The ancient Parker thought of huge slime that sly smile suddenly turned white.
It turns out that the huge slime is really laughing at them. It’s not dead, but a fake doppelganger attracts them to chase after it, and then the real body has long since escaped!
A group of ruins after a false busy all don’t know! Let’s go after it together and never let it run again!
White after the ancient Parker mercilessly scolded the people around you, and then take the lead to the southwest after the past.
And after Ogupak took people away, a figure quietly appeared in the place where they besieged the huge slime.
It’s really cunning not to see this guy for a while!
Chen Mo looked at the huge explosive crater in slime and said something.
He came in early and met the Ogupak people chasing the huge slime, so he followed him secretly. As soon as he saw the huge slime, he recognized it as a big fat suspect.
I haven’t seen Big Fat for a while, but he has changed a little. His body is bigger when he shares it with him. His body is also black and reddish, which is a bit like redhot black iron, but Chen Mo recognized it at a glance.
Seeing that Big Fat was besieged, Chen Mo thought about how to save Big Fat. After all, he has a person who is very powerful, but the np level here is also over 50. It is very difficult for him to deal with it alone.
However, if Big Fat can’t resist it, even if it is dangerous, he will create opportunities for Big Fat to escape.
After all, it is almost impossible for him to escape after he died once and got fat.
But when I saw Big Fat fighting Ogupak, I almost didn’t make Chen Mo feel suspicious.
When Big Fat left, he learned a lot of skills for Big Fat. Now Big Fat has changed a lot, and I want to understand more powerful skills, but it is a skill that is not purely based on the huge body to fight the Ogupak people. Chen Mo naturally has a guess in his heart
As a result, the silence can’t help but have a little language when I see Big Fat blowing himself up.
The big fat doppelganger can only be started when the blood volume drops to 5%. Now this starting condition has obviously changed. It seems that if you want to be a doppelganger, you can be a doppelganger. Otherwise, the Ogupak people have been chasing it and killing it in half, so you won’t find that Big fat has released the doppelganger.
Compared with the past, Big Fat is obviously cunning. Many people know that Li busy has played Ogu Parker and his party around, but Chen Mo estimates that if the flower demon fighting spirit is still in the majority, it will still be the flower demon fighting spirit point.
Body movement Chen Mo chase to the ancient park again.
If he can secretly kill Ogu Pak Fat here, there will be no more danger.
However, there are many guards around Ogu Park. Ogu Park has been surrounded by the crowd, and Chen Mo has no chance to chase it all the way.
Ogupak is not a player. If there are more people around, Chen Mo can kill it in the first two or three seconds, and np blood volume is generally a lot. No matter how powerful Chen Mo is, it is also a method to kill Ogupak.
Ogupak caught Big Fat, but they chased after the flowers all the way along the trail left by Big Fat, and the trail disappeared. They all failed to find Big Fat again.
Seeing this, Ogu Pak was annoyed and lost his temper to the people around him before going home.
Chen Mo followed behind all the way and never had a chance to shoot. After Ogupek returned to the manor, Chen Mo observed it for a while and gave up his plan to assassinate Ogupek at the manor.
This manor is specially designed for aristocrats living in Fanhuahai. It’s hard to get in, but it’s even harder to get out after killing someone. Unless he can kill Ogupak in there unnoticed, he won’t get out alive after going in.
Desperate to kill Ogupak. Of course Chen Mo wouldn’t do that
He wanted to think about it, and went out of the bustling sea to sit in the big fat place, and Dark Phoenix looked for traces of big fat in the sky.
If you are fat, it is estimated that a person will secretly hide after doing something bad, but it still has the flower demon fighting spirit. If it is not dangerous, the little guy will not be safe.
Sure enough, Chen Mo finally found the big fat after searching back and forth for nearly three hours in the day
In a tall banyan tree, before fighting with a little black bear boss, it was divided and had no skills after fighting with the Ogupak people. Chen Mo couldn’t see how powerful it was. Now it’s going to be true that it’s fighting with the black bear boss. Chen Mo is not in a hurry. Just watch.
