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Warm water, warm arms, hot kisses, but in a flash, she is addicted to …

Take a bath. They went for more than an hour. When they came out of the bathroom, she was so tired that she almost fainted. But he still didn’t seem satisfied. As soon as she touched the soft big bed, he overwhelmed her. She was shocked. Anchen, are you an iron man?
Good girl, it’s our wedding night. We must never forget it. He said, and the horse sealed her mouth and prevented her from making a protest.
She sobbed and couldn’t say a word of protest anymore, and she didn’t know whether she would faint or sleep in the end. He always wanted to remember it, and the effect seemed to be achieved.
☆, Chapter one hundred and ten grin will be reported.
An Chen and Yun Qianxue’s wedding network opened quickly, but in one day, An Chen and Yun Qianxue became online celebrity Weibo. An Chen and Yun Qianxue’s ancient marriage was as beautiful as it was.
Several netizens were shocked by this face value, but tens of thousands of comments were brushed out in one day and one night.
Those comments not only praised the bride and groom for their perfect looks, but also some passers-by who hated the rich scolded Anchen for showing off, but finally they were scolded by several fans. Finally, those who hated the rich and ate melons dived silently, leaving a blessing in the comments.
An Jinyao and Lin Shuwan invited the Lu family to attend the wedding in their name, but Liu Zilin was ashamed to attend. After all, almost all the people in the floating society knew that she liked An Chen, and she was worried that others would see her jokes. Therefore, on her wedding day, she dared not go out and added something to her heart that made her lose her virginity. She could no longer bear the blow.
However, when she saw the photo of Anchen in Weibo, she was still red-eyed. It was a man she had loved deeply for several years, but he never looked at him again. Finally, she married someone else and gave them a prosperous wedding, but she still didn’t cross parallel lines with him.
It’s sad to think about it. She can’t figure out what she is better than Yunqianxue.
Weibo’s comments are almost all praise for Ann Chen and Yun Qianxue’s perfect match, but it seems to her that Yun Qianxue is not worthy of anxiety. The more she feels that Yun Qianxue is not worthy of her, the more painful her heart is. If Ann Chen finds a better one than her, then forget her complaints. But why should Yun Qianxue? What makes her?
Yun Qianxue, the boss of a small decoration company, wants a family background, no background and no wheel appearance. She thinks she is several times more beautiful than her, but An Chen chose her. How can anyone in this world be so lucky? She hates God so much that it is unfair to leave all happiness to others and all suffering to her.
The more Lu Zilin thought about it, the more unwilling she became, the more painful she thought about it. She threw her mobile phone into bed and didn’t want to go to see Weibo again. Because of that scene, her eyes hurt and her heart hurt. She was worried that if she continued to look, she would be tempted to break her mobile phone.
But at this time, she just threw her mobile phone and it rang.
Liu Zilin looked at it to show that a pair of beautiful eyes were instantly cold and her face was in despair. These days, this word is like a nightmare, and she is tortured to the point of collapse.
The cell phone bell rang again and again, but she still didn’t want to answer it. Now she hates the caller.
The caller was none other than the man who deprived Liu Zilin of her innocence-Ceng Xiang, who seemed to be in love with Liu Zilin’s taste and often called to harass her.
Lu Zilin was fearless. Ceng Xiang also threatened Ceng Xiang to make Zeng’s Y city disappear if he dared to admit that he slept with her. But Ceng Xiang didn’t know where to get the video of what happened at their club that night.
The video was in his mobile phone, and he made several backups, threatening that if Lu Zilin ignored him, he would send the video to the internet to ruin Lu Zilin’s reputation.
Lu Zilin suffered such an insult when she was a daughter? She couldn’t wait to tear up Ceng Xiang, but the video was real. How dare she let Ceng Xiang put it online? In that case, her life will be ruined.
Lu Zilin is so scared that every time Ceng Xiang looks for her, her heart is full of resentment and fear. She is a noble daughter, and reputation is more important to her than life. How can she ruin herself? Despite all kinds of reluctance, she still had to force herself to bend Ceng Xiang’s arrogance again and again.
Liu Zilin didn’t answer the phone. Ceng Xiang still wouldn’t give up. He called her again and again. It seems that automatic redial is set. Generally, it rings again after every bell rings.
Liu Zilin bit her teeth and worried that she would really explode the video if she ignored Ceng Xiang and Ceng Xiang again. She bit her teeth and picked up the phone.
Do women dare not answer my words? Ceng Xiang that came from the words with a warning sound.
Liu Zilin bit her lip to resist swearing. Her delicate lips were almost bitten by her.
桑拿会所I’m waiting for you at the Emperor Club, and you’re coming right now. Ceng Xiang said and hung up directly.
Liu Zilin was so angry that her chest fluctuated. At this moment, she really wanted to kill Ceng Xiang. She never wanted to destroy a person like this.
She didn’t even bother to make up her makeup. She grabbed her cell phone, took her bag and walked out.
Ceng Xiang lazily sat on the sofa and watched Liu Zilin push the door and come in. He hurriedly greeted him.
He held Liu Zilin in his arms. You finally came, goblin, but you missed me.
Strange to say, he seldom went to other women after sleeping with Liu Zilin. At the sight of Liu Zilin, he was like an addict who saw poison.
Liu Zilin smelled him smelling of alcohol. She threw aside her head in disgust and pushed him away. Get out of here!
Ceng Xiang didn’t expect Liu Zilin to be so brave and dare to talk to him tonight. He squinted. Liu Zilin is less arrogant to me. If you make me unhappy, you will have a good fruit.
He has a handle in his hand, and I always eat Liu Zilin to death.
Liu Zilin is heartbroken today. At this time, after listening to Ceng Xiang’s words, she is even more indignant. She punches him. Bastard, you bastard, you have to force me to death before you are willing? You kill me, kill me, forget it. I don’t want to live anyway. Let me die …
Liu Zilin cried in despair. She had never cried in front of Ceng Xiang like this before. Even if Ceng Xiang threatened her, she was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and dared to speak out like this.
Ceng Xiang to see her crying heartbroken immediately panic okay, don’t cry, don’t cry? I was wrong. I shouldn’t have talked to you so big.
He likes Liu Zilin. Although he got Liu Zilin by improper means, he really likes her. Although he is not very good to her at ordinary times, it is also because this woman has no disobedience in her heart. If she is willing to cater to him, he is eager to let her go and hold it in his heart.
At this time, seeing how sad and desperate she was crying, his heart was sour and astringent. Although he was good at coaxing women on weekdays, he didn’t know how to stop her tears at this time.
He hugged her and patted her on the back. Well, don’t cry. I won’t be mean to you. Isn’t it? God knows how much he likes this woman. Since he got this woman, he can’t wait to pester her for a generation.
However, he comforted Liu Zilin, and she cried even more bitterly. It was heartbreaking to be so heartbroken and desperate to cry.
Ceng Xiang was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks. He just didn’t know what to do. Before Liu Zilin was so angry with him, she cried like this when she gritted her teeth. At this time, when she saw her crying like this, he suddenly regretted that she had just spoken too much.
Finally, he took her into his arms and directly blocked her lips in the most unified way. Liu Zilin cried suddenly and her lips were sealed. She couldn’t open her mouth at first, but gradually she began to respond to him like a vent.
Ceng Xiang didn’t expect to get her response this time. He couldn’t restrain his ecstasy and kissed her more emotionally.
He used to be a flirt, and soon Liu Zilin was teased by her and began to feel it.
This time, Liu Zilin unexpectedly cooperated with what he wanted. Suddenly, she had an impulse to break the jar and fall, and began to respond to him regardless. Gradually, she actually enjoyed the happiness. She felt incredible, but she felt unspeakable humiliation. However, she still indulged herself regardless.
Ceng Xiang is ecstatic, and she can’t wait to put all her moves on her body so that she can enjoy the ultimate happiness.

Shang Tang Lotus turns out that Liu Ruyu is sick enough with snake essence. I didn’t expect this Li Yue to come from Mars and play there without saying anything.

