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"Well, I met a beautiful woman when you brought her here. The more I appeared, did it bother you and her?" Yin Qing’s soft voice became sad. "Maybe I shouldn’t have appeared." Seeing Jiang Junyue doesn’t deny that he is going to send a text message to Lan Jingyi. Yin Qing’s soft voice was embarrassed. "I’m sorry, I have something to do. I left first."

The eyes flashing with tears like a rabbit made Jiang Junyue unbearable. He stretched out his hand and caught it. She wanted to leave Yin Qing’s soft little hand. Her little hand was ice and ice, which made him feel distressed when he held it. He held his palm tightly and pulled her back bit by bit. "Who said you shouldn’t have appeared? You should have shown up a long time ago because you knew about me and her, and you didn’t come to see me when you came back? "
Yin Qing’s eyes danced with tears. "They say you and her two children are beautiful."
This doubt is an affirmative answer. For a moment, Jiang Junyue felt his heart ache.
But how much he loved her before?
When he couldn’t find her, he refused to associate with women, and Lan Jingyi may be a special case. That was transferred to Bao Fanchun, so they were crazy all night, so that night he turned Lan Jingyi from a girl into a woman.
And once a man has cracked that physiological desire, he can’t take it away, making him want to occupy that woman again and again
"I’m sorry." He and Harumi always do it first. I’m sorry. Harumi’s thing is that he has more children with other women than with children, but Harumi seems to be single.
It is this question that he dare not ask her, because for the first time at this moment, he doesn’t know how to deal with emotional problems.
"Don’t say that more and more." Little hand Bingbing fell off his lips. She wouldn’t let him say that. "It’s my fault. I’ve been ill recently and I was released."
"Sick of what?" Jiang Junyue a nasty again back to hold her little hand cut asked.
"No … it’s a very bad disease."
"Will the dead sick? No, I told you that you’ve been better recently, which means you’ve recovered. That disease is not that terminal, is it? "
Seeing his eyes cut Yin Qing’s soft face with a soft smile, just like her name, "No, I’m fine now, and nothing has happened."
"What disease made you leave me for so many years?" Five years is really not a short day. Do you know how sad and miserable he was every day at the beginning of these five years? At the beginning of that year, every day was a second, which made him wonder how he got through it. He used to sleep for days and nights without saying a word or eating a bite.
Yin Qingrou gently took a sip of her red lips. "Do you have to say it?" Low voice with a little sadness. Obviously, her illness is really a disease that is difficult to talk about.
"Hungry?" Seeing that her eyes were about to burst into tears again, Jiang Junyue had to reach out and wipe her tears, because he remembered Lan Jingyi and changed the subject.
"Yeah, a little."
"The same?"
Jiang Junyue snapped his fingers and came over. He ordered a medium-rare steak for himself and another Italian beef tenderloin. She always didn’t like steak very much. Every time before coming here, he thought it was really rough to bring her here. But she said that she lost her appetite at the sight of the red fresh meat, but she still couldn’t eat the well-cooked steak.
Once people’s habits are formed, it is difficult to change them.
Steak and beef tenderloin both came together and ate gracefully. When they used to eat together, they were all sad. But at this moment, when Jiang Junyue put a piece of cut steak into his mouth, he accidentally remembered Lan Jingyi eating with Lan Jingyi. She always said what she thought of, and she didn’t take the ancients’ food seriously. She was happy and chattered like a child. That was Yin Qingrou, who was definitely different. It was also at this moment that he discovered their two personalities.
Chapter 192 Red Fruit Fruit Lying
"What are you thinking?" The beef tenderloin was half eaten, so Yin Qing put chopsticks on it. She always ate less and finished eating before she asked in a low voice.
Jiang Junyue is a little embarrassed. It must be that he just thought too much. "Oh, nothing. I’m going to wash my hands." Suddenly I want to smoke a cigarette. Otherwise, he feels that the atmosphere is particularly boring than letting him not know how to sit with Yin Qingrou. It’s strange that he can never imagine the feeling.
"Go" Yin Qing gently nodded and told him to leave.
Jiang Jun got up and walked with long legs to the washing position where smoking is allowed.
