappointment wrapped in anger and lust broke out completely. Yu Enze plunged into long summer’s body and grabbed all her breath in a domineering and crazy way. He lusted after her, indulged in her, and was infatuated with her. He would not let go of every part of her body and every inch of her skin. All these belonged to him and to him alone.
A sharp dagger with a cold light suddenly crossed the navel of a purple butterfly-tailed fish, and the blood in the clear water splashed and swayed and permeated a piece of red blood.
The sudden drop of the dagger with blood stains just knocked over the fish tank at the edge of the table, and all the glass fragments of the purple butterfly-tailed fish flew into the blue, and finally turned into a huge crystal flower with rainbow-like brilliance in layers.
Suddenly, the crystal flower instantly exploded and cracked all over the sky, and the black quicksand tilted and fell into the middle of the night. The vast dark blue sea sank deeper and deeper, like stopping breathing and everything was calm.
Want to destroy
Long summer woke up with a splitting headache the next morning. When she sat up, she found that she was naked and she didn’t have her own room.
I’m not dressed
Where am I?
What happened last night?
Damn it, I can’t remember it at all
Confused and panicked, long summer immediately got dressed and jumped out of bed and rushed out of the bedroom to find out. When she saw the familiar Yingting back in the kitchen, she couldn’t help but be shocked.
"long summer, you’re awake." Yu Enze turned to take the seasoning box, only to find long summer smiling behind him. "You go back to the bedroom and sleep for a while. I haven’t finished breakfast yet."
Long summer didn’t say a word. She walked forward with a straight face and slapped Yu Enze in the face with a loud slap. Then she still pushed the door open and left without saying a word.
The house was silent again. Yu Enze heard his heart beating violently in situ.
Noisy music and decadent scenes
Yu Enze finally found long summer through the bustling crowd.
She drank a lot of wine again, and she was lying in Chen Moran’s thigh with a cigarette in her mouth, smoking at Chen Moran intoxicated.
Chen Moran seems to enjoy putting his hand on long summer’s waist and stroking it back and forth.
品茶论坛It is outrageous and ambiguous for two people to raise their hands and cast their feet.
Yu Enze can’t see it. It’s a punch to rush forward quickly towards Chen Moran’s nose
"You devil wears prada dare to touch me, long summer, and I will spare you." Resentment Yu Enze grabbed Chen Moran and wanted to give him another punch.
"Yu Enze, you stop it for me." long summer quickly blocked Chen Moran. Fortunately, Yu Enze was quick-witted and stopped when he swung out his fist. It was a narrow squeak to stop from long summer’s face.
"long summer, get out of my way. I want to teach this beast a lesson." Yu Enze’s anger is hard to dissipate. He clamped long summer and pushed him aside.
Instead, long summer pushed Yu Enze away and shouted at him, "Yu Enze, are you crazy? If you hit people at random again, I will call the police."
Yu Enze stood tall and pointed down the sofa. Chen Moran disdained to look at him and shouted angrily at long summer, "I hit this wolf in human skin. You are not unclear about what he just did to you."
Long summer helped Chen Moran up. She held him half in her arms and lovingly wiped blood from his mouth. Then she gave Yu Enze a reprimand, "What did you do to me silently? Why did you beat him?"
Yu Enze’s jealousy raged in other ways, and he put up with long summer and Chen Moran being so close. "Your horse comes with me, and I won’t allow you to go with him." He pulled up long summer and walked outside the bar.
"Yu Enze, you let me go." Stubborn long summer tried his best to finally get rid of Yu Enze’s clutches. She pushed him down and his face became red with anger. "Yu Enze, you listen to me. From today on, I will talk with Chen Moran about what the two of us do. You are an outsider."
Sitting behind long summer, Chen Moran was suddenly surprised. Before he could react, long summer had already hooked the back of his head. Her fanaticism overwhelmed him, and he panicked and gasped.
Yu Enze stupefied looking at the scene of intense fire in front of him, suddenly his mind was blank and his heart was trampled to pieces and suffocated with pain.
