Tie Li tried her best to be calm,But Xia Jian can still vaguely feel her anxiety。Even he himself,He thought of Gu Yue when he came,It’s a big deal he doesn’t see Tie Li,I didn’t expect Gu Yue to arriveGZ,Brought them together。

Tie Li never expected,Xia Jian turned out to be what Xia Hao Gu Yue had told her before,It seems that I feel a little bit played by this guy。
“Hey!I said what’s the matter with you two?It’s not like this usually。I just got off the plane,Still hungry,Nor help with ordering”Gu Yue complained,Took the menu from the waiter。
Almost at the same time,Xia Jian and Tie Li reached out at the same time,Respectively grabbed a corner of the menu。
“Hey!Quite tacit,Either do not move,Either at the same time”Gu Yue glanced at these two people。Xiao Ting who was amused aside laughed。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Head iron!”
“Let’s order Mr. Xia!I don’t know what you like to eat,If it is wrong,Then I became a fool”There is something in Tie Li’s words,She said,Pushed the menu over。
Gu Yue laughed and said:“You are too polite,Everyone is good friend,That’s why I called you two together。You don’t have to be polite to order。Who wants to eat whatever you want,I want to eat and be full anyway。These days in the United States,Not a full meal”Gu Yue said,Pushed the menu to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian opens the menu,Just light it up。Finally, he asked for a bottle of Wuliangye,Such good wine,Who else can drink if you don’t drink Gu Yue?。
Tie Li calmed down slowly,And Gu Yue talked about the company。In order not to make the atmosphere look awkward, Xia Jian,And joked with Xiaoting on the side。
Tie Li also came back from America,So her interest and hobbies are basically the same as Gu Yue,Let’s talk together,There are endless topics。
The dishes are ready soon,Xia Jian opened Wuliangye,So I poured wine for everyone。Xiaoting is driving,This wine must not drink a drop,The remaining three people divided the bottle of wine。
A bottle of wine just poured three glasses,Gu Yue suddenly said to Xia Jian:“We always can’t get used to this wine,You pour too much for her,If drunk,You are responsible for sending her back”
“no problem,Such a beautiful woman,Men like to send”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Gu Yue couldn’t help but shook his head and said:“What you said is quite honest,Before we drink,I will assign this task to you”
Three people are joking,Drank wine。Gu Yue just came back from the US,After seeing Xia Jian, I was really excited,A bottle of liquor can stop the car。She immediately asked for another bottle。
For drinking,Xia Jian is a veteran,He glanced at the situation on the table,Basically mastered the dynamics。This Tie Li seems to be drinking too much,A glass of white wine down,Flushed face,It’s not easy to speak,Especially looking at Xia Jian’s eyes,It’s filled with an indescribable temptation。
Gu Yue is a little crazy,The second bottle of liquor comes up,She started drinking。This woman is crazy,But no less than a man,So the second bottle of liquor,Gu Yue almost finished it alone。
Dishes on the table,Only eaten half,Two women are gone。Xiaoting took a look,said laughingly:“President Xia!Time to go back,Help them in the car!”