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The first chapter spiritualizes the world

Everyone recovered from the aftertaste, and this time I spent time behind the dance. At this time, no one would ask me, Wu Bing and Qingyu to go so far. I doubt that after all, the castle is sunny and rainy, and it is good for them to go ahead.
When I stepped into the castle gate, my body seemed to fall away for a moment, and my front foot was firmly on the ground for another moment, but when my eyes focused, I was speechless with exclamation.
In front of my eyes is a rose garden that can’t see the horizon, full of roses, red, yellow, pink and black, and even the blue that can’t grow naturally is intertwined to form a sea of roses. A number of butterflies and roses are flying back and forth. Argumentation and demonstration will make you stunned for a long time when you see this sudden and pleasing scenery.
Finally, it was a long time before someone sighed, "How beautiful!"
Everyone started to swallow saliva in their mouths for a long time before they landed. Let go of their hearts and gulp together to swallow saliva. It’s nothing to swallow saliva alone, but what is it like for millions of people to swallow saliva together? Like a loud noise, "Gollum!" Let everyone unconsciously blush.
I can’t escape such an embarrassing scene, but fortunately, the dough is still available and so many people are gone together. I started looking around. What exactly do we need to do? There is nothing here but a rose garden. Is the problem in the rose garden?
Tianwu and Luoshi arranged for everyone to start to separate teams and look for them in all directions, but the news in return made everyone unable to get out of this rose garden. Go straight ahead and soon you will see yourself walking back to the gathering place, which direction is the same.
At this time, we all know that this test is here. Many players have been surprised, surprised and a little scared since they entered the boundary, and now they have consciously joined because which game has such a big battle? After all, a generation of arguments don’t want to experience several earth-shattering adventures by themselves? Who wants to be heard in silence all his life? So people spontaneously started looking for a way out and thinking methods.
I was silently happy when I saw everyone’s performance. After all, I just asked so many people to come at the beginning. This is not to say that I have no confidence in myself. After all, my ability is very clear. I don’t have the ability of students like Moon Mark, The Hunger and Jade Emperor. They can solve problems easily. But I think that all the methods may not be strong enough to solve them. Now I am proud of my original decision
Next to the dance, I can see what I think. "Have you thought enough? You still can’t figure out a solution. Then we don’t have much time. You don’t want to become army of one now, do you? "
It’s not the time to be proud to pour a plate of cold water on the sky dance.
I immediately told Tianwu a few doubts that I thought of. "First of all, these roses, these flowers will shrink to the ground even if we trample them for less than a few minutes, but I dig deeper but I can’t see the flowers. Where are they? Secondly, it’s always that kind of dusk scenery here every day. We’ve been here for more than an hour, and it’s reasonable that dusk can’t last for more than an hour, right? It is impossible for such a large rose garden. We just came to the passage, that is to say, we were sent to another place. What place is this? "
After listening to my doubts, Tianwu immediately ran to the front to discuss with the fallen world, immortals and others. Everyone praised Tianwu for its problems. "It’s a fairyland dance for a strong woman!" Ah! "
Renxian first expressed his views, and everyone admired Renxian’s wisdom.
"Well, I also found the first doubt. I thought about it for a while. Could it be that these flowers have life and will move by themselves? Then let’s talk about how to get to this place in Ma Pingchuan. If the flowers can be placed in different positions, then we will definitely get lost and be brought back by the flowers. The second doubt is that we came to this place not outside or in the passage, but what special magic might have been applied here to turn it into a biological maze. Let’s call this place the spiritual world for the time being. "
As soon as they heard the analysis of the perfect fairy, they immediately got a general understanding of the present situation, and even pushed the three and said, "What are our methods?" People hold hands and move outward in a straight line. So many people here are tens of kilometers long enough to hold hands. I believe it won’t be as big as dozens of kilometers here? "
Everyone immediately agreed to Tianwu’s suggestion that everyone arrange their own actions, while the free players also agreed to this method. One person stretched out hand in hand outside the site direction, and sure enough, the flowers became a scene that everyone had been to or a new scene that puzzled everyone, but everyone held hands and didn’t believe the scene put out by these flowers. With the increasing number of people, it was easy for me to find that the surrounding roses were decreasing as if they were taken away by this limited stretch crowd. After an hour, Tianwu came back and the news came out of the rose garden.
