only,I just started to look in front of my eyes a little bit。

at this point,What will it bring,Actually just these things,It’s much stronger。
And Wang Teng sees this,Is very straightforward。
“For such things,Do you think,Next,How to deal with it?”
When I see here,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。
Just look in front of you subconsciously,at this time,Zhao Shijie gritted his teeth:“I’m from the Zhao family,Do you dare to shoot me?”
When I see here,obviously,Looks at Zhao Shijie,Wang Teng,How dare you move yourself??
Chapter One Hundred and Three
“Humph,Do you really think,I dare not touch you?”
“originally,Everyone does not offend the river,I won’t do anything to you!”
When Wang Teng saw this,In Wang Teng’s eyes,It also shone with a trace of abuse。
And with Wang Teng so,Put it in front of you,Zhao Shijie gritted his teeth and looked at Wang Teng。
obviously,Actually such a thing,Zhao Shijie himself,I didn’t expect this at all。