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"Now the Zhongnanshan Mountain has been occupied by Mongols. If these treasures are not transferred to Ann’s place, they will fall into Mongols’ hands sooner or later." Bing Xin certainly knows this truth in his heart, so he immediately agreed to donate these treasures to the Song Dynasty’s anti-Mongolian cause.

Ling Feiyang immediately said goodbye to Bing Xin, Zhou Botong and Li Mochou left Zhongnanshan on a sunset to be continued.
Chapter 37 Wan Li hardships to save Huang Rong
Twenty days later, I rushed to Samarkand, the capital of Qianhuala, to rescue my favorite Huang Rong Ling Feiyang and traveled all the way to the west.
Two days later, Ling Feiyang crossed Malan flowers and plants and originally arrived at Zhongxing House, which is the capital of Xixia Kingdom. Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong once fought side by side against Zhe Bie, but now this city has already fallen into the station of Tuo Lei, the four kings of Mongolia.
Ling Feiyang didn’t bother to provoke Tuo Lei Zhongxing House, where he prepared enough food and drinking water, and hired a guide to continue to set off to the west. The west of Zhongxing House is the vast desert. I don’t know how many travelers and caravans have been buried in the desert Gobi, but it is hard to beat Ling Feiyang. The guide didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to ride a horse instead of a camel and easily crossed the desert.
桑拿会所  title=Seven days later, Ling Feiyang arrived in Gaochang City, paid the fee to the guide, rested for half a day, and then embarked on a journey alone again. After three days, Ling Feiyang finally entered the border of the original flower thorn mold.
However, the flower thorn mold country has been levied by the Mongolian and Persian allied forces, and all we saw along the way was the ruins left by the fire and the bodies of the people in the flower thorn mold country. Two days later, Ling Feiyang finally arrived at Samarkand, the capital of the original flower thorn mold country!
Samarkand is the oldest city in Central Asia and an important hub of the Silk Road. On the west side of the city, the buildings are beautiful and magnificent. The prosperity of the spectacular city is almost as high as that of Rome and Chang ‘an in the same era. However, after being captured by Genghis Khan, the ancient city suffered a disaster. The buildings were burned and the people were slaughtered and lost their former prosperity and luxury.
Ling Feiyang rode into the stone gate more than ten feet high. Suddenly, a guarding city soldier greeted him and handed him a note.
"Ling flying Samarkand palace waiting for you! Guo Jing! " The note suddenly wrote a strong and powerful handwriting!
After the death of Hua La Mo, this once brilliant foreign palace has been burned into ruins by Mongolian soldiers, and several large Islamic marble columns stand alone in this ruin.
Ling Feiyang stepped into the palace and saw a young man with a broad shoulder and a wide back at the top of a stone pillar. It was Guo Jing! While Shizhufang is wearing a graceful girl in black, which is Ling Feiyang who misses Huang Rong so much!
Ling Feiyang and Huang Rong haven’t seen each other for a year and a half. At this moment, the reunion in a foreign country can’t help but be ecstatic. Huang Rong seems to have grown taller, but she has become thinner and her figure is still not fully developed, and her face is full of dusty colors.
"In the past two years, Rong Er led the beggar’s younger brother, and the Mongols fought bloody battles. I don’t know how much they suffered …" Ling Feiyang felt pity and couldn’t help but go to Huang Rong.
Huang Rong, however, is indifferent eyes glanced at ling Feiyang and it seems that there is no joy in my heart!
"After all this time, she is still angry with me …" Ling Feiyang suddenly found one thing in her mind. Huang Rong was dressed in this black dress, and it turned out that Guo Jing had given her that mink and fur!
At the same time, Guo Jing suddenly picked a tiger bone and deer tendon bow from behind and bowled an oolong iron ridge arrow!
"Miss Ling Feiyang is here. If you can beat me, I will give her back to you!" Guo Jing shouted at ling Feiyang.
"Guo Xiandi, do you remember that the three of us had a long talk and made friends in that hotel in Zhangjiakou …" Although it has been many years, Ling Feiyang is still reading this friendship in his heart.
"I told you not to call me Guo Xiandi, not to mention anything before!" Ling Feiyang was interrupted by Guo Jingda before he finished a word!
"Well, I’m sorry …" Ling Feiyang said, "But today I still want to thank you because you didn’t tie Rong Er up and didn’t bring his helper. Guo Jing really is an upright man. Ling Feiyang has never been wrong!"
"Cut the crap and look at the arrow!" Guo Jing, a sworn enemy, didn’t want to say anything more. Suddenly, he loosened his fingers, and the arrow shot down at Ling Feiyang commanding!
Ling Feiyang is getting closer and closer to the ridge arrow, but Ling Feiyang looks at Huang Rong. He sees a wisp of Huang Rong’s hair being blown by the breeze, but there is no expression of concern for him!
Ling Feiyang’s heart was so sad that his right palm beat forward to shoot down this arrow!
