Then get up. Do you want me to kneel?

Li Dian looked at Xu Huang two people led by seven thousand people bang bang.
I noticed that Qin Zhen jumped up easily.
I’m afraid everyone is as fed up as I am with the poor day in Shuofang. Now it’s good to be rich in Zhao. Eating rations without money is about to become history! I raised my hand to the right corner. Stop gossiping and pay!
Taiwan immediately aroused great excitement.
Du Ji personally hit the first car of coins to count the amount.
I came from Tutai and Li Dian trotted over.
My Lord, how did you finish so soon? He asked little.
I think it is enough to achieve the effect? I don’t like long speeches about leaders.
The problem is … He secretly pointed to Yu Cheng, just around the corner. A surname Cheng hasn’t set up yet.
Don’t care about Mancheng, Cheng Yu smiled at this place I won’t settle accounts with you
Li Dian probably didn’t expect that the 50yearold uncle could still hear it from a distance of ten zhangs. He couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and touching his nose.
Master Qin Zhen leaned forward with a look of expectation. When will I tell you the game?
You are married when you are young. Are you still so impatient that you don’t know you need foreplay? I laughed, If you want to play less football, you have to decorate the venue and make hundreds of balls!
Hundreds of balls? He said, Too much?
桑拿论坛Zhao Guoke has a population of 200,000 and a schoolage population of 30,000 to 50,000. It must be much more lively than Shuofang. I thought a little about patting my thighI couldn’tand asked, Are you okay?
What can happen? Qin Zhen tan shou
Then how about pulling your people to the counties to make a circular performance? I patted him on the shoulder.
don’t understand
I explained to him in a simple way, It’s very simple. There are five counties in Zhao. You send people to each county to play two games. This competition is a prematch announcement! By the way, let Xiao Dai also go.
Cough Xu Huang couldn’t help but wake me up. Adult soldiers still have to train?
Playing football … can’t be physical training? I discussed it with him
Xu Huang was lost in thought and murmured, probably measuring the effect of these two trainings.
Yes he finally nodded in agreement and then expressed his determination I hope to defend the championship this time
Cut! Qin Zhen and I scoffed.
Qin Zhen shook his head and secretly asked me, What do you mean by defending?

So Qin Zhen, Ma Dai, Sun Wen, and Zu Liebing carried more than 100 processed cowhide duck down balls in four roads, and went to Zhongqiu, Beren, Xiangguo, Yiyang, Zhao, the first and the second football competition of Tiger and Leopard Riding, respectively, to build momentum and undertake the registration and organization of local folk teams.
Since Zhao Cheng and Pang Gan are not in my hands, there is really no one to hold on to the rest of the butch by Xu Huang and Li Dian. I can let the young Jia Mula play a friendly match with Cheng Wuge in Handan to warm up and adapt to the venue.
Initially, the registration deadline will be April 16, and after three days of warmup, the first round of group matches will be held in five counties at the same time on the 20 th. The specific event arrangement will be determined according to the number of applicants at that time.
I think last year, just tens of thousands of people in Shuofang assembled so many teams, and the whole competition lasted for one month. Now, the population of Zhao is several times that of Shuofang. If we divide the race according to the group, I’m afraid it won’t end in two months.
I am sad.
Do you want to change the initial group stage into elimination stage?
A game will win or lose? Until the top 32, the group match will be held. Will it be the top 16 or the top 32?
I thought about the game schedule over and over again, but I couldn’t make up my mind.
Finally, I finally played chess
Group stage!
Cheng group stage!
When it’s time to play football in Zhao!
I thumped a stone into the soil.
24 I … Daughter
Banana balls!
Defoliation ball!
Ladder ball!
Hang the gold hook upside down
Tiger shot!
Interstellar missile shooting!
I shook my head again and again in the face of rough and angular balls.
No matter which direction I kick, the ball always draws an elusive arc in the middle. Although many balls will get into the goal strangely, these successful methods are copied. More often, the ball still pounces on the onlookers.
The koo audience showed their agility beyond imagination, and they sneaked away from them from all angles. There were two arrogant guys who directly hit the ball back at me, but it was a pity that the ball flew to others in the same strange arc.
You can’t do it! Jia Mu was slightly breathless. It took half a game to score two!
You don’t know shit. I left the goal. Which time do you think I shot into the penalty area?
Who won’t let you in? He is not this says that our defender is an iron wall!
I glanced at him iron wall? I can’t see it!
Jia Mu laughed instead of anger. It was my younger brother who entered the country in the second half of your game, but you said we were guards’ garbage?
Mind your head, wood! I can tell him, it’s hard enough for me to shoot at close range. Now I just want to improve the accuracy of shooting at long range!
Oh, he scratched his head and followed me to the midfield.