A middle-aged woman with artistic temperament got up and said, "Loman No.4 has been recruited as a special graduate student by Tianlun Art College, the world’s highest art school, and will go to study at the end of this month, but there is something worrying that No.4 will suddenly play a game called Wonderland, which we are very puzzled about, but she said that the three-dimensional scenery in the game can inspire her."

"Wonderland said, hehe, it seems that fate is really strange. I know one!"
"President No.5 is all right as before, but he still doesn’t attend classes, but his grades always rank first, and he seems to be in a good mood recently, and he hums when he goes home every day. We ask him, but he doesn’t say anything."
"Uncle Li, if you don’t worry about everything, it’s really troublesome for you to do such a thankless thing."
"My dear, how can you say that? In those days, if your father didn’t move so much manpower and material resources to save me, two * * * believe me, two people are already dead. "
"Don’t let bygones be bygones. I know everything. Go back and get ready. Maybe it will come soon. We hope!"
"So this is a fairyland game. It’s so lively. What is this? The wild is so powerful that it can move caterpillars, huh? What is that? Wild dancing pigs, hahaha, awesome! " Everything in the game of watching and laughing in sunny and rainy days is so new that she has never seen anything. She has been educated by many noble people since seven years ago. Every move should be polite, generous and decent, but she is still alive. She is only ten years old. These are all things that she doesn’t like, but the housewife refuses to listen to herself. Recently, she just drew two pictures casually and solved the problem. What did the housewife say about classics and never understood what she was thinking?
"Ha, ha, ha, that’s funny, big brother. What’s this?" Sunny rain asked a businessman
"Little sister, this thing is a good thing. What do you think can change into ants and clay figurines? Want to buy it? " The businessman said all the functions at once.
桑拿按摩"buy? What is buying? "
"It is you who exchange money with me for this thing."
"What is money?"
"…" The businessman didn’t know how to answer it, but after a while he figured it out. "Boy, are you fooling me to go away and don’t interfere with my business?"
Sunny rain whispered, "What’s the big deal? It’s just a look. Is it so big?" " Then I went to see the second-class store.
In the distance, jathyapple is also looking for prey. She has forgotten to go back to payon. The outside world is wonderful. Moreover, she has found her own nest. She never thought about going back. However, the small BOSS in her hand have a headache because three days have passed, but the moonlit cat has not been refreshed. This confirms that the moonlit cat has gone outside. They all discuss whether to tell the class, but each of them likes the moonlit cat and plans to press it for a while before they hope that it will come back.
"Boss, how much is this thing?"
"Little sister, you know the goods. This is a cowboy hat game. Now it may be like sweeping the cowboy in the west as soon as you wear it. Look how stylish it is. The smooth cloth with the curved brim must be refined. How do you want it?"
"Well, it’s good. How much?" When jathyapple was bargaining, there was another girl next to her, and her eyes were looking forward to looking at the hat. jathyapple looked back and saw why there was a familiar feeling. This is …
"What a beautiful hat! I really want it!" Sunny Rain spoke her mind from the bottom of her heart, but the businessman obviously knew that the girl had been fooling around here for a long time and didn’t buy anything. She immediately said, "Little girl, don’t interfere with others. Go and play somewhere else."
"Hum, look at all don’t give me despise you! Haha! "
"You little guy really has no mother to teach!"
"What are you talking about? Who said that I have a mother and no mother to teach!" Sunny face immediately brush a pale tears in her eyes brewing the businessman a look bad immediately entrepot "no, no, no, no, no, no, this purple butterfly clip to send you, such as? Don’t cry, okay? "
"Ah, stop crying, haha!"
Jathyapple’s little sister, who was enjoying herself, said to Qingyu, "Hello, my name is jathyapple. Can I be friends?"
"Huh?" Qingyu turned to look at the girl next to her and was immediately attracted by the girl’s dress and overall shape. She couldn’t help but sigh and said, "How cute!" Before jathyapple could speak, he held jathyapple in his hands and kept rubbing jathyapple’s fur.
In this way, the two became good friends with the same smell, so jathyapple took the rain or shine to her nest, and when she saw it, she was happy. She discussed with jathyapple what this thing was doing and what it was so happy that she forgot her last name.
Chapter VII Team Battle in the First Round
"Brothers, are you ready?"
"No problem!"
"This battle will make us declare’ elegant’ guild first, so don’t lose your face!"
Dark fire first responded, "No problem, let them see what is strong!"
Don’t lose the disease method and say, "It’s not a problem if you have me."
However, the blood repellent and the ice fox chuckled and went to the game just like the battlefield, but they also felt a little excited. After all, this is the first step of the guild, which is impossible to experience in ordinary life.
Unified broadcast "Please invite the guild’ Blood Slaughter’ team’ Elegant Guild’ field!"
We feel strange when we hear it, but we can’t help it. We haven’t formed a guild yet.
And then broadcast "please the guild’s’ first’ team’s’ forever first’ field"
"What an arrogant guy takes this name!" Dark fire first don’t say.
"Brothers and sisters, let’s!" I said, I first entered the lineup.
