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I bit my lip angle and said, "Anyway, I don’t think it’s suitable for us to have any intimate actions now … Why don’t we keep our distance before you make a decision …"

I’m going to break him.
I didn’t know that he held me tighter, and that strength almost hurt me.
But I didn’t flinch, but I was more determined to make it clear to him.
Besides Gu Changyu’s reasons, I’m also a little worried.
I don’t mind him killing me, but he deliberately lied to me and seduced me, which made me a little unbearable
I can see that he treats me not only as a tool but also as a fool …
How can he really talk like this?
Ye Xiangyuan transfixed at me and lifted me, saying, "I’m sorry about Grandpa … this fact is that I planned it early in the morning, probably when I found you … but I’m more and more reluctant to let you get blood on your hands. This plan has long been suspended." He seems to see that my thoughts are light. "Those emotions before are not lying to you. I am really uncomfortable. I can’t help my grandfather but hate him …"
I listened silently and bit my lip.
For a long time, I said, "Ye Xiangyuan, do you know that you are too shrewd? I can’t tell which of your words is true and which is false. Every word of yours is so sincere. I also believe you … but my intuition tells me that you lied to me …"
He stared at me quietly.
I said, "So I have to think about it. Now I want you to be near me, I will think of Xiaoyuer. You taught her at school … She wants to take an exam, and you are desperate to come back and make up lessons for her … You see that you have her in your heart."
Chapter 231 fox reincarnation
Ye Xiangyuan silent didn’t speak.
I smiled slightly. "But you are my employer. I have never chosen profit. If you don’t promise me, I can talk."
Of course I said that on purpose. I want to bet on his heart.
Subconsciously, he is a very good person and should not force me to get close to him.
There was a flash of pain and anxiety in his eyes.
I am zheng.
But before I realized the difference, he had let me go and stepped back and said, "Okay, I promise you I won’t touch you until you agree."
I was relieved and a little disappointed.
He said, "But our marriage will continue. At least I won’t consider divorcing you for several years."
Looking at his handsome face, my heart ached and nodded, "I am white."
He stopped talking.
I thought for a moment, "I will still work for you later … If you have any orders, you can tell me directly that even killing people is what I should do …"
He lowered his eyes and sighed, "Is it time that I was such a despicable person in your eyes?"
I am speechless.
He held out his hand and gently touched my face, which seemed to be the last thing I wanted to do. "I won’t touch you at this time, but you don’t have to feel that your identity is not enough. To outsiders, you are still my wife Ye Xiangyuan and my grandfather and sister-in-law. I hope you can hide them for the time being. Of course, if you want to make it clear, I have no problem."
I don’t know, I suddenly got a little sad.
He is still so gentle and considerate.
What bothers me the most is that I’m really not sure whether he is acting or sincere.
He gave me a deep look and said, "Go out. Xiaowen and I have something to talk about."
Instead, I stared at him for a while before turning and opening the door.
I couldn’t help looking back when the door was closed.
His eyes still fell on me so deep and so hot.
It make me feel like that woman he loves deeply.
I can’t help but feel nervous.
But I soon shook my head and came to my senses.
Maybe he has a crush on me, maybe I warmed him up around him.
But there is still Gu Changyu in his heart.
After the talk, I deliberately kept my distance from him, and he kept his promise. He would never hold my hand or kiss me again.
I should have been happy, but I don’t know that my heart is not good and I am a little lost.
Maybe I’m used to his intimacy and suddenly become a familiar stranger, which makes me uncomfortable
In order not to keep myself depressed, I took the initiative to go out to help the shipping company
Ye Wen was told by Ye Xiangyuan that instead of refusing, he patiently explained the progress to me.
I just found out that this lawsuit will start in a month.
It happened that there was no progress now.
When I think of Chen Shu, I can’t help but ask, "Is he still the imperial city?"
Ye Wen nodded, "But we have been unable to block him."
I frown in the mind some doubt that the imperial city and leaves home can’t find a person?
Ye Wen probably saw my idea and explained, "I knew his whereabouts several times, but he refused to meet him. Second, say nothing and don’t be strong for the time being."
喝茶约茶  title=I see
But the lawsuit is imminent, so we have to talk to him.
I thought about it and said, "You can order extreme measure if you can’t make another date."