Just when everyone was happy, all the roses seemed to be summoned by something, and all the roses flew from the soil to all kinds of colors, and all the players looked up to see this strange phenomenon. Suddenly, I had an ominous feeling in my heart. I glanced at Wu Bing and Qing Yu and told me that they were the same. What’s the matter?
Soon the rose mixture in the sky told us what happened!
Several petals floating in the sky covered the whole rose garden. When everyone wondered what was going on, suddenly I felt a sudden pain in my body and then my body was too hot to bear. What was this? At the corner of my eye, I saw the soldiers around me, and he knelt down, too. On the contrary, it seems that it’s nothing. I’ll look at all the people around me, including the fallen world, and some of them fell into a coma.
"Wu Bing? Elegant? What’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me. "Sunny rain looks at people around you in a coma one by one, but it doesn’t help at all. I’m so anxious.
Chapter II Sunny Rain
Chapter II Sunny Rain
Looking at the people around you, it’s sunny and rainy. Almost everyone can get up except her. There is not even a conscious person. Even my two brothers, who believe in martial arts and elegance most, are the same. What should I do now? Sunny Rain hurriedly sent a message to ask Linbing whether he was awake because there were so many people, because he was accompanying Qin Yong in the maze of right and wrong. But Sunny Rain soon found that there was no message here. It seems that it is a closed place. What is going on?
Looking at the flowers in the sky in sunny rain, I found that all the petals came from there. I had a brainwave. Was it pollen?
"[Holy Light]!" Rain or shine unleashed the only attack magic on the flower cluster, but before the light cluster arrived, the flower cluster was surrounded by petals and then disappeared into a light spot.
Do we have to do that? Rain and shine, look around. Wu Bing, who is in a coma, still has a painful expression on his face. Rain and shine beckon, and seven rings revolve around her. The clothes are gradually changed from the official of God to a shiny white seat. The holy bishop wears a sunny body from white light.
"This is the first time I have fought as a bishop, maybe the last time."
Qingyu remembered the information he got when he changed his job to become a bishop, saying that’ the bishop is in charge of the sacred church in Wonderland and the owner has the ability to resolve all crises!’ In addition, there is a message attached. Everyone who changes jobs as a bishop has a chance to make the two skills belonging to the bishop [redemption] and [salvation]!
"It belongs to the Ministry of Light-open your broad mind-save all painful lives!"
"noble god of life-listen to my prayer-save the source of pain inflicted on others!"
Together, the two skills make the [salvation] object all players, but the [salvation] object is the flower in the sky.
A piece of soft white light floats in the rose garden, and everyone’s expression relieves pain. The disappearance of expression is accompanied by a feeling of comfort and warmth.
The flower cluster in the sky is another situation [salvation]. The white light vaporizes all the petals in place like the wind sweeping away the leaves, and then the light surrounds the flower cluster and decays the petals from the outside.
The flower group came with a painful sound. "I didn’t expect someone to be afraid of my psychedelic pollen. It’s been a long time since a creature came to do a life test."
Sunny rain looked up and looked at the rose petals surrounded by white light. Gradually, the petals began to spread out, and the white light offset each other to make red dots disappear. There were one or four eyes in the petals, which were similar to lizards, and the red rose was about three meters long. The bare skin of the rose garden was so prominent that sunny rain just saw that the monster almost blurted out, but at the sight of the soldiers and elegant screams beside him, it was swallowed up.
品茶论坛"Are you the manager of this rose garden?"