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Silly woman

She’s going to abuse him again.
There are a lot of people, okay?
Section 64
He has never knelt before, not even for his master.
Lan Jingyi, get into the situation quickly.
But I don’t want Lan Jingyi to say "Yes, all of them" at all.
Well, it’s hard for him to respond to the situation, because he really can’t stand the eyes of those men and women behind him. Maybe he is too envious. The bar girl can’t wait to see through him. The man can’t wait to see through his woman. He reached out and picked a rose in his dovetail pocket. The orange rose was originally intended to match her orange evening gift, but now it is definitely an emergency. It’s just an orange rose. He specially invited the gardener to prepare it.
The orange rose handed to her man and knelt down to "Lan Jingyi marry me."
He really played such a romantic game, and only boys and girls played childish madness. Although it was really not like him, he did it, and his expression was absolutely serious and his eyes were absolutely sincere.
"Wow …" I don’t know which girl in the crowd actually blew a loud whistle and immediately shouted "Marry him, marry him …" It’s stupid for such a handsome and so understanding romantic man not to marry, and it’s stupid for everyone to propose in public.
Lan Jingyi never thought that Jiang Junyue would really take out roses and propose to her. Although there is one, it has a better meaning. I will devote myself to it all my life.
She gently nodded and took Jiang Junyue up "leaning …" Her lips trembled. She didn’t wake up in her dream. If she didn’t want to wake up, she always dreamed.
"Fool" Jiang Junyue reached out and pinched her little nose "Give it to me"
Lan Jingyi touched her neck and took out the ring that had been hidden in her chest from her pocket. It was because she wanted her heart to be closer to him, but it turned out that she had always been in his heart.
Jiang Junyue casually pulled it and took it in his hand.
"Marry him, marry him …" Girls in the crowd screamed with excitement, and Lan Jingyi was involuntarily taken by Jiang Junyue and walked towards the MC.
But she couldn’t walk fast, and her legs didn’t seem to be her own. The slow speed made Jiang Junyue almost crazy. She simply picked up Lan Jingyi with a natural and unrestrained sideways and then took a few steps to jump in front of the stage. Then she put Lan Jingyi and took her side by side in front of everyone.
The MC has already taken Mike and announced again that "I declare the engagement ceremony between Mr. Jiang Junyue and Miss Lan Jingyi officially started".
Lan Jingyi’s heart began to beat faster when her hand was warm. He would protect her after she really got engaged to him, wouldn’t he?
Her daughter won’t be lonely anymore, will she?
Suddenly, it occurred to her that when the master of ceremonies fluently told the auspicious words, Lan Jingyi suddenly said, "I lost my son. Will you help me find it back?"
The word "good" is firm and powerful. At this moment, Lan Jingyi feels that she is the happiest woman in the world. She loves this man, and she will love this man even if it makes her go wrong.
It is also this word that makes her seem to see the son and forget to ask Jiang Junyue and Lomevier, even forgetting that he once cheated.
Her brain can’t think around him, and her IQ is about to go.
But this IQ is the happiest IQ.
She could hardly hear what the MC was saying. It was mechanical. With Jiang Junyue doing one move after another, it turned out that getting married was no worse than getting married, and there were quite a lot of red tape. If it weren’t for him, she would be afraid that she wouldn’t make it.
"Please exchange engagement rings with the unmarried couples in person" The MC then ordered two people to stand opposite each other. Jiang Junyue took Lan Jingyi’s hand and Dai impressively was the ring he just pulled from her neck. That is, before their engagement ring, two people knew that now he would tell everyone that she was his woman’s and all men could not covet her.
Her fingers are slender and white, which makes him feel more impulsive at the moment than he does at the moment. He has been dissatisfied for several days. Well, he must taste her tonight.
The ring slowly fastened Lan Jingyi’s finger as if it had fastened her.
It’s her turn. Lan Jing Yi Wei took out the tin foil ring, which was worthless. He kept it until now, or as she said at the beginning, it was a price
The golden tin foil ring was quilted with Jiang Junyue’s fingers clasped, and the two men turned to the crowd again to ask the master of ceremonies to announce the ceremony, and the engagement ceremony was over. However, at this moment, a female "wait" He Ling finally spoke.
