This time, she didn’t talk to Ye Xiangyuan as before, and she didn’t comfort me.

Looking ahead is more like an encouragement.
Are you encouraging me to leave?
I can’t help secretly guessing.
But then I denied the idea that the eldest sister-in-law was always Ye’s parents’ daughter-in-law. No matter what Ye Xiangyuan did, she would definitely be Ye Xiangyuan over there …
Thought of here, I can’t help but feel heavy.
Both sister-in-law and Xiao Jin are Ye Xiangyuan’s relatives. If I leave one day, I will definitely break up with them …
Is low xiaojin ran into the room.
He fluttered and ran to the bed, kicked off his shoes quickly, climbed into bed, put his arms around my neck and pouted unjustly. "My aunt and mother lied to me. She just said that Uncle Dong wanted to see me and I went out to see Uncle Dong."
I was amused by him and hugged him in my arms.
Sister-in-law also laughed, "Mom misheard me."
Xiaojin wrinkled her nose and whispered to my ear, "I know my mother wants to hold me off and talk to my aunt ~"
I leng leng.
What a clever child.
I looked at his tender face and my heart gave birth to a little disappointment and sadness in vain.
Maybe I won’t be able to meet him or watch him grow up …
Xiaojin rubbed my face and said with a smile, "Aunt, you have to remember and take me to travel."
It was a trip to a small French town, and he and Ye Xiangyuan planned to go to play after the trip.
He always remembers.
Now that he wakes up, I must have felt my emotions and I know what happened at home these days.
He has a delicate mind and may have guessed my choice vaguely.
I touched his head gently, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, but I didn’t want to cheat him. Finally, I could avoid the important part and say, "My aunt will definitely take you there if I have the chance."
Xiaojin didn’t dwell on this topic, but told me that his horse was going to start school, saying that he missed his little friends a little, but his little classmates were a little naive. He wanted to skip a grade, but his uncle wouldn’t let him …
Listening to his rambling, my mood is getting better.
He’s comforting me in disguise, and I know it
Look at one side of the eldest sister-in-law, and she gazes at Xiaojin with tenderness in her eyes.
The mother and I are very kind, and I will never forget that they have given me warmth wherever I go in the future.
In the next few days, in addition to my parents and South-South Xiaojin, I have been with me.
Section 261
I am really happy to have such a little baby active in the atmosphere.
But I still feel uncomfortable in the dead of night.
I was embarrassed, too. After my husband got the news of his woman, he rushed over without even an explanation.
I am even more depressed when I think of the breakup after talking to him that day.
This new year passed like this.
It’s almost a week since I came to my senses.
Ye Xiangyuan never appeared again during this period.
Of course, I can still hear their news from time to time.
约茶For example, Gu Changyu’s health is getting worse and worse, but she doesn’t want to go back to the imperial city where Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun are there with her.
This is also the reason why Ye Xiangyuan has never appeared.