Sister-in-law doesn’t seem to be surprised. "Ah Yuan wants you to see it, then you can go."

I stammered, "I just don’t know my grandfather …"
I learned that Sister Ye Xiangyuan was in a good mood and smiled, "Grandpa is very good. Grandpa didn’t cut us off all these years. He secretly went back to China every year and I didn’t meet Grandpa a few years ago before Yuan Jian, but Xiao Jin was taken by Yuan Yuan and met Grandpa. Xiao Jin likes Grandpa very much."
So there’s still such a thing
I have heard some words before. It is said that Grandpa’s family had some long-cherished wishes with Ye’s family before they left home.
However, the Chu family’s industrial management is very big, and the Daye family can’t easily shake it. It is estimated that Ye Li can’t help his grandfather.
Judging from the assets that Ye Xiangyuan gave me, my grandfather was very good at selling Ye Xiangyuan, that is, shares and antiques, as well as real estate around the world. If it weren’t for the flesh and blood, it wouldn’t explain why my grandfather was so generous to Ye Xiangyuan.
Think about it again. Maybe the eldest brother and Ye Xiangyuan were sheltered by their grandfather before the imperial city could stand firm and compete with Teng Jun.
I can’t help but rest assured.
I’m not afraid if Ye Xiangyuan and Grandpa are not tense. Anyway, I’m on Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
I hesitated to say the last doubt in my heart. "Ah Yuan said that my grandfather lives … I don’t believe it …"
spa会所People are in a famous clubhouse in the Imperial Capital. Of course, I have never been there, but when I was at school, I heard my colleagues describe the scene inside, that is, a gold-selling cave is a place where you are jealous.
Why does grandpa live in a place like that?
Sister-in-law laughed and winked at me. "What you heard is part of it … people are far away."
I can’t help but stare big eyes.
Sister-in-law said with a smile, "People used to be public property, and then your eldest brother needed to find out about it, so Ayuan took over the people’s club, but it was actually a scattered place."
I see
It seems that man is a secret base of Ye Xiangyuan, which is very important to him. No wonder grandpa lives there.
Then there was no doubt, and because of Ye Xiangyuan’s news, I slept well this night and waited to see my grandfather the next day.
I didn’t know that when I went out the next day, I suddenly heard Xiao Jin exclaim in a low voice, "It’s Aunt Fish!"
Xiaojin is sitting beside her sister-in-law on holiday today.
I followed his finger to the screen and saw the news that Gu Changyu was kidnapped!
I was so shocked that I couldn’t get over it for a long time
I went to see my sister-in-law, and her face was very dignified.
I turned to the TV and the news was still playing inside.
The robbers covered their faces with skill.
Gu Changyu’s face was coded, but the host directly broke her name.
Maybe outsiders think this is an ordinary kidnapping, but the aristocratic circle is different. They must guess who was kidnapped.
There was a gangster recording in the video. They asked the hostage family to take something to change people, but they didn’t say what it was.
Chapter 23 See Grandpa
I don’t know what to say after reading it silently for a while.
The bandits demonstrated by looking at Lu Jia and Gu Jia.
Now that Lu Xun has gone to the imperial capital of Africa, the situation is tense. How much pressure does it have to bear to come out like this again?
I don’t know, it suddenly occurred to me that Lu Xun gave me the box.
Is that what the kidnappers want?
I have this guess in my heart and I can’t press it anymore.
But things are given to me by Lu Xun, and neither he nor Ye Xiangyuan. Should I tell Gu Changning?
My mind is a mess.
At this time, my eldest sister-in-law woke me up and said, "Go see grandpa first. Be careful."
I, uh, went out with a heavy heart.
I thought about Gu Changyu all the way. How could she be kidnapped?
What the hell happened?
Will it be with Ye Sanye?
The more I think about it, the more frightened I am, and I am a little worried that Gu Changyu will send Gu Changning a WeChat to ask about it.
But he hasn’t responded.
I am more and more worried about the arrival of people in such an uneasy mood.
Pandong naturally follows me, and there are also many bodyguards in the dark.
People are just opposite Yuncheng. The whole building is not high, but it looks like a palace from the outside. It is really magnificent.
If I had never set foot in such a place before.
But since I knew it was Ye Xiangyuan’s territory, there was no rejection in my heart.
May be Ye Xiangyuan or grandpa told me to be led to the penthouse suite as soon as I appeared.
The door was opened and I met my grandfather.
My grandfather’s surname is Chu Mingrong, who is more than 60 years younger than Ye Li, but he looks as big as Ye Li, and his face is also sick. It should be a long bed that is hard to heal.