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However, Real Sociedad will not give up because they want to play the Champions League and don’t want to play the Europa League.

After a 15-minute break, the two sides fought again, and the real society still worked tirelessly to attack Gleizman, still pounding the Real Madrid defense line.
However, compared with Real Madrid, even if it is a substitute, it is a world-class star array, and the strength of the Real Social Array is still a lot worse.
Although Gleizman and his teammates are trying very hard to score goals and win, the trend of the game is as they wish.
In the 53 rd minute, Real Sociedad won a good Italian ball, which was taken by Gretzman, and he did give a high-quality Italian ball.
Unfortunately, the ball finally hit the crossbar and bounced off the baseline. If it were a little bit more, it would really be a goal.
Real Madrid, on the other hand, made great efforts to press the offensive opportunity and keep fighting back.
In the 67th minute, Real Madrid finally got another chance.
Lu Wenbin took the ball a few steps in the backcourt and found that the goalkeeper of Royal Society was a little ahead.
So Lu Wenbin suddenly started shooting before crossing the center line with the ball.
Goalkeeper Bravo was scared to death and hurried back to save the ball. Several defenders also looked silly and watched Bravo and Lu Wenbin kick out the ball and didn’t notice that Zema had rushed to the goal.
The ball landed in front of the goal, and Bravo finally reached the line of the small forbidden zone and jumped hard. He really touched the ball.
夜生活He pointed his finger at a bracket to try to lift the ball out of the crossbar.
But contrary to his wishes, his finger strength was slightly less, and the ball changed direction slightly, hitting the beam and bouncing back to the forbidden area from Bravo’s ear.
Anyway, he finally stopped the ball and didn’t let Lu Wenbin shoot to form a goal.
Bravo fell from it, but his face was smiling.
The fans of the Royal Society who came to the stands also smiled when they saw Bravo throw Lu Wenbin from a long distance.
As a result, a second later, they saw Zema volley the ball without stopping before the ball appeared, and then pulled it into the door of the royal society.
Bravo, the goalkeeper of the fall-forbidden zone, didn’t get up when he suddenly saw the ball fly into the goal, and the goalkeeper’s net rushed up.
Bravo turned his head and saw that the defender of ZeMata had just finished shooting, and he didn’t even interfere with Zema.
His heart gets cold as soon as he gets there.
He knew that the ball was shot by Zema.
Sure enough, Zema turned and rushed to the sidelines for a second to celebrate, followed by his Real Madrid players’ stands, and a small number of Real Madrid fans cheered with excitement.
All the facts prove that Real Madrid scored again. The goal was Zema.
He threw Bravo out and Lu Wenbin, the midfielder, shot and shot again.
Real Madrid away 41 Real Sociedad leads by three goals, and it is less than half an hour before the end of the game.
This ball can be called the death penalty of the royal society.
But Gretzman didn’t give up.
In the 73rd minute, he broke through Diarra and Valla in succession after taking the ball at halftime, and was stopped by Carvalho until he approached the forbidden zone.
But he didn’t do too much entanglement with Carvalho, but made a fake shot and then crossed the ball to the teammate who rushed behind him.
Yilamendi, the waist, rushed to volley, and as a result, the ball rose high and flew out of the crossbar. Yilamendi hit an anti-aircraft gun.
Ilamandi held his head in disbelief and then apologized to Gretzman for helping him.
Gretzmann Nene shook his head and continued the game.
In his mind, he had the idea that he had to leave the royal society and go to a bigger team to get stronger support from his teammates.
Of course, these are personal problems and will not affect the Gleizman game.
In the 79 th minute, Gleizman finally made a wonderful breakthrough by himself, forcing the Valla Forbidden Area to make a disregard. He shoveled Gleizman sideways and missed the ball.
The referee did not hesitate to award a penalty and gave Valla a warning that he did not give the card.
Gretzman created a penalty and he took the penalty.
He fooled Adan and easily scored the ball in the opposite direction of Adan’s save.
Gleizman scored twice to chase the score to 24, and he has not completely lost hope.
Don’t say that for so long, there are many examples of scoring two goals in the last stoppage time in the world football, such as the season when Manchester United won the treble.
Therefore, Gleizman still wants to score goals and win even if he doesn’t win.
However, Real Madrid soon killed his fantasy.
In the third minute, Royal Society got a corner kick, but it was pushed out by Vara without forming an attack.