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At this moment, Song Qingcheng felt his love for himself.

Love is mixed with affection.
Until lying in bed, her mind was still trapped in Yutingchuan’s gentle eyes.
While sleeping, I dreamt in a daze.
She didn’t experience anything today in her dream. It wasn’t long before she saw herself sitting in the middle of a room. Someone pushed the door and came in. She turned her head and found that the bearer was Mu Guyue. Before she could figure out what was going on, her right hand was suddenly grabbed.
I don’t know when there is a woman sitting next to me.
She couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, but she heard the other person say, "You are so disobedient and you have to rob someone’s husband. I think you can chop it off!"
The woman’s voice fell and she had a sharp fruit knife in her hand
All the scenes were so real that the whole Song Dynasty was confused. Seeing that the blade of the fruit knife touched his wrist side, a face of indifference Mu Guyue sat opposite them. "Chop it quickly. I have to go to the meeting later. I don’t have time to see your mother and daughter."
Song Qingcheng turned to look at the woman next to him and saw the fruit knife falling into the water severely.
I want to withdraw my hand, but I can’t do anything.
The fruit knife cut across her skin, and the pain was severe. The bright red blood gurgled out. She tasted the salty blood like rust, and the blood was flowing more and more. She forgot to hold down the wound, and she could watch the tears slide down the corner of her eyes in pain.
The whole song dynasty was awakened by yutingchuan.
Open your eyes, the lights are dazzling, and when you get used to it, when you see a man in pajamas in front of you, she can feel her eyelids swell, but she doesn’t care if she reaches out and hugs him and buries her face in front of his chest
Yu Tingchuan held her in his left hand and stroked her back. Her clothes were soaked with sweat. His other hand wiped the tears from her eyes. "Did you have a nightmare?"
"Well" Song Qingcheng Line is still nasal.
Yu Tingchuan bowed his head and touched her wet forehead with his thin lips. "What did you dream of crying like this?"
"Dream that you want to divorce me."
Song City’s jumping heart gradually recovered, but it was still concerned. Her right wrist really hurt a little. There was injustice in her tone. "I also dreamed that my right hand was injured and lost a lot of blood. It still hurts now."
Yu Tingchuan said, "It’s strange that you sleep with your right arm pressed."
Hearing this, Song Qingcheng still didn’t completely put that dream in his arms and said, "Did I say anything just now?"
"What are you trying to say?" Yutingchuan try to ask a way
With that, he looked down at her and covered her eyes slightly. "Who did you dream of?"
Song Qingcheng recalled the dream situation, raised my hand and grabbed his pajamas half-truths. "I dreamed of my mother and dreamed that she didn’t agree with me and you."
"Dreams are all anti-"
Song Qingcheng felt the man’s steady heartbeat through his pajamas and couldn’t help saying, "What if she really doesn’t promise me to be with you?"
Yu Tingchuan seemed to smile and said, "Do you also dislike that I am older than you?"
This sentence is very similar to his self-deprecation
The whole Song Dynasty couldn’t help but bend her lip corner and glance at his left finger ring, which made her feel at ease and steadfast, and suddenly said, "I don’t think I told you about my mother."
Yutingchuan’s hand is still on her back to appease.
Song Qingcheng went on to say, "She remarried when I was five years old and married far away. Later, she moved abroad and didn’t come back for these years. At first, she talked and then she gradually lost news."
"Go to sleep," Yu Tingchuan said softly. "Now that some things have passed, there is no need to worry about them."
Then the bedside table phone rang.
Song Qingcheng looked at Yutingchuan and took the mobile phone.
He didn’t answer the words.
A glance shows that the vibration disappears when the volume key is pressed.
"Don’t you answer it?" Song city looked up and asked
Yu Tingchuan put the phone back and hugged her again. "It’s not important."
约茶There is no cell phone buzzing in the room.
After a while, Song Qingcheng spoke, "I’m a little sleepy."
"Scared by the dream just now?"
Song Qingcheng did not deny it.
There is a small lamp with soft light on the bedside.
"Sleep" YuTingChuan hand didn’t leave her back patted.
Song Qingcheng smelled his familiar smell, and he slowly forgot those bad dreams in his arms. I don’t know how long it took him to fall asleep.
Yu Tingchuan accompanied her to sleep until ten o’clock the next day.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t go out and stay at home with her because she was busy with business.
At noon, two people watered the lawn in the courtyard.
Song Qingcheng wore denim overalls and T-shirt long hair tied into a ponytail and walked barefoot on a cobblestone path. He had never done such a thing before holding a leather tube in his hand. Some of them didn’t put their hands behind him and the wooden chair fell to the ground. She turned her head and saw Yu Tingchuan putting the chair on the steps with a cigarette in his hand.
He didn’t wear a formal white shirt outside, a few buttons on his cuffs and light-colored casual pants. trouser legs rolled up to show his calf, which was a bit leisurely.
Ma is going back to China. Are you satisfied with this honeymoon trip? o(nn)o
☆, Chapter 22 Lao Wang, your hair is off!
I noticed that Song Qingcheng’s eyes Yu Tingchuan raised his eyes and stared at her with a smile. "Those grasses will be flooded if you don’t pay attention."
"…" The whole Song Dynasty bowed their heads and looked at the puddles on the lawn.