Li Yue saw that Shang Tanglian didn’t say anything and Shang Tang Lianzhen was touched and continued.
Shang Tanglian ignored Li Yue’s words and looked at Li Yue, saying that she was so eager and eloquent. Shang Tanglian looked at it for a while and finally could not help but interrupt Li Yue. What can I do for you? It seems that Li Yue didn’t give up until she reached the goal. She also wanted to know that she didn’t come to find herself for this rectified period. What is the purpose of her sudden visit today?
Li Yue listened to a happy heart and was interrupted by Shang Tanglian, and worried, Shang Tanglian, I really want to talk to you about something. I heard Jade say that you are going to attend the Nangong family banquet with Liu Ruyu on Friday night, aren’t you? Why are you so stupid and agreed? Did you forget how Jade targeted you several times? She was obviously a weasel giving a New Year greeting to chickens. How can you still be a good person? I’m here to wake you up. Don’t go, otherwise I don’t know what else is waiting for you. Alas, Jade is so angry with you, but I said good things for Jade even annoyed me, so I can’t put in a good word for you, otherwise it would be counterproductive. I overheard Jade say that she would have a party to deal with you, so don’t be jade.
Shang Tanglian doesn’t think it’s contradictory for Li Yue to say this? While calling Liu Ruyu intimately, she said that she was calculating herself.
It happened that Li Yue still didn’t feel that he was wrong and continued to worry about looking at Shang Tang Lotus. And the people there are also you who are not to be taunted. Listen to me, Shang Lian. Don’t bet on that tone. You know that Jade is going to deal with you. It’s not stupid. There’s nothing to be angry about. You can tell Jade later that you won’t go, so she can’t help it even if she wants to get in trouble with you.
Listen to Li Yue here Shang Tanglian interrupted and then let you go, right? I really think I’m stupid. I’ve been directing and acting for so long. I didn’t expect this Li Yue to be a master. He’s worse than himself. He’s doing less worship. He can’t say that he’s good and sell the other side. Is it really okay for you to say this, Shang Tang Lian?
Li Yue’s face was frozen again, and a thought flashed through her mind. It seems that this Shang Tang Lotus has really changed, not only learning better, but also people have become difficult.
Face Li Yue is wronged soup again.
I said Shang Tang Lotus or Shang Tang Lotus. Shang Tang Lotus rudely interrupted. That’s enough. Why should this female snake disease accompany her to watch her acting here?
However, Shang Tang Lotus looked at Liu Ruyu, who suddenly appeared behind Li Yue, and was interested. I don’t know what kind of picture will be played later. Shang Tang Lotus maintained that expression.
Li Yue Committee wronged and said, Shang Tang Lian, how can you think so? You misunderstood me. This is all about hello. Of course, if you have to think so, I can’t help it. I still want to advise you not to go. You don’t know how complicated the social banquet is. If this is the case, I’m afraid that the jade banquet will be bad for you, and no one can protect you. You’re not unaware that jade hates you to the marrow. This is obviously uneasy and kind. You have to get into her trick and ask me to say what you are good about.;
Chapter 17 Dig a hole to bury you ()
I know you are not angry with her. You never are angry with her, but there’s no way for us to give birth to another child. I also know that you are more beautiful than her, and she is no match for you now. But you can’t be angry at the moment and know that the other party is upset with you. You have to be a good person. Why are you so stubborn? Said Li Yue, who was a bit anxious for Shang Tanglian.
Shang Tanglian said, Oh, but I think she’s not as bad to me as you say, or she wouldn’t even take me to the Nangong banquet. You know that doesn’t mean that anyone wants to go, I’m sure she won’t. This is also a wonderful work. Kannika nimtragol, who was bullied just now, has become a hearttoheart friend with you.
Oh, Tang Shang Tang Lian, you don’t have a long memory. Are you bullied by her less? You said it was not easy to see that you fought against her, but you were bought off by her. Grow your brain. You don’t want to think that she didn’t even take me with her so well. Why should I take you there? It’s not malicious. What can you do with your existing friendship with her? Li Yue was too anxious. Is Shang Shang Lian stupid? It seems that even if she studies better, her brain is still so stupid.
Shang Tang Lotus looked at Liu Ruyu from the corner of her eye and her face turned red, but she said, Can’t you be honest? Liu Ruyu is a child whose mind is not as bad as you said. It is because we have no friendship that she is willing to take me to the party that I think Liu Ruyu is not bad. I believe she won’t be dealing with me. Look at how bright and clear her voice is at the moment. It’s just a matter of cutting her heart and lungs.
Li Yue thinks that Shang Tang Lotus is still difficult, silly and stubborn. Li Yuezhen, Shang Tang Lotus’s IQ is urgent. I don’t know how the score is tested. Now I can still get the first place in the exam every time. But I heard that the emperor gave people a door and opened another door. Now Shang Shang Shang Lian has been given a window.
But if the other person is stupid enough, he can persuade Shang Tang Lian not to go, and then he will have a chance. Thinking about Li Yue, he continued according to his endurance. Oh, I said, why are you still so stupid? It’s just to sell it to others. If you don’t believe me, just wait for jade to be sold to you when you go to the party. It’s really worrying me. Why don’t you think that you have a friendship with her now? She has dealt with you several times. Do you still think that she is not dealing with you? Are you stupid to read it? Then I’ll ask you once
Shang Tang Lian was in a good mood, especially when she saw Liu Ruyu’s head almost smoking. She continued to pretend to be confused. Oh, you said that she didn’t do it several times. She didn’t do anything.
See Shang Tang lotus so don’t begin to understand Li Yuezhen want to cut open her head to see if it’s a paste to come to Li Yue. It’s vague about waking up with Shang Tanglian. The original Shang Tang lotus finally understood. Who knows that it was still a ignorant sample? Li Yue can start to tell Shang Tanglian to put it bluntly. Why didn’t she ask you to perform in Taiwan at that time to make a fool of yourself? Because she knew that your talent was not good, then she asked you to dance the opening dance as well as you did. Otherwise, what should I call you? Li Yue gave Shang Tang Lotus an example to analyze those eyes behind Liu Ruyu.
Liu Ruyu was so angry when she heard this. Finally, Li Yue had to turn over the former account and said that she couldn’t help but get angry. Li Yue, I didn’t know you knew so much about me. So you have so much dissatisfaction with me. It’s not easy for her to endure it now. If she didn’t want to hear what Li Yue would say, would she endure it now?
Li Yue completely froze this time. Isn’t this Liu Ruyu’s voice strange? Didn’t she say that she had to leave first in the first class? Why did she come back again?
When I saw Liu Ruyu’s cow, Shang Tang Lian wanted to laugh. It was intentional to stay and watch the subsequent development. It was so lively that she liked to gather together. It was so beautiful. Is it even more exciting than the one in the TV play and it is still realistic?
However, she yawned. She was so sleepy. Last night, the merchant Cen asked her for advice. When she encountered some problems, she stayed up late. Today, it is better to go to bed early than this excitement. Let Shi Xingchen broadcast it for herself later.
Come to Shi Xingchen to come, but Li Qiusheng stopped him. Now it’s good for Shang Tang Lian not to bully others. Don’t worry.
That’s true, but the two of them leaned in to listen, and then the followup development was really wonderful. They also saw Shang Tang Lian deliberately saying those words, and they felt that Shang Tang Lian’s classmates were simply terrible. Did they dig holes for people? But they liked it.
Shang Tanglian didn’t wait for Li Yue to think about the reaction and finally said again, I said, can you let me go? You are in my way.
This time, Li Yue finally stopped Shang Tanglian from leaving. At the moment, her brain was white. She didn’t think of any ideas. She didn’t know that Liu Ruyu had come to Takuya. She didn’t know how much she heard. At the moment, she didn’t dare to turn around.
Shang Tanglian passed by Li Yue for the first time and smiled at Liu Ruyu in a good mood. She said, Liu Ruyu’s classmates can rest assured that I will not be influenced by Li Yue’s classmates. Although she said that you are so bad, I don’t believe that I will go the day after tomorrow. I believe you. Are you sure that this is a greeting rather than a mending knife?
Liu Ruyu rarely gave Shang Tang Lotus a good look. Well, I will actually tell you that your letter is the most true. Shang Tang Lotus just talked to Liu Ruyu, making Liu Ruyu suddenly feel that Shang Tang Lotus is a bit stupid. Don’t look at the good grades, but it is estimated that it has become a dull reading. Otherwise, how can you know that you are defeated by yourself and you have to be right with yourself? Well, it must be so.
Such a thought of Liu Ruyu doesn’t think how hateful it is for Shang Tang Lotus to contradict. Instead, at the moment, seeing Li Yue is disgusting. It’s not generally disgusting. Although I still see that she is not pleasing to the eye, Liu Ruyu believes that she is still very reasonable and not right.
Chapter 171 (Happy Valentine’s Day)
Liu Ruyu also knows that she has some thoughts, but in her heart, she is a righteous Shang Shang Lian, and she is a traitor. She wants to punish her on behalf of the moon. Of course, she feels that she is also a small punishment. She didn’t want Shang Tang Lian to do anything about Shang Tang Lian Xin. After all, she is really trying to spite Shang Tang Lian’s thoughts. But she didn’t recognize Li Yue’s accusation. She didn’t do that. Where is she so vicious?
Plus, Li Yue dared to arrange this behind her, and she was even more guilty. Liu Ruyu’s heart was in pieces, and Li Yue’s heart had Li Yue, which has since replaced Shang Tang Liancheng Liu Ruyu’s wish to get rid of the fast object.
桑拿论坛Li Yue would never come to Shang Tang Lian if she knew that there would be such a result. It should be said that she would not find it tonight. She already doesn’t know what to do. At the thought of Liu Ruyu’s means, Li Yue is a little brave or something. She dares to make a small move behind her back.
What worries Li Yue more is that the college entrance examination is coming soon. What if Liu Ruyu makes some means to make herself unable to take the exam?
Shang Tang Lian dug a hole for Li Yue and went home in a good mood. She didn’t care about the followup development. For people like Li Yue, Shang Tanglian was really afraid of the other party’s entanglement. Of course, it was not really afraid, but she felt that if there was such a person buzzing like a fly, it would be annoying. It would be better to solve it directly and let the other party dare not come to trouble themselves.
Knowing that she is going to the party, Shang Tang Lian is not vague about knowing that those clothes she usually buys are not very eyecatching. Although she doesn’t plan to get to know some people in the early days of the party, she doesn’t want to be too conspicuous. She must be able to go to that kind of party if she buys a wellbehaved dress. If the price is too good, it will attract people’s attention. Of course, she doesn’t plan to spend that money. If the dress is too poor, it will attract people’s attention and cause counterproductive results. The wellbehaved dress is the most appropriate.
The only pity is that Shang Tang Lotus doesn’t know what kind of party it will be that day. After asking Liu Ruyu about it for a moment, she didn’t even think about it. Then Shang Tanglian had a good idea.
It is said that since she was born again, she has been practicing martial arts and paying attention to nutrition. This body is very different from that of half a year ago. Not only is her skin color better than before, but her height has also grown a lot, and she has grown three centimeters less. Plus the original one meter 63, she is now one meter 66, and Liu Ruyu is barely one meter five. If Shang Tanglian wears a raised insole again, she will be worthy of Liu Ruyu.
Shang Tang Lotus has a good idea. Generally speaking, an invitation to invite two people means a man and a woman. Since Liu Ruyu invited her, she might as well be dressed as a man that day, but it also brings out the best in each other.
It’s a pity that Shang Tang Lotus went to the store to look for a suit of men’s clothes that fit. It’s not easy for those men’s clothes to be tailored for boys. Another thing is that Shang Tang Lotus’s chest is so well developed that it’s always awkward to go to that place every time. Shang Tang Lotus simply went to a highend suit store to order a suit on the spot.
So on Friday night, Shang Tang Lotus set off with Liu Ruyu, and Liu Ruyu couldn’t help showing off to Shang Tanglian how lucky she was to get this invitation.
Shang Tang was absentminded. Well, they didn’t have a horse to go to the party because it was a little late to go to the party after class in the afternoon. Both of them took their clothes first and then found a place to change.