I watched the predecessors at the opposite table, but the man was still there. Yin Qing’s soft eyes were fixed on that one for five seconds, and then Jiang Junyue should not come back soon. She quickly picked him up. He just fiddled with it as if to send a text message to Lan Jingyi. I don’t know what he was going to send. Is it to tell Lan Jingyi that he met himself?
It seems that it should not.
She came back late, but she used to have such deep feelings for him that she didn’t believe that she would lose to a woman whom Jiang Junyue had not known for two years.
That’s a short message that hasn’t been sent out, that is, Jiang Junyue wrote it halfway but didn’t send it out.
夜生活Seeing her laughing in a low voice, sure enough, he asked Lan Jingyi to leave by himself in his own class and told her not to wait for him. He didn’t meet him at all, which means he concealed the fact that he came to see her.
Then she and he still have hope. At this moment, Yin Qing smiled with confidence and returned Jiang Junyue to the table.
It’s dark outside the first turn, but the neon lights are always a bit of a wet blanket. Modern lighting makes the bamboo forest no longer quiet. She likes the pure natural beauty instead of the modern beauty.
The man still didn’t come to the company after work.
I packed up an office and then locked the two office doors. Lan Jingyi left the building with a bag in her hand. When she came in the afternoon, the security guard thought and thought. Lan Jingyi still couldn’t help but walk over and ask, "Did Jiang always come back in the afternoon?"
"There is only a car is a … a …"
"A what?"
The security guard recalled, "It seems that he was called away by a short message. Because Jiang always left after reading a short message."
Lan Jingyi really can’t hold her breath any longer. Forgive her. She is really an ordinary little woman. As she walks to the bus, she picks up Jiang LaCrosse’s number. As soon as it is dialed out, her heart beats suddenly. There, you are quickly connected. "Hello, LaCrosse, go to wash your hands. Who are you? I’ll ask him to give you a message later. "Yin Qing’s soft Jiang Junyue’s words rang twice and then picked them up because she saw the number Jiang Junyue and nicknamed her wife.
The word wife is too dazzling. She doesn’t like it very much. Anyway, she is well now. She doesn’t want to let go. Jiang Junyue belongs to her. She always has.
The woman’s voice is charming and beautiful. He didn’t come back, so he went to hang out with women.
At this moment, Lan Jingyi felt that the sky was falling.
Luckily, she still believes that he is still waiting in the office.
She hung up quietly without saying anything. Listening to the blind tone, she was upset.
I don’t want to go back to the small apartment, I don’t want to see my mother, and I don’t want to see my two children. She is afraid that her mood will be discovered, and she is afraid that her mother will worry about herself.
It seems that if she is in a bad mood, she likes to walk so sullenly.
But her stomach protested. When she woke up at noon, she ate something. At that time, she couldn’t eat. At this time, she was hungry and cooed. Then she went to eat something. Whether she had Jiang Junyue or not, she had to eat and live.
After thinking about it, she wants to go to Jiang Junyue and take her to that western restaurant to eat a steak. She likes to listen to the music there. It’s absolutely real. She plays both the sogeum and the piano very well, and things there are not particularly expensive. She wants to listen to music and drink coffee alone. The bamboo forest will calm her down.
With a motorcycle, Lan Jingyi went straight there.
Motorcycle speed is different from that of cars, but it has one advantage: it is flexible and cars can’t take narrow roads. The driver also knows the western restaurant and is particularly familiar with it. It seems that Lan Jingyi has forgotten to take such a path, which will make her uneasy. Anyway, the driver took her to the western restaurant, so the motorcycle soon sent her to the destination and stopped at the periphery of the bamboo forest. No motor vehicles can get in. This is one of the reasons why this bamboo forest can always maintain its beauty and tranquility.
Lan Jingyi paid the fare and walked slowly there. She was not in a hurry because at this moment, she was in a hurry when Jiang Junyue was not around.
I broke a bamboo leaf in my hand and blew it gently on my lips, so I let her blow it into a tune. After a while, I felt that my lips were numb. After all, this leaf is not a musical instrument. She hasn’t blown it for a long time.