Long summer didn’t hear what Yu Enze said to her. Gu smiled and said to himself, "We will continue to drink in silence."

"Su Lixia, you can’t be another man or woman. You are my Yu Enze woman. You will always be my Yu Enze woman."
Disappointment wrapped in anger and lust broke out completely. Yu Enze plunged into long summer’s body and grabbed all her breath in a domineering and crazy way. He lusted after her, indulged in her, and was infatuated with her. He would not let go of every part of her body and every inch of her skin. All these belonged to him and to him alone.
A sharp dagger with a cold light suddenly crossed the navel of a purple butterfly-tailed fish, and the blood in the clear water splashed and swayed and permeated a piece of red blood.
The sudden drop of the dagger with blood stains just knocked over the fish tank at the edge of the table, and all the glass fragments of the purple butterfly-tailed fish flew into the blue, and finally turned into a huge crystal flower with rainbow-like brilliance in layers.
Suddenly, the crystal flower instantly exploded and cracked all over the sky, and the black quicksand tilted and fell into the middle of the night. The vast dark blue sea sank deeper and deeper, like stopping breathing and everything was calm.
Want to destroy
Long summer woke up with a splitting headache the next morning. When she sat up, she found that she was naked and she didn’t have her own room.
I’m not dressed
Where am I?
What happened last night?
Damn it, I can’t remember it at all
Confused and panicked, long summer immediately got dressed and jumped out of bed and rushed out of the bedroom to find out. When she saw the familiar Yingting back in the kitchen, she couldn’t help but be shocked.
"long summer, you’re awake." Yu Enze turned to take the seasoning box, only to find long summer smiling behind him. "You go back to the bedroom and sleep for a while. I haven’t finished breakfast yet."
Long summer didn’t say a word. She walked forward with a straight face and slapped Yu Enze in the face with a loud slap. Then she still pushed the door open and left without saying a word.
The house was silent again. Yu Enze heard his heart beating violently in situ.
Noisy music and decadent scenes
Yu Enze finally found long summer through the bustling crowd.
She drank a lot of wine again, and she was lying in Chen Moran’s thigh with a cigarette in her mouth, smoking at Chen Moran intoxicated.
Chen Moran seems to enjoy putting his hand on long summer’s waist and stroking it back and forth.
品茶论坛It is outrageous and ambiguous for two people to raise their hands and cast their feet.
Yu Enze can’t see it. It’s a punch to rush forward quickly towards Chen Moran’s nose
"You devil wears prada dare to touch me, long summer, and I will spare you." Resentment Yu Enze grabbed Chen Moran and wanted to give him another punch.
"Yu Enze, you stop it for me." long summer quickly blocked Chen Moran. Fortunately, Yu Enze was quick-witted and stopped when he swung out his fist. It was a narrow squeak to stop from long summer’s face.
"long summer, get out of my way. I want to teach this beast a lesson." Yu Enze’s anger is hard to dissipate. He clamped long summer and pushed him aside.
Instead, long summer pushed Yu Enze away and shouted at him, "Yu Enze, are you crazy? If you hit people at random again, I will call the police."
Yu Enze stood tall and pointed down the sofa. Chen Moran disdained to look at him and shouted angrily at long summer, "I hit this wolf in human skin. You are not unclear about what he just did to you."
Long summer helped Chen Moran up. She held him half in her arms and lovingly wiped blood from his mouth. Then she gave Yu Enze a reprimand, "What did you do to me silently? Why did you beat him?"
Yu Enze’s jealousy raged in other ways, and he put up with long summer and Chen Moran being so close. "Your horse comes with me, and I won’t allow you to go with him." He pulled up long summer and walked outside the bar.
"Yu Enze, you let me go." Stubborn long summer tried his best to finally get rid of Yu Enze’s clutches. She pushed him down and his face became red with anger. "Yu Enze, you listen to me. From today on, I will talk with Chen Moran about what the two of us do. You are an outsider."
Sitting behind long summer, Chen Moran was suddenly surprised. Before he could react, long summer had already hooked the back of his head. Her fanaticism overwhelmed him, and he panicked and gasped.
Yu Enze stupefied looking at the scene of intense fire in front of him, suddenly his mind was blank and his heart was trampled to pieces and suffocated with pain.
He didn’t know how he walked out of the bar with a scar all over his body. He knew that all his efforts were about to go to waste and he couldn’t hold on.
At this time, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang. Yu Enze picked up the words in a trance. It was an old classmate Wang Ju’s voice. "Enze, you asked me to investigate the man named Chen Moran. He has some problems."
Chapter ninety-one I beg you
Chen Moran laughed at himself when he saw Yu Enze’s lonely back disappearing from the crowd, and then he looked at long summer seriously. "long summer, I know you just kissed me on purpose to show Yu Enze that you don’t like me. You have been avoiding him, right?"
Long summer suddenly bowed his head and looked very sorry. "I’m sorry for being silent."
"Don’t say anything," Chen Moran suddenly interrupted long summer’s words and stared at her. "I hope you can understand that you are always with me during this period. I don’t care whether you are serious about my feelings or not. I am always serious about your feelings."
Chen Moran clasped long summer’s hands. "long summer, I like you. I really like you. I like you from the first time I saw you. I believe in love at first sight."
Long summer stupefied looking at a face of affectionate Chen Moran was at a loss.
She could have expected that Chen Moran already knew that she and he were just taking part in accidental amusement in front of Yu Enze. Even if she knew the real purpose of her doing this, Chen Moran would not have meant that he was only trying to find the novelty and excitement of relationships with men and women. However, she never expected that Chen Moran would really like her.
Long summer was silent for a few seconds as she pulled her hand back from Chen Moran’s hand. There was a faint mist in her eyes. "Silently, you know that I am with you. Show it to Yu Enze and let him give up on me. You still like me. I won’t love you again. Give up on me."
"long summer, I don’t understand you." Chen Moran broke off long summer’s shoulder and stared at her puzzled. "After what, you won’t love Yu Enze again. If you still love Yu Enze, you won’t come back to him. Isn’t it torturing yourself to escape his feelings for you by deceiving yourself?"
Long summer, don’t look too gloomy. "I am because of myself."
"Yourself" Chen Moran forced long summer to look him in the eye and he asked her "long summer, what’s wrong with you?"
Long summer gave a sigh sadly and didn’t answer.
"long summer, if you still take me and Chen Moran as your friend," Chen Moran was worried and anxious. "I am also lucky enough to get your letter. You might as well tell me your difficulties and I will do my best to help you get rid of it."
He looked at long summer with sincere eyes. "long summer, tell me your difficulties and let me help you, okay?"