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Chapter 23 A sigh

So another woman quickly came to apologize "I’m sorry, Miss Lan"
The manager came. "What happened?"
Lan Jingyi just eliminated a little depressed mood. "Forget it. It’s okay. The two of them have apologized, otherwise I really want you to deduct their two salaries for a month so that they can’t control their mouths."
She said that she really wanted it, but she didn’t want the manager to implement it, but she didn’t want the manager to immediately say, "Well, just follow Miss Lan’s instructions." Once in Lome Wei, when something happened here, the manager met Lan Jingyi, and how precious Jiang Junyue was. He knew this woman, and he naturally knew who to touch and who not to touch, but Lan Jingyi was untouchable and the whole commotion could not offend a big woman, even if Jiang Junyue’s old lover came back, Lan Jingyi could not be offended.
The crowd is busy around Lan Jingyi, and she won’t go back. When Jane leaves the box, she sees that people here are worried about running over. "What happened to Jingyi?"
"Hiccup ….." Lan Jingyi had a hiccup. She really didn’t mean to, but after drinking too much, she couldn’t help staggering at Jane. "No … it’s okay. They have already apologized to me. Hehe, let’s go back to the box. I have to drink without me. I want to drink …"
Jane must leave to hold her unstable body. At this time, Lan Jingyi’s little face is as rosy as a layer of rouge. "Let’s go and help you go back."
"It’s all over, it’s all over." The manager also yelled and glanced at the two people who had offended Lanjing Iraqis. Naturally, they would each deduct a person’s salary for a month, otherwise the commotion could be caused by the door. This joke is absolutely not allowed.
Jane walked forward with Lan Jingyi, but she was not honest at all. She almost bumped into the wall once or twice. "Jingyi, are you drunk? Shall I take you back?"
"Keep your feelings in mind forever …" Suddenly, a rich song floated to the corridor, and the sound made Lan Jingyi tremble. It was Jing He Fu Disheng’s "Intimate Lover". Hehe, the man in the box sang it to his lover. His lover was Yin Qingrou.
"If you have to leave me, you have to sing. Shall we sing?"
桑拿论坛"Jingyi …" Jane Fei-li also heard the song in the opposite box. It was definitely Jiang Junyue. He could have heard it. Lan Jingyi couldn’t have heard it, but she didn’t clamor to go in and sing with Jiang Junyue. She helped her to move on. When another woman came out, Jane Fei-li finally went to see Jiang Junyue. It turned out that Jiang Junyue was singing love songs with another woman.
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A song like that definitely stung Lan Jingyi.
Stumbling back to the box, Lan Jingyi ordered a love song at the top of her voice, but she insisted on singing with her. However, no matter whether the male department or the female department started singing, she sang a little face along with her, but the more she sang, the more she sang, the more excited she made the whole box stop and sit on the sofa to watch her perform alone.
One after another, Jiang Junyue can sing love songs without him, and she can sing them too, so she can sing them to Jane Fei Li.
"boundless love has become boundless and infatuated with the cold wind and scattered all over the world …"
Singing and singing Lan Jingyi liked this song "Acacia in the Storm", so she sang a song over and over again, and she liked this song.
Boundless love becomes boundless and infatuated with the cold wind
Hehe, that’s her. She was infatuated with the cold wind from that man.
Spread out all over the world. Well, they broke up. It seems close at hand but far away.
Singing and crying, she shed tears, and her body couldn’t help shivering. She was really moved and hurt. Seeing that Lan Jingyi was getting more and more wrong, Jane had to hug her and directly said to Mr. Wang, "There are too many Jingyi. I’ll send her home. You can all have fun as long as you want."
"This is not good?" Mr.wong embarrassed way.
"Nothing. Jingyi and I used to be old classmates. I should send her." Holding Lan Jingyi, she went out to the corridor. She also hummed and sang the sentence’ boundless love became boundless and infatuated with the cold wind and scattered all over the world’. She seemed to love this lyric so much that she couldn’t sing enough. She even sang at the top of her voice, and the whole corridor was full of her echoes.
"Who sings?" Jiang Junyue has sung a few songs and seems to be in a better mood. Suddenly, I heard a song outside the door that looked like a woman and seemed to be familiar with it.
"I’ll go and see" Yin Qing soft drank a few sips of wine, but she was very energetic. The girl outside had long recognized Lan Jingyi, and nothing could let Jiang Junyue know that the woman was singing outside. The more she sang, the more she belonged to her tonight.
But when she got up, her body was pulled and she sat down on the sofa again. Jiang Junyue had already got up, and her long legs walked with erratic steps. She quickly came to the door and opened the door. When she poked her head out, she was facing Lan Jingyi. She also hummed the song "Acacia in the Rain".
"boundless love becomes boundless and infatuated and flies all over the world in the cold wind" is this sentence that is repeatedly sung over and over again.
"Uh, who are you?" Seems to be saw him LanJingYi narrowing her eyes to see the song stopped with slightly drunk eyes scanning his face as if to see through him.
"What do you think I do? You go away! "Seeing Jiang Junyue watching her don’t talk, Lan Jingyi held out his hand and shook in front of Jiang Junyue, obviously in a trance.
Look at Jane, who is holding Lan Jingyi’s hand. Jiang Junyue feels uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Although this is what he expected, he really wants to open their physical contact when he sees them.
She seems to be drunk and he is drunk. "Take your hand off" and reach out to pull Jane. He won’t allow Jane to be so close to Lan Jingyi anyway.
Section 11
"What are you doing?" Seeing Jiang Junyue’s hand trying to pull Jane away from Lan Jingyi’s thinking for a moment, she knew that the man who was holding her and sending her home was very good, very good, and it was better than the man who had made her sad all day and this night. She reached out and pushed Jiang Junyue.
"From the point of view" but never thought of Jiang Junyue but snorted these three words.
"You said I don’t respect? What about you? " Lan Jingyi’s consciousness has always been in a state of chaos, but when he meets Jiang Junyue, he suddenly becomes clear. "Aren’t you also singing love songs with other women here? When the wind blows, it makes you feel warm … "Lan Jingyi suddenly sang the song" Intimate Lover "that Jiang Junyue and Yin Qingrou sang together when they came out from washing their hands.
But listening to Jiang Junyue’s ear, she sings to the man around her. Jane is not away from "get out …" He growls and wants to kill people.
She did leave Jane again.
"Jiang Zongjingyi was a little drunk and I sent her back." Jane didn’t leave to look at Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi. He didn’t know if he was doing this right, but if Jiang Junyue really lost Lan Jingyi, he would protect Lan Jingyi.
"Get out, I’ll let you get out." Jiang Junyue kicked the wall and it hurt, but he didn’t feel waving his arm to make the two people in front disappear quickly. He didn’t want to see them help each other. It would be uncomfortable to see the picture.
"You just roll? Jiang Junyue, I want you to roll." Wearing high heels, Lan Jingyi doesn’t have manners at all. She kicked Jiang Junyue with one foot, but even if Jiang Junyue didn’t move, she couldn’t kick her. Now she even sings Lickitung. She is really drunk.
Jane frowned and hugged her and walked out. I really don’t want to see Lan Jingyi out of control again. She must be very sad that Jiang Junyue was so out of control with that woman, so drunk and singing like this.
"boundless love became infatuated with the cold wind and flew all over the world." Lan Jingyi sang again until he helped her to her seat, and she still hummed and sang.