Real Madrid is preparing for the Champions League group match in Lyon. This game can be seen as a competition for the first place in the group. Real Madrid has a chance to advance to the first place in the group if it wins the game. Losing or drawing in the knockout stage will determine the top two.

It will be fortyfive minutes late on November 22nd.
Santiago Bernabeu was packed.
Real Madrid fans rushed to enter the stadium to cheer on the grandstand team. Everyone thought it was a real Madrid revenge game!
Beat Lyon and take back the first place in the group. Revenge at the Gerland Stadium!
Players from both sides lined up to enter the battle, and the atmosphere was slightly dignified. The momentum of the French class was amazing, and they came to the Bernabeu with selfconfidence as if they were in awe!
Real Madrid, with its recent status, is full of courage and confidence. Everyone wants to get back their dignity in Lyon!
The fifth match day of Group E of the UEFA Champions League arrived, and Real Madrid sat in the Bernabeu and ushered in Lyon’s challenge. This game is not the first or second war for the two teams that have already qualified hand in hand. Real Madrid lost a 23 at the Gereland Stadium. If we can win today, we can almost share the battle record advantage and beat Lyon to win the top spot. Of course, if Lyon beat Real Madrid, then the last group match will become crucial. Even if it is a draw, Lyon will steadily win the first place in the group!
In order to avoid the top of other groups in the knockout draw, the two teams are bound to win and do their best.
Now let’s look at the list of both parties.
Real Madrid 433
Goalkeeper casillas
Defender Ramos helguera Cannavaro Carlos
Midfielder Diarra Qinxiong Emerson
Striker Reyes Van Niraul
Lyon 451
Goalkeeper Coupette
Defender Levier Squillaci Chris Abidar
Midfielder Clake Tiago Juninho Tularan Malouda
Striker Kalou
Well, real Madrid will take the lead in the race.
Real Madrid quickly launched an offensive as soon as the game started.
Recently, Qin Xiong, a brave man, confidently pushed the ball sideways after receiving Raul’s return from the midfield, and then he got rid of Kalou’s forced grab. Then he immediately burst into acceleration and pushed the ball forward. When George W. Juninho came to force the grab, he stopped the ball in the same place, then stopped sideways and turned to dump George W. Juninho.
He won the applause of Madrid fans, and now it is the greatest enjoyment of Real Madrid fans to see Qin Xiong playing on the court.
Turarantiago was ordered by coach Gerard Houllier before the game, and the defensive target was Qin Xiong!
Two people move very tacitly to block Qin Xiong forward.
With Qin Xiong’s fame in European football, more and more teams will list him as the number one target in midfield when defending in a targeted way.
As we all know, if Qin Xiong is contained, Real Madrid’s attack will lose its order and fluency.
But that accompany question is, can Qin Xiong be absolutely restrained?
He is a team player.
Never force it!
Qin Xiong tilted the ball behind Seetula Lang when he saw Tularantiago waiting and paying attention to himself.
Cut Raul from the side to stop the ball in front of the penalty area. The Lyon defender mainly blocked Raul Fanny’s direct ball line, but Raul crossed the ball to Reyes on the right.
Reyes tried to break through Abidar when he stopped the ball.
Unfortunately, he failed!
Abidar accurately broke the ball from his foot, and then went straight ahead to Malouda, who didn’t stop to cross the ball to Juninho, the core of Lyon organization.
After Juninho passed the midfield with the ball, he sent a foot through the waistline of Real Madrid, and Kalou retreated to meet the ball and made the ball directly horizontally.
Running from the side to Clake at full speed, take a long shot directly!
The football was slightly higher than the crossbar, which surprised the Real Madrid players in a cold sweat.
Obviously, although Real Madrid has not yet taken an extremely radical stance in today’s game, Lyon is determined to defend against Real Madrid.
In the fifth minute of the game, Qin Xiong pulled Raul to switch sides and then went to the bottom of the ball. He slipped past Levier on the left side, then arranged flowers and took advantage of the situation. Raul grabbed the ball and threw his head at the door!
The football hit the post and Raul felt sorry for his head.
At that bernabeu, there was a deafening applause.
Qin Xiong’s exquisite skill display caught the eye and fascinated the audience.
But many real Madrid fans who were still applauding suddenly stopped.
Because they saw that Lyon seized this opportunity and was launching a very threatening offensive.
Qin Xiong Raul has rushed away, so the midfield wing defense is slightly empty.
Clake meets Tulalang and leans back to sturm und drang on the right!
夜网论坛  title=He quickly pushed Lyon’s attack into the danger zone of Real Madrid.
Just before Carlos was about to intercept, Clake crossed the ball to little Juninho running behind him
Striker Salomon Kalou moved to Juninho, and his confidence exploded as he watched Real Madrid’s defence! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a fierce battle before it is drawn]
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The source of Juninho’s confidence is not blind selfconfidence, but after observing the layout of Real Madrid’s defense line, he found the best ball line in an instant
It is impossible for Emerson to block all the ball routes of Juninho Jr.