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A punch explodes the war to defend the monarch. An old man who seems to be dying is skinny and looks like he stepped into the coffin. It is such an old man who still has enough strength to punch the monarch.

Although you are crazy to avoid consumption, it is almost pure physical strength confrontation, but you are crazy about physical strength, and you don’t dare to face the nine swords directly. Although you have about half the strength, the old man can say that the fighting consciousness and self-cultivation are in place.
The old man’s face is solemn and solemn, showing that the lack of oil and salt makes people unable to ridicule their minds at all, and even pays a little more respect.
You crazy slightly reminded the corners of your mouth, thinking that somehow you can practice your hands and make such an old man willing to be driven by him. Obviously, the ancient monarch is not a simple person.
That’s all he thinks, because in an instant, he finds that the damage is evenly distributed among four people, so it’s not too big for the old man. If he is crazy about a few moves, he will lose power, and he will not be repetitive. Pulling him out of the war gave him a good time and grabbed his soul out of his pocket.
The other three people saw that the tide was gone and had no chance to struggle. They did not maintain the law and fled for their lives.
They run away very fast, and their directions are different. It is a tacit bet that one person will be destroyed in luck and the other two will probably find opportunities to hide.
This abacus is well played, but it can’t be prevented. You can teleport with your mind, so when all three people are tied back and thrown into a pile, they can also smile at each other and exchange glances, and then start preparing for self-explosion.
Jun Kuang is another cloth hood to pack the three people and kick them into the trench to give them a taste of weak water.
The ancient people were afraid of weak water. Once they came into contact with weak water, let alone escape, they couldn’t even get a few flutters. These magicians were also reclamation projects.
Wave after wave, they may have some treasures, so even people and babies are thrown into weak water.
You want to pick it up, but you can pick it up yourself without stopping you. You are still afraid of a weak water as soon as Xuanshui is available.
You’re such a big heart, Chu. Someone hummed and ignored you.
You are crazy and boring. He doesn’t have time to shoot the breeze with someone. Someone is too idle to panic. But every second counts. The ancient clan "Great King" still sings. It seems that at the last stage, he looks really a little distracted when he is bathed in red light.
"Who are you?" You crazy can be sure that when you found Ding before, you saw that it was this great gentleman and made him feel inexplicably familiar.
The word "old friend" is faint, cold and slightly hoarse.
Jun gave him a crazy look. "I know it’s an old friend, but I want you to show your true face."
"You can return the tripod, maybe we can discuss it" is still concise.
"That thing was given away, and I didn’t come to consult with you." You are crazy and white. This is not an ordinary opponent. The momentum of the whole body is soaring and the hoses are around each other’s necks
Because of the hose, the cloak was picked up, revealing a face that was seven points similar to that of Jun Kuang.
The difference is that the other person’s face is overcast and frowning, and a pair of bloody eyes can see that this person has been enchanted. This person has a deep scar on his forehead. It seems that he has suffered from life and death, and there are some small scars on his cheeks. However, he is unaware that his bloody eyes are staring at Jun crazy for a moment.
Magic Xiujun thinks it’s a long experience, not only a long experience, but also a pure long-lived experience of "it’s you"
"What a surprise!" The other party sneered at Jun’s crazy surprise with a sarcastic smile. "It seems that you really have no psychological preparation at all." He took the initiative to stop singing, so there is no point in refining the soul and refining a city root.
"I told you she wouldn’t make such a big noise." You were crazy and surprised. At the same time, you were crazy and had a little relief in your heart. After all, although there was chaos in the Three Realms, it might not only be the situation with Qin Xiao.
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品茶论坛Not dominated by Qin Xiao.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Brothers meet embarrassed topic
"I’m here for a reason." The ancient monarch smiled and took a look at your madness. "But I was late to contact you in this way. I didn’t expect this place to go back and forth."
You are crazy to sneer at "I really can’t digest the sudden appearance of people who have not been seen for so many years in front of me." He squinted at each other. "Jun Qian went to find someone to help you in those days. Since then, I never thought I would meet again."
"I’ve imagined many kinds, except this one." Jun Qian smiled. "Even Dr. Huo was in a coma when I came, and I didn’t dare to move the instrument easily. I didn’t expect that I was brought in by curiosity at the moment."
"So you also have a unified hand" Jun picked his eyebrows.
"Your story is well written." Jun Qian smiled at him. "But some places are unreasonable, such as the two of us."
"I know," Jun frowned without trace and interrupted each other. "You won’t continue your singing."
Jun Qian smiled quite sarcastically again. "That’s just to make those stupid orcs worship me and borrow their ancient skills to mystify me." After a pause, he added, "I induced their souls to automatically throw themselves into my prison. Long Ding just repaired their souls and damaged Ding Ling’s past cities. What am I doing refining?"
This statement is consistent with your crazy guess. You crazy turned around and left without asking.
"You have nothing else to say." Jun Qian flicker in front of him and stood in his way.
"What do I have to say to a monk?" You scoffed wildly.
"Don’t you just ask me what brought me to this point?" Jun Qian’s voice sounded a little angry and seemed to be really bitter.
Jun crazy sigh eyes motioned for each other to continue.
"Find a quiet place," Jun Qian said. "If you can’t accept my statement, you can fight."
"But" Jun told Lei Ying that he was leaving Lei Meteor City, and he had already cleaned the battlefield and handed it over to him.
Jun Kuang took Jun Qian’s mind and moved. They have reached a lush forest.
"Go ahead." Jun took out two cans of alcoholic drinks from the system and threw one to Jun Qian to sit on a clean and smooth big stone.