On Qin Xiong’s way back to China by plane.

June 1st Ritz Hotel Madrid
There are more than 200 journalists from more than ten countries here.
When the familiar figure appeared, the scene was boiling.
Three years later, in the summer, florentino announced his reelection as President of Real Madrid.
This time, no conspiracy, no means.
Although Real Madrid made great achievements in the Calderon era, a season of gloomy Calderon black gold scandal made the fans of Real Madrid feel cold.
Real Madrid desperately need a chairman who can turn the tide and rally to lead them back to the top.
There is no doubt that this person can be florentino Perez.
Before florentino announced his accession to the throne!
Once the galactic battleship era came back to the Bernabeu! to be continued
[The first volume of sword unsheathed has become a white miracle]
This is the first time that Qin Xiong returned to China football circle with his son. Naturally, he didn’t pay much attention, but the entertainment circle of super popular sports stars was also very interested in Qin Xionger.
He accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV before the national team joined up, mainly talking about what happened in Real Madrid last season. Naturally, the locker room was full of secrets, but he made some personal opinions on team building and future development.
After being asked about florentino’s return to Real Madrid, I felt that Qin Xiong responded in a formulaic way.
品茶论坛He can see that in the eyes of many China fans and the media, the return of florentino is very shocking and good news.
Because it will definitely make Real Madrid shine more, Qin Xiong will be in a superstar cloud team and will undoubtedly become the focus of world football for a long time.
Qin Xiong didn’t think too much for the time being. He knew that he was waiting for the situation to surface soon.
On the day florentino announced his accession to the throne, Real Madrid completed the coaching change. Bosco voluntarily resigned and left with dignity, and then announced that he was the meritorious coach of the Spanish national team, Aragons.
Coach Villarreal has achieved good results in the past few years and pellegrini has become the new coach of Real Madrid.
Qin Xiong devoted himself to the national team to prepare for the United Arab Emirates game. At the same time, there will be a game between North Korea and South Korea. If all goes well, after this game, China may be locked in the second group and successfully advance to the World Cup in South Africa.
On the day before the match between China and UAE, Real Madrid officially broke out in the transfer market!
Kaka joins Real Madrid!
After China beat the United Arab Emirates 30, another earthquakelevel transfer news sensationalized the ball the day after.
Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for £ 10,000!
Less than half a month after florentino’s return to China, the fans of Real Madrid in the whole European football have gone crazy!
Sitting on a passenger plane to South Korea, Qin Xiong sat alone in the first class window seat, Freddie, and he sat on the other side of the office across an aisle.
Recently, Qin Xiong’s personal and business affairs are numerous, which requires frequent communication between Freddie and Qin Xiong. The China national team chartered Freddie to accompany the team as Qin Xiongte.
Qin Xiong looked up and closed his eyes to rest, thinking over and over about what happened in Real Madrid in the past two weeks.
At the same time, I am thinking about florentino.
Freddie told him a lot about florentino, including his judgment on the future career prospects of Real Madrid.
If you want to make money, staying at Real Madrid is the smartest choice.
If you are pursuing competitive achievements, you should combine Qin Xiong’s personal judgment.
Can’t help Qin Xiong mumbling chanting the name of florentino.
You can admire him and hate him, but you can’t help admiring him.
Florentino, this is a name that always makes the impossible possible.
Two summers ago, florentino, a junior in the football circle, became famous at one fell swoop, and dug Figo from Camp Nou to the Bernabeu. Considering the hostility of Barcelona and Real Madrid and the captain status of Figo Barcelona, it was not so conspicuous that he set the world’s first price record of 60,000 euros at that time.
Florentino’s biggest impact on the football world is the way he manages enterprises and clubs. He believes that good can bring more and more.
During florentino’s administration, Real Madrid was a football market trust. If he wanted to see a star, he would definitely become a member of Real Madrid.
In the summer of 21 years, only a napkin said, Would you like to play for Real Madrid? The words florentino captured the Frenchman Zida and his value reached 7.35 million euros, setting a new world record.
Talking about this deal, florentino still boasts that others say that I bought it expensive, but in my opinion, he is the cheapest player I have ever bought.
Calderon chased Kaka for two and a half years, but in return, Galliani said, I won’t sell Kaka to him even if I cut off my arm.
And florentino?