The two let on the side of the road,Not only did the car slow down,I also added a kick to make the engine roar more,Towards the two people is galloping。

Chen Xiu squinted,Showing a murderous look,He took He Shouheng and hid on the grass beside the road。
The car braked to a halt where they were standing.,Two people got off the car,One looking forty years old、One is about the same age as He Shouheng,The two of them are somewhat similar to He Shouheng in appearance。
“Hybrid,Come again to our He’s family to eat and drink,Didn’t you scold you enough last time?!”The young man called He Shouheng and scolded。
He Shouheng was so angry that he bit his gums,Chen Xiu next to him heard the sound of teeth rubbing。
“Shou Guo,How can you say that Shouhyung!”
The older person said:“You said Shouheng is a bastard,Didn’t you scold Dad?!”
He Shouheng can’t help it anymore,Glared at the two:“Shoucheng,You can insult me,Don’t insult my family!”
He Shouguo、He Shoucheng saw He Shouheng get angry,Even more proudly laughing。
“What if I just insulted you,hit me!”
691 Brothers Wall
He Shouheng clenched his fists,I will run away two people,Chen Xiu hugged him quickly,Comforted:“Xiao He Sheng,Do not impulse。”
“Chen Xiu,let me go。”
“I won’t kill them today,My name is He Shouheng!”
He Shouheng has red eyes、Hideous、Struggling hard to break free from Chen Xiu’s embrace,It’s just that Chen Xiu is amazing now,He can’t break free。