Leo stopped Trangot,How could he not know。

“So what do you want to express?”Leo looked at the boss and asked。
“I’m so clear, you still don’t know?If you want to do me,Then you have to be prepared to be destroyed by the Heavenly Dragon!”
Say here,The boss suddenly laughed。
Even if they are underground,But Tianlong people are very powerful,No one wants to get involved with the Tianlong people。
Even more unwilling to be hostile to the Tianlongren。
“So you think I will be afraid of the Tianlongren,Will let you go?”
“how?Don’t you want to be the best?”
Leo suddenly chuckles:“Of course not。”
“Then you leave obediently,Otherwise be careful I let the dragon people destroy you!”
“Hahaha!”Leo suddenly laughed。“I really installed it with Lao Tzu,Although I don’t want to mess with the Heavenly Dragon,But it doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them!”
The boss of the other party was surprised。
But the other’s shock quickly distorted,Because Yuege has pierced into his body。
“Remember not to use Tianlongren as a shield in your next life,Because many people who don’t want to kill you can’t help but kill you!”
First69chapter Rise in power
Leo’s shot is swift and fierce,Don’t give the opponent a chance to react at all。
of course,The other party has no ability to resist him。
With the last bit of unwillingness,The other party’s body becomes soft。