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Instead, I gently grabbed Tang Chi’s bath towel and wrapped myself in my head and walked back to the bedroom. "Jiang Junyue, you are abnormal."

Is he abnormal?
It seems really abnormal.
But when he heard her talking, he quickly followed her with long legs and steady steps when he was excited. "Lan Jingyi, what do you want me to do before I can eat?"
"Fuck off, I won’t eat anything you cook." Lanjingyi walked into the room angrily. She wanted to kill him, but …
It’s a very contradiction, so she can figure out for herself that she feels angry, but Lan Jingyi relents when she thinks of all the good things he did to her before.
Lan Jingyi walked in a hurry and couldn’t wait to leave Jiang Junyue’s sight. But because she didn’t eat all day and was very angry, she was unstable and planted to one side. "Ah …" She cried out with low consciousness.
"Be careful …" An arm cut to hold her body, and she had to fall into Jiang Junyue’s arms again. "I don’t want you to let go of your false kindness." Lanjingyi struggled to get up.
Jiang Junyue picked her up and held her into the bedroom without putting a hug, but it was a wonderful night. Now he screwed up. Put her in bed. "Go to sleep." If you don’t eat anything and Tang Chi doesn’t soak, then there’s nothing else to do except sleep. After that, Jiang Junyue lay beside Lan Jingyi annoyed and seemed to be afraid of her emotional excitement. He didn’t hug her in his arms, but lay there quietly. Now he is motionless. He is a pair of deep black eyes staring at the top of his head quietly without blinking. It seems to be pondering something.
Lan Jingyi was still angry and reached out and pushed Jiang Junyue. "You go away, I don’t want to sleep with you, I don’t want to see you again." She growled, her eyes were red, swollen and emotionally unstable.
Jiang Junyue first lay motionless on the bed with his hands and pillows, but when he felt his little hands getting stronger and stronger, he tilted his head slightly, and then he saw Lan Jingyi, who was emotional. She looked so haggard that she was in a particularly bad state.
He tried to comfort her, but he didn’t say anything. He sat up slowly and said softly, "Well, I’ll go to the next room and call me." Then he got out of bed and slowly walked out of the room.
As soon as the small room was quiet, his breath gradually faded. Lan Jingyi sat in the bed, but his eyes still stopped. In his mind, his back was lonely and lonely when he left. For a moment, she really wanted to jump out of bed and chase after him. She loved this man deeply, but she suppressed that desire. She didn’t like it. She really didn’t like it.
Two rooms are separated by a wall. Two people are tossing and turning. Lan Jingyi can’t sleep. Jiang Junyue can’t sleep either.
Lan Jingyi closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep and awake.
The morning dawned.
Lan Jingyi’s door was pushed open, and the fragrant smell wafted over. Jiang Junyue brought breakfast. "Let’s eat. We may have to stay here these days. Something happened in our two cars."
"Why did you drag me into it?" Lan Jingyi sat up in surprise and looked at Jiang Junyue in surprise.
"Well," anyway, she has to stay here with him these days and she’s not allowed to go anywhere. He won’t believe that he can’t handle her.
"You lied to me. You must have lied to me. What do you want people to do?"
"Watch the news while eating" and Jiang Junyue walked out of her room, just waiting for her to get over it.
Where is Lan Jingyi in the mood to eat? She quickly opened her eyes, and then she really didn’t know how to cross Jiang Junyue. This must be intentional, but it’s too talented. That passive car actually crashed into the sea.
Moreover, according to the reporter on the scene, the monitoring before the car crashed into the sea showed that there were two people in the car, a man and a woman. At present, the police have begun to contact the relatives of the owner. It is said that the fiancee of the owner did not come home last night …
That man, he just pretended to be dead on purpose and took her with him.
She was so angry when she looked at the food he sent. She reached out and pushed it, and it all fell to the ground. No matter how delicious it was, she didn’t want to eat him. This was kidnapping him and making her ride a tiger. What should Xiaoqin do?
That child must be crying. Lan Jingyi took a water cup and began to milk. Anyway, if she milked the milk, she would be able to keep it. When she can leave here, she will still feed Xiao Qinqin and let the little guy eat it for at least ten months. Jiang Junyue won’t change her.
An hour passed, and the door was gently opened again. Jiang Junyue wanted to come in and close, but when he saw the carpet littered with things, he stayed at the door of wait for a while for ten seconds, and then he quietly turned around. He didn’t say a word, but he disappeared again in Lan Jingyi’s world.
