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Holding him in one hand, he gently pushed open the door and suddenly a room was red. Although he didn’t tell her about the wedding date, it was obvious that the man had planned this room long ago. It was a wedding room, and the sheets were also red. Even the sofas were red fabric sofas, but they seemed warm outside. How many things did this man do behind her back? "Wife’s wedding room" He whispered in her ear in a low voice.

Her body trembled. "Don’t" was in a trance. Nightmares came to her again that night so that she could resist his intimacy.
"Well, then you give me the medicine first, but before the medicine, you are allowed to visit the opposite building. If you have any dissatisfaction, it will be revised quickly." Jiang Junyue commanded by sitting on the sofa and taking it easy
"Well, let’s take the medicine first. It’s so long, but it doesn’t seem to hurt."
"Oh, it didn’t hurt so much since you appeared."
She reached out and hit him on the head and finally looked down at him once. "Where’s the medicine box?"
"It’s unlucky not to have a medicine box in the wedding room in this room, don’t you think?"
Yes, she felt unlucky after asking, even more so than that he hurt this room at the moment. "If you are injured, let’s move to another room. Don’t leave your injury here. I don’t want you to get injured after marriage. This time is enough." She pouted and tried to help him up.
桑拿会所"Where is there so much talk about not living here? Do you want to sleep in the guest room?"
"The guest room is the guest room. Let’s go quickly." Hold him and get up.
But in the end, she fell into his arms as soon as he pulled her. "Don’t move or it will hurt."
Lan Jingyi dared to move when he moved. He leaned on his chest and listened to the heartbeats of two people for a long time before whispering, "Are you better?"
"Better, but you’re not going anywhere here tonight."
"Okay," he’s hurt. He’s the boss. Just say what he says. "Where’s the medicine box?" She didn’t know that it was her compromise. Indeed, Jiang Junyue had a bloody disaster in the future, and then he returned to her.
"Just look for it in the first floor of the building."
Lan Jingyi flew away like a bird. The building is so big. There are three rooms in the living room and dining room. On one side of the kitchen is a small thing. Lan Jingyi quickly turned to the size of a medicine cabinet. I can’t even ignore it.
When I went back to the master bedroom, it was the uncle who hurt me. She wanted to give him medicine, but he suddenly said, "I want to take a bath."
"No, it’s not easy for a wound to heal when it touches water."
"Then you can help me wash my body."
Uncle, uncle Lan Jingyi wants to beat uncle. "If you don’t wash it, you won’t die. If I say no washing, you can’t wash it."
"It’s okay not to wash. The big deal is just not to sleep. I can never sleep without taking a shower unless you give me a drink or knock me out. That’s another matter."
I heard him seriously say that she was telling the truth. "Okay, but you have to cooperate. You can’t mess with Miss."
Chapter 1 You are my wife
"It’s okay not to wash. The big deal is just not to sleep. I can never sleep without taking a shower unless you give me a drink or knock me out. That’s another matter."
I heard him seriously say that she was telling the truth. "Okay, but you have to cooperate. You can’t mess with Miss."
"It should be a wife. Well, you are my wife."
"I’m not married yet." Lanjingyi refused this man with his teeth, which was too overbearing.
"If you marry us at the beginning of next month, just consider tonight as the beginning of next month." Jiang Junyue said seriously.
"Beautiful you Jiang Junyue, you are not allowed to mess around casually."
Jiang Junyue nodded seriously. Damn Yunfei, he really wants to kill people. Yunfei tortured him. He lost all kinds of benefits. "Let’s go."
I have to say that Jiang Junyue was so neat before he took a shower, and he must never sleep, but now it is an emergency and he is injured.
I moved a chair and pushed my uncle to the chair to feel the warmth in the heated bathroom. Lan Jingyi said, "Take off your clothes."
"You help me take off my arm. It hurts."
"It doesn’t hurt to take off that hand." She really can’t encourage his uncle’s habits any more, otherwise this fellow will go too far.
"Ok, I’ll take it off," said the man, throwing up his arm and moving his hand. Lan Jingyi quickly turned around and covered his eyes. Behind him was the rustle of clothes.
Finally, the sound stopped
There was silence behind him.
LanJingYi this just turned around "ah …" Is a scream Jiang Junyue undressing speed is too fast for a while, and there is nothing left "you … you are quick to wear"
"How to wear a bath? It’s even worse when you get wet. Okay, wife, you can start work."
"Put it on" and she crouched down to pick it up. When she could hold her hand, the cloth kept dripping, which made her very speechless.
"Well, you look good with a man’s clothes."
"You’re a bad guy" Lan Jingyi threw his clothes and hit him on the head, but he avoided it neatly. "Is it a kiss or a love?"
On bickering, she will never know that he is thick-skinned, so her little face is already red.
"Don’t you think you’re a little girl who pretends to be innocent when you’re a child?"
Lan Jingyi didn’t dare to say anything to turn on the shower head. Warm water spilled on her. She twisted the towel and began to wipe his body from head to head. When he wiped his chest bruised, he couldn’t help but move softly. "Does it hurt?"
"It doesn’t hurt." He obediently sat in the chair and enjoyed her close-fitting arms. Suddenly, he came here to wipe his armpits. But when he lifted his arm, his whole hand just passed over one side of the water. "Brush …" Water droplets splashed Lan Jingyi all over his body. "Don’t touch." Lan Jingyi was annoyed and washed for a while. Look, her clothes are wet.
"Er, do you want to make a film to tell you how serious my injury is? Lan Jingyi, you wish I was in pain, don’t you?" Jiang Junyue grinned.
Lan Jingyi went on scrubbing his body. He was really clean except for a little sweat.
Finally, I wiped Jiang Junyue’s body. Lan Jingyi breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok, can I take medicine now?" Said she will help him get up.
But he pushed her little hand. "Wash yourself, too. If you are wet, you will get water droplets. It doesn’t hurt to death. I’ll wash it and give me medicine to wrap it up."
"Do you have … clothes?"
"Before you have it, someone will send it to you to see for yourself."
Section 1
Lan Jingyi slowly walked to the front of the wardrobe of the big room and opened it. Sure enough, she opened a cupboard of clothes, and on the other side, Jiang Junyue bought it for her. At the same time, he would never wronged himself.
But when Lan Jingyi started to pick up the pajamas, her eyebrows got more and more wrinkled. They were all very open pajamas. Each one was more open than the other, and there was a standard or a nurse system. However, when this one was better, it was still difficult to take the nurse pajamas. It seemed that she flew into the bathroom behind her. It was naturally Jiang Junyue’s burning eyes. Just when she chose it, he guessed that she would choose that one. She was right. She really took the nurse system.
Lan Jingyi took a quick bath, but she was too worried that Jiang Junyue had hurt her. Although the blood was not particularly deep when she just wiped his arm, the red and fresh one was absolutely impossible if she didn’t take medicine. She was brave enough to hug her before thinking about the man, and her heart was warm.
After washing, Lan Jingyi took the nurse system and wore a small waist. The design lined her small waist. It was still so slim. It was pajamas, but she felt uncomfortable wearing it. She looked left and right, and Lan Jingyi dared not go out.
Ear heard the water trickling in the bathroom has stopped Jiang Junyue’s beautiful lips slightly bent. I really don’t know when the little woman will linger. He just helped her to let her out, otherwise she wouldn’t come out early. "Ah …" He exclaimed and then slowly slid from the sofa to the carpet and sat down.