Li Hui Feng did not be angry,But a smile:“Do you know who their boss is??

I refer to their true boss。”
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“Forehead,I don’t know this.,However, it is certain that the other party seems to be dedicated to dealing with your boss.。”
“Um,I will slowly investigate this.,The progress of this,Still trouble, Yang Da Ge.,Staring at a point。”
Yang Li heard this,Very nature’s hard work:“Do not worry,There is no problem here.。”
After the explanation with Yang Li,Li Hui Hui directly please Guan Yun with that professor to talk about Zhaojiacun。
When the professor gave the villagers to class,Guan Yun pulled Li Hui with the wind.。
“Guan Da Ge,What do you come to the empty place??”
“Hey-hey,Nature is looking for you to learn,But this time is not my own to learn from you.,Several brothers under my hand also want to try,See if they can’t support a round in front of you。”
Say this,Guan Yun played a gesture in the jungle not far away.。
Soon three young people who are in a fans are directly slammed out.。
See a few people,Li Hui Feng is also impressive,It is a few people who escort the extreme black pig yesterday.。
“Guan Da Ge,You are letting me feed them.,But I am killing skills.,You are not afraid that I will kill them.?”
Guan Yun heard this,Eyes are also bright,What he want is Li Hui’s confidence.,At the same time, I want to cultivate people under my hand even more powerful.。
These guys can’t get one by one on weekdays.,Although listening to his order,But most of them are impulsive personality,This is not good news for Guan Yun.。
This time, with these people,The most important thing is to wear those impulsive character.。
really,Li Hui Feng, this way,The three people are tight,Already prepared for fighting。
After all, Cui Yongan’s thing is in front of them.,I don’t want too much impulse in the face of Li Hui.。
That is a unclear, just three months lying in the hospital bed.。
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,I mean them three together,If one is alone,I naturally don’t dare.,But three together, I am still a bit confidence.。”
Li Hui said that this is also a glimpse.。
I immediately laughed:“Can,That’s three together.,Let me see the foreign fighting,Boxing,After all, I also want to learn more.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng directly puts a picnic pose。
This posture can be described as a flaw in the eyes of a few people.,But yesterday’s thing makes them don’t dare to be underestimated.。
“Ha ha,Row,Then you have three.,Not all day, do you want to find a real master??
Yesterday, my brother killed the heart.,I didn’t dare to mention,I think that kind of state, you don’t dare to launch challenges.,But today is,You have a good attack.,I also want to see you three practicing to hold a few seconds.。”
Say this,Guan Yun direct point to smoke,I found a stone on one side.,Then wait for the play to play。
And the other three heard the clouds.,Immediately launched an offense。
The tricks are all walking towards the flaws they see.。
Just when they rushed to the blink,It suddenly found different。
Just catch the spider,Obviously watching a lot of network ports,Vulnerability。
But when I really hit it up.,It is immediately let them know that these so-called flaws are deliberately,Deliberately attracting them to attack this so-called flaw。
Peng Pepeng,Take three people directly。
Just now,Li Hui Feng If you want to kill,It can be a relaxed。