He didn’t know how he walked out of the bar with a scar all over his body. He knew that all his efforts were about to go to waste and he couldn’t hold on.
At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang. Yu Enze picked up the words in a trance. It was an old classmate Wang Ju’s voice. "Enze, you asked me to investigate the man named Chen Moran. He has some problems."
Chapter ninety-one I beg you
Chen Moran laughed at himself when he saw Yu Enze’s lonely back disappearing from the crowd, and then he looked at long summer seriously. "long summer, I know you just kissed me on purpose to show Yu Enze that you don’t like me. You have been avoiding him, right?"
Long summer suddenly bowed his head and looked very sorry. "I’m sorry for being silent."
"Don’t say anything," Chen Moran suddenly interrupted long summer’s words and stared at her. "I hope you can understand that you are always with me during this period. I don’t care whether you are serious about my feelings or not. I am always serious about your feelings."
Chen Moran clasped long summer’s hands. "long summer, I like you. I really like you. I like you from the first time I saw you. I believe in love at first sight."
Long summer stupefied looking at a face of affectionate Chen Moran was at a loss.
She could have expected that Chen Moran already knew that she and he were just taking part in accidental amusement in front of Yu Enze. Even if she knew the real purpose of her doing this, Chen Moran would not have meant that he was only trying to find the novelty and excitement of relationships with men and women. However, she never expected that Chen Moran would really like her.
Long summer was silent for a few seconds as she pulled her hand back from Chen Moran’s hand. There was a faint mist in her eyes. "Silently, you know that I am with you. Show it to Yu Enze and let him give up on me. You still like me. I won’t love you again. Give up on me."
"long summer, I don’t understand you." Chen Moran broke off long summer’s shoulder and stared at her puzzled. "After what, you won’t love Yu Enze again. If you still love Yu Enze, you won’t come back to him. Isn’t it torturing yourself to escape his feelings for you by deceiving yourself?"
Long summer, don’t look too gloomy. "I am because of myself."
"Yourself" Chen Moran forced long summer to look him in the eye and he asked her "long summer, what’s wrong with you?"
Long summer gave a sigh sadly and didn’t answer.
"long summer, if you still take me and Chen Moran as your friend," Chen Moran was worried and anxious. "I am also lucky enough to get your letter. You might as well tell me your difficulties and I will do my best to help you get rid of it."
He looked at long summer with sincere eyes. "long summer, tell me your difficulties and let me help you, okay?"

"No" Song Qingcheng came to kneel beside the bed to see him come in and fix the sheets. "It’s easy to make a bed without physical strength."

Joie is holding the pillow next to her.
I thought that my father had just taught his children not to make a sound.
Song Qingcheng asked joie to put the pillow back on the bed and touched his head, then looked up and said to Yu Tingchuan, "I’ll wash my hands first and help joie get the quilt."
Say that finish the whole song took the lead out of the bedroom.
Don’t forget to close the door when you leave.
There are two fathers left in the room.
Joie buried his head very low and stood against the wall. It was a mistake. After a while, he noticed that his father was sitting by the bed and couldn’t help but look up and found that his father waved to him. Although he hesitated in his heart, he could not resist the dependence on that father’s love.
After the child approached, Yu Tingchuan took the child’s small hand and said, "Grandpa, there was a little heavy talk from dad. I didn’t scold you. It means I hope you can worry about growing up and not be involved in adult affairs by your mother."
Joie looked at her father and saw the word’ mom’. Her eyes were slightly red. She took the chair and typed, "Is dad going to send her back to ausralian?"
Section 331
Yu Tingchuan didn’t deny looking at joie’s clear eyes. He explained, "Your mother did a lot of wrong things after returning to China, and her father didn’t want her to go wrong again, so she had to leave here to protect others."
"…" Dad said before him for the first time that Mom was not good.
Joie bit her lip secretly. Dad never lied to his father that mom did something wrong. Mom should have made a real mistake.
Yu Tingchuan also said, "What you have to do now is to study hard, no matter what your mother said, you will live in Nancheng, and grandpa will be able to take care of you even if dad is not around you."