See big fat after playing with the little black bear boss for a while, I feel that this black bear boss is just so impatient, and I shouted a red body and a dark red flame came out.
Close to the big fat black bear boss, his body was suddenly burned and he lost blood. He felt big and fat, and he hurried back to think that he would be so fat when this skill was over.
But the big fat skill has become more fierce. As soon as its body shakes, it drops a large group of fireballlike flames. slime, these flames, slime, bounced and ran into the little black bear boss.
Boom! !
Then these flames slime exploded one by one around the black bear boss, and the blood volume of the black bear boss went crazy.
Big fat is in power and tide wait for no man. It has a big mouth and spews a big stream of lux magma in its mouth.
The magma temperature was amazing, and it fell to the ground and melted directly. The black bear boss got stuck in the ground magma and the blood volume went crazy again.
The battle is still going on. The black bear boss has been beaten by the big fat. When the black bear boss’s blood drops almost and wants to escape, a pair of flame wings appear on his back.
Flaming wings waving big fat burning huge body like a meteor meteorite blasted down from the sky and fell hard to the black bear boss position.
One hundred thousand injuries appeared in a huge pit, and the black bear boss floated from his head and fell to the ground and died.
After killing the black bear boss, he regained his normal form and took a breath and walked to the black bear boss’s lair.
This is a small boss spot. Usually, no one dares to live here without worrying about being disturbed by other monsters.
Otherwise, it’s a slime, a monster. If you see it, you’ll want to bully it.
Although a big fat club will be happy to let them know that slime is amazing, there is a limit to everything. It is also tired of the place it is looking for. When hiding, it always directly finds out where the boss is to kill, so that it can get a safe place to live, and it can gain a lot of experience without killing the boss.
After the level is getting higher and higher, the experience of upgrading Big Fat has become very scary. It is too little for it to kill ordinary monsters and give experience. It is not interested in killing them.
On the contrary, the experience given by the boss monster is still very impressive.
Big Fat wanted to go into the cave of the banyan black bear to rest, but then a big black shadow fell from the sky.
Big Fat and Flower Demon Zen Spirit are vigilant and ready to attack the black shadow.
However, when seeing the shadows and figures clearly, Big Fat was slightly stunned, and his big black eyes looked at the bearer and he didn’t quite believe his eyes.
The first is to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and nineteen Join hands to steal away
Why don’t you recognize me?
Looking at the big fat doubt dare not look before Chen Mo smiled slightly.
When I heard Chen Mo say so, I knew that he didn’t mistake me for someone else. I was very happy to jump up immediately.
However, the fighting spirit of the big fatheaded flower demon emerged, and the small hand kept patting the big fat head to wake it up, so it should be careful of human adventurers.
But Big Fat ignored the flower demon fighting spirit and didn’t stop beating by it. I was so angry that the flower demon fighting spirit shrank back and left Big Fat alone.
Big fat jumped to Chen Mo’s side, and his head was very intimate and he went to the silence.
Chen Mo stretched out his hand and touched the big fat, hard and smooth head and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, You didn’t expect to become so much.
Compared with when I was away from school, Big Fat’s strength has probably made great progress.
At the beginning, Big Fat was fierce, but it was definitely impossible for him to fight against the black bear boss. But now Big Fat has killed the black bear boss almost unharmed, which is worse than at the beginning. I don’t know what it has experienced in these two or three months.
However, Chen Mo, who has such strength, is also happy for Big Fat.
The stronger you are, the longer you can live in the wild.
Although I met Big Fat, Chen Mo didn’t intend to catch Big Fat as a pet again.
He has already released Fat once. According to the rules of the game, Fat can’t be his pet again. Maybe there are some special props in the game that can make Fat become his pet again, but Chen Mo won’t consider it again unless Fat can continue to upgrade and evolve after becoming his pet.
品茶论坛At the beginning, Big Fat followed him, although he became stronger, but his strength was far from him. In two months, he made great progress and changes, and he could not continue to become stronger. At most, when he was two or three months old, Big Fat could hardly help him any more. When he called Big Fat, he would be less and less.
By the way, this is for you. Chen Mo took out a fruit of life from his backpack and handed it to Big Fat.