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The doctor then violated the rules and thought about it, but he still gave the bill to Wu Sen.

"Master Wu, do you think it will delay her illness if she is pregnant for 42 days and has a baby?
Then if the conditions are not good and it is not suitable to have an abortion, it is better to recover the mother as soon as possible. "
That doctor doesn’t look like a doctor anymore. There is no objective basis to make a blind idea by guessing.
Forty-two days after pregnancy, Wu Sen accurately captured this time node. He calculated it before and after. Yes, it was that day that Lin Tingfei used an excuse to find Wang Yuehuan to come to the hospital. There can be no mistake that day.
If the child is really that day, it is very likely to be himself.
"Is this time accurate?"
Wu Sen’s phalanx is divided into big hands and tightly holds the thin sheet of paper, and the edge of his fingertips becomes wrinkled.
And if it weren’t for the doctor’s load, I’m afraid that paper would have become the ghost of Wu Sen’s hand.
"Of course, you don’t know that our hospital instruments are all in the world. It’s best not to make such a small mistake."
After getting a definite answer, Wu Sen’s eyebrows lit up, which was never seen by colleagues in the hospital.
He took out a stack of money from his pocket and stuffed it into the three workers in that room to thank them politely. "Thank you."
Female doctor ""
No, what does Lord Wu mean? Do you want money from her or are you happy?
桑拿"How does Sister Liu look like Wu Zhuzhong?"
"I have never heard of Wu Zhu getting married, but he has never been close to women’s appearance. Is it hidden marriage?"
And that Wang Yuehuan is his hidden marriage wife.
The middle-aged woman named Liu Jie was stunned for a long time, turned to two female colleagues and said, "Xiao Wang probably knows the truth."
When three people boldly speculated that Wang Yuehuan and Wu Sen were husband and wife, Wu Sen withdrew from the examination room and wanted Ma Yuehuan to declare his special identity.
I want to pick her up and be happy and turn around many times to congratulate her on becoming a mother, and I have to promise her that I will be a proper wife and slave, and he will do nothing but let him do things.
It was when he came over again and saw her sitting in that long wooden chair that there was no sign of her.
Wu Sen panicked as soon as she got there. Where did she go?
Go home or go somewhere?
Wu Sen’s panic was unprecedented. He searched the whole obstetrics and gynecology building for more than twenty minutes.
If you can figure out for yourself that the child is him in forty-two days, it is impossible for her to know that her mother is clever and Wang Yue is happy.
He panicked and feared that Wang Yuehuan would hate him and not want the child.
But that’s no good. It’s hard to give him another chance to start from scratch. How can you kill the bud for her in this life?
No, no, that child has his share, too. She can’t be so selfish and decide not to want that child. They’re the only last link.
Almost to dig the whole building three feet Wu Sen didn’t find Wang Yuehuan in the hospital.
To the lobby on the first floor, he was a dead horse and a living horse doctor inquired that a little nurse had actually seen Wang Yue Huan. She told Wu Sen that the girl seemed to have something on her mind and went out to the south.
Wu Sen thanked God. He was almost kneeling down to thank the little nurse.
He followed Wang Yuehuan’s footsteps closely. Today, no matter where she goes, he must find her. No matter how many obstacles she will experience next, he can’t let go of her.
That child, even if he wants her, it is enough to have her in this life, but the child can’t lose it, because losing the child means losing what she has, and he insists on keeping the child.
Wu Sen walked along the south road blankly, as if he had gone through such a process along this road like Wang Yuehuan, and his heart could be a little more stable and better.
Going south, the Ning family in the north of the city runs counter to each other. They all say that she is in a bad mood. It must be because she knows the truth about the child. She is obsessed with her panic. She doesn’t want this child that belongs to them.
Wu Sen’s heart has never been flustered and lonely. He admits that he started because Wu Jiaocai Wang Yuehuan had more friends.
But then everything really happened because of her, because she was unusual for herself.
Everything he did afterwards was because he wanted to be with her and have a chance to love her.
Although he still didn’t want to admit that he had done something wrong, compared with her tough attitude later, she stabbed him three times without blinking an eye, and he thought again that he might have done something wrong.
But people are not sages, who can guarantee that their generation will not make a mistake?
Ning Tiannuo can get her love for her identity and give him a marriage guarantee by spending a lot of money.
He wants to love her, too. He thinks he will be better to her than Ning Tiannuo. Why can’t he be given a chance?
Wang Yue Huan, what exactly do you have to do to forgive me for that mistake?
Wu Sen tried to ask questions several times, but he couldn’t say anything when it came to his mouth.
Because if I say it, it’s like admitting that I’m an animal, and he’s afraid that she won’t forgive herself, but she’ll hate him more.
Making mistakes while knowing it is the last thing that deserves forgiveness.