Knock it out! Some of them immediately drink a way

Hearing this sound, Wu’s hand and everyone’s heart immediately cooled by half.
And the day does not set legion thieves also hesitated a little, then looked at each other solemnly nodded and immediately made a horrible gesture …
Believe me, it’s really a scary gesture … How to shape it?
spa会所Why don’t we put it another way? This is a man whose heart beats when he looks at it, and a woman blushes when she looks at it, and it is destined to become our inspirational gesture endorsement. An indelible black history has given birth to the terrible idea of killing everyone in the place after he experienced this gesture … to silence this terrible gesture.
Well, the thing is, the thieves of the legion are all in a ball at the moment, and the distance is so close that they can’t show their hands and feet. So how can we knock Wu out?
That’s why they hesitated a little, but the situation was so urgent that they didn’t have time to think about it more. They unanimously chose the smallest movement range, the least occupation, and a person, especially a man, could pose best …
Specific steps such as abdomenpoutingstrength storagewaist and legs togethermy top.
This list of posture combinations actually has an easytounderstand name and a word that reads呫!
“! ! ! ! ! !”
In an instant, all the people stare big eyes and open their mouths, and Zhang Shao can plug a watermelon into the ground, and the three views are messy.
This picture, this posture, and the comparison of the number of people can only be seen in the love movie of the plaster country. How many people present at present can guarantee that they are unfamiliar except three girls? Lying nose will be longer … It seems that telling the truth will be shorter. Telling the truth is a lie … And living happily with the princess from now on, er, where is this? Is this the time to think? ! Eleven has been rejected!
Chapter one hundred and twelve Old whipping corpse (recommended votes)
Seeing this scene, everyone was so obsessed with thinking that even the idea of regaining moral integrity was temporarily thrown behind them and rushed forward like crazy. Although they all knew that doing so might not necessarily save the hundred, they could not do nothing, but they should kill these thieves for revenge, right?
And surrounded by Wu in this instant mood is also a turning point
At the moment he immediately entered stealth, he had a wellthoughtout plan. Although he didn’t expect someone to follow the tactics so soon, he was always prepared. He was very indifferent.
He was in a panic when he saw these thieves from abdomen to buttocks to Xu Li. At this time, he finally realized that things seemed to be out of his control and that what was about to happen would probably bring him a huge reputation crisis.
Until now, he is really out of the picture. At this moment, the two emotions of shame and anger quickly intertwined and produced a fierce chemical reaction. He has completely blackened …
Stop where you are and don’t come and identify them!
There was a chilly sound from Wu in the crowd.
Hearing this sound, they are coming to the rescue, as if they were instantly in the Millennium ice cave. At the same time, they made a clever and unconscious gesture, slowed down their steps and looked at each other. Although Wu got along with each other for a long time, they still knew something about his general character. When did he have such a gloomy and cold tone in such a long time?
And not long ago, Wu Cai just asked them to obey orders.
But what should I do if I don’t talk to you in the past? Are you just going to watch the eleven die?
Or is it that Baiyi is ready to die and intends to remember their identity before hunting?
What the hell was Bayi thinking?
They have been completely confused.
The twenty thieves of the Sunsetting Legion are also puzzling, but this has not affected them to move. They have raised their dagger again and will stab Wu in a second …
Wu had already changed his fanatic armor to his body before this, and his remaining blood volume rose from only 14 to 64, but this blood volume may still be killed by a full 20 or so bows.
Everyone held their breath. Are you going to die?
The thieves of the legion at sunset smiled triumphantly, and their white horse was about to be completed.
After all, at this stage, how much blood can a person have, even if he is extreme, and even if he retreats about 10,000 steps, he is still alive, and there are still weaknesses to be broken.
Black cloth masked Wu’s face, but his eyes were narrowed, and no one knew what he was thinking.
Just then, no one thought that the situation appeared …
More than 300 undead swarmed, waving claws and weapons, and they threw themselves at the thieves who surrounded Wu. Their attack power was not high, but they were better than enough. Plus, the defense and blood volume of thieves were not very high. In an instant, nine thieves fell to the ground and died before they dropped their knives.
While the remaining 11 thieves cast their left and right bows, but the damage was less than seconds. Until their last knife fell, Wu had 17 health points left and his recovery ability in fanatic armor quickly rose to 17.
The most important thing is that the formation of these thieves has been disrupted, and Wu has taken the opportunity to break out …
Until now, they had been focusing on Wu Shen, and they suddenly remembered that there was another powerful forcethe army of the undead, but it was ignored by them because the former Wu brush was too easy and the incident suddenly panicked.
The sudden attack directly blindfolded the 11 thieves of the Sunsetting Army.
What’s the situation in the trough? The monster hatred is not in him. What will attack us first? A panic cried.
How do we know? !” How can other thieves have time to think about this?
And everyone who belongs to Wu heard the shout and wondered, Yes, what is this?
Someone suddenly exclaimed with surprise, I thought of invisibility. Just now, the Great God was invisible. After invisibility, the monster will lose its target, and the hate value will be cleared immediately. Even if it is invisible for a second, the monster will shift its target.
So that’s it. Everyone suddenly realized.
Another person sighed, No wonder the director didn’t let us count this coincidence in the past. Isn’t it amazing? Still a person?
Wocao, what you said is really the way it is. They suddenly realized again.
Before all the noise, I saw Wu brush the strange scene at the edge of the map, but Xiao Su lin xi frowned and meditated. At the edge of the map, although it was the same way to brush the strange, at that time he seemed to get close to the monster when he made the ice ring. Once the ice ring was released, the monster would immediately pull a long distance, but this time he always kept the monster at a close distance, which seemed to be intentional … Even this coincidence was deliberately created by him? Did he already expect this to happen?
So thinking about Xiaosu lin xi quickly shook his head. It’s just a coincidence that everyone said yes. This bastard root can’t be so clever!
It all happened in flint.
The 11 lucky thieves of the Sunsetting Legion immediately turned white after hearing all the words, but there was no chance to see that Wu had escaped from the encirclement and wanted to kill him again.
We also sneak out the monster hatred! This is the only thing they can do now.