We were all sent to the team game, which is different from the individual game. The terrain features are more obvious. There are hills, rivers and undulating hills. There are many birds flying everywhere and small animals on the ground. The weather is the biggest feature of the team game. The biggest feature is random selection, and we entered the venue in a rainy day. The field of vision only reached about 10 meters. As soon as we entered, our two teams fell into almost a state of darkness and could not see anything. I immediately talked to the team (some team members could hear) and called everyone together to enter the game. There were five people and one reserve who could be replaced at any time, but we
The rain covered all the moving sounds, and the five of us started to move to the hill, with at least one side to lean on, and then suddenly we found that there was a sound on the other side of the hill. Everyone immediately realized that the original opponent had the same idea as us, and immediately added [wind attribute additional] (high attack power in water) to each of us. I and the ice fox both launched [fire hunting] and [light hunting] to prevent the other side from having assassins close, while the ice fox was protected, and the dark fire immediately disappeared and began to sneak at each other around the long road.
And I took the lead in exploring the road around the mountain peak from the left, while the three people were about three meters behind, which seemed to be very lucky for us. I just turned the mountain peak and saw my opponent. Although it was a few shadows secretly, it was confirmed, and they also saw me. Because of my [fire hunting], the fireball hung high around me and took a clear picture of me.
The other party shouted "attack!"
Immediately, I saw the other wizard start singing, and the other knight rode a toucan and rushed at me. The two of them immediately came to me to sing magic. Two [dark barriers] threw their feet first and then sang six [flame walls] of attack magic immediately. After the sprint knight was surrounded, the knight obviously didn’t expect that the other knight would have two wizards (one mage would emit three [flame walls] at most at the same time). This knight is a gun rider, that is, a pike with a shield skill [even stab attack]. When the wall of fire was destroyed, but the two of us had already sung, I threw a ten-level [thunderbolt] at several players behind the other side and attacked the knight with a [freezing].
I attacked the other side at the same time, and the wizard of the other side obviously finished singing the tenth level [snowstorm]. The edge has swept me and the disease method. Just when I hit the edge of the blizzard, the disease method and I immediately retreated, but [freezing] did not freeze the knight. The knight was obviously also two wizards, and he didn’t wait for a friend behind him to rush over. It seems that the two wizards could not be killed by two [even stabbing]. And the teammates behind him were obviously blocked by me [thunderbolt]. The priest kept adding health points, so the knight became alone.
When he rushed near, he suddenly saw a monk, which frightened him, and he smiled and waited for the knight to arrive. Because of the blood repellent, I was ready for the highest trick. When I arrived at the blood repellent, the disease and the method took the blood repellent hands and threw them at the knight respectively.
Blood-repelling flies to the knight’s mouth and drinks "[Asura’s Ba Huang Boxing]!" The huge fist went through the knight’s body, and the poor knight was killed without even sending it out. The players behind obviously didn’t expect the knight to be killed as soon as he had such a high health. Just as the wizard was preparing for the second round of singing, the dark fire suddenly appeared from behind and smiled fiercely. A [sonic attack] stabbed the wizard’s chest continuously, and the poor wizard kept looking at the front and didn’t even notice that someone was attacking the original behind. They didn’t want the other side to find out, so they didn’t make the [fire hunting] [light hunting] skill, but they didn’t expect to
After the wizard died, three players immediately besieged a hunter, a blacksmith and a priest, but all three players underestimated the dark fire and me. I [carbonized] wanted to launch a [carbonization] in my field of vision to stop the hunter, while the blacksmith was entangled in the dark fire [kudzu vine]. The poor priest became a dark fire, and a sacrifice [sonic attack] with the [double strike] effect disappeared. The poor priest turned into white light and disappeared. The other two players watched.
Our first round was so easy. It seems that there is a big difference between team warfare and individual warfare. All professions are still quite serious. People like Knight Crusader are most afraid of hitting a monk, and almost all of them will be killed with one blow. When a monk sees a hunter, it is impossible to sing for you. Bows and arrows will definitely interrupt the monk’s singing for the first time.
We also started the white team battle. The victory depends on the team members’ cooperation, such as the advantages to attack the opponent’s weaknesses, especially knowing the professional situation of the opponent’s team members and quickly analyzing the team members’ cooperation, so as to give full play to them.
When we sum up our experience, the first round of the game will soon be over. Some teams don’t even know how to lose. Because of team battles, venues and group fights, these are the first times. Some teams were killed before they got together, while some team priests gave up immediately and didn’t fight hard once they died.
The results will be announced soon. There are more than four teams winning the first round, and the second round will start in ten minutes.
A few of us are gearing up like war maniacs, and it’s no wonder that we are like this. After all, who doesn’t want to be tough and recognized by others?
Chapter new
The team battle continued and the surrounding audience seemed to be watching jokes. Because some teams were not so good, one teammate was attacked, and everyone rushed to attack his opponent, and the opponent players attacked the army from the side. What’s even more outrageous is that some teams are not United at all. At the beginning, the strong players rushed over alone, while the poor priest was alone. Finally, when four of his teammates died and the priest was left alone, the priest had not seen the enemy.
However, when our team meets opponents, we haven’t seen the really strong teams, but I think the really strong teams may not participate in this kind of competition. Who will show their training and cooperation so quickly? Even if they do, they will not show it in the team battle, but in the siege of the guild war.