"Dad, why not be with me?"
Joie finished this question and tears fell. "Did Dad leave me?"
Yu Tingchuan raised his hand to wipe away the tears on the child’s cheek. "Dad is telling your grandfather that he also loves you very much, for example."
夜生活"Then can I go to Australia to see my mother later?"
Joie asked
Yutingchuan nodded. "These dads will arrange you not to worry."
Wait until the child washes up and goes to bed. Yu Tingchuan turns on the light and leaves the room.
Before going to bed, Song Qingcheng asked Gu Zhengshen what had happened.
"joie’s mother had a car accident early," Yu Tingchuan told her truthfully. "In the afternoon, the hospital found that there was a tumor in her brain."
There is a tumor in the brain. People around Song Qingcheng have never had this disease, but they also know that it is more dangerous. "Is it benign or malignant?"
"Malignant" Yu Tingchuan said that "it should not be considered late"
Song Qingcheng paused and asked, "Who will come over and want you to go to the hospital to see people?"
Yu Tingchuan laughed and heard that she was somewhat dissatisfied with Gu Zhengshen and didn’t answer the question "Don’t want me to go to the hospital?"
"… that didn’t"
Song Qingcheng leaned back against the bedside to tell the truth. "Brain tumor is not a cold or malignant, no matter whether it is cured or not, I can understand that even if you go to the hospital, joie, she should have something to explain, and I personally believe in you."
Then she leaned over and kissed the man’s lips. "But keep a proper distance. If you bring back the germs, I have to keep a distance from you for the sake of the baby."
Yu Tingchuan smiled gently. "How far is the appropriate distance?"
"Two feet away"
Song said the whole city looked up "if one meter is better"
Yu Tingchuan touched her hair and suggested, "Why don’t you go and watch us talk together?"
"I don’t want that, it will make me look very petty, and your friend, Uncle Gu Hengyang, is just like the street women’s manager. He certainly doesn’t want me to go back to play ball and almost beat me up."
"Remember what happened so long ago?"
"Well, who told me to hold grudges?"
Yu Tingchuan sighed, "Then don’t go."
Jiang Chi came over early the next day.
Song Qingcheng and Yu Tingchuan just had breakfast at that time.
Today is Monday, and Song Qingcheng is going to learn from joie, who is still sleeping, and didn’t specifically call him up.
Jiang Chi got Mu Qingyu’s illness early in the morning.
Yesterday afternoon, after the car accident, all the injured people were sent to the First Hospital of Southern Medical University to rest. Jiang Chi was also called back to the hospital. It was not until six o’clock this morning that the operating table returned to Yunxi Road Garden and came here first.
See before sitting at the dinner table Song Qingcheng Jiang Chi pour some awkward.
Yu Tingchuan saw that he hesitated to put the newspaper "just say it, there is nothing to avoid."
Jiang Chi didn’t worry about dragging the chair to open his mouth. "Mu Qingyu did an MRI yesterday and found out how to treat a brain tumor. It is not clear at present that the car driver in this accident also saved his life for more than ten hours, but he was still lying in the intensive care unit."
Yu Tingchuan asked, "Did the police station at the hospital send anyone there again?"
"On my way back from surgery, I met two policemen and went to the intensive care unit." Jiang Chi nodded. "The nurse told me that there was new progress in the accident investigation. There was a driving recorder in the car."
Said Jiang Chi looked at the whole Song Dynasty as if he had scruples, but after all, he continued to say, "It may also be that the little nurse guessed that the co-pilot suddenly rushed to grab the steering wheel and had a physical conflict with the driver, and didn’t pay attention to the big truck directly across the street."
Song Qingcheng listened to the speed of drinking soybean milk and slowed down.
I didn’t expect the car accident to happen like this.
Even three-year-olds know that they can’t grab the steering wheel. Don’t thirties know the danger of doing so?
Jiang Chi sighed, "In the past two years, traffic has been strictly grasped. Ten times or nine times, like this, she will be sentenced. Although Mu Jia can walk around, even if she is really sentenced to her current physical condition, she can also be released on medical parole."