Why is there a fire in your house?

Oh, I wanted to apologize for what just happened.
Emma Roberts felt that this guy must have deliberately played himself and said with anger, I will forgive you if you stutter.
This is not good. I have already apologized.
There’s nothing wrong with it. I think it’s good for you to stutter. Since you don’t learn, forget it. I don’t accept your apology. Good night!
Ji Guoqiu came home feeling that even if he was wrong, the little girl was too unruly. Think again. Although there were many rumors about Twilight’s cheating, people were less polite and didn’t hit the car so unreasonable.
Ji Guoshi is taking a bath at home. He came back 2 minutes later than Ji Guoshi.
Did you cheat your little girlfriend back? JiGuoQiu asked while changing clothes.
Ji was ashamed to smell the soap in the bathroom and accidentally fell to the ground.
Not yet. I don’t think we should cheat.
Did you watch the game today?
Ji Guo was ashamed to lock the door first and then carefully pick up the soap. Then he said, I don’t know how unlucky you are today … Forget it or I won’t tell you. I took a shower and went to sleep directly. The team finally had three days off, but I had to teach a group of bear children every day. Fortunately, I had to survive these days and I completed half the community.
Ji Guoqiu laughed. Come on, you don’t know a girl without a community.
On November 19th, Ji Guoshi went to pick up the little star Taylor Swift early, but this time he drove to the orphanage by himself, and Ji Guoshi could follow.
When I arrived at my destination, I was in the parking lot. Righi was humiliated.
Hey still angry? That day was an accident.
The accident is fair and I remember correctly, but you told me it was an accident? Do you know that my face has been swollen for three days and it still hurts! Taylor Swift’s face is still a little swollen when she speaks, and she looks like a baby.
Ji Guo was ashamed and didn’t know what to say. He felt as if he had been cheated that day, but he didn’t know what was going on when he asked his brother Ji Guo Qiu.
I really don’t know what’s going on. Believe me, I didn’t mean to do that.
Forget it, don’t do that again, but you stay away from me. I’m worried about your China Kung Fu. I don’t want to go to the hospital.
Taylor Swift looked at Ji Guo’s humiliation and felt his cheeks faint with pain. He was so angry that he secretly thought, Damn guy beat me so well that a misunderstanding is like throwing it over? It’ s so easy to bubble!
For three days in a row, Ji went to the orphanage every afternoon and trained with his brother in the afternoon, but Taylor Swift still ignored him in the afternoon.
Fortunately, after a few days, especially after Taylor Swift’s face became swollen, his attitude towards him gradually improved, but it was much worse than the previous one.
The day before the game, I gave bear children three lessons in a row. At noon, I left secretly holding a big gift box next to Taylor Swift’s car and then ran away while no one was there.
Taylor Swift actually peeked at him in the distance. The two of them were almost ashamed of Ji Guo, but they arrived at the parking lot first. Taylor Swift saw Ji Guo’s shame and hid behind the car to see what this guy was doing.
After Ji’s humiliation, Taylor Swift ran to see the people around him and immediately opened the gift box, which was actually two couples’ kettles.
Ji Guoqiu sent the front row tickets of a day’s competition by express mail at home according to Christine’s address. I think the other party will receive them tonight.
He didn’t know that Ji Guo was ashamed, so he also sent Christine a frontrow ticket in FedEx.
桑拿会所When it comes to November 22, the Clippers will face the Denver Nuggets, a western powerhouse with two guns.
Denver Nuggets traded from the City 76ers last season. Superstar allen iverson and current scoring champion Anthony formed the most powerful partner in the league. The Nuggets immediately targeted the championship.
However, this combination didn’t play its due role. Worse, the double shooting also restricted other players from playing. The Nuggets didn’t make a breakthrough as expected. They barely made it into the first round of the playoffs and lost 14 games to the San Antonio Spurs.
Even so, the Nuggets’ paper strength is still in the forefront of the league. They also have the best defensive player of the season’s amazing jumping ability and impenetrable defensive consciousness. marcus camby is famous in the eyes of American media and fans. Camby is the template of national hatred, not tim duncan. American fans think that he has not the potential to use Duncan as a template.
Ji Guoqiu is no better today than Ji Guoqiu. Today, his opponent is a powerful power forward with the speed of a defender. kenyon martin, the champion of the Millennium, can be regarded as a bluecollar player. If he is a little stronger, he will be beyond a bluecollar category.
Or to put it this way, if Martin’s offensive ability can be further improved, then he is a star player. After all, not everyone can be a parallel importer, especially kenyon martin, who was already a senior when he became the No.1 scholar, has chosen him as the No.1 scholar, which fully demonstrates his strength.
The Nuggets can be called both offensive and defensive. No one in the outside media is optimistic that the Clippers can win. They used to beat the Cavaliers and Pistons by taking advantage of the tiger’s nap. Now the Nuggets have no injuries except injuries. The Clippers are in trouble.

Instead, I gently grabbed Tang Chi’s bath towel and wrapped myself in my head and walked back to the bedroom. "Jiang Junyue, you are abnormal."

