He flung out his hands and grabbed my arm. Die!

I was so surprised that I immediately accumulated all my strength to be ready to go, and I shot it step by step!
Zhang Bogang shouted this but lost his strength in an instant and went back to bed.
Snoring Chen until the palm of his hand whizzed past his feet
34 bad wine
This guy can’t drink well … wine is even worse. I withdrew my strength and laughed at Chen.
Chen, that palm just now seems to have lost half of his skill. Although he is facing his relatives, he has left his hand with me first.
I patted him on the shoulder with relief. Go back to rest.
He nodded and followed me out of the guest room.
After dozens of steps along the corridor, Chen suddenly whispered, Master Jaco has a problem.
I can’t help but slow down. What do you mean?
I know him well. He is always cautious in his words and deeds, and he is not a drinker. Chen Dao frowned. Not to be promiscuous after drinking …
You mean … he was drunk on purpose? My eyes are cold. So he is?
dare not guess he lowered his eyes.
Is Jaco as good as a fist?
He has been practicing martial arts with Zhang Gong since he was a child, and his skill is slightly better all the way.
I see, I nodded. Go to rest first.
Nuo Chen to just a fuels devoting to back.
I hesitated for a moment and went back to the guest room along the original road.
Jaco snores like thunder. Just now, one corner of his quilt hangs over the bed.
I moved a Hu stool and sat quietly beside the bed, staring at him motionless.
With my ear strength, I am confident that I can observe whether he is pretending to sleep on purpose from his breath.
Jaco breathes deeply and snores intermittently. After listening to it for more than a dozen times, I don’t recognize the flaw.
My heart moved from the stool and slowly approached the bedside.
Since he has been practicing martial arts since childhood, he should be very sensitive to the true qi. If he is not really unconscious, he will naturally show his traces.
Only to find that even though I condensed 60% strength and formed a huge aura around him, Jaco was just frowned and then returned to normal.
Ma Chao is … dead! He drank a low again.
I can’t help but frown and disperse the true qi.
Offend I whispered and left the room again.
Drunk as mud. It’s true
It’s … He keeps asking me to die?
He’s Zhang Wenchang, but he’s from Ma Ridi Gate. Are these two people thinking about my head?
Zhang Wen was my former boss and treated me very well. Ma Ridi is the leader of my generation, Ma’s family. Ma’s family is green and yellow, and the population is not full. Now there is a lack of real people. How could he have a heart to hurt me?
This is not scientific.
I shook my head and left here with my hands on my back.

Early the next morning, Jaco hurriedly knocked at the door to apologize. If you were drunk last night and made nonsense, please don’t blame your brother!
Did you say anything? I smiled and said, I drank too much yesterday, and I can’t even remember when I slept.
He sighed really ashamed
I suddenly noticed that compared with last night, he seems to have a worried face today.
Brother Boye, is there any difficulty? I make a heart shape.
Oh … He hesitated for a second and then shook his head. Thank you for your concern. It’s not difficult.
I don’t ask a little moment. Then it’s best not to drink some hot water?
All right Jaco arched his hand and gathered his robe and sat on my left hand.
桑拿会所Pang Gan personally poured him a bowl of hot water and stood behind me.