Lan Jingyi continued to see that she was alive and well, but that man could convince the whole world that something had happened to him. I really don’t know how he would end up behind him. Suddenly, she began to look forward to it more than a little excited. What excuse did he want to tell outsiders that he and she were okay? Then how do you explain the disappearance of two people in that car?
It’s a very difficult job. You know, it’s definitely not easy to escape from the police. For a moment, she really wanted to jump out of bed and ask him what to do next, but when she thought about last night, she got angry and didn’t fight.
Really hungry
She drinks water.
Drink one cup after another
It’s noon.
The man never came to see her again.
If you don’t come, don’t come. She doesn’t want it.
It’s really a chat to keep here like this. She wants her children to think about it together with Xiao Qinqin and Xiao Zhuangzhuang. When she thinks about Xiao Zhuangzhuang’s heart, she feels a little gentle. That little girl is really stronger than Xiao Qinqin. She is still alive. This world really makes her very happy. I don’t know how Jiang Junyue will deal with Lome Wei this time. Think carefully. He treats Lome Wei harshly. It’s nothing compared with Lome Wei’s malicious roots. You must know that from the time she disappeared from childhood to now until she knows that Xiao Zhuangzhuang is her own son. That feeling is really worse than death.
The local TV news sometimes stays on that station without her, and suddenly I feel that I don’t know anything about Jiang Junyue. It turns out that he is in control of such a thing.
"Knock …"
That’s the door knocking. It’s neither light nor heavy. It seems that the man hasn’t knocked at the door every time since he left last night. Isn’t it him?
"Knock …" The door was knocked again "Miss Lan is me"
A female voice LanJingYi frowned "come in"
The door opened and a maid-like figure came in wearing an apron. "Lan Xiaoyi, I’ll cook your lunch. Try my cooking. If it doesn’t taste good, please tell me and I’ll improve it."
Kind words, kind face and smiling expression make Lan Jingyi want to refuse, and she can’t refuse to add this moment. She thinks that even if she is angry with Jiang Junyue, she can’t be angry with her milk. If she doesn’t eat anything, she has no milk to squeeze out. If the milk is really gone, it will not be worth the candle. She will continue to feed Xiao Qinqin with milk and gently nod "thank you"
"Then I’ll go out and get it for a while," said the maid, and she withdrew.
Lan Jingyi picked up the tray, and the reasonable collocation of vegetarian food and vegetarian food made her have an appetite. Anyway, it wasn’t Jiang Junyue who cooked Lan Jingyi. You’re welcome to eat it. She was really hungry and swept away all those meals. This should have milk, right?
桑拿网I really want to call my mother, but she doesn’t know how Jiang Junyue told her mother that she was afraid that she would make a mistake, but now let her ask Jiang Junyue why she wouldn’t ask him.
That’s how two people fight.
"Oh mom, did she eat?" Jiang Junyue wandered to the front of the villa kitchen in a family leisure.
"I ate a big bowl of rice and ate all four dishes. I’ll give Miss Lan another bowl of rice later."
"Oh," Jiang Junyue’s eyes darkened. It turned out that she didn’t want to eat what he cooked.
Restless, he went back to the room next to Lan Jingyi. He began to smoke one cigarette after another. Think about it carefully. It’s okay for him to do that to her. He remembers that in the A film, don’t say it was like that. Even men and women make love through the back door.
Is it necessary to say that she is normal and she will not be angry?
Women are really troublesome, troublesome creatures
But he really doesn’t want to be alone these days. He was angry with her last night and he didn’t even feel anything, but now his pants tent is up again.
After thinking and thinking, he took out the changed card "Jiang Han got something to send to me"
"What?" Jiang Han confused questioning
"Well, the more a`v actress films, the better. Send them to me immediately." He really wants that kind of man to go through the back door while Xiao Ju` hua goes through the back door, but it’s really inconvenient to say this. Then let Jiang Han send more. You can always choose one or two films then.
Chapter 134 to
"Good" Jiang Han took the words and looked out of the window, and then his eyes were amazing. His boss really enjoyed several days of leisure time, and he was still with Lan Jingyi. Well, this move is very easy to understand. It is a mediation between men and women. It must be very exciting to imagine that two people are likely to do it while watching it.
Jiang Han made a code saying, "Send the horse to the past". You can have as much as you want for a little money. Even if you don’t spend money, you can find it. It’s just the point, but he decided to spend money to buy it.
It’s really hard for Jiang Han to do such a thing himself. I don’t know if he wants those things, but he can’t tell the truth everywhere that Jiang Junyue wants him, and he doesn’t want to be chewed on his tongue behind his back, so he did it himself.
In the disc market, Jiang Han wears super ink and a cap and hangs low. "The boss buys discs."