Is he abnormal?
It seems really abnormal.
But when he heard her talking, he quickly followed her with long legs and steady steps when he was excited. "Lan Jingyi, what do you want me to do before I can eat?"
"Fuck off, I won’t eat anything you cook." Lanjingyi walked into the room angrily. She wanted to kill him, but …
It’s a very contradiction, so she can figure out for herself that she feels angry, but Lan Jingyi relents when she thinks of all the good things he did to her before.
Lan Jingyi walked in a hurry and couldn’t wait to leave Jiang Junyue’s sight. But because she didn’t eat all day and was very angry, she was unstable and planted to one side. "Ah …" She cried out with low consciousness.
"Be careful …" An arm cut to hold her body, and she had to fall into Jiang Junyue’s arms again. "I don’t want you to let go of your false kindness." Lanjingyi struggled to get up.
Jiang Junyue picked her up and held her into the bedroom without putting a hug, but it was a wonderful night. Now he screwed up. Put her in bed. "Go to sleep." If you don’t eat anything and Tang Chi doesn’t soak, then there’s nothing else to do except sleep. After that, Jiang Junyue lay beside Lan Jingyi annoyed and seemed to be afraid of her emotional excitement. He didn’t hug her in his arms, but lay there quietly. Now he is motionless. He is a pair of deep black eyes staring at the top of his head quietly without blinking. It seems to be pondering something.
Lan Jingyi was still angry and reached out and pushed Jiang Junyue. "You go away, I don’t want to sleep with you, I don’t want to see you again." She growled, her eyes were red, swollen and emotionally unstable.
Jiang Junyue first lay motionless on the bed with his hands and pillows, but when he felt his little hands getting stronger and stronger, he tilted his head slightly, and then he saw Lan Jingyi, who was emotional. She looked so haggard that she was in a particularly bad state.
He tried to comfort her, but he didn’t say anything. He sat up slowly and said softly, "Well, I’ll go to the next room and call me." Then he got out of bed and slowly walked out of the room.
As soon as the small room was quiet, his breath gradually faded. Lan Jingyi sat in the bed, but his eyes still stopped. In his mind, his back was lonely and lonely when he left. For a moment, she really wanted to jump out of bed and chase after him. She loved this man deeply, but she suppressed that desire. She didn’t like it. She really didn’t like it.
Two rooms are separated by a wall. Two people are tossing and turning. Lan Jingyi can’t sleep. Jiang Junyue can’t sleep either.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep and awake.
The morning dawned.
Lan Jingyi’s door was pushed open, and the fragrant smell wafted over. Jiang Junyue brought breakfast. "Let’s eat. We may have to stay here these days. Something happened in our two cars."
"Why did you drag me into it?" Lan Jingyi sat up in surprise and looked at Jiang Junyue in surprise.
"Well," anyway, she has to stay here with him these days and she’s not allowed to go anywhere. He won’t believe that he can’t handle her.
"You lied to me. You must have lied to me. What do you want people to do?"
"Watch the news while eating" and Jiang Junyue walked out of her room, just waiting for her to get over it.
Where is Lan Jingyi in the mood to eat? She quickly opened her eyes, and then she really didn’t know how to cross Jiang Junyue. This must be intentional, but it’s too talented. That passive car actually crashed into the sea.
Moreover, according to the reporter on the scene, the monitoring before the car crashed into the sea showed that there were two people in the car, a man and a woman. At present, the police have begun to contact the relatives of the owner. It is said that the fiancee of the owner did not come home last night …
That man, he just pretended to be dead on purpose and took her with him.
She was so angry when she looked at the food he sent. She reached out and pushed it, and it all fell to the ground. No matter how delicious it was, she didn’t want to eat him. This was kidnapping him and making her ride a tiger. What should Xiaoqin do?
That child must be crying. Lan Jingyi took a water cup and began to milk. Anyway, if she milked the milk, she would be able to keep it. When she can leave here, she will still feed Xiao Qinqin and let the little guy eat it for at least ten months. Jiang Junyue won’t change her.
An hour passed, and the door was gently opened again. Jiang Junyue wanted to come in and close, but when he saw the carpet littered with things, he stayed at the door of wait for a while for ten seconds, and then he quietly turned around. He didn’t say a word, but he disappeared again in Lan Jingyi’s world.
Lan Jingyi continued to see that she was alive and well, but that man could convince the whole world that something had happened to him. I really don’t know how he would end up behind him. Suddenly, she began to look forward to it more than a little excited. What excuse did he want to tell outsiders that he and she were okay? Then how do you explain the disappearance of two people in that car?
It’s a very difficult job. You know, it’s definitely not easy to escape from the police. For a moment, she really wanted to jump out of bed and ask him what to do next, but when she thought about last night, she got angry and didn’t fight.
Really hungry
She drinks water.
Drink one cup after another
It’s noon.
The man never came to see her again.
If you don’t come, don’t come. She doesn’t want it.
It’s really a chat to keep here like this. She wants her children to think about it together with Xiao Qinqin and Xiao Zhuangzhuang. When she thinks about Xiao Zhuangzhuang’s heart, she feels a little gentle. That little girl is really stronger than Xiao Qinqin. She is still alive. This world really makes her very happy. I don’t know how Jiang Junyue will deal with Lome Wei this time. Think carefully. He treats Lome Wei harshly. It’s nothing compared with Lome Wei’s malicious roots. You must know that from the time she disappeared from childhood to now until she knows that Xiao Zhuangzhuang is her own son. That feeling is really worse than death.
The local TV news sometimes stays on that station without her, and suddenly I feel that I don’t know anything about Jiang Junyue. It turns out that he is in control of such a thing.
"Knock …"
That’s the door knocking. It’s neither light nor heavy. It seems that the man hasn’t knocked at the door every time since he left last night. Isn’t it him?
"Knock …" The door was knocked again "Miss Lan is me"
A female voice LanJingYi frowned "come in"
The door opened and a maid-like figure came in wearing an apron. "Lan Xiaoyi, I’ll cook your lunch. Try my cooking. If it doesn’t taste good, please tell me and I’ll improve it."
Kind words, kind face and smiling expression make Lan Jingyi want to refuse, and she can’t refuse to add this moment. She thinks that even if she is angry with Jiang Junyue, she can’t be angry with her milk. If she doesn’t eat anything, she has no milk to squeeze out. If the milk is really gone, it will not be worth the candle. She will continue to feed Xiao Qinqin with milk and gently nod "thank you"
"Then I’ll go out and get it for a while," said the maid, and she withdrew.
Lan Jingyi picked up the tray, and the reasonable collocation of vegetarian food and vegetarian food made her have an appetite. Anyway, it wasn’t Jiang Junyue who cooked Lan Jingyi. You’re welcome to eat it. She was really hungry and swept away all those meals. This should have milk, right?
桑拿网I really want to call my mother, but she doesn’t know how Jiang Junyue told her mother that she was afraid that she would make a mistake, but now let her ask Jiang Junyue why she wouldn’t ask him.
That’s how two people fight.
"Oh mom, did she eat?" Jiang Junyue wandered to the front of the villa kitchen in a family leisure.
"I ate a big bowl of rice and ate all four dishes. I’ll give Miss Lan another bowl of rice later."
"Oh," Jiang Junyue’s eyes darkened. It turned out that she didn’t want to eat what he cooked.
Restless, he went back to the room next to Lan Jingyi. He began to smoke one cigarette after another. Think about it carefully. It’s okay for him to do that to her. He remembers that in the A film, don’t say it was like that. Even men and women make love through the back door.
Is it necessary to say that she is normal and she will not be angry?
Women are really troublesome, troublesome creatures
But he really doesn’t want to be alone these days. He was angry with her last night and he didn’t even feel anything, but now his pants tent is up again.
After thinking and thinking, he took out the changed card "Jiang Han got something to send to me"
"What?" Jiang Han confused questioning
"Well, the more a`v actress films, the better. Send them to me immediately." He really wants that kind of man to go through the back door while Xiao Ju` hua goes through the back door, but it’s really inconvenient to say this. Then let Jiang Han send more. You can always choose one or two films then.
Chapter 134 to
"Good" Jiang Han took the words and looked out of the window, and then his eyes were amazing. His boss really enjoyed several days of leisure time, and he was still with Lan Jingyi. Well, this move is very easy to understand. It is a mediation between men and women. It must be very exciting to imagine that two people are likely to do it while watching it.
Jiang Han made a code saying, "Send the horse to the past". You can have as much as you want for a little money. Even if you don’t spend money, you can find it. It’s just the point, but he decided to spend money to buy it.
It’s really hard for Jiang Han to do such a thing himself. I don’t know if he wants those things, but he can’t tell the truth everywhere that Jiang Junyue wants him, and he doesn’t want to be chewed on his tongue behind his back, so he did it himself.
In the disc market, Jiang Han wears super ink and a cap and hangs low. "The boss buys discs."

"Master Lu’s wife."

