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He didn’t just pick an eyebrow and go to the table to get a watch to wear.

I immediately put on my dress and got up to brush my teeth with him.
After breakfast, he took me for a walk in Qingshuiju Garden.
For the first time, I think the ancient pavilions are really beautiful.
A big pool is full of carp and large flowers.
He showed me around and didn’t talk much.
I look fresh and like Qinshui’s living environment 120 times.
I can’t help but ask him, "Why do you like living in such a … house?"
Modern people live in a very antique house, which is a bit weird.
He didn’t look away to see that I glanced away again.
"My mother built this house, and I have lived here since she died."
It’s a sad story. I sighed in my heart and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know."
"It’s over," he said
I looked up at his side face and didn’t see anything about his face. Is he always like this?
He suddenly smiled and said, "Mother likes all classical things. She is a strange woman. She has liked classical things since she was sensible. She is out of place with others. She wears ancient costumes and swears because she is special …"
Is she special?
"I am only because of her special place."
How do you say this?
Wei Qingkui didn’t answer my question. He showed a faint expression and didn’t know what to do. He accelerated his pace ahead.
I barely know what he was like as a child, though it is not too white, and what his mother was like when she was young.
But I think that no matter how bad it is, it will definitely be much better than my previous life.
I walked around his yard for an hour, and he was going to class. When I looked at it, it was only nine o’clock, thinking that the president’s adult class was different from ordinary people.
Generally, the president’s adult must get up earlier than the chicken and go to bed later than the cow.
However, he gets up when he is normal, eats breakfast when he is normal, and his shift is normal even when he is working.
One of the problems summed up is that his ordinary president is very different.
The next day
I got up early, packed my things and went out.
It’s scary to go out like this because of my face injury. I still wear a mask to let my hair go.
I found Dr. Lin when I arrived at St. Lucia Welfare Home.
Dr. Lin saw me and smiled. "The situation is not bad. Let’s go over to the expert now."
"It’s true that before it’s too late." I followed him to the mother’s ward and took Xiao Zhou and his mother to drive directly.
Dr. Lin’s car is Audi style, which is not new, but I can see that it is not cheap at all.
Dr. Lin told me that Dr. Wei’s name is He, a man in his thirties. He usually keeps a low profile, but he is very serious and enthusiastic about patients.
People in their thirties have already had so many operations. It seems that they are a very powerful person. I feel at ease and think that even if the money is spent a little more, it will be worth it.
When I got to the people’s hospital, I helped my mother to go in with Dr. Lin, and gave me 1.5 million dollars with Wei Qing in my arms. I was very at ease.
Section 22
After going in, Dr. Lin had already made an appointment and didn’t wait in line.
We sat in the corridor chair for ten minutes, and as soon as Dr. Lin arrived, he took us to knock on the door of the attending doctor’s office
The door opened. It was a man in his thirties wearing a white coat. His face was a little long, but his eyebrows were thick and his facial features were deep. He was a very masculine man.
This should be Dr. He.
Dr. Lin motioned for me to help my mother go in. My mother was not in good condition, but she was better than usual. Xiao Zhou and I took care of her quietly.
Dr. Lin saw me holding my mother and sitting back. He asked, "How’s it going? Are you checking now? "
It’s probably the second date. Mother has seen all those inspections.
His eyes fell on me, and I also looked at him. This man had a pair of sharp eyes. I took back my eyes at a glance and said, "The second examination has been very clear, but the brain surgery should be more careful. I have ordered the hospitalization. Now I will go through the hospitalization procedures and I will arrange the operation as soon as possible."
That’s it?
I looked puzzled at Dr. Lin and turned to Dr. He. "Is that what doctors do?"
桑拿会所"What’s the problem?" He looked up and asked.
I really didn’t. Even if I did, I wouldn’t say it.
A little nurse came in, and I asked Xiao Zhou to watch her mother go out with the little nurse and hand over everything, so there was no 500 thousand left, and the remaining 1 million was deducted as much as she went every once in a while
I came back with the bill and took my mother to arrange the ward.
This is an exclusive ward, except for the mother. Without him, the patients are quiet and will not be disturbed.
Because I didn’t expect to be hospitalized so soon, Xiao Zhou brought nothing back to the St. Lucia Welfare Institute to get something.
I stayed in the ward to clean everything, and when I finished, my mother was asleep.
Sitting next to Xiao Zhou, waiting for him to come back, the door of the ward opened, and Hector, wearing a white coat, came in and looked at his sleeping mother.
"Your mother’s condition is not very good, but the growth position of skull tumor is still very benign and the chance of successful operation is very high, reaching 76%."
There is a 76% success rate?
I was very happy to say "thank you"
"This is my job and you don’t thank me."
He put one on the table and said, "Your mother has been mentally stimulated and you still have to explain something necessary."
I looked at it, nodded, took a pen, wrote some simple things to Hehe, took a look, turned around and left.
An hour later, Xiao Zhou brought everything to her to look after her mother. I also wanted to leave the guard, but I called and asked me to go to the company to deal with Tina’s affairs.
No1 I’m proud that I can’t give you Chapter 15 A passionate kiss
I took the case of Tina Si after several twists and turns at first, and then it was almost robbed by Liu Yue several times. After several twists and turns, it returned to me.
Wu Yinger almost flew into a rage because she made a brand for the star, but fortunately, this miss Wu Yinger is a balanced group artist, and all the guards have come forward to solve this matter, and I can still make Wu Yinger accept it.
I’ll go straight upstairs when I get to the equilibrium group
The design department on the sixth floor of the Dinas case. I need to communicate with the design department.
I didn’t tell Wei Qingkui that I had arrived, and I couldn’t let others know about the incident with Wei Qingkui.
I went to the sixth floor and my desk was full of people. A woman got up and saw me and smiled. "Miss Mo came to the president’s office and Miss Wu’s office. You can just go there."