In the 35th minute of the game, Qin Xiong received Ramos’ direct ball in midfield. At this time, he was holding the ball with his back, and he had already seen Kuyt running towards himself. He pulled back and removed the blockade. Qin Xiong might give the ball route, and Gerrard also strode towards himself. Alonso was like a poisonous snake ready to hand at any time.

Qin Xiong looked at Guti, who was not far from him. He winked at Guti before meeting him. Although Guti’s physical condition is not as good as before, he also tends to slip, but the tacit understanding of competition experience and consciousness will not disappear.
He immediately got the message when he saw Qin Xiong’s expression of eyes.
When Qin Xiong touched the ball, he made a move that surprised Liverpool’s midfield encirclement and suppression.
Return the tape!
夜生活  title=He dribbled two steps to the left in front of Real Madrid halftime, just as Gerrard passed by.
Dirk Kuyt forced it down!
Gerald rushed back over his head!
Alonso consciously followed two steps forward to continue to camp out.
Just as Alonso ran two steps forward to chase Qin Xiong’s back, someone passed Alonso and Alonso suddenly woke up.
Qin Xiong actually changed Guti’s position at this moment, including the role change.
Qin Xiong turned the ball sideways and sent a straight ball to the ground without dragging his feet.
The football rolled past Alonso and Guti ran forward along the righthand line in the middle of the frontcourt, and rolled behind him. The football was skillfully controlled by him.
Liverpool midfielder crazy encirclement and suppression defensive line is cracked!
After Guti had just controlled the ball, Mascherano rushed and Guti calmly observed the situation behind Mascherano in front of the penalty area.
He tilted the ball slightly to the left.
Steiche’s middle road obliquely killed in front of the restricted area and caught Guti’s ball perfectly!
Real Madrid can finally push the attack to Liverpool’s restricted area in the positional warfare attack!
Raul pulled Agger to the left in front of Agger, and immediately went with Raul Carragher to grab Sderot Arbeloa, and Agger entered the restricted area to defend the door to block Raul.
Raul consciously moved after his teammates created opportunities. After he attracted Agger, Aurelio didn’t get into the line in the same defensive half. At this time, they became the perfect corridor for Peter Pan Roche’s restricted area!
Ronaldo was like a sharp knife in the heart of Liverpool’s restricted area, and Stoudemire sent a straight ball to the ground before Carragher got close.
Agger looked back at this time, and it was already powerful.
Fast and agile, Luo has formed a singlehandedness in the restricted area.
Reina abandoned the door at this time and Ronaldo hardly watched the goalkeeper’s position. His own golden left foot confidently rubbed the far corner of the goal.
Reina didn’t make a save, and Ronaldo shot too cleverly and easily
Football goes straight to the far corner of the goal! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been unsheathed and has become a front 951 method to solve the problem]
Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu felt relieved after Ronaldo sent the ball into the goal, but also ignited a longlost passion!
It seems that all worries have vanished.
Last year, playing Liverpool seemed to fall behind first and by two goals.
It is a good sign to equalize the score quickly now.
Deafening cheers echoed in the Bernabeu Stadium, and Luo Huai laughed and made a slide to celebrate.
A wonderful team from Real Madrid equalized the score! Qin Xiong Gutierrez teamed up to break through the Liverpool defence. Even though Raul didn’t touch the ball, he also contributed to the tearing in the front line. He made an important cover!