Oh? His sister raised an eyebrow.

Your fist is much stronger than before when you are with Gongge. My head hurts a little. Wood twisted with a snort.
I can’t watch it anymore. Don’t pretend to be in front of me when you are young. You have been practicing with me for so long, and you have recently learned kung fu. Your sister’s gestures can’t hurt you!
Cut! He patted the ground disdainfully. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Cheng’s set of merits!
If you look down on the Jiuyang Sutra, you can choose not to practice it yourself. I’m too lazy to pay attention to his skill. How can it be effective in two or three months? ! I respect your choice
I didn’t say I didn’t practice … He looked sad. It’s been practicing for some time, and it has no effect at all.
I sighed, Try hitting me in the chest with 50% strength.
Fifty percent? Are you sure? He raised half his fist.
Er … that’s 30% strength? I’m really a little worried in my heart. This little Wan punched my chest without mercy. I’m really suicidal.
How much is thirty percent …? He mused.
Do you play or not? !” I loudly drink a way
da da da! He hurriedly posed, crouched down and lunged, and his left arm flailed and his right fist came out from the bottom of the sleeve and hit me straight in the chest.
I have already had luck in my chest. At the moment when his fist wind struck, I felt that the true qi suddenly produced a strong fluctuation as if it had started on its own.
Jia Mu fell backwards because he didn’t try his best to resist the shock when he attacked, and the force was not too strong, which just knocked him to the ground and fell to the ground.
Jia Yu screamed and bent down to help his brother up. Wood … Are you hurt? She turned to me and said angrily, What are you really competing with him?
I shrugged my shoulders. How do you feel about wood? This smelly little strength just now … Absolutely more than thirty percent! I have a dull pain in my chest.
夜生活Dad! He got up from the ground and cried in astonishment
I laughed and scolded, I’m not your father!
Dad, bully domineering! He has a stutter.
You didn’t fall stupid, did you, wood? Jia Yu worried and touched the back of his brother’s head.
Jia Mu broke free from her sister. No, no, what’s your name? What’s the matter?
After the fourth practice, it will become more vigorous. If there is a strong external force to attack your true qi, it will emerge as the times require and shake the enemy back. I taught him my experience.
The fourth weight? He was very surprised. Are you practicing too fast? I just finished practicing the first weight.
I’m gifted, and there’s nothing I can do. I smiled modestly. But I’ve already practiced to the fifth level.
He stared angrily and smacked his mouth bitterly.
This shit … are you still practicing? I squinted at him.
Practice, practice! Jia Mu nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
49 Keep out the enemy’s country.
According to the survey, most of the land in the north is still suitable for farming. Cheng Yu, a surname who is a farmer, is really conscientious. It seems that he has made some efforts recently. He frowned. Yes …
It’s just the lack of people to farm. Of course, I know this problem. The soil in Hetao is still abundant. Whether it’s farming or grazing, there will be too little harvestbut there is also a large desert area here
Yes, he nodded. It is estimated that there should be no problem to accommodate 300,000 people on the existing land in Shuofang. If the nearby desert is reclaimed, it can be doubled.
six hundred thousand? I smiled. That sounds great, but … it’s too unrealistic …
Of course, I also know that the historical trend is that the population and economic center of gravity will gradually shift from the Yellow River basin to the Yangtze River basin, and the south will develop, and this place … will not develop much even in another 3,000 years.
As far as I know, when Shuofang was first established, there were 134,000 people, right? I have also read the photo literature.
Yes, the filial piety of Emperor Wudi once reached 200,000, said Cheng Yu. However, it is very easy for the Xiongnu Xianbei and other people to settle down in urban and rural areas frequently, and it is difficult for them to take root.
Well, Mr. Zhong, I held my hand, we don’t intend to stay in Shuofang for too long. We don’t have to think too hard about these centuryold plans. It is enough to ensure that the soldiers and civilians have enough to eat and drink.
He sighed, Yesterday was actually a lie about one thing.
eh? I wondered, What? Yesterday … He didn’t seem to talk about any major financial events, did he?
