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"No" Song Qingcheng came to kneel beside the bed to see him come in and fix the sheets. "It’s easy to make a bed without physical strength."

Joie is holding the pillow next to her.
I thought that my father had just taught his children not to make a sound.
Song Qingcheng asked joie to put the pillow back on the bed and touched his head, then looked up and said to Yu Tingchuan, "I’ll wash my hands first and help joie get the quilt."
Say that finish the whole song took the lead out of the bedroom.
Don’t forget to close the door when you leave.
There are two fathers left in the room.
Joie buried his head very low and stood against the wall. It was a mistake. After a while, he noticed that his father was sitting by the bed and couldn’t help but look up and found that his father waved to him. Although he hesitated in his heart, he could not resist the dependence on that father’s love.
After the child approached, Yu Tingchuan took the child’s small hand and said, "Grandpa, there was a little heavy talk from dad. I didn’t scold you. It means I hope you can worry about growing up and not be involved in adult affairs by your mother."
Joie looked at her father and saw the word’ mom’. Her eyes were slightly red. She took the chair and typed, "Is dad going to send her back to ausralian?"
Section 331
Yu Tingchuan didn’t deny looking at joie’s clear eyes. He explained, "Your mother did a lot of wrong things after returning to China, and her father didn’t want her to go wrong again, so she had to leave here to protect others."
"…" Dad said before him for the first time that Mom was not good.
Joie bit her lip secretly. Dad never lied to his father that mom did something wrong. Mom should have made a real mistake.
Yu Tingchuan also said, "What you have to do now is to study hard, no matter what your mother said, you will live in Nancheng, and grandpa will be able to take care of you even if dad is not around you."
"Dad, why not be with me?"
Joie finished this question and tears fell. "Did Dad leave me?"
Yu Tingchuan raised his hand to wipe away the tears on the child’s cheek. "Dad is telling your grandfather that he also loves you very much, for example."
夜生活"Then can I go to Australia to see my mother later?"
Joie asked
Yutingchuan nodded. "These dads will arrange you not to worry."
Wait until the child washes up and goes to bed. Yu Tingchuan turns on the light and leaves the room.
Before going to bed, Song Qingcheng asked Gu Zhengshen what had happened.
"joie’s mother had a car accident early," Yu Tingchuan told her truthfully. "In the afternoon, the hospital found that there was a tumor in her brain."
There is a tumor in the brain. People around Song Qingcheng have never had this disease, but they also know that it is more dangerous. "Is it benign or malignant?"
"Malignant" Yu Tingchuan said that "it should not be considered late"
Song Qingcheng paused and asked, "Who will come over and want you to go to the hospital to see people?"
Yu Tingchuan laughed and heard that she was somewhat dissatisfied with Gu Zhengshen and didn’t answer the question "Don’t want me to go to the hospital?"
"… that didn’t"
Song Qingcheng leaned back against the bedside to tell the truth. "Brain tumor is not a cold or malignant, no matter whether it is cured or not, I can understand that even if you go to the hospital, joie, she should have something to explain, and I personally believe in you."
Then she leaned over and kissed the man’s lips. "But keep a proper distance. If you bring back the germs, I have to keep a distance from you for the sake of the baby."
Yu Tingchuan smiled gently. "How far is the appropriate distance?"
"Two feet away"
Song said the whole city looked up "if one meter is better"
Yu Tingchuan touched her hair and suggested, "Why don’t you go and watch us talk together?"
"I don’t want that, it will make me look very petty, and your friend, Uncle Gu Hengyang, is just like the street women’s manager. He certainly doesn’t want me to go back to play ball and almost beat me up."
"Remember what happened so long ago?"
"Well, who told me to hold grudges?"
Yu Tingchuan sighed, "Then don’t go."
Jiang Chi came over early the next day.
Song Qingcheng and Yu Tingchuan just had breakfast at that time.
Today is Monday, and Song Qingcheng is going to learn from joie, who is still sleeping, and didn’t specifically call him up.
Jiang Chi got Mu Qingyu’s illness early in the morning.
Yesterday afternoon, after the car accident, all the injured people were sent to the First Hospital of Southern Medical University to rest. Jiang Chi was also called back to the hospital. It was not until six o’clock this morning that the operating table returned to Yunxi Road Garden and came here first.
See before sitting at the dinner table Song Qingcheng Jiang Chi pour some awkward.
Yu Tingchuan saw that he hesitated to put the newspaper "just say it, there is nothing to avoid."
Jiang Chi didn’t worry about dragging the chair to open his mouth. "Mu Qingyu did an MRI yesterday and found out how to treat a brain tumor. It is not clear at present that the car driver in this accident also saved his life for more than ten hours, but he was still lying in the intensive care unit."
Yu Tingchuan asked, "Did the police station at the hospital send anyone there again?"
"On my way back from surgery, I met two policemen and went to the intensive care unit." Jiang Chi nodded. "The nurse told me that there was new progress in the accident investigation. There was a driving recorder in the car."
Said Jiang Chi looked at the whole Song Dynasty as if he had scruples, but after all, he continued to say, "It may also be that the little nurse guessed that the co-pilot suddenly rushed to grab the steering wheel and had a physical conflict with the driver, and didn’t pay attention to the big truck directly across the street."
Song Qingcheng listened to the speed of drinking soybean milk and slowed down.
I didn’t expect the car accident to happen like this.
Even three-year-olds know that they can’t grab the steering wheel. Don’t thirties know the danger of doing so?
Jiang Chi sighed, "In the past two years, traffic has been strictly grasped. Ten times or nine times, like this, she will be sentenced. Although Mu Jia can walk around, even if she is really sentenced to her current physical condition, she can also be released on medical parole."
After that, I rubbed my breakfast. Jiang Chi was going home to sleep.
Taking advantage of Yutingchuan Building to take a coat, Jiang Chi pulled the chair next to the whole Song Dynasty. "Mu Qingyu is now a really bad malignant tumor, and even if it is now removed, the probability of recurrence is high. It is also embarrassing for her to toss herself into this field with Lao Yu and his wife."
Don’t turn from the first round!
☆, Chapter 333 We may even if there is no one else.
Song city nodded "really let a person sigh"
Then she turned to look at Jiang Chi and asked, "Does Dr. Jiang want chemotherapy for a malignant brain tumor like this?"
"This is not easy to answer. The treatment of malignant brain tumor is a unified process. As far as the current treatment status is concerned, malignant brain tumor is still a difficult disease that has not been completely overcome by medicine. Chemotherapy after surgery is a treatment plan that many patients will choose, but although chemotherapy kills cancer cells, it also has corresponding side effects."
Jiang Chi’s meaning is very white. No matter whether Mu Qingyu’s brain tumor can be cured or not, his health can definitely not be compared with the former.