Everyone is a wise man. As soon as he showed his intention in Bai Lu.

Every attack, the black cut can be stacked with a layer of defense buff reduced by 5%, but Tyrone Q has six seconds, which means that he needs Q Dragon Girl to fight the dragon girl after one or five seconds, and the defense of the dragon girl is negative …
It can be said that there is no concept of meat in front of Tyrone, and meat is crispy with more blood.
Moreover, the effect of black cut minus D is not shared with dreams, and it can take effect at the same time.
Lu Zhan gave up that 1 point armor penetration but got a minus D and more armor penetration, which worked wonders.
"How did this guy choose? The understanding of equipment is so good that everyone is being defended by Q. How can we fight? " Windz is very fluent.
"Not to choose" Su Huanjen shook his head, and he was too lazy to explain to them that Lu Zhan was a coincidence to compete.
However, if this talent is buried, it will be a huge loss in the competitive world
Before, he realized more than once that it was Lu Zhantian who competed in the lol competition in China sooner or later, and now he vaguely felt that even the world would be levied by Lu Zhantian sooner or later.
"Defend first!" Froggen shook his head, too. Despite the glory of the game, who doesn’t want to win?
The icebird has been passive for 4 minutes. Now, if he is dead, it will be even harder to fight the team. So he took the defensive and waited for the star team to make mistakes.
Chapter 64 Passive Shadow Raid
However, the star team rarely acted alone after Lu Zhan’s wave once. sOAZ specifically said that he wanted to be together, but he really didn’t want Lu to show off again.
This man is a leader who is very similar to Su Huanjen, but obviously not as sincere and shrewd as Su Huanjen.
Compared with him, IMP and Madlife are jealous of Lu Zhan, but they are just ordinary jealous, and their minds are not that deep.
"This array should be better, right?" Lu Zhan’s objection
"Let’s have a look," sOAZ said. Lu Zhan stopped talking. He didn’t want to argue with people he didn’t know very well about what a cold look was.
Everyone is the core of their own team, and they all have their own set of problems. No one can say who is in command, but they are also fighting each other, so there is no big problem.
The two sides have fought twice in a team battle, and the attack mode of the big move over there made it difficult for them to cope with the big move of the emperor, the big move of the scarecrow, the big move of the dragon girl, the big move of the ice bird, the big move of the hammer stone and then a shot from behind Vayne.
On the other hand, on the side of the star team, they have Leona and group control. When Panson jumps, adults will spread out and can secretly jump. The effect is not as good as that of the other team.
Although the star team has economic advantages, it can’t play out. Two team battles have come and gone, but few people have died.
Four teams were killed, one head was taken by Lu Zhan, and the other three also had Lu Zhan’s assists.
This means that Lu Zhan has stacked the killing knife on the second floor.
Moreover, relying on these economic sources, his combination of dreaming, hacking and whispering has also been completed.
Usually, heroes will be scolded and teased when they dream in a dark dream, but Tyrone relies on Q skills to continue to lose blood, which shows that these effects are actually very good
Play team battle again, land show Q, Yi Long girl, and then go to the back and escape from the fire pile, waiting for the dragon girl to be completely broken, and then the effect is really good
Thanks to various methods of reducing D, he has a Q skill in less than 3 seconds, which is almost continuous.
The team’s most regret is that Tyrone got the head in the middle period, and now Tyrone can’t suppress him at all, which is also the reason why the team’s big moves are so well coordinated but they can’t win the team battle.
The team has cooperated quite well, but Tyrone will do something bad every time. As soon as the team appears, he can retreat and wait for the opportunity.
Similarly, there is no good opportunity to expand the advantage here.
"I can’t play the group!" SOAZ is very willing to announce
桑拿按摩Zhang Xi chuckled that he would eventually take the Lu Zhan theory.
SOAZ’s face turned red, and his command experience and advantages could expand the victory. I didn’t expect that he underestimated the strength of the top players of the other side and caused the command error.
Lu Zhan looks inexperienced, but he always speaks clearly. How can he not be ashamed?
SOAZ, fuck, Ritz went to Xiaolong’s place to cooperate with Pan Sen to fight Xiaolong.
Just then the hammer stone suddenly appeared.
Come on, they laid out the view, but the hammer stone moved too far. He hooked the little dragon from a very secret place and brought the scarecrow with him.
Together with them, there are also the imperial EQ big move and the dragon lady big move.
This scene reminds Lu Zhan of seeing the picture of the ghost team’s five-displacement hero grabbing the dragon before. He immediately went to the front to fight with the other rhinoceros group, and it must have come from Su Huanjen’s command. Now it is also this time
SOAZ has run away. The icebird copied it from the bread and saw sOAZ flash backwards. He wanted to hide over the icebird and do some articles in the grass.
However, the ice bird Q skill is like having eyes, and it actually hits the grass directly from the grass.
"Predicted the flash?" Even Lu Zhan was stunned. Froggen was called the world’s number one icebird. Q skills predicted the blink distance of the other party and made him dizzy. The field was almost bright and blind, and the ice wall was blocked and the escape route of Ritz was cut off.
"How much can you fight back!" Lu Zhan said
SOAZ’s fate was not his game. It was doomed that he couldn’t show off. He fucked Ritz to fight back. Pan Sen also helped fight back. Two people were killed opposite each other, but they also caused a lot of damage before they died
The other six people held a group and killed two people first to give up Xiaolong’s decisive push, while the star team had four people to defend.
The situation suddenly reversed. Lu Zhan’s eyes were fixed on the other side’s actions. Although there were many people in the other side, he didn’t make a big move. It may not be impossible to play four or six.
Before he saw the opportunity, Madlife Leona suddenly opened up.
Madlife hid from the flank of the defensive tower to meet Vayne and recognize the opportunity. He was decisive in the past and wanted to fire Vayne.
IMP, the mouse also fired at the fire.
Two people also know that four to six is feasible, but they recognize opportunities, not land exhibitions.
Lu Zhan always thinks that the opposite ice bird is the output core, and killing a Vayne will not be very effective.
He didn’t rush to the front, but waited for the opportunity behind him. At this time, Zhang Xi looked at him and nodded at Lu Zhan. Zhang Xi also rushed forward.
He came in to create a harvester for Lu Zhan, so he smashed his skills at each other one by one.
The situation was chaotic at the moment, and the other person finally came to the mouse. Soon the mouse was killed here, and Leona and the widow also died in succession, but the hammer stone died here, a critical auxiliary.
A wave of small dragons sneak attack and a wave of anti-sneak attack. The economy here is going to overtake.
Tyrone was beside the real dragon lady and the emperor when they came to the mouse, but he gave the dragon lady a Q and then retreated. Even if he was beaten, he didn’t continue to attack.
Watching each other kill the perfect team, these five residual blood heroes didn’t wait for the line of soldiers to push the tower directly. Tyrone, who has two thirds of blood, did not dare to fight five people normally.
But then the land spread out.
Even after witnessing the death of the mouse, it never moved. Tyrone launched an attack at this time.
He is not selling teammates, but looking for the best opportunity.
A dragon lady and an emperor are not enough for him.
If you want to kill, you have to kill more. If you want to show, you have to show.
Shadow raid!
Lu Zhan opened a big move in front of the other five people, and then he flashed, and E went directly to the other party’s last row of Vayne