"Ha ha, I’ve heard so much from you. Have you been there?" Some don’t believe it, but Lu Wentao dares to answer her questions, which proves that he has been there.
"It’s beautiful. At this time, the peach blossoms over there have already opened."
Section 137
Peach blossoms fall like snow. How beautiful is it?
"Are there any relatives in my father’s hometown?"
The "gone" area has a hint of depression.
Lan Jingyi understood why Lan Qing never went there to find her father all these years, because Lan Qing had long known that her father had no relatives there. "How did they die?"
"The carriage went to the county road to turn over the valley, and everyone in it died."
At this moment, the anger is a little thin. It turns out that dad and his relatives will be in such a miserable situation that no one wants to do this, right?
"Cut …" Pull over and pat her on the back. "Jingyi, are you okay? It’s been years. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you. "
Lan Jingyi takes a deep breath and then takes a deep breath. "No, I want you to tell me. Tell me everything you know. I want to know everything." She is eager to know.
"Your father is begging all the way to the city," Liu Wentao said again after the car was quiet for a while.
"Then I met my mother in the market?"
"He was only eleven or twelve years old when he came, but your father was very beautiful with fine features …" He seemed to want to say something, but he stopped, but his tone changed. "Hehe, it’s his blessing to meet your mother."
Chapter 232 is too deep
"He was only eleven or twelve years old when he came, but your father was very beautiful with fine features …" He seemed to want to say something, but he stopped, but his tone changed. "Hehe, it’s his blessing to meet your mother."
"My mother never shows me pictures of my father. Do you have any?" She turned to look at him. Although she was depressed at heart because of Jiang Junyue’s lethargy, she wanted to know dad at this moment. Everything was so strong. After all, it gave her life, dad.
"Yes, but let’s go home and see it together."
"Well," she suddenly looked forward to it. What does Dad look like?
For as long as she can remember, until now, my mother said she was going to find her father, but she refused to tell her everything about him.
Mu Jinshan, she now knows that her father’s surname is Mu Jinshan, but her real name should be Mu Jingyi.
Mu Jingyi Heheshi is also a nice name. I’ve been listening to Lan Jingyi and I’m used to it, right?
"How do you know so much?"
"Because of you"
His low words touched her heartstrings slightly. "If I promise you, will you tell me where An Zehuan is?"
"Well, I’ll tell you where his daughter is. I’ve never counted what I said and I’ll never go back on my word. I’m Liu Wentao."
"Do you have to do this?" She suddenly felt that it was cruel or that the men around her were a little mean.
"You used to be my wife, but you never exercised your responsibilities as a wife," Liu Wentao said naturally.
"Lu Wentao, I always don’t want to exercise my wife responsibility?" I asked how much bitterness I had brought her. At that time, Jane was relieved and took Ji Minru to the hospital. How much determination did she have to marry him and how much determination did she have to be his wife? His woman never gave her the chance to live as a husband. But he didn’t give her the real meaning. Her husband didn’t give her a child. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but that he didn’t want to "it’s true that you never fulfilled a husband’s responsibility". Now she’s blamed Lan Jingyi for being extremely wronged.
A big hand fell on her little hand and gently touched him to soothe her heart. "Well, I was wrong."
Lan Jingyi broke away from the big hand on the back of her hand when she moved her hand. "You are just with Mo Xiaoxue. Are you going to make me angry or torture me?"
He didn’t speak. He looked straight ahead and said nothing.
"If you don’t talk, it means I’m right, but have you ever thought about it? You hurt her, too. I can see that she loves you very much." Otherwise, why don’t you insist on Liu Wentao’s medicine in the wine? It’s better to be humble and give herself to him than to leave him. That woman in his world has always been humble. At this moment, Lan Jingyi hates her, but she also feels that the most pitiful woman is always devoted to Xiaoxue.
The word "but I don’t love her" ended that woman’s fate.
"But she wants you to do more than give birth."
"I never forced her. I told her from the first day I met her that she was impossible. I didn’t love her. I was her for a fling, but she became more and more obsessed with me than she wanted to frame you with her own name. You made me miss everything posted on the bulletin board of the community. I forgot that there is still a plan in this world called’ risks’. She used her own name to force you to leave me to complete my plan to marry her. Hehehe, I, Liu Wentao, will be led by a woman again.