After that, I rubbed my breakfast. Jiang Chi was going home to sleep.
Taking advantage of Yutingchuan Building to take a coat, Jiang Chi pulled the chair next to the whole Song Dynasty. "Mu Qingyu is now a really bad malignant tumor, and even if it is now removed, the probability of recurrence is high. It is also embarrassing for her to toss herself into this field with Lao Yu and his wife."
Don’t turn from the first round!
☆, Chapter 333 We may even if there is no one else.
Song city nodded "really let a person sigh"
Then she turned to look at Jiang Chi and asked, "Does Dr. Jiang want chemotherapy for a malignant brain tumor like this?"
"This is not easy to answer. The treatment of malignant brain tumor is a unified process. As far as the current treatment status is concerned, malignant brain tumor is still a difficult disease that has not been completely overcome by medicine. Chemotherapy after surgery is a treatment plan that many patients will choose, but although chemotherapy kills cancer cells, it also has corresponding side effects."
Jiang Chi’s meaning is very white. No matter whether Mu Qingyu’s brain tumor can be cured or not, his health can definitely not be compared with the former.

The doctor then violated the rules and thought about it, but he still gave the bill to Wu Sen.

"Master Wu, do you think it will delay her illness if she is pregnant for 42 days and has a baby?
Then if the conditions are not good and it is not suitable to have an abortion, it is better to recover the mother as soon as possible. "
That doctor doesn’t look like a doctor anymore. There is no objective basis to make a blind idea by guessing.
Forty-two days after pregnancy, Wu Sen accurately captured this time node. He calculated it before and after. Yes, it was that day that Lin Tingfei used an excuse to find Wang Yuehuan to come to the hospital. There can be no mistake that day.
If the child is really that day, it is very likely to be himself.
"Is this time accurate?"
Wu Sen’s phalanx is divided into big hands and tightly holds the thin sheet of paper, and the edge of his fingertips becomes wrinkled.
And if it weren’t for the doctor’s load, I’m afraid that paper would have become the ghost of Wu Sen’s hand.
"Of course, you don’t know that our hospital instruments are all in the world. It’s best not to make such a small mistake."
After getting a definite answer, Wu Sen’s eyebrows lit up, which was never seen by colleagues in the hospital.
He took out a stack of money from his pocket and stuffed it into the three workers in that room to thank them politely. "Thank you."
Female doctor ""
No, what does Lord Wu mean? Do you want money from her or are you happy?
桑拿"How does Sister Liu look like Wu Zhuzhong?"
"I have never heard of Wu Zhu getting married, but he has never been close to women’s appearance. Is it hidden marriage?"
And that Wang Yuehuan is his hidden marriage wife.
The middle-aged woman named Liu Jie was stunned for a long time, turned to two female colleagues and said, "Xiao Wang probably knows the truth."
When three people boldly speculated that Wang Yuehuan and Wu Sen were husband and wife, Wu Sen withdrew from the examination room and wanted Ma Yuehuan to declare his special identity.
I want to pick her up and be happy and turn around many times to congratulate her on becoming a mother, and I have to promise her that I will be a proper wife and slave, and he will do nothing but let him do things.
It was when he came over again and saw her sitting in that long wooden chair that there was no sign of her.
Wu Sen panicked as soon as she got there. Where did she go?
Go home or go somewhere?
Wu Sen’s panic was unprecedented. He searched the whole obstetrics and gynecology building for more than twenty minutes.
If you can figure out for yourself that the child is him in forty-two days, it is impossible for her to know that her mother is clever and Wang Yue is happy.
He panicked and feared that Wang Yuehuan would hate him and not want the child.
But that’s no good. It’s hard to give him another chance to start from scratch. How can you kill the bud for her in this life?
No, no, that child has his share, too. She can’t be so selfish and decide not to want that child. They’re the only last link.
Almost to dig the whole building three feet Wu Sen didn’t find Wang Yuehuan in the hospital.
