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Chen Manna brought some dried fish and some sealed chicken legs. "My kind is delicious and convenient."

"It’s commendable to agree with Manna’s good food. What did you bring, Xiao Yin?" Su Fan’s eyes look forward to it
"I" HeLianYin bowed their heads and looked for a pile of food and took out a box of glue paste and a box of ginseng tablets "this".
Several girls face suddenly strange Qian Wuqing said, "Xiao Yin, why do you bring such strange things? Are these medicines? Do you want to eat at ordinary times? "
"These are glue paste prepared for me by Sister Song. They are blood-enriching ginseng tablets. They can be flushed and delicious. You can eat ginseng tablets if you feel tired when you study."
A few people called’ wow’ and tried to see what the mouth of ginseng tablets was like. At ordinary times, they didn’t feed these things at home. They thought it was strange that they dismantled the ginseng tablets, which were as big as coins in vain. It is estimated that the price is not expensive. A few people threw the ginseng tablets into their mouths and a bitter vine went to their throat. It was really amazing.
"Who is Sister Song?" Su Fan asked with ginseng tablets.
"It’s my housekeeper," HeLianYin said flatly.
"Do you have a housekeeper?" Qian Wuqing was curious. I didn’t expect their dormitory to have a hidden Hector Lian besides Su Fan.
"Yes, there is."
"Then why didn’t you take the car at home to learn? When I got to school at noon, I saw that you came by taxi. "Zhuang Zhuomin asked while eating chicken legs. At noon, she happened to see Helian at the school gate and said hello to her. I was embarrassed to see her take a taxi to the car. It was afraid of hurting her self-esteem.
He Lianyin didn’t care about her words and said with a smile, "My father and mother went abroad, and my brother didn’t either. I don’t want to bother my family to take a taxi."
"Really?" Zhuang Zhuomin’s expression is suspicious. She doesn’t believe it. Because many people in this school lie and their families are humble, they lie to their classmates and say that they are well-off, so as to gain their respect and satisfy their vanity.
The families of several students here are all middle-class assets, and their families have houses and cars. However, if we say that they are rich and expensive, few of them have better families than Su Fan. Naturally, everyone listens to her more because they are often treated by her more often, and they are used to conforming to her from the heart.
Section 125
In the dim candlelight
At Zhuang Zhuomin, Xia Jin, who has always been quiet, said primly, "Don’t worry Xiao Yin won’t lie."
Zhuang Zhuomin turned white and bit his lip. "I didn’t say that Xiao Yin lied. I was just strange."
Nobody talks.
Zhuang Zhuomin suspected that Helian Yin lied that he was rich and Xia Jin was Helian Yin.
The atmosphere was awkward.
Realizing that I had said something wrong, Zhuang Zhuomin looked even uglier. She pursed her lips and turned pale.
He Lianyin smiled "no"
Even if others question that they don’t like themselves, they don’t have to feel unhappy about such a trivial matter. Just like that sentence, people either live in their own eyes or live in others’ eyes. Whether Zhuang Zhuomin believes it or not is crucial for her, because when she firmly believes, she can see whether a person is upright or not, and when she experiences obsolescence, the truest side will naturally emerge.
The party that night will end this sentence.
Su Fan was afraid that there was a gap in HeLianYin’s heart. He climbed into her bed and opened her mosquito net to squeeze into a bed with her.
"Xiao Yin, I’ll sleep with you later," she said, regardless of Helian’s opposition. She stabbed it and squeezed into Helian’s bed. Mosquitoes fly everywhere in Jinling Middle School in summer. The hot and humid weather is mosquitoes’ favorite climate, and mosquito nets must be blocked to stop mosquitoes from attacking.
He Lianyin sleeps inside.
Su Fan lay on her side and asked her gently, "Xiao Yin, are you angry?"
"Then why did you go to bed so early? You usually have to look at it at this time. "
spa会所  title="It’s a little uncomfortable to sit in the car for too long today." Even Yoon Tan Cheng wouldn’t have bumped all the way to school by car. Her stomach has reached the point where she can bear it, just like being stuffed with a mass of cotton soaked in water.
"Don’t mind Zhuo Min’s words. She always talks like that, but she doesn’t have a sense of propriety. Don’t mind too much." They always nicknamed Zhuang Zhuomin’s topic terminator, which can also be called the king of mending knives. This means that Zhuang Zhuomin can’t speak very well, but there will be an ice when she finishes speaking.
"It’s okay, I don’t mind." Even Yoon turned his back on the wall and quietly said, "Don’t worry about small things."
"That’s good. I also believe that you are a generous person."
"You too."
Su Fan couldn’t help laughing at the blue sheets. She suddenly hugged Hector even Yin’s waist.