"What can I do for Ling to go home?" But I don’t want the master to hand back the little girl in his hand to Jiang Han. Suddenly, this sentence made He Ling bear with too many people. Lome Wei’s business has made her son very embarrassed. Men don’t like to wear green hats. Let Lan Jingyi save the scene first. First, the master doesn’t object. Second, this is an engagement, not a marriage, and a divorce, not to mention an engagement.
Everything will wait until the banquet is over, and I will always carry everything tonight. Anyway, Lan Jingyi can’t be Jiang’s daughter-in-law, and she won’t agree to it first.
Jiang Junyue naturally ignores He Ling’s engagement party. He has already made careful arrangements and nodded at the emcee. He will not be disturbed. "I officially announce that Mr. Jiang Junyue and Miss Lan Jingyi are now unmarried couples."
So Jiang Junyue took Lan Jingyi to the master of ceremonies, and two people held champagne together and went to all the guests. It was enough for Jiang Junyue Lan Jingyi to keep smiling. She didn’t seem to wake up. Like innocent girl, the orange rose beside Jiang Junyue had long been reinserted into the dovetail pocket by Jiang Junyue. All the two people walked together in a very harmonious and perfect match.
"Miss Lan is really beautiful." A wife sincerely praised "Don’t hide this fiancee after LaCrosse. It’s unfair to women." Lan Jingyi is the kind of girl who makes people like it at first sight. It’s very pleasing to look at.
"That’s natural." Jiang Junyue’s evil smile turned the woman’s vision upside down. Although he didn’t mean to, he was able to attract a lot of women’s attention with every gesture, but this man belongs to her Lan Jingyi now. When her fiance came, she was just a female companion of Liu Wentao, but now she has become Jiang Junyue’s fiancee Lan Jingyi. Forgive her in a state of high spirits. She really has the nerve to go from hell to heaven and feel that everything is so beautiful.
Although there are several mysteries in her heart, it is obviously inappropriate to ask Jiang Junyue at this moment. When the banquet is over, she will let him explain to her why Lome Wei’s engagement party will become her and him.
And why would Lome Wei leave willingly without making noise?
I can’t think of how strong Lome Wei Lan Jingyi was when I was slapped by Lome Wei.
At this moment, she suddenly looked forward to the end of the party. Will this man give her a solution and tell her all the answers in her heart?
Chapter 116 Red-hot
I want to know. I really want to know
There are so many people. Lan Jing Egan can’t remember what Jiang Junyue introduced everyone to and what their names are. Others don’t mind that they want to associate with Jiang Junyue. He just needs to do well.
"Jingyi ….." The light and clear man greeted Liu Wentao’s "Congratulations" with a hard and dry voice, or he was doomed to have a relationship with Lan Jingyi from the moment of divorce. If he missed it, he would never go back.
"Thanks" responded that Lu Wentao was not Lan Jingyi. She really didn’t know what to say. All this was too dramatic. The drama made her still not digest everything that just happened, but Jiang Junyue was different. His engagement party was like a duck to water. "Thank you, Manager Lu, for taking care of Yiyi for me. Well, I will remember. Are you interested in the ssp Entertainment City project?" Jiang Junyue really stopped to talk to Liu Wentao. Although Lan Jingyi registered with Liu Wentao twice and divorced again, he knew why. Besides, Lan Jingyi gave it to himself for the first time instead of Liu Wentao. This is one thing that makes Jiang Junyue very proud. Hum, even if he married Lan Jingyi, isn’t Liu Wentao miserable and never successful? Such an opponent really doesn’t care.
"General Manager Jiang is also interested?" Lu Wentao, that is, Lu Wentao has been in the business community for so many years, and he knows the rules of the game.
"If manager Lu is interested, then I’m not interested." My mother-in-law owes Liu Wentao money for surgery. These Jiang Junyue have found out the money. He wants to return it to Liu Wentao for Lan Jingyi, but he prefers not to touch others’ pockets. It’s just a small head.
品茶论坛"Oh, I’m really interested. My mother likes that case." He’s been following that case for a long time. If it’s really robbed by Jiang Junyue, he’ll be devastated by a big fall in Liu Wentao City.