To the lobby on the first floor, he was a dead horse and a living horse doctor inquired that a little nurse had actually seen Wang Yue Huan. She told Wu Sen that the girl seemed to have something on her mind and went out to the south.
Wu Sen thanked God. He was almost kneeling down to thank the little nurse.
He followed Wang Yuehuan’s footsteps closely. Today, no matter where she goes, he must find her. No matter how many obstacles she will experience next, he can’t let go of her.
That child, even if he wants her, it is enough to have her in this life, but the child can’t lose it, because losing the child means losing what she has, and he insists on keeping the child.
Wu Sen walked along the south road blankly, as if he had gone through such a process along this road like Wang Yuehuan, and his heart could be a little more stable and better.
Going south, the Ning family in the north of the city runs counter to each other. They all say that she is in a bad mood. It must be because she knows the truth about the child. She is obsessed with her panic. She doesn’t want this child that belongs to them.
Wu Sen’s heart has never been flustered and lonely. He admits that he started because Wu Jiaocai Wang Yuehuan had more friends.
But then everything really happened because of her, because she was unusual for herself.
Everything he did afterwards was because he wanted to be with her and have a chance to love her.
Although he still didn’t want to admit that he had done something wrong, compared with her tough attitude later, she stabbed him three times without blinking an eye, and he thought again that he might have done something wrong.
But people are not sages, who can guarantee that their generation will not make a mistake?
Ning Tiannuo can get her love for her identity and give him a marriage guarantee by spending a lot of money.
He wants to love her, too. He thinks he will be better to her than Ning Tiannuo. Why can’t he be given a chance?
Wang Yue Huan, what exactly do you have to do to forgive me for that mistake?
Wu Sen tried to ask questions several times, but he couldn’t say anything when it came to his mouth.
Because if I say it, it’s like admitting that I’m an animal, and he’s afraid that she won’t forgive herself, but she’ll hate him more.
Making mistakes while knowing it is the last thing that deserves forgiveness.

However, Real Sociedad will not give up because they want to play the Champions League and don’t want to play the Europa League.

After a 15-minute break, the two sides fought again, and the real society still worked tirelessly to attack Gleizman, still pounding the Real Madrid defense line.
However, compared with Real Madrid, even if it is a substitute, it is a world-class star array, and the strength of the Real Social Array is still a lot worse.
Although Gleizman and his teammates are trying very hard to score goals and win, the trend of the game is as they wish.
In the 53 rd minute, Real Sociedad won a good Italian ball, which was taken by Gretzman, and he did give a high-quality Italian ball.
Unfortunately, the ball finally hit the crossbar and bounced off the baseline. If it were a little bit more, it would really be a goal.
Real Madrid, on the other hand, made great efforts to press the offensive opportunity and keep fighting back.
In the 67th minute, Real Madrid finally got another chance.
Lu Wenbin took the ball a few steps in the backcourt and found that the goalkeeper of Royal Society was a little ahead.
So Lu Wenbin suddenly started shooting before crossing the center line with the ball.
Goalkeeper Bravo was scared to death and hurried back to save the ball. Several defenders also looked silly and watched Bravo and Lu Wenbin kick out the ball and didn’t notice that Zema had rushed to the goal.
The ball landed in front of the goal, and Bravo finally reached the line of the small forbidden zone and jumped hard. He really touched the ball.
夜生活He pointed his finger at a bracket to try to lift the ball out of the crossbar.
But contrary to his wishes, his finger strength was slightly less, and the ball changed direction slightly, hitting the beam and bouncing back to the forbidden area from Bravo’s ear.
Anyway, he finally stopped the ball and didn’t let Lu Wenbin shoot to form a goal.
Bravo fell from it, but his face was smiling.
The fans of the Royal Society who came to the stands also smiled when they saw Bravo throw Lu Wenbin from a long distance.
As a result, a second later, they saw Zema volley the ball without stopping before the ball appeared, and then pulled it into the door of the royal society.
Bravo, the goalkeeper of the fall-forbidden zone, didn’t get up when he suddenly saw the ball fly into the goal, and the goalkeeper’s net rushed up.