"You concentrate a little, I want to work hard!" Guo Jing stretched out his hand and took out an arrow from the quiver with a strong horse’s true qi shooting at Ling Feiyang alongside of.seem!
Six-pulse Excalibur, don’t rush the sword! Ling Feiyang pointed out that this ridge arrow flew out at once!
Guo Jing took out two arrows from the quiver at the same time, bowstring together, and shot at Ling Feiyang from left to right!
Dragon-dropping, 20 palms, double dragons, pearls! Ling Feiyang’s left and right palms hit two palm winds at the same time, knocking two spine arrows to the ground!
Guo Jing took out four arrows from the quiver and hurled them at Ling Feiyang!
Dragon 20 palms and six dragons spin! Ling Feiyang’s palms hit a half-palm again and shot down four oolong spine arrows together!
Ling Feiyang hasn’t come back to the palm of your hand before Guo Jing quickly pulled out an arrow and shot at Ling Feiyang’s chest!
Spiral nine shadows! Ling Feiyang’s body whirled up and the arrow on the spine swept past him!
Ling Feiyang took a deep breath and dropped another marble pillar by soaring ten feet!
Guo Jing is still a stone pillar to aim the arrow at Ling Feiyang again!
The two men stood face to face at the top of the stone pillar with four eyes looking at each other like two heroic statues!
Guo Jing, the condor hero, aimed this revenge arrow at Ling Feiyang, the hero who resisted Mongolia!
Who’s right and who’s wrong and who’s right? Light, darkness, justice and evil. Who can make it clear and who can say it?
A winner and a loser will succeed in everything. Now maybe you have martial arts and strength to say everything!
Suddenly, there was a suffocating silence in the ruins of the whole palace. In the eyes of the beautiful girl standing on the stone pillar, the innocence and evil spirit of the past had been lost, but there was loneliness and sadness instead.
Why did she become like this? What the hell was she thinking? I’m afraid there can’t be a second person who knows about it except Huang Rong himself.
However, this man duel still has to go on!
Finally, Guo Jing moved first!
Guo Jing fingers a loose oolong iron ridge arrow with harsh wind ling float in the sky throat shot up! to be continued
Chapter 371 Ling Feiyang fights Guo Jing
The Wulong Iron Ridge Arrow was once made by Mongolian God Arrow General Zhe Bie. Guo Jing made this arrow against Ling Feiyang’s eyes and it was to avenge Zhe Bie!
Zhe Bie is a horse general who shoots arrows very badly, but now Guo Jing is an excellent master. The power of Oolong Iron Ridge Arrow is even more powerful than that of Zhe Bie!
However, Ling Feiyang is also an excellent player. Although Guo Jingjian is fast, Ling Feiyang’s reaction is faster!
Ling Feiyang quickly turned his head before seeing that the arrow on the spine had been shot, and the arrow flew over his neck!
At the same time, Guo Jing’s second arrow has hit again!
Ling Feiyang’s figure jumped from the stone pillar upside down. This arrow "sou" passed over his head!
Ling float in the sky half Guo Jing third arrow has shot up!
Snake and raccoon turn over! Ling Feiyang’s body suddenly changed direction and flipped for two weeks. The arrow fell to the ground!
Guo Jing body like a giant eagle swoops down from the top of the stone pillars and people have already shot the fourth arrow to Ling Feiyang!
Lingbo micro-step! Ling Feiyang quickly flashed into a stone pillar and this arrow "poof" nailed the stone pillar!
The fifth, sixth, and seventh branches … Guo Jingcai’s method of shooting renju arrows followed by an arrow pressed Ling Feiyang step by step, but with all kinds of flying skills, these marble pillars were interspersed with Guo Jing and shot more than a dozen arrows, but none of them hit the target!
Guo Jing returned your hand and touched the quiver and found the last arrow left in it!
Guo Jing will grasp this arrow in his hand and then slowly set a bowstring to aim at Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang suddenly found that this arrow is thick and long, and it seems that there is something in the shaft. It is not an ordinary arrow, but like a spear!
Ling float in the sky in the heart a little strange Guo Jing has loosened the bowstring to shoot this arrow!
This arrow shot more than two feet away, and the arrow suddenly burst open. Twenty tiny arrows flew at Ling Feiyang like a torrential rain!
Storm arrow! This is exactly what Guo Jing created an arrow in the past two years. He painstakingly created this arrow to deal with Ling Feiyang!
However, Ling Feiyang still has the cracking technique!
Dragon, ten palms, Luohan, dragon! Ling Feiyang’s right hand drew a circle and suddenly pushed forward! The huge palm wind actually enveloped more than 20 arrowheads, and these arrowheads lost their strength and fell to the ground!
Guo Jing facial expression, a tiger bone deer tendon bow throw to ten fingers "crackling" ring suddenly jumped before two iron fist to ling float in the sky!
This martial art looks like Xiren Nan, the fourth master, taught him Nanshan Boxing, but it’s actually Prajnaparamita, the golden wheel method and the dragon elephant!