"But isn’t he divorced?"
"People may be reunited because of the common crystallization of two people."
"It’s also, it’s also a child. Think about it. That child is really beautiful and must be a man killer when he grows up."
"Who knows if it’s always Lu? I heard that that woman is very disorderly and still follows …" The speaker was a little young because she saw the man she was going to say, and that was Jiang Junyue, the hero of today’s engagement party.
It’s strange that Lan Jingyi doesn’t smell it. Why hasn’t she seen the host and hostess of today’s engagement party?
Liu Wentao led Lan Jingyi to the corner where she was going. It was true that he didn’t like this party either. The men looked at Lan Jingyi and suddenly regretted that she was so amazing or that she wouldn’t be conspicuous if she was ordinary.
But at this time, Lan Jingyi attracted a lot of people’s attention, even though she went to a corner position, she still brought a lot of people’s attention.
Clothes, incense, temples and shadows are intertwined, and the biggest social feast in the city can almost come.
Jiang Junyue saw Lan Jingyi arm in arm with Liu Wentao and then appeared in the banquet hall. The woman came and even dared to arm in arm with Liu Wentao. It was really batting practice, but he couldn’t send it at the moment.
"Mom, I’ll do it myself. I can push you to greet the guests for me." Lome Wei was in a wheelchair, and a goose yellow evening gift set her off with great beauty. She was really beautiful, but she just couldn’t get into a man’s eyes. Besides, her beauty has been greatly discounted. She was in a wheelchair, which made her less moving, but it gave people a very abrupt feeling because it belonged to her engagement party.
"LaCrosse ….." Lome EU turned her wheelchair towards Jiang LaCrosse, and she seemed to be so busy that she didn’t say a word to her until now, which made her feel uneasy. If only she wanted to be with him.
“ ` ` w w w
"Miss Jiang Zong Luo called you" Lome Wei’s voice was not high or low. Everyone heard it, but Jiang Junyue, who was walking in front of Jiang Han, turned a deaf ear and ignored that he was struggling to turn his wheelchair to his fiancee tonight, so Jiang Han just woke him up. After all, everything has not officially started, and the engagement curtain has not yet been opened.
"Is everything arranged?" Jiang Junyue is not heard like asked that.
"It’s all arranged."
"Well, it’s almost time to do what you have to do. I’ll just handle it myself here."
"It’s Jiang Zong" Jiang Han is so busy that he is so cool that he can make an appointment to let his fiancee chase after him or turn to a wheelchair. At this time, Jiang Han has seen that Luo’s family’s face has changed, especially Luo Qijiang is striding towards Lome Wei, putting his wheelchair pusher on it and pushing Lome Wei to Jiang Junyue. "What time is it for Jiang Junyue?" Intuition tells Luo Qijiang that something seems to be wrong at the beginning of the night, but he smells the wrong smell, but he doesn’t know what Jiang Junyue is doing. His sister is the only one, and he naturally wants to protect him.
"What do I want? Of course, I want to get engaged." Jiang Junyue slowly turned around and glanced at Luo Qijiang. When he knew the truth, he still didn’t believe that this woman who grew up with him would do those things. Luo Qijiang was also good to Lan Jingyi, but now everything has changed and become ugly, which makes him very reluctant to face up to the truth but has to face it.
"Jiang Junyue, you’d better not play any tricks for me." A faint smile at Jiang Junyue’s eyes made Luo Qijiang very creepy, and a bad feeling grew stronger and stronger as if something was about to happen.
"Who is Wentao and who is engaged to the wedding?" Lan Jingyi has sat on a single person sofa sofa with Xiao Qinqin in her arms. There is a small coffee table with fruit snacks on it. It’s strange that the engagement party didn’t put up a banner to write the names of unmarried couples. It’s also at this moment that she suddenly remembered that she had seen the newspaper before. It seems that Jiang Junyue and Lome Wei also chose the engagement party. Today is the day when the newspaper was red, and she didn’t say where the two of them were going to hold the engagement party.
Lan Jingyi’s eyelids began to chug and jump. It was actually a left eye jump. It was said that her left eye jumped for money and her right eye jumped for trouble. Did she have a fortune?
But what can other people do for their engagement party? With a frown, she plans to sit for a few more minutes and then leave quietly.
"Yi is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi’s engagement party." Liu Wentao has seen Jiang Junyue and Lomevi not far away. He knows that the horse is going to hide, so it is better to say it when Lan Jingyi asks about him. Anyway, people have brought it. Even Lan Jingyi is leaving, but she is coming.
Chapter 113 Layers of wounds
"Yi is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi’s engagement party." Liu Wentao has seen Jiang Junyue and Lomevi not far away. He knows that the horse is going to hide, so it is better to say it when Lan Jingyi asks about him. Anyway, people have brought it. Even Lan Jingyi is leaving, but she is coming.
Lan Jingyi felt a shock all over her eyes, and then she began to scan the crowd in front of her. Her eyes fell on that. She thought that the man was Jiang Junyue. It was really him and Lomewei’s engagement party.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt that everything was so ridiculous that she came to his engagement party. What will she say to him when we meet later?
She wants to congratulate and bless him, doesn’t she?
But at this time, she is not happy at all. On the contrary, there are layers of wounds in her heart. She is very bad now.
It was at this moment that she realized that she was so interested in his engagement party. She knew that after this night, Lome Wei’s label would be more stable. They would get married sooner or later, and the distance between themselves and Jiang Junyue would be farther and farther.
桑拿论坛So far that they may face each other from a distance.
Watching LanJingYi face some blanched Liu Wentao nervous sat down beside her "JingYi don’t scare me or I’ll take you away. I’m sorry, I’m …" Liu Wentao got up more than some regrets came with LanJingYi.
Hand hug a hug arms small ooze little thing is still looking around? Suddenly the little thing eyes stayed for a certain point, the line of sight also attracted Lan Jingyi to look at the past. Lan Jingyi saw Jiang Junyue and Lome Weier, as if their nanny called the child Xiaoxi, and Xiaoxi seemed to see Xiaoxi, too. The nanny in Xiaoxi’s small apartment was coming towards Lanjingyi with Xiaoxi in her arms. Xiaoqin was excited, and her little hands and feet moved as if to tell Xiaoxi that she was waiting for him to come over.
"Giggle …" The little guy smiled brilliantly, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t laugh at it. After all, this is Jiang Junyue’s engagement party, but his fiancee is not her. Xiao Qinqin is also his daughter, but his son has different treatment, which makes her feel sad for her daughter.
"Mrs. Lan, you’re here, too. Our young master is talking. Do you mind if I hug you and your daughter and let them play together for a while?"
Lan Jingyi really cares a little because she wants to sit for another three or two minutes and then leave the banquet hall. But now this nanny is sitting with Xiaoxi for three or two minutes, and she can’t take time off. "I …"
"Hug … Hug …" But I never thought that she would refuse Xiaoxi’s new pronunciation, which was definitely "Hug …"
"Hug … hug …" Xiao Qinqin followed a school, so even Lan Jingyi didn’t know what was going on. It was just a moment when she sat in her arms with two little babies, one of her own daughters and one of Jiang Junyue Xiaoxi.
God, her evening gift is being ravaged by two little things at the same time, and many places have been wrinkled into a ball.
What about the new evening gift? I only wear it because I feel sorry for her.


Very prestigious thief? I feel that my common sense has been stung.
In those days, half of Jizhou was shaken when the thieves in Montenegro just started their work. Even the river was famous for its giant bandits who went to him for two years. More than 200,000 followers claimed to be millions. Do you think he has prestige? Cheng Yu asks.
I wiped my sweat. Since the situation is so huge ….. why doesn’t he just occupy the state and county and dominate the party?
I don’t know about this, he admitted frankly. The Black Mountain Army seems to have been divided, and the joint efforts of Huangfusong, Zhu Di and Zhao Qian to suppress the forces have already been greatly reduced. Although it seems that this time it was framed by Lombardi … but there are also twenty thousand people who came out with him from Jizhou, and I am afraid that they were left by Lombardi.
I sighed. Actually … Zhang Yan seems to be quite difficult. I suddenly got some appreciate each other.
Another batch of scouts returned to the camp and flew directly to me.
I really asked, Is there anyone else in Zhang Yan North Camp?
Yes, yes! Scouts nodding but … after they saw us … they ignored it … and didn’t even shoot an arrow.
What is this? I was puzzled and turned to ask Cheng Yu, weakness or something?
Cheng Yu didn’t answer, but asked the scouts, What’s the northeast camp like?
Seems to be … ready to move closer to the north camp
Cheng Yu turned to me and his face was hard to distinguish. They … don’t want to leave Nanying to escape from the Great Wall, do they?
51 bolu
Yesterday afternoon, the network was disconnected and then stopped … and my USB flash drive was missing again … The loss probability was much greater than the second time …
escape from the Great Wall? I was surprised. What do you mean? We haven’t hit it yet!
This is just my guess. Cheng Yu wry smile way Montenegro has always been a rogue. Once encountering a regular elite encirclement and suppression, Zhang Yanyuan fled from Bing and was driven out of Jizhou by Yuan Shao. I’m afraid I can temporarily escape from the limelight.
This possibility is not without my more than ten thousand elite cavalry. It is impossible to stay in the valley for a long time and ask our troops to retreat. Zhang Yan can still return to Youzhou with dignity. He can even go to the Great Wall and jointly plunder Youbei with Hu Lu to strengthen his power!
I bit my thumb and thought for ten seconds and said to Cheng Yu, I’ll stop him myself!
I hope it can be blocked. He is a little worried. Don’t leave a curse.
I immediately ordered the deployment of the Patriarch and the Difficult Building, a total of 4,000 cavalry coordination departments, and more than 10,000 people rushed toward the North Camp.
Nanying is only 4,000 weak brigades, and leaving more than 10,000 footmen is enough to surround them.
But destroying the enemy troops is not our target, and the two satraps didn’t say that they had to be wiped out to improve their achievements. So I entrusted them to surrender the enemyto turn these 4,000wayescape enemies into 4,000minute farmers who pay their food on time … That’s the most ideal thing.
I led the brigade to gallop while distributing troops. Tian Yu and Zhang Liao led the department to bypass Beiying and block Zhang Yan’s way from the west! Seibel, Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye, your third battalion led the army to cut off Zhang Yan’s way from the east! I issued the military order without telling the generals why.
Nearly 7,000 cavalry spontaneously divided into two teams and suddenly accelerated, whistling and passing from both sides.
I also have a member of Xu Huang’s general, the Zongzong, and a number of generals sent by the difficult building. In total, there are military forces in their early 7000 s, and the main force has slowed down a little.
The farther north we go, the closer we get to the frontier fortress, and the more desolate the scene becomes. The land on both sides of the avenue is almost deserted, and all kinds of weeds and wild seedlings are growing vigorously. Therefore, we don’t care that galloping horses will trample on the crops of farmers.
It takes half an hour for a distance of 30 miles without infantry, and I intend to slow down the main force to ensure that the horses still have the strength to charge after they get to the battlefield.
General! The former army messenger came back with a white mist and reported that Commander Gao of the Second Battalion ordered our department to successfully intercept Zhang Yan in the North Battalion. Would you attack immediately?
Let the battalions retreat slightly to the north and not engage in confrontation! I drank a lot, and I chased my life quickly.
Behind the horseshoe with shortness of breath.

