Western Liaoning? Changli? I’m a little overwhelmed.

What’s wrong? Young people still need to stabilize their minds. Lu Zhi earnestly encouraged me that the big fellow soil should be recovered bit by bit, and we should not be eager for success.
Yes, yes, I nodded like a chicken pecking rice, but I cried out for a mistake. But after half a day of fighting, I forgot the administrative divisions of Youzhou, and it was Liaodong directly after the soil nebula …
With outstanding Erli, I vaguely heard Cheng Yu’s hey hey sneer behind methis uncle is estimated to be used to it, right?
My good nephew has a wide range of restrictions on holding a festival to beg for rebellion. Lu Zhi earnestly warned that Gongsun Du has four counties and one country, Liaodong, Liaodong Dependent State, Liaoxi, Le Lang and Xuantu, and the north is far away from Gyeonggi Mountain. The information is difficult to communicate. After my good nephew retired from the thief, he should choose a temporary garrison post to appease the military and civilians.
My heart was bright and I quickly agreed that Lu Shu taught my little nephew to keep in mind that the frontier people can also feel the kindness. Lu Zhi’s words were just implying that I … If the mountain is high and the emperor is far away, you can order officials yourself!
How can I not rejoice?
By the time I tasted the dishes, there was not much heat on the table.
But my chest is hot, and I don’t find it hard to swallow. Instead, every mouthful of rice and wine is full of smoke and warmth.

Early the next morning, I sent Lu Zhi’s army back to Younan in Gongsun Zan.
Bo Jue has a plan? I watched the large troops crossing the Baoqiu water in batches. Although Lu Zhi was strict in running the army, he was not rude. He specially made room for vehicles to pack horses and transport nearly 10,000 bodies back to the south, which was naturally unpleasant.
It’s the scorching sun in July, and I’m worried that these bodies will deteriorate and rot quickly.
Gongsun Zan’s strange way: Didn’t the banquet say yesterday that we should take a break in the vast expanse and wait for the troops to arrive before Qi Li recovers western Liaoning?
桑拿会所I invited Pang Gan, Is there any news of Li Dian’s departure?
Pang Gan shook his head decisively. If there is news, it will be reported immediately.
I frowned and murmured, It takes four days to walk from Jixian to Tuyin, right?
Gongsun Zan nodded, It’s barely possible to March at a speed of almost 400 miles.
Arriving at Tuyin is bound to give way, and the army will rest, which gives Gongsun Kang a chance to rally. I am increasingly entangled that on the one hand, my strength is slightly insufficient, and on the other hand, it is really difficult to give the enemy a break.
It may not be convenient for Gongsun Du to die in western Liaoning, but he is also a newly lost official. Cheng Yu came slowly from not far away. Does the general hold a festival to beg for rebellion and take advantage of justice and morality?
I haven’t answered that Gongsun Zan has clapped his hands and applauded. It’s a shame that I waited for Beowulf because Mr. Still thinks deeply.
Don’t confuse me with you, Bojue!
How many counties are there in western Liaoning? I agreed with the suggestion and then discussed the details.
Although there are five counties, four of them are in the fortress, and there are one or two hundred miles away from Tuyin, there is a cure place in Yangle City, but it is about nine hundred miles away from Tuyin. Gongsun Zan explained the distribution of counties.
I swear in my heart, nearly a thousand miles away? This administrative division is too unscientific. It’s not conducive to defending foreign enemies to put the administrative office outside the Great Wall and thousands of miles away from other cities, is it? !
Good I quickly made a decision. Our army will go to Tuyin to rest and then send people to the west of Liaoning!
65 Ba Liaoxi
Halfway through, we met soldiers who withdrew 3,000 states from Tuyin City.
Through a brief conversation, I learned about the enemy’s situation. Despite the pursuit of Yan Rou during the retreat, the approximate number of the remaining enemy troops is still not 30,000, and at present, there are only three thousand troops stationed in Tuyin City.
The other side didn’t storm the isolated city of Tuyin with a huge strength gap. Obviously, it was affected by the death of the coach. The morale of the army was low and the war was able to retreat in a hurry
I’m relieved that around 30,000 enemy troops are still stepping down. My 16,700 cavalry brigade has been able to cope with the only problem that needs to be worried about is Wu Huan’s position.
Gongsun Zan and I went hand in hand. Don’t the Bojue family have friendship with the Wuhuan tribe in Youbei?
To be honest, if you want to achieve great things in Youzhou, you can’t bypass Wuhuan. Gongsun Zan openly admitted that even a few thousand people in these Qingqi are Wuhuan people.
I couldn’t help whistling. Can I ask a question?
My Lord, please speak.
Who is stronger than the Hu people such as the Han Wu Huan here?
Gongsun Zan thoughtfully for a long time to reveal a wry smile. This … Han people are resourceful and resourceful. If they can work hard, even if they double their efforts, how can they compare?
If I can’t hear the meaning of his words, Are the Youbei Han people … still weak?
Gongsun Zan can nod. In terms of bravery and blood alone, I Han Chinese are still slightly inferior …
I can shake my head. I Han people don’t compete with others. Brave and bloody sea tactics are king!

After arriving in Tuyin, Cheng Yu had already written a draft and immediately wrote a campaign.
I will print it in quintuplicate after a rough reviewit is really impossible for me to find anything wrong with Cheng Yu’s writing skills for more than 50 years.
When sending personnel to choose their identity, they don’t need to be too high, but they must have a certain mind and be able to walk out after the two sides turn against each other … I chose Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun
Wen Yuan, you go first to make a fat like two cities; The dragon walks in Haiyang and faces Chongqing; Then you two will go out together to have fun together. I will give them a speech separately and then kindly tell them, If the other person’s words are not good or you are up to no good, you two should immediately seek to get out and not get into deep danger.
Adult peace of mind here, the whole military family will certainly live up to their mission. Zhang Liao seems to be allinone for this.
Well, I pinched my knuckles. How many men do you need to bring?
Cloud single one can zhaoyun quite conceited.
Hey, I couldn’t help laughing. Dragon, there are not many of us, but there are more than 10,000. You represent me in all counties, and I also represent the imperial court in collecting Liao. Don’t you think it’s too shabby to be a personal envoy?
Zhaoyun zheng … general lesson is lost in frivolous
By the way, how many followers should the angel have when he goes on patrol? I asked for a reference.
Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun shook their heads uniformly I don’t know.
Also, they are junior officers, and they can’t have the opportunity to accept this treatment.
Still have to ask Cheng Yu.
In fact, it’s not customary. Cheng Yu shrugged. Guo Li’s envoy to Dongzhou County for help when he was in power was just a bullock cart with more than ten followers.
I licked my lips. All right, let’s each bring a team. Let’s all go to the trench to get the food and equipment.
Zhang Liao hesitated a little or fuels for instructions belong to want to get eleven horses.
I smiled and said, Help yourself.
I am ready to leave at once. Zhang Liao and Zhao Yun are both very responsible and left the Chamber after asking for my consent.
Mr. Zhong, you made this plan. I wonder how sure you are? Only then can I have time to talk with the advisers.
What do you think? Cheng Yu came to ask me
I rolled my eyes. According to what Mr. Wang said before, how can it be 50%? I’m still a question.
Sai Si County may be able to successfully attach to it, but Yangle … will never accept it. His tone is very positive
I’m puzzled. You said … the most important city of Yangle still needs to be forced by force?
Cheng Yu nodded heavily Murphy adults forget? Gongsun Du appointed the western Liaoning satrap as his second time in Gongsun Gong. Will he be obedient?