Bravo turned his head and saw that the defender of ZeMata had just finished shooting, and he didn’t even interfere with Zema.
His heart gets cold as soon as he gets there.
He knew that the ball was shot by Zema.
Sure enough, Zema turned and rushed to the sidelines for a second to celebrate, followed by his Real Madrid players’ stands, and a small number of Real Madrid fans cheered with excitement.
All the facts prove that Real Madrid scored again. The goal was Zema.
He threw Bravo out and Lu Wenbin, the midfielder, shot and shot again.
Real Madrid away 41 Real Sociedad leads by three goals, and it is less than half an hour before the end of the game.
This ball can be called the death penalty of the royal society.
But Gretzman didn’t give up.
In the 73rd minute, he broke through Diarra and Valla in succession after taking the ball at halftime, and was stopped by Carvalho until he approached the forbidden zone.
But he didn’t do too much entanglement with Carvalho, but made a fake shot and then crossed the ball to the teammate who rushed behind him.
Yilamendi, the waist, rushed to volley, and as a result, the ball rose high and flew out of the crossbar. Yilamendi hit an anti-aircraft gun.
Ilamandi held his head in disbelief and then apologized to Gretzman for helping him.
Gretzmann Nene shook his head and continued the game.
In his mind, he had the idea that he had to leave the royal society and go to a bigger team to get stronger support from his teammates.
Of course, these are personal problems and will not affect the Gleizman game.
In the 79 th minute, Gleizman finally made a wonderful breakthrough by himself, forcing the Valla Forbidden Area to make a disregard. He shoveled Gleizman sideways and missed the ball.
The referee did not hesitate to award a penalty and gave Valla a warning that he did not give the card.
Gretzman created a penalty and he took the penalty.
He fooled Adan and easily scored the ball in the opposite direction of Adan’s save.
Gleizman scored twice to chase the score to 24, and he has not completely lost hope.
Don’t say that for so long, there are many examples of scoring two goals in the last stoppage time in the world football, such as the season when Manchester United won the treble.
Therefore, Gleizman still wants to score goals and win even if he doesn’t win.
However, Real Madrid soon killed his fantasy.
In the third minute, Royal Society got a corner kick, but it was pushed out by Vara without forming an attack.

He didn’t just pick an eyebrow and go to the table to get a watch to wear.

I immediately put on my dress and got up to brush my teeth with him.
After breakfast, he took me for a walk in Qingshuiju Garden.
For the first time, I think the ancient pavilions are really beautiful.
A big pool is full of carp and large flowers.
He showed me around and didn’t talk much.
I look fresh and like Qinshui’s living environment 120 times.
I can’t help but ask him, "Why do you like living in such a … house?"
Modern people live in a very antique house, which is a bit weird.
He didn’t look away to see that I glanced away again.
"My mother built this house, and I have lived here since she died."
It’s a sad story. I sighed in my heart and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know."
"It’s over," he said
I looked up at his side face and didn’t see anything about his face. Is he always like this?
He suddenly smiled and said, "Mother likes all classical things. She is a strange woman. She has liked classical things since she was sensible. She is out of place with others. She wears ancient costumes and swears because she is special …"
Is she special?
"I am only because of her special place."
How do you say this?
Wei Qingkui didn’t answer my question. He showed a faint expression and didn’t know what to do. He accelerated his pace ahead.
I barely know what he was like as a child, though it is not too white, and what his mother was like when she was young.
But I think that no matter how bad it is, it will definitely be much better than my previous life.
I walked around his yard for an hour, and he was going to class. When I looked at it, it was only nine o’clock, thinking that the president’s adult class was different from ordinary people.
Generally, the president’s adult must get up earlier than the chicken and go to bed later than the cow.
However, he gets up when he is normal, eats breakfast when he is normal, and his shift is normal even when he is working.
One of the problems summed up is that his ordinary president is very different.
The next day
I got up early, packed my things and went out.
It’s scary to go out like this because of my face injury. I still wear a mask to let my hair go.
I found Dr. Lin when I arrived at St. Lucia Welfare Home.