7 thousand people surrounded 16 thousand people. I’m really fooling around
Moments later, the army and I closed up and the containment force reached 14 thousand. The enemy in the North Camp made a commotion.
品茶论坛I remembered that Zhang Baiqi, the thief of Hongnong at that time, fought, and I couldn’t help but miss it.
Master, what should you do now? Greeted by Tuoba Ye, not far from the west side, you are sitting on horseback.
The other three … are all in the north? I looked at a really didn’t see Zhang Liao three figure.
Tuoba Ye nodded. After all, there are more than 10,000 people in the camp, and 7,000 people are still struggling.
Keep your camp in the east and I’ll go to the north. I immediately blocked four thousand soldiers with miscellaneous brands behind me in the south of the camp, and I led Xu Huang around from the southwest corner.
Seibel gave me a hand at a distance. Is the general trying to persuade him not to attack?

Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to be surprised. "Ah Yuan wants you to see it, then you can go."

I stammered, "I just don’t know my grandfather …"
I learned that Sister Ye Xiangyuan was in a good mood and smiled, "Grandpa is very good. Grandpa didn’t cut us off all these years. He secretly went back to China every year and I didn’t meet Grandpa a few years ago before Yuan Jian, but Xiao Jin was taken by Yuan Yuan and met Grandpa. Xiao Jin likes Grandpa very much."
So there’s still such a thing
I have heard some words before. It is said that Grandpa’s family had some long-cherished wishes with Ye’s family before they left home.
However, the Chu family’s industrial management is very big, and the Daye family can’t easily shake it. It is estimated that Ye Li can’t help his grandfather.
Judging from the assets that Ye Xiangyuan gave me, my grandfather was very good at selling Ye Xiangyuan, that is, shares and antiques, as well as real estate around the world. If it weren’t for the flesh and blood, it wouldn’t explain why my grandfather was so generous to Ye Xiangyuan.
Think about it again. Maybe the eldest brother and Ye Xiangyuan were sheltered by their grandfather before the imperial city could stand firm and compete with Teng Jun.
I can’t help but rest assured.
I’m not afraid if Ye Xiangyuan and Grandpa are not tense. Anyway, I’m on Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
I hesitated to say the last doubt in my heart. "Ah Yuan said that my grandfather lives … I don’t believe it …"
spa会所People are in a famous clubhouse in the Imperial Capital. Of course, I have never been there, but when I was at school, I heard my colleagues describe the scene inside, that is, a gold-selling cave is a place where you are jealous.
Why does grandpa live in a place like that?
Sister-in-law laughed and winked at me. "What you heard is part of it … people are far away."
I can’t help but stare big eyes.
Sister-in-law said with a smile, "People used to be public property, and then your eldest brother needed to find out about it, so Ayuan took over the people’s club, but it was actually a scattered place."
I see
It seems that man is a secret base of Ye Xiangyuan, which is very important to him. No wonder grandpa lives there.
Then there was no doubt, and because of Ye Xiangyuan’s news, I slept well this night and waited to see my grandfather the next day.
I didn’t know that when I went out the next day, I suddenly heard Xiao Jin exclaim in a low voice, "It’s Aunt Fish!"
Xiaojin is sitting beside her sister-in-law on holiday today.
I followed his finger to the screen and saw the news that Gu Changyu was kidnapped!
I was so shocked that I couldn’t get over it for a long time
I went to see my sister-in-law, and her face was very dignified.
I turned to the TV and the news was still playing inside.
The robbers covered their faces with skill.
Gu Changyu’s face was coded, but the host directly broke her name.
Maybe outsiders think this is an ordinary kidnapping, but the aristocratic circle is different. They must guess who was kidnapped.
There was a gangster recording in the video. They asked the hostage family to take something to change people, but they didn’t say what it was.
Chapter 23 See Grandpa
I don’t know what to say after reading it silently for a while.
The bandits demonstrated by looking at Lu Jia and Gu Jia.
Now that Lu Xun has gone to the imperial capital of Africa, the situation is tense. How much pressure does it have to bear to come out like this again?
I don’t know, it suddenly occurred to me that Lu Xun gave me the box.
Is that what the kidnappers want?
I have this guess in my heart and I can’t press it anymore.
But things are given to me by Lu Xun, and neither he nor Ye Xiangyuan. Should I tell Gu Changning?
My mind is a mess.
At this time, my eldest sister-in-law woke me up and said, "Go see grandpa first. Be careful."
I, uh, went out with a heavy heart.
I thought about Gu Changyu all the way. How could she be kidnapped?
What the hell happened?
Will it be with Ye Sanye?
The more I think about it, the more frightened I am, and I am a little worried that Gu Changyu will send Gu Changning a WeChat to ask about it.
But he hasn’t responded.
I am more and more worried about the arrival of people in such an uneasy mood.
Pandong naturally follows me, and there are also many bodyguards in the dark.
People are just opposite Yuncheng. The whole building is not high, but it looks like a palace from the outside. It is really magnificent.
If I had never set foot in such a place before.
But since I knew it was Ye Xiangyuan’s territory, there was no rejection in my heart.
May be Ye Xiangyuan or grandpa told me to be led to the penthouse suite as soon as I appeared.
The door was opened and I met my grandfather.
My grandfather’s surname is Chu Mingrong, who is more than 60 years younger than Ye Li, but he looks as big as Ye Li, and his face is also sick. It should be a long bed that is hard to heal.

Xiao Qin Qin called her mother, Xiao Zhuang Zhuang called her father. Two little things are also eager to have a mother and a father family.

Tears flow more and more, cheeks flow and then converge to the corners of the lips.
"Yi Yi, what’s wrong with you?" Lanqing finally found Lanjingyi wrong.
"Oh, I was naughty and naughty, and there was water all over my face." I quickly wiped my tears and got up. She didn’t want to be seen crying by Lan Qing.
After coming out of the bathroom, Lan Jingyi went to find pajamas, took a shower and went to sleep. It’s the same whether you want to live your life or continue this life, and whoever leaves the world will turn the same.
There has been no sound, and there can be no sound on her phone.
No one can get in.
If Jiang Junyue had picked her up at this time, he would have arrived at Li Xuefeng’s place and then hurried back. I wonder where he will stay tonight?
Jiang Jia?
The beach house?
Or that pretty girl’s place?
Suddenly Lan Jingyi flashed a photo like flint in her mind, which she had seen in Jiang Junyue’s bedroom in Jiang’s old house.
That photo is of a sweet girl.
Imagine the girl’s side face for an instant. Lan Jingyi was struck by lightning, and the two faces have overlapped.
It turns out that the girl in the restaurant is the girl.
Yin qingrou
At this moment, everything is explained clearly. Hehe, his old love is back, and she, who has never been in his heart, should give way.
At the beginning of next month, hehe, that’s ridiculous. How is that possible?
It’s impossible
It turned out that it was just a wedding, but he wanted to leave her early in the morning, and she never told her why. Now she understands that it is because he may have known that Yin Qingrou is coming back.
"What’s the matter with Yi Yi?" Lan Qing came out of the bathroom with Xiao Qin Qin. The little thing was wrapped in a towel and looked at her "mother" with a smile.
She stretched out her hand and took it, and Lanqing went to hug Xiaozhuang and take a bath.
Hehe, the beautiful girl and handsome boy take a bath. The skin of two little things is as smooth as if they have just moistened milk.
Kissed Xiao Qin Qin Lan Jingyi and turned into the bedroom. "Be good and sleep with your brother. Mom went to take a shower."
Lan Jingyi slowly took a shower as if she could kill time in this way. Suddenly, she thought of her own Taobao shop to accompany Jiang Junyue. She neglected her own job, but it was that man who returned to his old love.
It’s stupid, it’s stupid, how much it’s done is just someone else’s wedding dress
While washing the bathroom, the doorbell rang. Lan Jingyi quickly wiped her body and wrapped her head in a bath towel to "Mom, don’t open the door."
Lan Qing just walked to the door. "What?"
"Oh, mom, if the lacrosse is outside, don’t open the door for him. I don’t want to see him." When she came in for a shower, she locked the door. This point must be that Jiang LaCrosse locked the door. If he can’t open it, he will naturally ring the doorbell.
"You young couple quarreled again? Alas, this day has passed … "Lanqing first left her eyes on the cat’s eye and saw the sidewalk" It was him. "
"Mom, go into the room and put the children to sleep. I’ll take care of him."
"Well," Lan Qing sighed again and again. She really didn’t understand this young couple. Just cherish it together. She has to be awkward every day, like she and that guy don’t even have a chance to be together.
Lanqing went into the bedroom.
Lan Jingyi came out wrapped in a bath towel, and the doorbell rang so loudly that she went over and looked out through the cat’s eye, while Jiang Junyue was just right to look inside for a moment.
Lan Jingyi brushed away Jiang LaCrosse but didn’t move it. Instead, she looked at the woman inside through the cat’s eye and came out of the emergency room. Her bath towel was not tightly wrapped at all, revealing that half of her round breasts were particularly attractive. He reached out and rang the doorbell again. I was a little puzzled at the bottom of my heart. Why didn’t Lan Qing open the door for him just now?
Besides, Xiao Ni lied to him and didn’t go to Li Xuefeng’s place to harm him. He was stupid enough to pick her up. He was going to go into the small apartment and ask her a clear question. Why should he lie to him?
Listen to the doorbell. Lan Jingyi couldn’t wait to strangle the man outside. He just took the pool in the doorbell and let him press it.
When the doorbell stopped ringing, it was finally quiet around her, but her eyes fell on the shoe rack. She knew that if he still wanted to come in here, it might have been him who entered the small apartment in the next room.
Lan Jingyi simply went to the sofa and lay down, but the light was on the wall. The light reflected in the small living room secretly. When she moved a wall, a shadow would flash out.
Lazy looking at the direction of the shoe rack, the sixth sense told her that the man was still coming in.
He just couldn’t get through to her.
Chapter 194 You followed me
He just couldn’t get through to her.
Sure enough, it was just a moment when the shoe rack moved over there. Lan Jingyi squinted and looked at the man who had bent over and emerged. First, he scanned the small living room and saw that she was lying alone on the sofa, so he was big enough to face coming towards her from detachment. "What machine? What lied to me that I went to Li Xuefeng? " He questioned him with an aggressive look.
"I missed the plane because I wanted to. If I didn’t want to pick you up, I lied to you on purpose. I just wanted you to run away. Does that feel good?" She smiled and frightened him. "Jiang Junyue, you don’t care about me."
"Who says I can’t control it?" The tall figure suddenly crushed Lan Jingyi’s body. He really weighed her down, so she went to push him. She pushed and struggled, and the bath towel slipped off to reveal that she didn’t even wear clothes. "Ah … Get out of here." She hurried to pick up a bath towel to cover her chest and was anxious around her.
But where can it be covered tightly?
Good men are neat and tidy, and they are still separated by his shirt and his slacks.
"Don’t roll." The more she struggled, the harder he pressed her. Finally, Lan Jingyi didn’t have the strength to struggle. The woman couldn’t beat the strength of the man. Besides, she was even more powerful than him. She gasped and stared at his eyes. "Aren’t you very busy?"
夜生活  title="Well, I’m busy, but you make me busier."
"Where are your guests?" She asked softly that Yin Qing’s soft and sweet face flashed in her mind. That woman is so beautiful. No wonder Jiang Junyue can’t forget her photos all the time.
"Go back"
"Oh, she went back alone?"
"How do you care about me? Aren’t you afraid I’m jealous? " Jiang Junyue teased and asked
But the truth is that Lan Jingyi is jealous. "Hehe, why don’t you introduce me?" At this moment, she still expects him to tell her the truth. If he does, she may choose to forgive him. After all, there are Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, and she is distressed at the thought of those two children.

