He was about 35 yards from the goal in the frontcourt to the right. Makelele ensured that Essien could keep an eye on Pires and then moved sideways to wait for Qin Xiong to visit the ball. He would seize the opportunity to intercept it.

Henry is waiting for an opportunity behind Makelele, ready to be offside and Carvalho will stick to Henry.
品茶论坛Qin Xiong can’t see Cech!
Henry Carvalho Makelele’s threeman staggered blocking parallel vision just blocked Qin Xiong’s football from Cech’s vision.
Qin Xiong heart andao is now!
Qin Xiong kicked the football out with his right foot!
Cech has always maintained a high spirit. The most threatening point for Arsenal in the front line is that Henry has to finetune his position in front of the door.
This time, he was slightly to the right of the goal. He was afraid that Qin Xiong would send a straight ball to let Henry form an attack, so he could abandon the door and block it faster.
But at this time, he suddenly couldn’t see the ball further ahead, and Qin Xiong couldn’t see the football.
His vision was bloc by Henry Carvalho Makelele.
This feeling makes his heart very uneasy. He doesn’t know what will happen!
Suddenly, he seemed to see the picture stand still. Henry Carvalho Makelele, all three of them have a tendency to turn around. Terry is contracting in the middle, and he looks nervous. It’s all because of his consciousness that Terry is moving sideways and then jumping sideways to intercept the block!
What the hell happened? !
Cech’s uneasiness reached the peak of the explosion in an instant!
When he saw the football, he seemed to see a meteor that cut through the sky!
He quickly predicted the direction of Terry’s movement and then moved to the left of the goal.
Qin Xiong’s longrange shot is a oneandahalffoot high ball. Terry’s reaction is very fast. He directly intends to stop Qin Xiong’s longrange shot. Unfortunately, after he jumped, the football wiped his scalp and suddenly ran through!
Cech can consciously follow the direction of the football and then do his best to pounce!
There are not many roots left for him to react!
But in the moment of flying out, Cech opened his eyes wide and was shocked!
Play the earth!
Cech’s palm has been stretched out, and he has made sure that the distance between the fly and the body center of gravity is off, and his palm can stop the football in a threedimensional straight line!
It happened that the football fell after entering the restricted area, that is, the semihigh ball bounced up again in the small restricted area, and just flew over less than 2 cm from the palm of Cech’s hand!
It almost grazed the left goalpost side of the goal.
Cech fell to the goal line. He didn’t look back. He knew the goal had been declared lost!
Stamford bridge is dead in an instant! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. The price is heavy! ]
Stamford Bridge Stadium is like death crossing the border in silence.
Blues fans couldn’t believe to see Chelsea’s gate fall.
The gunners’ fans didn’t react, but the game was always quiet, but in an instant, there was a turning point!
After the reaction, the gunners fans suddenly boiled in the visiting fans’ stands!
They cheered, roared and sang war songs!
But in English fan culture, they sing not songs, not songs, but hymns with the meaning of war songs and hymns.
I couldn’t help the fans singing their timehonored battle song This is Arsenal! Yelling We are by far the greatest club in the world over and over again, even though this song is often plagiarized by fans of other clubs, you can praise your team by changing the name of the team. Arsenal fans protested, but finally accepted this reality.
They are praising the team and slightly changing other lyrics of the song. Qin Xiong’s name keeps coming out in the stands!
World wave! World wave! Qin Xiong scored the first goal of the game! This is a world wave about 35 yards from the goal! The ball was fast and sharp. Terry couldn’t stop the ball. Cech did everything he could. Let’s watch it again. Oh, my God. Cech’s sight was blocked. After Qin Xiong had shot, Cech showed that he didn’t move until he saw the football. He moved like a fly, but he almost turned Qin Xiong’s goal away!
After scoring Arsenal’s first goal of the season in the Premier League opener, Qin Xiong created another four world wave goals in this powerful dialogue! Arsenal are now in the lead at Stamford Bridge! What should Chelsea do?
After Qin Xiong saw the ball flying into Chelsea’s goal, he ran to the visiting fans’ stands with his arms open. When he was ten meters away from the sideline, he slipped on his knees and went. After slipping out of the sideline, he got up and roared with his hands clenched!
Excited teammates around rushed over and soon surrounded Qin Xiong and waved their fists to the fans in the stands!
Wenger applauded with joy and then kept waving his fists.
Mourinho looked somber and gestured on the sidelines. At this time, he was forced to attack.