In just four days, adults have recovered from the exhaustion of real yuan by 70%, which is simply shocking! Someone outside leisurely said

hasn’t Mr. chung left yet? I asked with a smile.
Already left outsiders answered a sound but far away.
By the way, I haven’t asked you. I turned to Zhang Ben. Is it necessary to deliver real yuan to treat that coldheat syndrome?
This is not necessary, he shook his head. It is the most effective and quickest way to transport the real yuan.
So … what else can we do?
He didn’t want to answer, My father usually put a bath bucket to boil warm water to keep the patient warm, but it rarely takes three days to work.
So … your dad just exhausted me? I rolled my eyes.
Cough, he lowered his voice. My father also wants adults to be kind to Lu Cishi, and please forgive me.
I can’t help zheng your father … is really a good heart!
More than 49 dozen less
I was woken up by Pang Gan in the middle of my sleep.
品茶Enemy attack? I sat up warily and grabbed the pillow. If something had happened to Yue, Pang Gan would never have woken me up or he would have been kicked off.
No Pang Gan shook his head and denied that battalion commander Xu will report to the general when he returns from his camp exploration
Oh, I threw a knife and pulled my legs out of the blanket. Invite him in.
Pang Gan lifted the curtain of the tent, and Xu Huang stepped into the tent with the night wind see your honor
I waved. Do you have any hot water?
Pang Gan shrugged naively. It won’t burn at half past midnight, will it?
Xu Huang hurriedly said, You don’t need to belong to the heart. Adults are supposed to spy on Zhang Yan’s third battalion. The northwest battalion has the largest number of troops, while the south battalion is the most virtual.
What do you mean that Nanying is the most virtual? I wonder at his word.
Zhang Yan came from Jizhou, and it is reasonable to say that his retreat is in the south, so he belongs to the original, and he will camp heavily in the south, he explained.
I nodded. Well …
It is estimated that there are about five or six thousand troops in the North Camp, about four thousand in the South Camp and not ten thousand in the Northwest Camp … There are about four thousand cavalry in the Northwest Camp. He reported the specific strength of each camp.
If you know?
He went on to explain that there are contiguous stables outside the northwest camp, and there are only a few other two battalions, which are probably generals and soldiers.
You did a good job. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this report, so I asked, Which camp attack point do you think is the best?
He answered Nanying without hesitation.
Oh? I smiled. Are you going to cut off their southern alliance?
Xu Huang nodded. What do you think?
It’s a decision. I clapped my hands and stood up. You’ve worked hard. Go to sleep in the middle of the night. The fourth battalion is the main force, okay?
Don’t worry, my Lord! He responded positively to my bow and quit.
I yawned in the night wind and rolled back into bed.

In order to take care of Xu Huang, I deliberately delayed my departure for two minutes.
However, Xu Huang had already come to report that he had eaten enough and slept enough, but he was late.
I rubbed my fist and grimaced, isn’t battalion commander Qin going to take part in this battle?
He immediately perked up Bullshit! Without my main force, you can be annihilated!
Tuoba Ye punched him in the waist. You fart!
Two, please pay attention to the image of our army. Du Ji bash elbows and glared at them, and the two battalion commanders immediately became silent.
Wang Dan and the patriarch have ordered the Ministry to prepare for the battle, while the military forces of Limo 4,000 County are still stationed on the southwest boundary line, waiting for the military order to be completed on time under the leadership of Nan Lou.
I had a simple prewar meeting with the leaders of the Quartet and suggested that the main attack on the South Battalion was unanimously approved.
The army immediately went to war, while Li Mo sent someone to attack his department with a military symbol.
Wang Dan’s 2,000 soldiers are all soldiers, and 2,000 of the clan’s 5,000 people are soldiers. Even the people on horseback, Wuhuan people, have no mounts, which leads to our cavalry brigade being able to walk slowly.
Thirty miles … We finally walked before noon.
You Yandi is still strong and hardworking, and his spirit is a little stronger than that of Silinan Han people.
While I was hesitating whether to make camp and cook on the spot, Nan Lou had commanded his own army to form a formation to see if the horse was going to attack the enemy camp.
I rushed over to flatter him and stopped his brain. What are you doing?
Don’t you want to attack? He has a look of course.
The shilling soldiers will attack in unison after two minutes’ rest. I gave him a look, Wait for the order.
He readily promised to listen to the general
Before I returned to our army with satisfaction, I commanded all battalions to disperse and cooperate with friendly forces to surround the enemy camp, especially in the south, and completely blocked their intention to flee to Jizhou.
Our 20,000 troops surrounded a mere 4,000 enemy troops, which is more than enoughto tell the truth, I have never fought such a disparity battle.
Report! Qin Zhen saluted me in a rare way Caught a handful of enemy troops!
Huh? I am very puzzled, How did you catch the enemy before I asked you to attack?
He patted his sabre proudly and made a clank crisp sound. It’s still my eyes that I can find a handful of enemy troops sneaking from the camp to the north. I immediately rushed to lead the military and horses to intercept them!
I almost turned my nose. Let it go!
Are you out of your mind? He said in astonishment, I’m catching the enemy!