A punch explodes the war to defend the monarch. An old man who seems to be dying is skinny and looks like he stepped into the coffin. It is such an old man who still has enough strength to punch the monarch.

Although you are crazy to avoid consumption, it is almost pure physical strength confrontation, but you are crazy about physical strength, and you don’t dare to face the nine swords directly. Although you have about half the strength, the old man can say that the fighting consciousness and self-cultivation are in place.
The old man’s face is solemn and solemn, showing that the lack of oil and salt makes people unable to ridicule their minds at all, and even pays a little more respect.
You crazy slightly reminded the corners of your mouth, thinking that somehow you can practice your hands and make such an old man willing to be driven by him. Obviously, the ancient monarch is not a simple person.
That’s all he thinks, because in an instant, he finds that the damage is evenly distributed among four people, so it’s not too big for the old man. If he is crazy about a few moves, he will lose power, and he will not be repetitive. Pulling him out of the war gave him a good time and grabbed his soul out of his pocket.
The other three people saw that the tide was gone and had no chance to struggle. They did not maintain the law and fled for their lives.
They run away very fast, and their directions are different. It is a tacit bet that one person will be destroyed in luck and the other two will probably find opportunities to hide.
This abacus is well played, but it can’t be prevented. You can teleport with your mind, so when all three people are tied back and thrown into a pile, they can also smile at each other and exchange glances, and then start preparing for self-explosion.
Jun Kuang is another cloth hood to pack the three people and kick them into the trench to give them a taste of weak water.
The ancient people were afraid of weak water. Once they came into contact with weak water, let alone escape, they couldn’t even get a few flutters. These magicians were also reclamation projects.
Wave after wave, they may have some treasures, so even people and babies are thrown into weak water.
You want to pick it up, but you can pick it up yourself without stopping you. You are still afraid of a weak water as soon as Xuanshui is available.
You’re such a big heart, Chu. Someone hummed and ignored you.
You are crazy and boring. He doesn’t have time to shoot the breeze with someone. Someone is too idle to panic. But every second counts. The ancient clan "Great King" still sings. It seems that at the last stage, he looks really a little distracted when he is bathed in red light.
"Who are you?" You crazy can be sure that when you found Ding before, you saw that it was this great gentleman and made him feel inexplicably familiar.
The word "old friend" is faint, cold and slightly hoarse.
Jun gave him a crazy look. "I know it’s an old friend, but I want you to show your true face."
"You can return the tripod, maybe we can discuss it" is still concise.
"That thing was given away, and I didn’t come to consult with you." You are crazy and white. This is not an ordinary opponent. The momentum of the whole body is soaring and the hoses are around each other’s necks
Because of the hose, the cloak was picked up, revealing a face that was seven points similar to that of Jun Kuang.
The difference is that the other person’s face is overcast and frowning, and a pair of bloody eyes can see that this person has been enchanted. This person has a deep scar on his forehead. It seems that he has suffered from life and death, and there are some small scars on his cheeks. However, he is unaware that his bloody eyes are staring at Jun crazy for a moment.
Magic Xiujun thinks it’s a long experience, not only a long experience, but also a pure long-lived experience of "it’s you"
"What a surprise!" The other party sneered at Jun’s crazy surprise with a sarcastic smile. "It seems that you really have no psychological preparation at all." He took the initiative to stop singing, so there is no point in refining the soul and refining a city root.
"I told you she wouldn’t make such a big noise." You were crazy and surprised. At the same time, you were crazy and had a little relief in your heart. After all, although there was chaos in the Three Realms, it might not only be the situation with Qin Xiao.
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品茶论坛Not dominated by Qin Xiao.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Brothers meet embarrassed topic
"I’m here for a reason." The ancient monarch smiled and took a look at your madness. "But I was late to contact you in this way. I didn’t expect this place to go back and forth."
You are crazy to sneer at "I really can’t digest the sudden appearance of people who have not been seen for so many years in front of me." He squinted at each other. "Jun Qian went to find someone to help you in those days. Since then, I never thought I would meet again."
"I’ve imagined many kinds, except this one." Jun Qian smiled. "Even Dr. Huo was in a coma when I came, and I didn’t dare to move the instrument easily. I didn’t expect that I was brought in by curiosity at the moment."
"So you also have a unified hand" Jun picked his eyebrows.
"Your story is well written." Jun Qian smiled at him. "But some places are unreasonable, such as the two of us."
"I know," Jun frowned without trace and interrupted each other. "You won’t continue your singing."
Jun Qian smiled quite sarcastically again. "That’s just to make those stupid orcs worship me and borrow their ancient skills to mystify me." After a pause, he added, "I induced their souls to automatically throw themselves into my prison. Long Ding just repaired their souls and damaged Ding Ling’s past cities. What am I doing refining?"
This statement is consistent with your crazy guess. You crazy turned around and left without asking.
"You have nothing else to say." Jun Qian flicker in front of him and stood in his way.
"What do I have to say to a monk?" You scoffed wildly.
"Don’t you just ask me what brought me to this point?" Jun Qian’s voice sounded a little angry and seemed to be really bitter.
Jun crazy sigh eyes motioned for each other to continue.
"Find a quiet place," Jun Qian said. "If you can’t accept my statement, you can fight."
"But" Jun told Lei Ying that he was leaving Lei Meteor City, and he had already cleaned the battlefield and handed it over to him.
Jun Kuang took Jun Qian’s mind and moved. They have reached a lush forest.
"Go ahead." Jun took out two cans of alcoholic drinks from the system and threw one to Jun Qian to sit on a clean and smooth big stone.