Dr. Lin saw me and smiled. "The situation is not bad. Let’s go over to the expert now."
"It’s true that before it’s too late." I followed him to the mother’s ward and took Xiao Zhou and his mother to drive directly.
Dr. Lin’s car is Audi style, which is not new, but I can see that it is not cheap at all.
Dr. Lin told me that Dr. Wei’s name is He, a man in his thirties. He usually keeps a low profile, but he is very serious and enthusiastic about patients.
People in their thirties have already had so many operations. It seems that they are a very powerful person. I feel at ease and think that even if the money is spent a little more, it will be worth it.
When I got to the people’s hospital, I helped my mother to go in with Dr. Lin, and gave me 1.5 million dollars with Wei Qing in my arms. I was very at ease.
Section 22
After going in, Dr. Lin had already made an appointment and didn’t wait in line.
We sat in the corridor chair for ten minutes, and as soon as Dr. Lin arrived, he took us to knock on the door of the attending doctor’s office
The door opened. It was a man in his thirties wearing a white coat. His face was a little long, but his eyebrows were thick and his facial features were deep. He was a very masculine man.
This should be Dr. He.
Dr. Lin motioned for me to help my mother go in. My mother was not in good condition, but she was better than usual. Xiao Zhou and I took care of her quietly.
Dr. Lin saw me holding my mother and sitting back. He asked, "How’s it going? Are you checking now? "
It’s probably the second date. Mother has seen all those inspections.
His eyes fell on me, and I also looked at him. This man had a pair of sharp eyes. I took back my eyes at a glance and said, "The second examination has been very clear, but the brain surgery should be more careful. I have ordered the hospitalization. Now I will go through the hospitalization procedures and I will arrange the operation as soon as possible."
That’s it?
I looked puzzled at Dr. Lin and turned to Dr. He. "Is that what doctors do?"
桑拿会所"What’s the problem?" He looked up and asked.
I really didn’t. Even if I did, I wouldn’t say it.
A little nurse came in, and I asked Xiao Zhou to watch her mother go out with the little nurse and hand over everything, so there was no 500 thousand left, and the remaining 1 million was deducted as much as she went every once in a while
I came back with the bill and took my mother to arrange the ward.
This is an exclusive ward, except for the mother. Without him, the patients are quiet and will not be disturbed.
Because I didn’t expect to be hospitalized so soon, Xiao Zhou brought nothing back to the St. Lucia Welfare Institute to get something.
I stayed in the ward to clean everything, and when I finished, my mother was asleep.
Sitting next to Xiao Zhou, waiting for him to come back, the door of the ward opened, and Hector, wearing a white coat, came in and looked at his sleeping mother.
"Your mother’s condition is not very good, but the growth position of skull tumor is still very benign and the chance of successful operation is very high, reaching 76%."
There is a 76% success rate?
I was very happy to say "thank you"
"This is my job and you don’t thank me."
He put one on the table and said, "Your mother has been mentally stimulated and you still have to explain something necessary."
I looked at it, nodded, took a pen, wrote some simple things to Hehe, took a look, turned around and left.
An hour later, Xiao Zhou brought everything to her to look after her mother. I also wanted to leave the guard, but I called and asked me to go to the company to deal with Tina’s affairs.
No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 15 A passionate kiss
I took the case of Tina Si after several twists and turns at first, and then it was almost robbed by Liu Yue several times. After several twists and turns, it returned to me.
Wu Yinger almost flew into a rage because she made a brand for the star, but fortunately, this miss Wu Yinger is a balanced group artist, and all the guards have come forward to solve this matter, and I can still make Wu Yinger accept it.
I’ll go straight upstairs when I get to the equilibrium group
The design department on the sixth floor of the Dinas case. I need to communicate with the design department.
I didn’t tell Wei Qingkui that I had arrived, and I couldn’t let others know about the incident with Wei Qingkui.
I went to the sixth floor and my desk was full of people. A woman got up and saw me and smiled. "Miss Mo came to the president’s office and Miss Wu’s office. You can just go there."

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.