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She still looked at him calmly, but she knew about it …

"Lin Ya" he suddenly interrupted and gently hugged her forward. "I think I will be more than one year …"
"Knock, knock" one after another
The heartbeat fluctuates so strongly that she wants to ignore it, but she can’t avoid the sudden throb.
"Don’t be so nice to me."
She suddenly pushed him away from his burning eyes.
He asked her gently, "What can’t be good for you? I like being nice to you. "
He’s not. She doesn’t understand her hesitation and that little bit of vacillation …
Lin Ya suddenly stood up and looked at him and said, "I said I can’t. I don’t want it. I don’t need it!"
He suddenly grabbed her shoulder and forced him to look at himself, forbidding her to escape "what can’t and what doesn’t need?"
"I just don’t need it!" She suddenly pushed him away and picked up his coat and went out.
The man was dazed and then saw that she went to the room, and finally decided not to follow her.
He wants her to calm down when she needs it and think about what the future is like and his future …
Linya’s mind is upset. She seems to be disturbed by this man more and more recently.
It’s not like her. She didn’t do this before. What’s the problem?
桑拿论坛  title=A sleepless night
The next morning, as usual, he left in his own car while she still took the bus.
She got up earlier than him because she had to catch the bus.
They will stagger to the company for about fifteen minutes, but somehow she accidentally met him when she arrived at the company gate today.
This is about the more you don’t want to meet, but you always bump into it.
Of course she doesn’t know how many times the driver has been urged by Muchuan!
Why didn’t he know that she wanted to hide from him and escape, and he just didn’t want to give her a chance to escape?
Ladder man grabbed her wrist and dragged people to his vip channel.
By the time she struggled, it was too late.
The explanation given by the man is "what should be crowded with people when there is a clean place"
When the ladder door has been slowly raised, she can clearly see the outside looking at them in amazement through the glass door.
You don’t have to think about it to know how much reverse this will cause.
Lin Ya closed her eyes and asked, "What do you want?"
There was a silence on the ladder and a door opened.
Can’t wait for his answer, she just doesn’t wait for a leg lift to cross out!
Who knows, but the man grabbed his wrist and wanted to get angry, but he said lightly, "We are justified and have nothing to hide! I want to tell them that you are my wife and the legitimate hostess of this company. "
Lin Ya gave him an unreasonable look. "You are crazy!"
The man looked at her calmly and said, "I’m not crazy, I’m not awake. It’s you. I don’t seem to have promised you that we were secretly married."
Lin Ya was dazed and tried to recall the temporary decision to get married.
But MuChuan has let go of her and strode away!
Lin Ya took a deep breath on his forehead and went out.
At that time, when Chyi Yu arrived at the company early in the morning, he was secretly told that General Manager Liu of the Wang Yang delegation refused to join us.
The original Zhang Yang and Liu always talked about it. Although he didn’t write a face-to-face contract, they all agreed to close it.
There must be a reason for such a temporary change of mouth.
For this reason, Chyi Yu pondered for a while and came to a conclusion!
Oh, the hand is hard enough to directly pinch him and contact him for a long time before connecting with a person!
But he was also surprised that Muchuan left him a Zhang Yang. Should he thank him for his kindness? !
It suddenly occurred to him that he was still in the hospital and longed for the old lady. He felt that she still had to visit as soon as possible.
At that time, Master Mu was busy going to the hospital early in the morning. Allen begged Master to take him with him.
The master was worried about putting him at home alone, so he took him with him.
Chyi Yu arrived in the ward at about ten o’clock in the morning, when Ellen was reading a story to a serious woman at the bedside.
It is obviously an accident for everyone to sit by and read the newspaper for his unexpected visit.
Allen stared at him for a while and then let go and trotted over and threw himself into his arms. "Uncle Qi Allen misses you so much!"
Chyi Yu picked up the little one in front of him and walked towards the bed man. "I’m Mr. Mu’s friend Chyi Yu."
The master and the old lady have not been concerned about shopping malls in recent years, and it is also unclear to Chyi Yu about these things.
On the contrary, the master seemed to think of something and said, "Did you help Mr. Allen Qi that time?"
Finally, someone remembered him. Chyi Yu said to Allen, "Yes, sir, you have a good memory."
When he said this, the old lady naturally remembered that she was busy warmly greeting people to sit down. "Please sit down."
Chyi Yu is naturally engaged, and soon he warmed up with the old lady.
He wanted to wait for Muchuan to come over and beg for mercy, but he didn’t see the figure until almost eleven o’clock.
Chyi Yu was in a hurry.
When Changchun went out to buy vegetables, he bought some fruits by the way. When he came back, he cut some and handed them out before he left.
Chyi Yu still has one build what did not build, chatting with the old lady. Allen took a piece of watermelon and handed it to him "Uncle eats fruit".
Children clever appearance let Chyi Yu could not bear to refuse him to reach out to pick it up.