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In a day or so, I have reached the lake sand. From the outside, this water is said to be a city, rather than a huge fountain, which spews thick water columns from the highest nozzle, and the city is full of criss-crossing waterways. The water flows downstream along the waterways and flows into the sea over a thousand meters of cities.

Seeing such a city is definitely more appreciation than surprise. It’s beautiful and spectacular, but appreciation is down to business. I still remember flying into the lake sand from the whale’s back like other gods, but I was immediately pointed at by dozens of gods with weapons. This time, I was careless that the lake sand is different from other cities. The lake sand is a sacred place for gods. It is impossible for gods to enter and leave casually. I will definitely be arrested for going in directly.
桑拿会所It wasn’t long before I was taken to a cell. Although it was a cell, the environment was good, at least there were no cockroaches and mice, and there were no cobwebs and such things.
Looking back, when I was surrounded by dozens of gods just now, I was really a little afraid that if I died here in vain, it might really become brain death.
While I was meditating, Cain flew out of my armor or stayed on my shoulder as usual.
"Master, there’s one more thing I have to tell you," Cain continued, looking at me with bat eyes. "Actually, Miss Chris, she …"
When I heard Chris, I was fascinated. "What happened to Chris?"
"Chris, she … she forget it. I won’t say let her tell you herself."
"What? She came out by herself? Chris came here? Where is she? "
"I just found out about your pet."
In Chris’s pet? What’s going on here?
"Chris, do you really decide to do this? There is no turning back! " Luen? Tokdarcy asked anxiously.
"Well, father, I’ve decided! I will not regret it! " The figure in Chris’s heart is getting more and more blurred. She doesn’t know what will happen, but she has been together almost every day since she met him, but she hasn’t heard from that person for more than ten days, and she doesn’t know how he is doing now. She is getting more and more fidgety and fidgety.
"Since it’s up to you, just let it be. Do you know the details? After your ability will drop very much, maybe … "
"Well, I know! Let’s go. "Chris now has a distant figure in his eyes.
I closed my eyes and silently called Chris, and her figure gradually emerged in front of me. When I opened my eyes, Chris was as real as my eyes.
"I dreamed …"
"Escape ~" Chris said and rushed to hold me and threw me down. This should be a man’s work, but now it has been done by his own woman.
"Is it really you? Chris, why are you here? " I am also very happy to see Chris happy, although it is in the cell.
"I’m your pet now. You won’t want me, will you?" Chris said with a pathetic face
"Pets? How did you become my pet? "
So Chris’s father, Luen? One of the characteristics of Tokdarcy being a top figure is that assigning pets can make creatures become other people’s pets, even cats and mice, but the biological ability will be reduced several times after being a pet, which is the only regret.
"So that’s it, Chris. Why are you still in such good shape after becoming a pet?" I stroked Chris’s smooth back with malicious intent and enjoyed the special feeling.
"Uh-huh ~ Don’t touch this bad thing again!" Chris got up quickly. If I touch it again, I’ll never know what I’ll do. There’s no one else in the cell. There are only a few men and women in the same room (that bat is not a person). Hehe!
I was just about to take further action. At an important moment, that damn bat actually bothered us.
"Master, someone is coming here." The bat specialty has seen that it is particularly sensitive to sound at this moment.
"Chris!" As soon as I said Chris, I knew it. I immediately flashed back to my pet.
Soon I also heard the sound outside the door and knew that the man was outside the door.
"God man?"
"That I want you these hands to eat shit? I don’t know! "
"It belongs to energy!"
I have an impulse to laugh when I listen to the dialogue outside, but are there other demons besides the man of God when they go to the inferno?
"Open the door"
The door opened and I was very surprised by the person who came in, because I have seen this person turned out to be Lan Fengyun, dressed in an ordinary costume of a god, but I am not sure whether he is a god because he has a pair of snow-white wings. Can gamers come here to play?
"What are you from? What is the holy land? " The man didn’t come in at the door because he looked at me and asked me very seriously
"I won’t tell you"
"Xiao Qi threw this guy into the fourth floor of the magic prison." The man said and turned his head and left without saying much.
And the man he called the Seven Gods looked at me like a stranger, then took pity on me, looked at the door again and left.
People in this world don’t even know how to joke, but it’s really unchanging to think that you are a prisoner and still play games by yourself.
Chapter 15 The Magic Prison (1)
Chapter 15 The Magic Prison (1)
"Is Chris treating them well?" I lie on Chris’ thigh and close my eyes.
"They, hehe, they have done a lot of work, and they don’t know why you are so attractive. There are so many people signing up for the guild!" Chris has been laughing to see how she smiles. Did they do something funny?
"Chris big sister little sister quick tell me what happened to them? I’ve been drifting in the sea for more than ten days, so please have pity on me and tell me quickly. "Although I say this, my hands have been creaking her armpits and waist, making Chris even worse. Hehe laughed and surrendered.
It took a while for Chris to turn red like a tomato, and then the red color slowly receded, telling me what they had done in the past ten days like a story.