Before, I said that the wall of Jilusai collapsed to station troops … He said slowly, Actually, when Emperor Wudi built a city, he was quite anxious. Today, most of the city bodies are still intact.
Oh … I asked in a moment. Where is it?
Jilusai is located in the shortcut of the northern grassland. If it is defended according to risks, it can be called a fortress in the north and south. It is very convenient to take water from the great lakes in the east. If you really want to fight against the conference semifinals, you should be able to hold on for a month. He speculated.
A month? That’s enough. Prairie people won’t spend with us for a long time. I thought about it and asked again. But … I thought you said there was another jam?
Yes, this is where I am puzzled. He spread out a piece of drawing. This is Jilusai, which is located 100 miles north of Sanfeng, 150 miles west of Woye, and Gaoque is more than 200 miles away from Woye in Dahebei. It is said that it is far away, and it is said that it is near. We are sure that the enemy will attack from which pass …
It’s hard? Why don’t you send people to guard both places? I pie my mouth. This map is really rough. The Yellow River is marked. I can’t see any lakes and mountains.
You said divide the troops to guard? He shook his head. We have 5 thousand troops to fight the enemy. Isn’t that so?
I leaned back and stretched myself. I remember that you started from guarding the city. Since chickens, deer and Gao Que are both steep fortresses, is it necessary to guard them separately?
I think it’s necessary to say again. He didn’t agree. There are not only Shicheng in the east and northwest, but also a acropolis that echoes from afar. There are beacon towers every two miles … This line of defense is complete. And Gaoque is located in the northcentral part of the Great Wall, which is just a city facing the river to the south of the western wall of Shandong.
I immediately showed a strong interest in the chicken deer defense. There is also the Acropolis beacon tower? Can you imagine such thoughtfulness when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty?
Yes, Cheng Yu simply marked the approximate location of the Acropolis on the map and looked up and asked, Now that I’ve heard the genus say … do adults have any ideas?
I have no idea. I tried to hold the bar. Xu Huang led 1000 people to guard Gaoque and I went to Jilusai!
Freeze holding the pen right hand stopped in half.

I’ll do it, and I’ll immediately assign a leader to Xu Huang to stick to Gao Que!
Guarding the city will first be calm and not impatient. Qin Zhen and Tuoba Ye are sure to be big; Xiao Dai is calm but capable, so I can rest assured. Yu Li Dian is still a little younger than Xu Huang. Why don’t you all go to the chicken deer plug with me?
After Xu Huang was appointed to be independent, he also attached great importance to this time, but he did not immediately light up the military forces and went north, but personally went to Gaoque to inspect the terrain.
I also sent Zulie Sun Wen to Jilusai, two brigades with 500 people to clean first, and then sent Chao Potao to supervise the transportation of foodsaying that this more than 100mile road can reach the destination in one day … What’s the good supervision?
After that, I announced this plan to all my beloved concubines.
Xianbei people? Shuang’er’s eyes widened. Is it great?
I haven’t seen it before. I’m surrounded by her around my waist and holding her little buttock in one hand. I heard that Xianbei savages still eat animals and sometimes eat the living raw when they are so hungry …
She hugged me quickly. You scared Shuang’er again!
I patted her ass. It’s not impossible that these poor and fierce savages have nothing to eat in the grassland.
Don’t they have cattle and sheep? Shuang’er still doesn’t believe it. I know that there are herds of cattle and sheep in the grassland. Don’t you have a poem? See cattle and sheep what wind blows grass …
Uh … I explained cattle and sheep at the moment …
Shuang’er, you don’t know something. Jia Yu, a learned man, helped me out. Although there are many cattle and sheep, grassland tribes chase water plants and live. Once there is a natural disaster, one family is likely to die, so it is not so easy to live.
Yes, yes, I nodded. If there is a blizzard in winter, they will die.
Xiao Zhao wants to wait on the public … Xiao Zhao whispered.
I refused her kindness. No … I will live with the soldiers in this war. I can’t let you wait on me any longer. Just stay in Linrong. Although I like her company, I can accept the most basic military camp life.
She gave me a look and stopped insisting.
Well, then I’ll wipe your armor. The Story Of Diu Sim assigned work to himself