"Master Lu’s wife."

"But isn’t he divorced?"
"People may be reunited because of the common crystallization of two people."
"It’s also, it’s also a child. Think about it. That child is really beautiful and must be a man killer when he grows up."
"Who knows if it’s always Lu? I heard that that woman is very disorderly and still follows …" The speaker was a little young because she saw the man she was going to say, and that was Jiang Junyue, the hero of today’s engagement party.
It’s strange that Lan Jingyi doesn’t smell it. Why hasn’t she seen the host and hostess of today’s engagement party?
Liu Wentao led Lan Jingyi to the corner where she was going. It was true that he didn’t like this party either. The men looked at Lan Jingyi and suddenly regretted that she was so amazing or that she wouldn’t be conspicuous if she was ordinary.
But at this time, Lan Jingyi attracted a lot of people’s attention, even though she went to a corner position, she still brought a lot of people’s attention.
Clothes, incense, temples and shadows are intertwined, and the biggest social feast in the city can almost come.
Jiang Junyue saw Lan Jingyi arm in arm with Liu Wentao and then appeared in the banquet hall. The woman came and even dared to arm in arm with Liu Wentao. It was really batting practice, but he couldn’t send it at the moment.
"Mom, I’ll do it myself. I can push you to greet the guests for me." Lome Wei was in a wheelchair, and a goose yellow evening gift set her off with great beauty. She was really beautiful, but she just couldn’t get into a man’s eyes. Besides, her beauty has been greatly discounted. She was in a wheelchair, which made her less moving, but it gave people a very abrupt feeling because it belonged to her engagement party.
"LaCrosse ….." Lome EU turned her wheelchair towards Jiang LaCrosse, and she seemed to be so busy that she didn’t say a word to her until now, which made her feel uneasy. If only she wanted to be with him.
“ ` ` w w w
"Miss Jiang Zong Luo called you" Lome Wei’s voice was not high or low. Everyone heard it, but Jiang Junyue, who was walking in front of Jiang Han, turned a deaf ear and ignored that he was struggling to turn his wheelchair to his fiancee tonight, so Jiang Han just woke him up. After all, everything has not officially started, and the engagement curtain has not yet been opened.
"Is everything arranged?" Jiang Junyue is not heard like asked that.
"It’s all arranged."
"Well, it’s almost time to do what you have to do. I’ll just handle it myself here."
"It’s Jiang Zong" Jiang Han is so busy that he is so cool that he can make an appointment to let his fiancee chase after him or turn to a wheelchair. At this time, Jiang Han has seen that Luo’s family’s face has changed, especially Luo Qijiang is striding towards Lome Wei, putting his wheelchair pusher on it and pushing Lome Wei to Jiang Junyue. "What time is it for Jiang Junyue?" Intuition tells Luo Qijiang that something seems to be wrong at the beginning of the night, but he smells the wrong smell, but he doesn’t know what Jiang Junyue is doing. His sister is the only one, and he naturally wants to protect him.
"What do I want? Of course, I want to get engaged." Jiang Junyue slowly turned around and glanced at Luo Qijiang. When he knew the truth, he still didn’t believe that this woman who grew up with him would do those things. Luo Qijiang was also good to Lan Jingyi, but now everything has changed and become ugly, which makes him very reluctant to face up to the truth but has to face it.
"Jiang Junyue, you’d better not play any tricks for me." A faint smile at Jiang Junyue’s eyes made Luo Qijiang very creepy, and a bad feeling grew stronger and stronger as if something was about to happen.
"Who is Wentao and who is engaged to the wedding?" Lan Jingyi has sat on a single person sofa sofa with Xiao Qinqin in her arms. There is a small coffee table with fruit snacks on it. It’s strange that the engagement party didn’t put up a banner to write the names of unmarried couples. It’s also at this moment that she suddenly remembered that she had seen the newspaper before. It seems that Jiang Junyue and Lome Wei also chose the engagement party. Today is the day when the newspaper was red, and she didn’t say where the two of them were going to hold the engagement party.
Lan Jingyi’s eyelids began to chug and jump. It was actually a left eye jump. It was said that her left eye jumped for money and her right eye jumped for trouble. Did she have a fortune?
But what can other people do for their engagement party? With a frown, she plans to sit for a few more minutes and then leave quietly.
"Yi is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi’s engagement party." Liu Wentao has seen Jiang Junyue and Lomevi not far away. He knows that the horse is going to hide, so it is better to say it when Lan Jingyi asks about him. Anyway, people have brought it. Even Lan Jingyi is leaving, but she is coming.
Chapter 113 Layers of wounds
"Yi is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi’s engagement party." Liu Wentao has seen Jiang Junyue and Lomevi not far away. He knows that the horse is going to hide, so it is better to say it when Lan Jingyi asks about him. Anyway, people have brought it. Even Lan Jingyi is leaving, but she is coming.
Lan Jingyi felt a shock all over her eyes, and then she began to scan the crowd in front of her. Her eyes fell on that. She thought that the man was Jiang Junyue. It was really him and Lomewei’s engagement party.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt that everything was so ridiculous that she came to his engagement party. What will she say to him when we meet later?
She wants to congratulate and bless him, doesn’t she?
But at this time, she is not happy at all. On the contrary, there are layers of wounds in her heart. She is very bad now.
It was at this moment that she realized that she was so interested in his engagement party. She knew that after this night, Lome Wei’s label would be more stable. They would get married sooner or later, and the distance between themselves and Jiang Junyue would be farther and farther.
桑拿论坛So far that they may face each other from a distance.
Watching LanJingYi face some blanched Liu Wentao nervous sat down beside her "JingYi don’t scare me or I’ll take you away. I’m sorry, I’m …" Liu Wentao got up more than some regrets came with LanJingYi.
Hand hug a hug arms small ooze little thing is still looking around? Suddenly the little thing eyes stayed for a certain point, the line of sight also attracted Lan Jingyi to look at the past. Lan Jingyi saw Jiang Junyue and Lome Weier, as if their nanny called the child Xiaoxi, and Xiaoxi seemed to see Xiaoxi, too. The nanny in Xiaoxi’s small apartment was coming towards Lanjingyi with Xiaoxi in her arms. Xiaoqin was excited, and her little hands and feet moved as if to tell Xiaoxi that she was waiting for him to come over.
"Giggle …" The little guy smiled brilliantly, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t laugh at it. After all, this is Jiang Junyue’s engagement party, but his fiancee is not her. Xiao Qinqin is also his daughter, but his son has different treatment, which makes her feel sad for her daughter.
"Mrs. Lan, you’re here, too. Our young master is talking. Do you mind if I hug you and your daughter and let them play together for a while?"
Lan Jingyi really cares a little because she wants to sit for another three or two minutes and then leave the banquet hall. But now this nanny is sitting with Xiaoxi for three or two minutes, and she can’t take time off. "I …"
"Hug … Hug …" But I never thought that she would refuse Xiaoxi’s new pronunciation, which was definitely "Hug …"
"Hug … hug …" Xiao Qinqin followed a school, so even Lan Jingyi didn’t know what was going on. It was just a moment when she sat in her arms with two little babies, one of her own daughters and one of Jiang Junyue Xiaoxi.
God, her evening gift is being ravaged by two little things at the same time, and many places have been wrinkled into a ball.
What about the new evening gift? I only wear it because I feel sorry for her.