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"What a cruel little Yin! I am at least your brother!" The boy looked sad.

"It is because you are my brother that I am so strict with you. If someone borrows it from me, I will immediately borrow it without even considering it. Will you forgive me for your kindness?" It’s good for a girl to laugh at his desk and easily change her brother behind her. She won’t be stabbed in the back by a pen as soon as she leans against the table. Jiang Wu, the little girl, has been holding a pen and sticking to the table and was stabbed in the back. It is estimated that there are many ballpoint pen marks on her front clothes.
This sentence pleases He Lianyin. His mouth is soft and self-confident. "With you, I will scribble this sentence. You wait for me to fill it out."
I really bowed my head.
Nai’s pen turned again and again, but he still couldn’t work out the answer. Lu Zitong happened to bend over from the side and look at his Olympiad title and silently said, "The similar triangles area ratio here is equal to the square of the corresponding edge ratio … 4 2-2 = ad 2 = 5 2-(6-) 2 = > = 9/4 Similarly, Y = 9/2z = 5/…"
He Lianyin is at a loss.
Triangles in his previous class, triangles were used as guns to play compasses, long squares and triangular rulers, and they never got to the right path.
Lu Zitong knew he didn’t understand when he showed his pupils.
She took the ballpoint pen in his hand and filled it out for him. Then she went to her place and took her winter vacation and handed it to him with a smile. "If you can’t solve it, just look at my answer. You have to write quickly or you will be fined twice."
He Lianyin took over her dazzling smile "thanks"
Seeing her jumping away, he suddenly felt that this woman was too attentive to herself?
"Xiao Yin" teenager touched her back with a pen.
"Why?" He Lianyin turned his head from the graceful words.
The young man leaned over and gathered his eyebrows close to her for a long time. "Is this Liu Zitong a bubble? So he came to help me solve the problem and lent me the winter vacation industry. "
His words are very explanatory, for fear that Xiao Yin will not be happy, he will ask her advice first with someone else’s career.
"Yes, she has a bubble in her brain." He Lianyin has no expression and cold eyes.
"Yo, I can see you don’t like her very much. What’s your problem?"
"If you don’t have a holiday, you just can’t get close." She smiled and knocked him on the head with the graceful words in her hand. "Write quickly or there will be no time."
Well, actually, she came to think that if her brother really can’t figure it out, she would lend him the job. I didn’t expect Lu Zitong to be one step ahead, so let her be. Anyway, her brother won’t be punished by the teacher
Then she turned to look at the poem in her hand with relish.
He Lianyin was silent for a moment and consciously removed Liu Zitong industry and asked; "Yin, if ab stands for rational numbers and A+B =, what is the answer?"
The girl "ab reciprocal number" didn’t even think about giving an accurate answer.
The teenager copied the answer and asked, "A = 2b =-2 satisfies 2+(-2) = so that A and B are opposite to each other?"
"algebraic expression, algebraic expression and algebraic expression"
"Good" He Lianyin praised and asked a few questions.
She answered the questions quickly and accurately, but she didn’t make any mistakes.
Almost as soon as the question landed, she gave the answer. Several students nearby were shocked. Isn’t the brain spinning too fast?
He Lianyin wrote happily.
Next to Yi Chen, he is also a writer. Listen to them, ask questions and answer questions. Quickly turn to the same pages as He Lianyin, listen to the answers and copy them together.
Then the students who couldn’t answer the questions nearby turned out their jobs in succession, and Helian Yin dictated the answers.
品茶论坛Just ten minutes of class.
Nearby classmates all showed her awe.
Before class, He Lianyin said to him, "Don’t follow you when you don’t know the answer, or you will be punished."
"Don’t" He Lianyin decisively refused her and pulled her lightly. "I won’t copy her, you can lend it to me, or I’d rather be punished."
Hector even Yin lip lick and smile "copy who is not the same? How can there be so much stress? "
"Of course it’s different." His eyes are charming with a low voice. "I like that you don’t flirt with others."
He Lianyin’s face suddenly turned red and her heart beat quickly. She turned away and left a slender neck at him. "Don’t say these strange things at school."
"It’s okay if I say it. I’m not afraid."
"Brother, don’t talk nonsense. This is puppy love. Don’t be known by the teacher, or you will ask your parents."
"Are you afraid of mom knowing?" The teenager’s voice is very charming. It’s a little far away from her ear and seems to be very close. She snorts and blows gently at the root of her ear. "Then I have to say that it is better for my mother to know. The so-called daughter-in-law grabbed you from young marriage. Look, we wear the same clothes all the year round. Maybe that’s what my mother thinks. Let you be my child bride."
Since he confessed, he likes to say these words from time to time, which makes people blush and embarrassed.
He Lianyin’s face is redder and he has lost his former indifference. "Stop talking nonsense or I won’t talk to you."
"Then lend me your job."
This time, HeLianYin didn’t hesitate to throw the table industry to his young boy, and his smile was bright.
Turn your back on him. Hector even blinked. Some people are in a trance.