Kobe Bryant dribbled the ball in the frontcourt, watched the Lakers players run the ball and helped Peter Pan Lakshmi Brown cover it.

Posey remembered that Ji Guoqiu’s previous words didn’t stop Kobe from breaking through and focused on Kwame Brown Peter Pan, who would break the ball the first time.
Ji Guoqiu changed the defense and delayed Kobe Bryant’s deliberate release to his left to break through his younger brother Ji Guoshame. He looked very safe with his back to them three meters away.
Does Kobe think this is a trap at this time? Look at the flaw and dribble immediately to accelerate the breakthrough.
You are still alive!
Ji Guo’s shame quickly turned around when Kobe dribbled for a second, and when Kobe didn’t react, he and his brother finished doubleteaming. Together, they trapped Kobe in the left basket near the baseline.
When Kobe saw that he was besieged by twins, he tactfully wanted to call a timeout to relieve his crisis. At the same time when Kobe called a timeout, Ji shame put his hand into Kobe’s arms and pressed the basketball.
Small sample, do you still want to grab the ball with me?
Ji Guo was ashamed to put his hand on the basketball and immediately exerted his strength and Kobe Bryant seized control of the basketball. At this time, his big hands played a stronger role in knuckles and wrists and easily snatched the basketball from Peter Pan.
Du! The referee finally blew the whistle and made a gesture of fighting for the ball.
The referee didn’t favor the Lakers again. After all, the president of the league was sitting in the audience too much, and he would lose his job.
Lakers fans immediately hissed at the referee’s decision and sent several insults!
All the penalties against the Lakers are misjudged by the home fans, and the referee is against them. All the team fans are the same. Whenever the Clippers lose, the first complaint of the Clippers fans is also that the referee thinks that the referee favors the opponent and wants them to lose.
Ji Guoshi smiled at Kobe Bryant and teased him, Peter Pan, do you really know how to fly for a while?? ?”
Kobe was livid and touched his brow wound, and he hated Ji Guo’s shame. This time, Kobe also knew that he had no chance of winning, and his anger was even more uncontrollable. He couldn’t wait to swing an elbow to blow Ji Guo’s shame head!
The two men fought for the ball, one left and one right, on both sides of the Clippers’ free throw line. The referee threw the basketball into the sky, and Ji Guosheng quickly took off and allocated the basketball to Artest, winning the battle with overwhelming advantage.
No matter how angry Kobe is, he can’t change the gap between the two men, which is less than 3 cm, especially when Ji Guo’s humiliation is faster than 3 years old. Is Kobe strong or not? Peter Pan has no chance of winning except that he can really fly.
The Clippers got the ball back. Old Deng Liwei hesitated and didn’t call a timeout.
Ji Guoqiu made a gesture to tell his teammates what tactics to perform when he landed. He was the clippers coach.
The clippers still play double pickandroll tactics, but this time the online pickandroll execution is that Ji Guoqiu’s shame line has changed into Ji Guoqiu’s position.
The double pickandroll positions of the two brothers will be even more unpredictable if they are exchanged.
The Lakers players were a little confused and forgot their technical style for a while. Even Cong Peter Pan was confused by the changes of the two brothers and didn’t know how to defend.
Artest suddenly broke into the basket, saying that Artest is the branch line at the moment and the two brothers are the main line. When they are playing the main line, other teammates can improvise on the basis of the two, making the Clippers attack more difficult to guard against.
Brevin Knight once again got several ball choices under the cover of Ji Guo’s humiliation.
The clippers point guard’s singleball technique is not inferior to that of other master point guards in the league. Artest’s basketball was chosen as the most threatening one at the first time and scored accurately.
Artest jumped immediately after receiving the basketball and dunked with both hands …
Ariza’s defense is excellent, but he has little experience. It is really dazzling to speed up the fleet tactics. Battier may not have been able to prevent this goal.
Jackson frowned and called for a suspension of the Clippers. This cooperation is a new tactic at first glance, but it is surprisingly powerful and looks no less than his triangle attack.
Phil Jackson certainly won’t think that his triangle offense is inferior to his opponent, but the problem now is that he doesn’t have the right players to execute the triangle offense at the moment. No matter how good the tactics are, in the final analysis, he still needs someone to execute Jackson. There is no right person to play the triangle offense, which should be powerful.
