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Xiao Qin Qin called her mother, Xiao Zhuang Zhuang called her father. Two little things are also eager to have a mother and a father family.

Tears flow more and more, cheeks flow and then converge to the corners of the lips.
"Yi Yi, what’s wrong with you?" Lanqing finally found Lanjingyi wrong.
"Oh, I was naughty and naughty, and there was water all over my face." I quickly wiped my tears and got up. She didn’t want to be seen crying by Lan Qing.
After coming out of the bathroom, Lan Jingyi went to find pajamas, took a shower and went to sleep. It’s the same whether you want to live your life or continue this life, and whoever leaves the world will turn the same.
There has been no sound, and there can be no sound on her phone.
No one can get in.
If Jiang Junyue had picked her up at this time, he would have arrived at Li Xuefeng’s place and then hurried back. I wonder where he will stay tonight?
Jiang Jia?
The beach house?
Or that pretty girl’s place?
Suddenly Lan Jingyi flashed a photo like flint in her mind, which she had seen in Jiang Junyue’s bedroom in Jiang’s old house.
That photo is of a sweet girl.
Imagine the girl’s side face for an instant. Lan Jingyi was struck by lightning, and the two faces have overlapped.
It turns out that the girl in the restaurant is the girl.
Yin qingrou
At this moment, everything is explained clearly. Hehe, his old love is back, and she, who has never been in his heart, should give way.
At the beginning of next month, hehe, that’s ridiculous. How is that possible?
It’s impossible
It turned out that it was just a wedding, but he wanted to leave her early in the morning, and she never told her why. Now she understands that it is because he may have known that Yin Qingrou is coming back.
"What’s the matter with Yi Yi?" Lan Qing came out of the bathroom with Xiao Qin Qin. The little thing was wrapped in a towel and looked at her "mother" with a smile.
She stretched out her hand and took it, and Lanqing went to hug Xiaozhuang and take a bath.
Hehe, the beautiful girl and handsome boy take a bath. The skin of two little things is as smooth as if they have just moistened milk.
Kissed Xiao Qin Qin Lan Jingyi and turned into the bedroom. "Be good and sleep with your brother. Mom went to take a shower."
Lan Jingyi slowly took a shower as if she could kill time in this way. Suddenly, she thought of her own Taobao shop to accompany Jiang Junyue. She neglected her own job, but it was that man who returned to his old love.
It’s stupid, it’s stupid, how much it’s done is just someone else’s wedding dress
While washing the bathroom, the doorbell rang. Lan Jingyi quickly wiped her body and wrapped her head in a bath towel to "Mom, don’t open the door."
Lan Qing just walked to the door. "What?"
"Oh, mom, if the lacrosse is outside, don’t open the door for him. I don’t want to see him." When she came in for a shower, she locked the door. This point must be that Jiang LaCrosse locked the door. If he can’t open it, he will naturally ring the doorbell.
"You young couple quarreled again? Alas, this day has passed … "Lanqing first left her eyes on the cat’s eye and saw the sidewalk" It was him. "
"Mom, go into the room and put the children to sleep. I’ll take care of him."
"Well," Lan Qing sighed again and again. She really didn’t understand this young couple. Just cherish it together. She has to be awkward every day, like she and that guy don’t even have a chance to be together.
Lanqing went into the bedroom.
Lan Jingyi came out wrapped in a bath towel, and the doorbell rang so loudly that she went over and looked out through the cat’s eye, while Jiang Junyue was just right to look inside for a moment.
Lan Jingyi brushed away Jiang LaCrosse but didn’t move it. Instead, she looked at the woman inside through the cat’s eye and came out of the emergency room. Her bath towel was not tightly wrapped at all, revealing that half of her round breasts were particularly attractive. He reached out and rang the doorbell again. I was a little puzzled at the bottom of my heart. Why didn’t Lan Qing open the door for him just now?
Besides, Xiao Ni lied to him and didn’t go to Li Xuefeng’s place to harm him. He was stupid enough to pick her up. He was going to go into the small apartment and ask her a clear question. Why should he lie to him?
Listen to the doorbell. Lan Jingyi couldn’t wait to strangle the man outside. He just took the pool in the doorbell and let him press it.
When the doorbell stopped ringing, it was finally quiet around her, but her eyes fell on the shoe rack. She knew that if he still wanted to come in here, it might have been him who entered the small apartment in the next room.
Lan Jingyi simply went to the sofa and lay down, but the light was on the wall. The light reflected in the small living room secretly. When she moved a wall, a shadow would flash out.
Lazy looking at the direction of the shoe rack, the sixth sense told her that the man was still coming in.
He just couldn’t get through to her.
Chapter 194 You followed me
He just couldn’t get through to her.
Sure enough, it was just a moment when the shoe rack moved over there. Lan Jingyi squinted and looked at the man who had bent over and emerged. First, he scanned the small living room and saw that she was lying alone on the sofa, so he was big enough to face coming towards her from detachment. "What machine? What lied to me that I went to Li Xuefeng? " He questioned him with an aggressive look.
"I missed the plane because I wanted to. If I didn’t want to pick you up, I lied to you on purpose. I just wanted you to run away. Does that feel good?" She smiled and frightened him. "Jiang Junyue, you don’t care about me."
"Who says I can’t control it?" The tall figure suddenly crushed Lan Jingyi’s body. He really weighed her down, so she went to push him. She pushed and struggled, and the bath towel slipped off to reveal that she didn’t even wear clothes. "Ah … Get out of here." She hurried to pick up a bath towel to cover her chest and was anxious around her.
But where can it be covered tightly?
Good men are neat and tidy, and they are still separated by his shirt and his slacks.
"Don’t roll." The more she struggled, the harder he pressed her. Finally, Lan Jingyi didn’t have the strength to struggle. The woman couldn’t beat the strength of the man. Besides, she was even more powerful than him. She gasped and stared at his eyes. "Aren’t you very busy?"
夜生活  title="Well, I’m busy, but you make me busier."
"Where are your guests?" She asked softly that Yin Qing’s soft and sweet face flashed in her mind. That woman is so beautiful. No wonder Jiang Junyue can’t forget her photos all the time.
"Go back"
"Oh, she went back alone?"
"How do you care about me? Aren’t you afraid I’m jealous? " Jiang Junyue teased and asked
But the truth is that Lan Jingyi is jealous. "Hehe, why don’t you introduce me?" At this moment, she still expects him to tell her the truth. If he does, she may choose to forgive him. After all, there are Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, and she is distressed at the thought of those two children.