Because they are all readymade, I almost didn’t think too much and listed these seven topics in one breath.

I can feel the breath of the three old gentlemen behind me becoming thin and inaudible at the end.
such as? I smiled and looked back.
How to answer this question …? Wang Lie was dumbfounded.
I don’t want to be able to recite classics, I replied with a smile. Actually, it’s easy to answer. The decline of the Han Dynasty and the natural situation are not difficult problems.
Cheng Yu stared at the paper for a long time and suddenly revealed a smile. Master, this last kind of question is the real point?
I shrugged my shoulders. Of course, from the classical literature, I just want some talents who can immediately put into concrete work.
Interesting. He nodded. Brother Yanfang, if you don’t want to do it, I will do it.
I didn’t refuse! Wang Lie hurriedly stopped him. This is the old worker!
I smiled and handed this piece of paper full of handwriting to Lao Wang. One is to give it to you and don’t rob it.
He took it carefully and blew a sigh gently. I’ll show the master the first draft after a day or three of careful study.
Don’t worry I got up from the table and moved a little, and my wrist was numb because of too much writing. At the same time, we all consider the examination procedure and more details.
Know three old gentlemen are devoting to should way.
I really want to hurry. I twisted my waist and sighed wistfully.
Wang Lie quickly said, I’ll read the classics at once and present the first draft to my master as soon as possible.
I ha ha a smile
General should also know arithmetic.
A day later, Wang Lie presented the first draft of the test paper to me.
Mr. Yanfang is working hard! I was deeply moved when I looked at Lao Wang with red eyes and black eyes.
I’m very excited to think that I can make a little contribution to the great cause of my master! He laughed.
I was scared to pee after reading the first question.
First, Xiao Prime Minister Camp Weiyang Palace set up the East Que, the North Que, the Qiandian, the armory and the Taicang Gaozu. He also saw the palace quezhuang and was very angry. Xiao Yue said, It is not known whether the success or failure of Tian Hungary’s hard struggle for several years is the excessive treatment of the palace? Xiao yue said, the Arabian nights are uncertain, so you can have a palace and husband ().
What should I fill in this? I looked up and asked without hiding my ignorance.
Wang Lie didn’t even think about answering directly, All the countries in the world are not magnificent and powerful, but also add to the future generations.
I nodded, but I couldn’t help grinning. This is extravagant wind! And the prime minister of a country is openly extravagant and looking for excuses! The long history of corruption is evident!
I read through all the lines and found that except for the last big question, he wrote it himself.
I don’t talk nonsense in front of you, Mr. Yanfang. I told him bluntly, My knowledge is quite limited. I haven’t seen these topics before, and I can’t see the level …
His face changed slightly. My master’s literary talent has long been appreciated many times. If my old talent is unbearable, my master can speak frankly …
No, no, no, no, I hurriedly explained with a wave of my hand. My literary talent is limited to writing a few broken poems about saints’ classics. Except for the Analects of Confucius, Zhuang and Sun, Ji has never read it … I mean, this test paper is still for Mr. Zhong De, Mr. Wen and Mr. Wen to revise and improve at the same time, and then let me have a look.
Well … He bowed his head and smoothed his beard but broke three or four.
This is my first time to recruit and select talents on a large scale. It’s hard, I looked at him and encouraged him. But you should also take good care of your health. When the time comes, whether it’s invigilation or approval, you will have to bother Mr.
Wang Lieqiang refreshed himself. Thank you, Master. I’ll do my best. He gathered up his sleeves and said goodbye to me.
Master … is it necessary to recruit talents recently? Pang Gan sent Wang Lie away and returned to me for verification.
Yes, I have an exam to select talents. I stretched and walked to the door. Wang Lie is the questioner.
Question … does that mean recruiting the scribes?
I zheng you mean …
I haven’t studied anything like this … I still haven’t had a chance? He pointed to himself.
I forgot … I patted my thigh. I have to recruit generals and warriors! If you are brave enough to ride and shoot, you can get ahead from joining the army!
Master Ying saw that I had adopted his suggestion and he immediately flattered himself.
But … even if the knowledge is not deep, you should have some basic cultural skills at least. I frowned and thought for a moment and ordered prepare ink.
I’m going to test a few more questions in the martial arts exam.
Topic 1 Common sense is 30 points.
First, which five tyrants in the Spring and Autumn Period?
2. Which three countries were divided by Jin?
Third, what is the order of summer, Shang and Zhou?
Fourth, who is the king who fights beauty and laughs and plays the bonfire?
5. What is the name of Yuan Shu’s independent country?
I also hacked Yuan Shu by the way, hahaha …
The judgment of the second category is 20 points.
First, Kong is a native of Qi.
Second, Shang Yang is a native of Qin.
Third, Li Guang, a flying general, has never been sealed in his life.
Fourth, Ma Chao once worked as a satrap in western Liaoning.
Five, the former Jizhou secretariat Zhu Xi Yuan Shao hurt.
This time I reveal a historical truth by the way …
The number of three exercises in the topic category is 20 points.
1. What’s 1234 plus 690?
2. What is 1234 minus 619?
3. What is 1234 times?
4. What is 1,234.2?
But on second thought, I think it’s too difficult for the average person … to calculate four digits?
约茶So with a stroke of my pen, I deleted the first digit of each number again …
The analysis of category four is 30 points in total.
1. What if you lead the team?
Second, if you make a thousand troops to rule the army?