On the other hand, the clippers’ tactics are specially tailored by the two brothers, which can exert 12% power.
Phil jackson suddenly had a bad feeling about this game.
Old Deng Liwei was very excited that this tactic of the team was really developed only recently. It was the Clippers coaching staff who watched the two brothers’ games repeatedly and cooperated with Jin to find the identity and technical tactics that would benefit the two brothers’ twins for the time being.
These two men have a long range and the offensive end can complement each other. In the future, with more and more weapons in their arsenals, this tactical line method estimates that the two brothers are now equivalent to exploding their own weapons or exclusive binding, and it is possible to upgrade the extreme of strange weapons in the future.
Old Deng Liwei thinks that if he meets this kind of cooperation, it will be difficult to find a way to limit it for a while
Phil jackson, the Lakers’ bench, said to the players in a calm tone, Everyone in our regional defense can guard their own threepoint line and let it go properly. We bet they are not allowed to make three points.
Jackson’s calm demeanor has restored the original impatience of Lakers players. With such excellent coaches, Lakers players will naturally not collapse easily. This is a champion coach who can hold the field when the team faces adversity and give players confidence to win in difficulties.
Phil jackson’s method has been arranged correctly for the time being, but Jackson also knows that the players have not been drilled, even if they know 100% correct defense methods, they can’t get out of the field. If it is a line, it is a lack of training and execution!
The offensive end of the Lakers has also been affected. Kobe Bryant can’t guess that the doubleteam fell into a trap designed by the two brothers in advance. phil jackson can’t think that any normal person would not think that this is a trap. After all, no one can think that the two brothers have telepathy.
Peter Pan once again saw the flaw and still did not hesitate to dribble and rushed into the trap of the two brothers again.
This time, Kobe Bryant didn’t have the good luck to fight for the ball. He dunked and was directly humiliated by Ji Guo. A very good hat was given. The referee didn’t even have a chance to blow the home whistle.
Ji Guo’s shame almost directly grabbed Kobe’s handball into his own hands in the middle of the game. This is a similar time for Kenyon Martin’s rookie Wade to block the ball and humiliate his opponent even more than flying out directly.
约茶When has Kobe ever suffered such humiliation? When the boss lost his center of gravity and fell to the backcourt of the floor, Lakers fans were equally shocked. They even forgot to hiss and stood there as if they had been petrified. A few Clippers fans reacted first and gave hysterical cheers!
This goal can’t be domineering. It can be regarded as the best shot of the year. The victim is the No.24 with the strongest attack ability in the league!
Lakers players are also stunned. They can’t imagine Kobe Bryant being blocked like this on the court.
The boss is not old yet. Kobe Bryant is still at his peak this year, which is almost impossible like O ‘Neal being buckled at the peak. So Lakers fans and players are holding their heads at this moment to believe in it. If the picture is frozen and they add lines, it will be Emperor … how did this happen?
The two brothers were not fixed, and both of them quickly attacked the basketball at the same time, which was humiliated by Ji Guo and quickly counterattacked the handball fleet in Brevin Knight.
When the Lakers had Ariza and Fisher, the others were still in the same place. The Clippers played 52 in the frontcourt.
Chapter one hundred and twentyfour Surprisingly?
Five strikes and two retreats in the frontcourt. It is considered that Schell and Ariza can symbolically reach out and stop.
Brevin Knight dribbled into the restricted area and faked the basket to attract Scheer’s defense, then gave the basketball to Ji Guoqiu.
Today, Clippers players hope to help Brother Panda get the first 4+ in his career.
Ji Guoqiu didn’t defend the ball in the middle, and a twohanded dunk easily scored two points.
Point 37!
Lakers fans are still immersed in the Staples stadium after just blocking the dunk of China’s national hatred. Lakers fans still don’t make any noise, and they can’t afford to lift the wind and waves. Thousands of Clippers fans are cheering.
Ji Guoqiu broke his career record for the highest score in a single game today. Before that, Yao held the record for the highest score in a single game in China. Secondly, Ji Guoqiu scored 39 points against Bucks. Now Ji Guoqiu is expected to surpass his younger brother and ask him to get another 3 points.
With 59 seconds left in the game, the Clippers led by 4 points at 12:9.
Phil jackson called the team for the last long timeout. The Lakers must score this attack, otherwise there is not enough time left for them to win.