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Grandpa four coldly looking at him not to talk.

Lu Xun and he looked straight at him, "If it is a soldier, I will come to bother Uncle. I have a document in my hand, so I can skip Uncle’s transfer of troops in several southwestern provinces."
I heard the shock, and I didn’t abandon Ye Xiangyuan.
Pay more attention to him than I thought.
I can’t help but think of the old saying that maybe I really feel optimistic about Ye Xiangyuan.
Grandpa four narrowed his eyes and didn’t know what to think.
Lu Xun then said, "I want fourth uncle’s information."
I suddenly realized
Ye Siye’s southwest border has been familiar with the situation here for more than ten years.
Whether it’s officialdom, troops or neighboring countries or drug dealers and black forces here, he must know everything.
No wonder tracing the cause came to see him.
It’s a pity that grandpa four didn’t buy it. He said coldly, "No."
This time it was Lu Xun’s turn to squint.
Ye Siye’s mouth evoked a sneer. "Ayuan is not what I remember. He killed my closest relative. Even if I don’t bother him, do you still expect me to save him?"
Lu Xun said, "They should kill."
Grandpa four’s face was completely cold and he said directly to the guard behind him, "Fujian!"
The guards immediately came to catch people.
Lu Xun looked calm and unhurried. "I advise your fourth uncle to think about it."
He made a sign.
Yuan Xi brought Xiaoyan and the little boy, and of course Ye Xiangze was also taken to Ye Siye.
I just don’t understand why Lu Xun should take them.
Turns out to be putting pressure on grandpa four.
Grandpa four eyes sank and stared at Lu Xun.
Lu Xun smiled slightly. "I can understand that the former fourth uncle saved Miss Xiao with the help of Ye Sanye’s blood, but now that he has watched the video, he should know what kind of person Miss Xiao is. I think you should solve it one by one from her."
Chapter 411 Greeting ceremony
Lu Xun, this is forcing grandpa four to start work, not only for Xiaoyan, but also for the little boy and Ye Xiangze.
Ye Siye naturally knows how to sink. "Are you threatening me?"
约茶Lu Xun said lightly, "I want an intelligence fourth uncle. If you are willing to tell me the so-called threat, it won’t count."
Meaning if grandpa four opens his mouth, he will let Xiaoyan them go.
If grandpa four refuses, grandpa four will have to kill these three people and he will not pursue them again.
Did grandpa four stare at him?
Lu Xun said, "Since the fourth uncle refuses to choose me to make a decision for you."
He raised his hand and shot Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan’s chest was hit by a bullet, and the smell of urine came from her. Her eyes were wide open and her eyes were frightened. Because her mouth was blocked, she couldn’t make a sound, and she could see her twisted face.
Lu Xun handed the pistol to Ye Siye and said, "If you fill one more shot, she will be completely dead. Fourth Uncle can choose for herself."
Grandpa four didn’t answer it, but kicked Xiaoyan away.
Xiaoyan was kicked down a few meters away and hit the wall with a loud noise.
She fainted and the smell of blood filled the room.
Master Ye said, "I won’t choose any of them. Let’s go. I really can’t help you."
I can’t help thinking of Ye Sanye.
They are a mother and brother, but it is obvious that Ye Siye is much more shrewd and mind-set.
If grandpa four hadn’t left home on his own initiative, it is estimated that Ye Li would have focused on cultivating him instead of putting all his energy into grandpa three.
This is what Teng Jun deserves for doing all his bad things.
Lu Xun’s coming to grandpa four must be betting that he knows something.
But now grandpa four is unwilling to help and directly send Fujian, and my heart can’t help secretly worrying.